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December 29, 2004


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"swear words"? how fifth grade...

""To me, it is just another gimmick," said Darcia Doxsie, co-owner of Olympic Coffee & Roasting. "They can afford to change their cups whenever they want, and smaller companies can't do that.""

There had to be more than this for the interview. Darcia comes off sounding like s/he's about two seconds away from falling down on the floor of the roasting plant, kicking and screaming ITSNOTFAIRITSNOTFAIRITSNOTFAAAAIR!


You what annoys me most? People who bitch about the 'Ugly Green Monster' - Starbucks. That big - bad corporate giant.

I see it this way... It IS the true American success story. Take a few college guys, add a clever Michigan Tech Grad from the projects, plus a idea he saw in Italy - WHAM !!! The 'Monster' lives.

Schultz grew SBux into a huge, great company. A success which does a pretty darn good job at taking care of its employees and customers.

Make a profit? Well, it isn't a charity.

Perfect? Who is?

An American success story? Like it or not...

So when you hear or read folks bashing SBux, think; is the American Dream : "You can anything you want, be as successful as you can -- JUST NOT TOO SUCCESSFUL!!!" ?


A gimmick. Ffft. Like Starbucks needs any gimmicks to get customers.

haha..well said coriander. Starbucks is so sexy, they could dress it up in a brown cup and it'll still be hot

Cunning Stunt

Rumor has it that Cup #14 in this series has really pissed off some people. Did they print a tasteless tsunami joke or something? Does anyone know who made the quote or what is said on this cup?

bionic barista

Cunning Stunt:

Actually, after seeing your comment I kept an eye outfor #14, and actually saw it like 5 minutes into my shift.

It's something about evolution. I forget the scientist's name, but the quote was about a creature's remains found in 84 that was on the verge of evolving into a human. He said something like We all come from one ancestor, the same as that boy's.

It is a she for the quote. Louise Leakey. She is a world renowned anthropologist who has done most of her research at Olduvai Gorge in Kenya

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