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November 09, 2004


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barista c

we sure as heck aren't playing it at my 'bucks.
they sent us the cds, but they aren't forcing us to play them...yet.


i called and complained.
i'm from san diego, and i haven't heard it playing yet in my neighborhood 'bucks, but i called anyway with a "please don't!" plea.
already receiving mocha in holiday cups though.

at least nordstrom has stuck with their after-thanksgiving policy.

starbucks should follow suit.

our customers got so pissed at me cuz i played Christmas music. some guy came up to me and was like, "DON'T play it tomorrow." like, wtf, threats? is it that serious? get a frickin grip.


they haven't started playing it at my starbucks in studio city, california. yet. thank the gods.

some of the xmas decorations were starting to peek out though so its only a matter of time.


Eh, if you don't like it, go to Dunkin' Donuts. No music there at all. But it *does* have incredibly flattering fluorescent lighting and employees with a somewhat passable knowledge of English.

Heh. Bitch, whine, and complain all you want. Starbucks corporate moves at the speed of a glacier. By the time they get around to reacting, it'll be after Thanksgiving and a moot point.

Tall Coffee of the Day

X-Mas music and decorations are all over the downtown chicago starbucks locations. A lot of kidding about how ridiculous it is with the baristas this morning. This is a good 2 weeks too early. If they're going to do it before Thanksgiving, maybe the monday before is okay, but not on Nov. 8. Or at least put up decorations but hold off on the x-mas music until thanksgiving.

Of course, Seattle knows most of us are addicted, so it's not like we're going to stop coming in for the next two weeks in protest.


So far no Christmas music at the LaGrange, Il Starbucks. They are using Holiday design cups. Anyways, when I go to Starbucks Im in and out within 15 minutes so the choice of music wouldnt bother me.


they were playing really bad christmas music at barnes and noble also last week - ah, soon it will be easter - buy your eggs and bunnies now!


Don't knock the tunes. Christmas music rocks.


they're playing them in Austin's bucks. really annoying as a customer b/c very limited selection of songs. if i come in every day, i'm bound to hear 25 different renditions of the same tune. ARGH!!!


hey, we played the christmas music the day they sent us the disc. I will hold out as long as possible before I start playing that stuff. It is so annoying to hear that stuff all day everyday.

anyways, peace.


my local bucks has it playing and full holiday decorations are up. i just feel if it starts too soon, you are sick of the holidays before you even begin to shop or feel all warm and fuzzy about the holidays.

i admit it though...i ordered and consumed a slice of gingerbread loaf tonight...guilty.

Andrea R.

I love Christmas music. It can't start too early for me. I certainly won't be complaining.

Shift for Starbucks

Our music is on and the decorations are out. It annoys me too because unlike customers I am there ALL DAY LONG. But what corporate says goes and they pay me so who am I to complain. To be real it isn't just Starbucks that kicks off the "season" early. It happens earlier and earlier each year everywhere. So don't hate the player hate the game LOL


TO the "starbucker" Your suggestion is good.... Go to a Dunkin Donuts, yeah there may not be music in any of your stores but the one i work in does have music and a television, I dont know what your talkin about "flattering fluorescent lighting and employees with a somewhat passable knowledge of English." The lighting isnt like that at all and everyone i work with HAS very good english. And if they didnt what does that have to do with music, they are just trying to make a living just like you and everyone else, sooo get off your high horse and stop judgeing people for there "proper english"! Difference between them and you probably is that they CAN speach more than one language.... can YOU?????

"they CAN speach more than one language..."

Irony dies laughing.

This world if so full of ignorance.... give it up everyone!!! Yeah they CAN speak more than one, and the one i work in is owned by an american and everyone there is white or hispanic so please people find something else to do with your time than to judge other people.

But it's fun to judge other people. Just ask the Christian Reich^WRight!

Until someone judges you , then its not fun anymore is it!!!!

Well, then you just type back an equally pointless comment and it's all better!

a barista

At least in the district where I work, the decision to play holiday music is left up to the individual stores. Our holiday decorations went up yesterday - I think that date was specified by Corporate - but my manager and all our partners agree we'd rather hold off on the festive music until later in the season. I know several other stores in our area are doing the same.

I love WaWa Cofffee

104.5 FM in Philadelphia played nothing but Christmas music last weekend and they are at it again this weekend!


I needed a starbucks coffee last wednesday night... but the last thing i expected to see was that red xmas cup... i don't hate xmas, but i just don't like it... especially in early november!

If stores didnt display xmas stuff early then alot of people would complain and then theyd be known as the grinch that stole christmas


People bitch and moan about the early Christmas music, early holiday cups...but you know you can't stay away. That's the funny thing.


that's nothing; Christmas is in full swing in Houston. Express, CVS, Walgreens and others had their decorations up before Halloween. Restaurants and stores are playing tinny muzak carols over their speakers and I'm going insane. I want to shop at Nordstrom purely because they are waiting til after Thanksgiving.

