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October 06, 2004


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oh crap... where does that put me if i visit six times per week?


I'm right there with ya, D. I shudder when I look at my bank statement and see how many times I've been to Starbucks. They ought to give us frequent drinker cards. Make our addiction worth something!


That's why I got a starbucks charge and set it to autoreload: There's only 2-3 Starbucks charges on my visa each month instead of 20+.


My apartment complex has a Starbucks built in. I visit the shop, on average, three times a day.

aka Bobby Breve

The "freak-quency" of how often Starbucks customer visit is mind-boggling. If my memory serves ... I read somewhere that 20%+ of SBUX customers are responsible for over 60% of SBUX’s total customer visits. These folks come in 8+ times per month and spend a shade under $4 (pre-price hike) per visit. Freakish frequency to say the least.


Buying coffee eight or more times a month is freakish? What an odd little ePerson you are.

Barista Ninja

Heh. We have customers at our store that come in a good 8 times a DAY! And you think that 8 visits a month is a lot...

aka Bobby Breve

Oink ... what other retail establishment do you visit more than eight times per month?

Barista Ninja



Just retail, or food as well? I know I go to Chipotle three or four times a week. Most people don't come in for the merchandise/retail part of our store :)

But, I do go to a store called Byzantium here multiple times a week. Definitely more than eight times a month.


Bobby, there's the newsstand where I pick up the paper every morning. The video store, where I average twice a week. The bookstore where I'm at 7 times a month (close enough for inclusion, I hope). Then there's the grocery store, since I'm always forgetting or running out of something, that seems to get on the 2x/week rotation as well.

On the retail food side, I'll 'fess up to visiting the Mermaid about three times per week. They're one of four food/beverage places in proximity to the office, and since I rarely pack a lunch those establishments get a fair amount of business from me, on the order of at least six to eight times a month.

aka Bobby Breve

Oink ... retailers love you. As a long-time marketer for retailers, we wish we had more customers like you. Thanks for being so loyal to deserving retailers.

Considering that nearly half of SBUX customers visit once, maybe twice per month ... I will stand by my earlier comments that a customer who visits SBUX eight or more times per month displays freakish behavior. (Ain't nothing wrong with being a freak. I find myself at Home Depot at least 10 times a month.)

David Krug

Is that all between Vioxx and Starbucks I just might die. But atleast I have this blog to keep me informed.


Brent Hughes

If I could cut down to six times a month would be a miracle. Started in June 2000 and never gave the # of Vinti Mocha's I have consumed another thought until today. Averaging one a day, sometimes two, the total count is 2397. Guess I should be dead, but the Mocha's sure do make the days of "Corporate Life" much more tolerable. As for freaky behavior...I do tip on top of the $4.10 if that counts. "Find something you enjoy doing and do it for the rest of your life"...Thanx Max

Simon Jones

Starbucks in the UK is a place that requires you to get a credit check and re-mortgage before you'd be allowed to become a regular customer. I swear the people who are always sitting in the big comfy chair in the Starbucks in Liverpool that I have been known to visit, those people have been there forever! I think maybe they bough a coffee once and have just set up home in those chairs.

If Starbucks are going to charge that much for coffee then surely we should be allowed to book those big chairs that look so comfortable. I always feel like those people are the kind of people who go to all the openings in town, and get on all the guest lists. I lean over and try to spy on their conversations as I squeeze into one of the nasty wooden chairs around an equally nasty table.

Those people all look the same too. They're the Ikea arty types who've graduated from the activist animal rights and environmental action groups. Now there 'grown up' and far more inward looking, something they would call 'reflective.'

Of course, I'll get that seat eventually. When Starbucks overstep the mark of being new and cool here in the UK to being a McDonalized megacorp exploiting people in far flung lands in a coporately responsible fashion, Only then will the Ikea arty folk move on, allowing us 'small coffee' types to sit in the big comfy chairs.



ONLY six times per month? I know people who go to the local Starbucks at least once a day, holidays and Sundays included.

I probabaly go to Starbucks at least 8-10 times per month. 4-5 of those visits are at the Starbucks inside the local Dominicks, which I go to before doing my grocery shopping. Dominicks has a promo going on right now where if a Fresh Value Card holder buys at least $50.00 in merchandise, they get a coupon for a FREE grande size drink at Starbucks stores inside Dominicks.

By the way, this is my first visit to this site. November 2004 Chicago Magazine had a small article about this site, and thats how I found it. Keep up the great work!!!


Oh my, I cannot imagine only going to starbucks a few times a month, I go at least once a day often two or three times!! I alone have increased the value of my stocks,


Here is my idea, to the starbucks patrons who drink alot of coffee, go to www.sharebuilder.com open a free acct and buy starbucks stock. you can put in as little money a month or as much as you want, with no acct opening fees.. I started with ten dollars a month, now I spend more. but my stock has trippled since I started.


After living in Central London for over 10 years I am sick of the Starbucks and such ilk ... overpriced and not much personality ... give me the local cafe on Marylebone High St any day!


Starbucks now has what is called a duetto credit card and for every purchase you make with the credit card 1% goes onto the starbucks part of the card which is two cards in one. Since most people already have credit cards which are used for gas and groceries and whatever else why not earn yourself some coffee while you shop.

Jerry Mason

Does anyone know the average amount spent at Starbucks after their recent price increase?


I visit Starbucks on average 25 days a month. I have a duetto card and it auto-reloads $25 every time I get below $10. I get every bonus and, needless, to say, I have a big bill. But to me, Starbucks is something I cannot live without. Same as Mountain Dew. I guess I just love caffeine.


