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October 24, 2004


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Mike Randall

Maybe it's just the location near my house, but has any one noticed how the Baristas are asking if you want to "upsize" you drink for just 40 cents more?

Prices go up, so I move to the Grande and then they have the gail to ask me to upgrade. That was the reason I went to the smaller size in the first place!


The day I am ever forced to ask if customers would like to "upsize" their drink, THAT will be my last day working for Starbucks.

Just like you wanted your tall in the first place, I would've wanted to work at McDonald's in the first place if I wanted to ask that.


super size my mocha!


I sure hope that they are over stretching themselves. The day that they stop expanding will be an awesome day. There are already too many starbucks in the world. It is about time we Americans stop settling for what is there and easy to get to, and start looking for good coffee!

yeah, Dannny. Whatever.


I don't think that Starbucks is heading down the path of McDonalds. They are staying true to their original core purpose of bringing quality coffee to people who like it. It never ceases to amaze me how crowded new stores are and how no matter where you go, each store has a similar feel to it. I've been to stores all over the US and other countries as well and it's always good to get that taste/feel of home wherever you go. Now I can not say the same thing about Mcdonald's, but there is nothing on their menu that inspires me to go in though, so I may be kind of biased. Nothing beats a Venti white chocolate mocha with soy.


i was told by our DM that when they open a new location- the closest location's profits decrease by 20% and then within a year increase to 40% while the new location's profits grow. don't know if it true but that's what she said.


I don't want the S-bucks to become McDonald's but on the other hand I want their coffee in my country (Poland). I like its taste and I like their style. So for me, they can continue to expand like crazy as long as they don't sacrifice the quality.


Could tell me if anyone know if Starbucks now in Poland? Or tried to operate there?


No, SB has not yet come to Poland and I do not think they have tried. However, SB clones have emerged on a large scale in big cities, including www.coffeeheaven.eu.com

well i don't know what the big deal about coffee is? To me coffee is coffee and corps like starbucks are using marketing techniques to lure gay, or metrosexual people to socialize.


I think that Starbucks is expanding because of the demand for them to expand. I don't go to Starbucks very often but when I do, it is a special treat for me. And people don't just go there because it's there, they go there because it's good. Not only does the coffee taste great, but they offer a comfortable setting and free internet access. Any company that works so hard to satisfy their customers and not just offer them something cheap and available (like McDonalds) deserves the chance to expand. Until they start skimping on ingredients or other things that make Starbucks so great (like drive-thrus, internet access, fast, accurate and friendly service, a wonderful selection of coffee and pastries, etc.) I say the more power to them.


it'a a pitty that SB isn't in Poland :( Maybe i will start franchising it? Would be so nice!!


ok i want to start surbucks in poland anyone interested???


I do not think Poland will ever get Starbucks (at least not cities like Warszawa) because good coffee requires good drinking water. Most of the big cities just do not have it. Too bad!


starbucks is not a franchise. but some sort of coffee shop knock off in poland would go over well... im in

There are plans to operate Starbucks Coffee in Poland as one of polish websites announced.


I'm a barista working for starbucks in California. As for the comment about the good drinking water ALL starbucks are equipped with their own filtration devices which are filtered into our brewers. This water is triple filtered, so even if you do not have drinkable tap water, our filtration system will take care of it. And i'm not talking Brita here lol.


"I do not think Poland will ever get Starbucks (at least not cities like Warszawa) because good coffee requires good drinking water. " - Do you even know where poland is??


Starbucks in Poland, that's a good idea...I have to think about that...a small cafe in central Warsaw it can be profitable!


I live in Warsaw(but used to be a Starbucks barista in Seattle:) and waiting for a Starbucks to open here, although a cup of latte could still be quite expensive for the average Poles.
It's true the water here is bad, and it's costly to filter the water here. The triple filteration might not be sufficient, and requires more frequent change of filters.
That's could make a cup of latte expensive, I imagine...

Vasso Karathanassi

i live in warsaw now and the only am missing here is a starbucks...till recently i lived in budapest but there you could go to vienna for a latte...
please starbucks, do come here!


Of course they are going wayward...not necessarily the McDonald's way.

Last time I asked for a Cappuccino, they made essentially a Latte. All dilute with no punch.

Same thing I had at a coffee shop in Victoria, BC was great.

If you can no longer get good, consistent coffee experience at Starbucks, what good is it?


Actually, if starbucks opens up in Poland, it wouldn't be something we enjoy over-sea's. It would be just another cup of coffee. Starbucks is expensive [i know, quality] but a tall frappe costs almost £3. For the poles it might be an expense.

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