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August 21, 2004


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kat grodevant

I have heard a lot about *$$ in the past few years, and of course Dunkin' Donuts, and now about Peets. Well, I want to know about Tim Horton (Timmys) up in Canada. All the Canadians I ever talk to rave at how great this place is. And why don't see more of these shops like Peets and Timmys. All I ever seem to see is *$$. I would rather go to the local gas station for coffee or cappuccino then to patrionize that place. Had thier coffee once. It was not anything special.


I was under the assumption that Starbucks bought out Peets a few years back. I guess it's not true... hooray!

Chris Stefan


There is actually a long and somewhat complicated history between Peet's and Starbuck's.

The founders of Starbuck's were introduced to specialty coffee by Peet's and soon they were working there trying to learn everything they could about buying, roasting, and selling specialty coffee.

In 1984 Peet decided to retire and sold the (then) 5 Peet's stores to the founders of Starbuck's which also had 5 stores at the time.

Around the same time Starbuck's Marketing Director Howard Schultz was working on his concept to open Italian style coffee bars in Seattle. In 1985 he would found Il Giornale to further develop the concept.

In 1987 Schultz and a group of investors buy Starbuck's from it's founders. Il Giornale changes it's name to Starbuck's and the Starbuck's founders keep Peet's.

Jerry Baldwin, one of the Starbuck's founders, is today still the Director of Peet's.

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