Hi, I plan on being in London and frequent Starbucks with T-Mobile connections. Does anyone know if you can recharge your American card and use it abroad in London Starbucks? If you could email direclty, I'll buy you coffee.


Cunning Stunt

Tom, are you referring to the starbucks card? In that case, nope. It's not accepted in UK locations yet and that probably won't change in the forseeable future. If you visit Greece, Australia or Canada, though, you're good to go.

Hey I think all you folks should give Starbuck a rest, their coffee is too strong and can cause serious health conditions - try drinking a realy good cup of tea instead - tea is must better for you!

sbux shifty

The most loyal customers come in only 18 times a month? At my location we have at least two dozen who come in once or twice a day without fail. Several come in three or four times a day and conduct meetings there. One woman comes in so often and spends so much time there that her baby, whoc can't form sentences yet, knows the names of all the employees and many of the other regular customers. These people are addicted to more than coffee.

Christy Korb

I am shocked that Starbucks has the nerve to sell coffee in the United States. If you don't support the people here maybe your company should consider going to France. I will never go to a Starbucks again and I will advise everyone I know not to as well.My whole family has a military background and it is on our backs that you have got the right to say what you do and don't support. Let me tell you something, I don't support you and anyone who does support you is offensive to me. Starbucks can kiss my red, white, and blue ass.


To all the sbux workers....do you all ever talk about the regular customers when they aren't there???

Also, is there any chance that sbux will come out with a coffee iv?? or something that will get the caffeine into the blood stream as quiclkly as possible???

Christy, stop being a sheep. That military email has been shown to be a hoax 100 times over. Look it up.


The only thing about Starbucks is I wish some of the people who go there and hang out for what seems like hours a day with their laptops could find a home..or at least a life.

Imy Harar

As a Starbucks customer, I'm concerned about your opposition to Ethiopia's right to own its coffee names. I am asking Starbucks to honor its commitment to farmers by signing an agreement with Ethiopia that recognizes the country's rights to the names of its coffees. If Starbucks and other companies sign such agreements, estimates suggest that Ethiopians could see up to $88 million of extra income a year.

Ethiopia ranks among the poorest countries in the world; more than 25 percent of its population lives on less than $1 per day. About 15 million people in Ethiopia depend on coffee to make a living, the majority of them growing their crop on small plots of about two and a half acres.

Meanwhile, coffee lovers pay up to $26 per pound for fine Ethiopian coffees because they're willing to pay for high quality and great taste. Ethiopian farmers, however, often earn just 5-10 percent of the retail value.

With this disparity in mind, the Ethiopian government launched a project to get legal ownership of its fine coffee names - Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, and Harar. By owning the names, Ethiopia will be able to occupy a stronger negotiating position with foreign buyers, capture a larger share of the market value associated with those names, and protect the reputations of its brand names. In a country with a per capita income of around $100 per year, that amount of money could have a profound impact on the lives of millions of Ethiopians.

As you know, Ethiopia approached Starbucks more than a year ago asking the company to lead by example and to discuss an agreement that would acknowledge Ethiopia's ownership of these names. So far, Starbucks has refused to sign the agreement, or even talk seriously about it with the Ethiopian government.

I want to see Starbucks do the right thing by the poor farmers who grow its coffee. I urge you to sign the licensing agreement and recognize Ethiopia's rightful ownership of its coffee names.


I get a caramel cappucino blast from baskin robbins almost daily..

why don't you just make a cup of coffee for godssakes! or at least take your own cup, customers use 40 million non biodegradable starbucks cups a week.


18 times a month isn't much! I figure that I average about 60 trips per month into Starbucks and yes I use a personal cup always!

I've always wondered why the customer voice surveys max out at 31 or more times per month into Starbucks. That seems like a low number to stop your data at.

tv bracket

Six time a month is almost twice a week. I think I'm out of the statistics. Where does the count actually take place?

Help need help

there must be a addictive substace in the hot chocolates.
Man im at that place at least 6 times a day from 9am to 4pm excluding weekends were i dont have shcool. if i show you my account the only thing you will see is starbucks winchmore hill.

anyway i need to know


its for a coursework i am doing. if anyone can tell me i will be grateful


based on what I read a person is spending an average of $54.00 a month and the only benefit you are recieving is a boost of energy that will only give you a crash and an addiction to drink more only to expect the same crash after a few hours. For only $2.00 a day $60.00 a month you can increase your energy and stay energized all day while stay healthy...with trevo, this is possible! Ive been using trevo* for two months now and all I can say is I feel great! if you want to start a healthy life email me at StrategiConceptPlanning@yahoo.com for more information or to purchase your Trevo* juice today!

stay well, live well, be well!

Jared Sanders

I use to be the spender at Starbucks since my fiance worked there I was there a lot. I had a buddy introduce me to the worlds first healthier coffee which I now have been consuming for 2 months. The key ingredient is Ganoderma Lucidum, but still the coffee taste great. With over 150 anti-oxidants and 200 nutrients, I figured why not switch to a healthier coffee and receive some nutritional value from it. No crash, energy throughout the day, taste great, healthy and affordable. I'm glad he introduced me to it, so I try and share with other coffee consumers. Plus I don't get the acidic build up that usually happens when I consume regular coffee. If anyones interested contact me for more info:


Jared Sanders


Well I go once everyday and on Saturday's and Sunday's twice a day. I think that's a pretty average amount, at least for me it is lol

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