Fred Kiesche

I saw Christmas decorations and heard Christmas music at numerous places before Halloween. Haven't seen it at the local Starbucks, though.


They sure as hell were playing it in mine in Boulder, starting two weeks ago. Someone said, "Christmas Music rocks." Yeah, a lot of it does, but not the shit they're playing. Also, after two hours with no relief, I was good and ready to put it away for another year.

Praise whatever higher power that may exist for Ipod.

Geesh, this world is sure full of complainers! Calm down, it's just music people. As many posters have said previously, if you don't like it call the 800 number or give up your latte and scone habit and go elsewhere! Those of us that work there have to listen to it day in and day out and somehow we manage to get through the day. Frequently, I just smile and sing along to the songs because I'd rather be happy than be like some of the miserable and cranky caffeine addicts that visit my store!



The disc player in the Starbucks store where I work is a pain in the ass to deal with. The only time it works right is when you put in a disc, hit play, and leave. It got stuck the other day (right before it broke altogether) playing on song on repeat for about half an hour. Why so long?

Few people actually pay attention to it. It helps drown out the espresso bar at times, but that's it. Most customers aren't there long enough to hear much of the music. People who come and sit for a long period of time on a regular basis are usually talking on cell phones or listening to their own music on headphones. Even when it's not Christmas music, just normal Starbucks music.

Besides...Who the hell goes to Starbucks, or any other retailer, to listen to the music?


Yes, yhey are playing it in the 4 (Yes that's FOUR) stores in York, UK. which really annoy me since i've already been subjected to this crappy genre in most of the other stores here! PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS

York only has 4 stores? Backwater. :)


hiya! I'm a new Barista and personally I don't mind the Christmas songs, anything to help people cheer up a bit these days is ok in my book! First off, I'd like to address the repetition, if we played any common radio station we’d here the same pop song a dozen times or so throughout the day…so big deal there, we are all used to that. Secondly, I’m wondering if the people complaining about the choice of music celebrate Christmas or not. I mean, if you do celebrate Christmas, then the songs are just an annoyance…but what about all those people who don’t celebrate this particular holiday? I mean, are we outright disrespecting them by playing songs that celebrate something that they don’t believe in?

miss. barista

There are a lot of christmas songs on Starbuck's play list but also are many "holiday" songs about winter time and new years. So might as well just join in with the commercialism and enjoy the "J-I-N-G-L-E bells".


I find it funny that Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" is on the holiday cd, it doesn't seem like a holiday song, but it does rock though. Luckily the ice rink rental place has satelite radio so we have to listen to that.
For what SBUX Red Arrow deals with in hot chocolates we get to make up with other music. It doesn't take much effore to ask them to put on the 80's station.

Joe Grinch

Please diversify your music selection during the Christmas season. Nothing against Christmas music, but don't beat it to a pulp!!! Please tell the music guru at your Seattle headquarters that allowing your local staff to pick the music selection will make the stores more inviting and less corporate.

Joe, the music selection was picked to sell CDs. And, judging from recent publicly announced sales, whoever in the Seattle mothership is doing the picking, is doing a fine job.


perhaps the reason the starbucks in skokie and evanston had complaints is because of the heavily jewish population in those cities.....


Armando, I live in Evanston and I complained about the Christmas music in early November. And I'm Roman Catholic. Not even Christians want Christmas music seven weeks before Christmas.

I'm kind of a bitch about this issue - if you don't like our Christmas music, you can always sip your latte on the street.


point taken... i recently was in sydney australia and the starbucks there played xmas music well before thanksgiving as well... in 90 degree heat no less

ex-coffee wench

i thank god after 11 holiday seasons with the bucks i no longer have to listen to those lovely songs. it is now my choice to play chistmas songs. i think i will start on the 24th and end on the 26. this is more than long enough


I have emailed several complaints to Starbucks regarding the unsanitary conditions at Starbucks located inside Dominicks at the intersection of Roosevelt and Canal in Chicago Illinois, yet to date they have not responded nor have the rectified the problem..

Any suggestions??


From what I remember, SB dosen't even want us playing it until the 20th.


Mark -- They apparently learned from last year, when they started playing Christmas music as early as Nov. 9. (That's when I heard it in an Evanston, IL store.)


It's not to be played until the day after Thanksgiving...though the CD arrived in stores today....


I didn't know that there was a specific date the you had to put up decorations. Is that a new pre-holiday, holiday on the calendar that we don't know about? Is your life so boring that you have to actually call Starbucks and complain? I think that it's just because you are all a bunch of grumpy people.

No stores are supposed to play xmas music until Nov. 25th. If your store is playing it early, CUT IT OUT! Look at the sticker on the CD box. "Do Not Play Until November 25th."


Until this year, we played only the Nutcracker Suite. It was simply wonderful.

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