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March 02, 2005


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And to everything that was said about him in the last post, we can now add "thin-skinned" to the list of pejoratives.

Goodness gracious.


Damn!I should get a job as a writer. I could find more meaningful subjects to write about than his experience at Starbucks. B-O-R-I-N-G!


Sorry, but this guy is full of sarcasm. He is still an ass.

David McGuire

I have been to several Barnes & Noble stores, and sometimes they have an "in-store cafe that sells Starbucks" and sometimes it's an "official Starbucks inside the Barnes & Noble." It's different from store to store.
Sometimes they not only take Starbucks gift certificates, but SELL them. Heck, I've USED a Starbucks gift certificate at the Starbucks inside a Barnes & Noble before.
Oh, sure, it wasn't recently. It was a few years ago.
I don't get one for Christmas every year.

But it's very easy to see how he could have been confused. It's a perfectly reasonable mistake for anyone to make. And it's just an opinion piece in the editorials, anyway. It's supposed to be an entertaining rant, not informative or accurate.


A heads up here that will soon clear up all the confusion: All of the Starbucks inside the Barnes and Nobles will change to Seattle's Best. That should be the end of the confusion.

sorry but that's wrong record. it's the shops in Borders that are goin to SBC

Skor Grimm

Well that pretty much cements my earlier opinion (http://tinyurl.com/43lwp) of him. Still a jerk. My question is, if a jerk like that can get paid to write that kind of tripe, why is it that I put all my effort out for free? Hmm.



Not that changing to Seattle's Best makes a difference, Starbucks owns em too.

He serves a greater purpose in this world than just giving us the news and his opinions. He is out there to make us realize that there are some REALLY naive just fell off the cotton truck, possibly ignorant people out there. And we aren't them.


Awww Jeeez guys
I can see that we need a permalink to the definition of sarcasm: http://www.usingenglish.com/glossary/sarcasm.html

Of course, I'll grant you that some of the posters are probably thin-skinned 'baristas' surfing from their home-away-from-home in search of material to link to their bore-o-blogs...

Starbucks forever!


Ok, first. If the price of a cup of joe at SBUX is only slightly less then your car payment, what the hell do you drive? A Yugo??
Second, yeah, it's confusing. I wait on people with this question all the time. But I dearly wish this was my biggest problem. So ya had to dig in your pockets and come up with cash. Big deal.

Hey, wait a minute. I know I'm a little late on this one but really, there's a problem here. If *some* of the stores are an offical Starbucks and *some* are not, and those that aren't don't take a Starbucks gift card BUT the store can still advertise they have a "Starbucks" in their store, this qualifies as misleading advertisement. B&N needs to get it straight. Either they have a Starbucks or they don't. If they don't, they need to take the Starbucks stickers off their front door, remove the labels from the cups, and stop advertising to the general public that they have a Starbucks. Everything in that store should say Barnes and Noble except the packaging on the coffee.

The writer is correct to be upset. Barnes and Noble has a responsibility to truth in advertisement. They have failed. It's not about the money.


I'm even later on this whole thing but this is what the whole b&N situation boils down to. Those are not Starbuck's inside the Barnes and Noble stores but simply, Barnes and Noble Cafes which "proudly brew" Starbuck's. Part of the agreement between the two superpowers is that the Starbuck's logo be displayed prominently at all of the locations. If you look at the sign and read it it says "Barnes and Noble Cafe proudly serving or brewing Starbucks". Very few B&N stores have actual Starbuck's inside of them, the ones that do, happened to come about before Starbucks gave B&N the go ahead to serve their coffee and bevs without leasing away their cafe space. Of course as the bigger company this confusing arrangement helps sbux more than B&N, but hey, the poor, boring bookseller needs something that actually makes them a profit, right?

pretty shifty

the "proudly brew Starbucks Coffee" part is generally pretty prominant. If you are confused, spend less time in the cafe and more time among the books.

Barnes & Noble Cafes are only licensed to sell Starbucks coffee. They are not actual Starbucks stores, and this should be clear to customers, as the cafe logo says "Barnes & Noble Cafe: Serving Starbucks Coffee". They operate independently of Starbucks, which is why there is different food and some different drinks served there. If pastries come from the Cheesecake Factory, then obviously Starbucks cards cannot be used to pay for them. I am a barista at a Barnes & Noble Cafe, and I get really sick of all the customers who don't take the time to looks around at our signs that clearly state why we cannot accept Starbucks gift cards and the fact that our cafe serves completely different pastries, bottled drinks, and sandwiches than Starbucks.

Sorry for the rant, but it bothers me when people try to think they know more about my place of work than I do.


I'm trying to find a Barnes and Noble store that will let me use my Barnes and Noble gift card to buy a cup of coffee. Are these being phased out?


That's why I much prefer Caribou's genuinely friendly and normal servers (and superior coffee) to the weird corporate 'trons that Starsucks brainwashes into mouthing the most illogical and linguistically-twisted things imaginable. "I can see you're confused"?! Sorry. No, actually, not.


Really? I am also a Barnes and Noble cafe worker, and Barnes and Noble does it's best to make the sign as large as possible to display "Barnes and Noble Cafe: Proudly serving Starbucks coffee" They only take Barnes and Noble cards, not Starbucks gift cards. We are license to make Starbucks products. Okay?


Kinda like the stores that sell B&J's ice cream... they're not official B&J ice cream parlours/franchises... so, don't expect to use a B&J gift certificate at those stores or expect to get free ice cream anywhere except the parlours when they have their official day every year. Somebody tell Anchorman that it's not rocket science.

Rebecca Woodlawn

1. Barnes & Noble cafe is not Starbucks.

2. Barnes & Noble cafe does not sell Starbucks gift cards.

3. Barnes & Noble cafe does not accept Starbucks gift cards.

4. Barnes & Noble cafe does not have Starbucks signs. They have signs that say "Barnes & Noble Cafe."

Thank you for your insightful comments, but, no, Barnes & Noble has not "failed". You have failed..to do your research.

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