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March 25, 2005


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"I want to enjoy your product without having Earth Day Network propaganda thrust at me," wrote Malachi Salcido of East Wenatchee, Wash.

Whoa! "Earth Day Propaganda"???? He says it like saving the earth is some terrible thing that Starbucks is forcing on you. He's probably one of those people that drives to work in an H2 and tosses his starbucks cups out the window when he's finished with them. Arrgh!

michael ian bateson

i dont understand why conservatives have such knee-jerk reactions to things. a person with a different viewpoint to another can still say things that are useful and meaningful. on the SB page about this controversy, someone complains about Al Franken's quote - but its harmless. its not like he ended his quote with 'and i hate george bush. go coffee!' there are millions of people with different views and just because its on a cup doesnt mean you have to subscribe to it. i used to work in Barnes & Noble - all i ever heard was that we were a liberal store. so much so it became a problem and i actually snapped a couple of times. buy your book - i dont care what you believe. drink your coffee - who cares what the cup says. they say its there to make you think, well, it looks like they failed. it made people complain, not think.


jeeze, i didn't even notice there where quotes on the sides of the cups.

I would like to point out the the poster 1049xxx isn't much better then those complaining about the cups tho. "He's probably one of those people ..." Any sort of dialog that contains 'those people' is less then constructive, and does not help to form a meaningful debate about anything.


I just relized the other thing that bugs me about this ... and it really does bug me. The 'conservatives' closly align themselves with republicans. Republicans for the most part are very pro-business, pro-capatilism lot (I count myself among the republicans that arn't 'conservatives') Using strickly capitalist, small government type thinking, if you don't like something, you don't buy it. It's the coroporations choice if they wish to cater to you and get your business, or cater to another crowd for their business. I bet most of these people don't buy *$'s enough to even notice if they all boycotted our beloved coffee seller.

I mean really, your not buy the philisophy of the business, you're buying a product. If the product is a good value to you, who cares how/when/who got it there.


Ok, I have issue with the republican that said she was used to being "under represented." If anything DEMOCRATS are under represented in the current political climate. I'm sick and tired of having radical right wing republican views shoved down my throat everywhere I go. And besides, she's in florida! How in the name of god's green earth does a florida republican feel under-represented! You guys have fox news, let us have our coffee cups.

They've got the White House, they've got Congress, they're in the process of getting the courts. Pity the poor conservatives, so marginalized, so picked-upon. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Joseph Massey

Personally, I find the quotes uplifting, soul-warming...

Alas, I am not a conservative.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Hi! I was well aware of the liberal bias of Starbucks on the cup the moment I started reading them. Maybe Starbucks will start putting quotes from Bill O'Reily on the cups. Being in Boston, you can always tell there is a Democratic basis here in the city and even the Republicans are somewhat liberal depending on what issues you want to talk about. Oh, BTW, O'Reily gets me mad just watching him on TV I have to shut him off before I throw my quad half-caf grande sugar-free vanilla soy latte at my widescreen plasma TV.

Bob Dole

I never noticed the quotes, but that remark from Yvette is choice.

Bob Dole

Or maybe she does feel underrepresented by Republicans; after all, she does have an ethnic name.

I just submitted that to Starbucks.


You know what? If they don't like the quotes, then don't support the company. Simple as that.

And free speech. But people like to complain about everything, so why am I not surprised?

I did my homework

"I want to enjoy your product without having Earth Day Network propaganda thrust at me," wrote Malachi Salcido of East Wenatchee, Wash.


I wonder why Malachi Salcido hates Earth Day.

Malachi Salcido is a really unique name. I plugged it into Google and found 13 links. All from Wenatchee, Washington.

He is the owner of Salcido Connection Inc - an HVAC service contractor. They deal with heating, ventilation and air conditioning service and repair.

Most air conditioners use CFCs for its refrigerant and CFCs are the leading cause of ozone depletion. The U.S. regulates how the HVAC can handle CFCs. Environmentalists (such as Earth Day Network members) would like to strengthen these regulations while HVAC businesses (such as Salcido Connection Inc) tend to be interested in weakening these regulations.

Mr. Salcido can potentially make more money if there is a reduction of regulations for ozone depleting CFCs. Maybe that is why Malachis Salcido hates the "Earth Day Network propaganda".


how is a coffee company aiding in "the destruction of family values and virtues" by printing some liberal rhetoric on cups? this makes ZERO sense on so many different levels. i don't like whiny, accusatory right-wingers.

Jonathan Vogeler

"While I understand the unfortunate occurrence of scientists regarding this theory as truth, there is great evidence that points to something other than evolution as the beginning of human life."

Hahahaha. This is one of my favorite things of all: ignorant religious zealots who confuse mangled syntax with erudition. But, to be fair, "theory", "truth", and "evidence" are highly technical terms that may not be fully grasped until you have read the Bible at least 25 times. Maybe Starbucks should help with a few verses.

Dr. Fager

Forget the quotes. I don't like the coffee.

Oh my God, a heretic in our midst!


To Jay Cridlin, the reporter (or his editor):
Lousy lede on a fine story. Reading the headline, I think this piece is about conservatives being angered by Sbux cup quotes. Reading the lede, I think it's about liberals being either emotionless or happy about them. (That's not clear.) Then comes "Not everyone agrees," indicating that the lede is a counterexample. Hunh? To flip-flop into a story like this is weird and confusing. This guy belonged way down in the story, if at all, not at the beginning.

Let Freedom Ring

Guess I'll be going to Starbucks more. Funny, I keep hearing from republicans how much they revere "freedom". But they absolutely cant stand to see anyone exercise free speech at odds with theirs.


Must people complain about everything???

The rest of the world just laughs at us. All the crap in world that goes on every day and folks want to complain about what friggin quote is on their coffee cup?

Get a life!

A conservative

Why is it that when a conservative complains about liberals quotes that liberals immediately think conservatives are against free speech? Doesn't the conservative have the right to free speech as well? Think of what you are going to say before you say it. Then see if it contradicts itself. In other words, saying that someone is against free speech when they are using it is contradictory.


Oh great. Now the picky crack-in-a-cup drinking buttpies will complain about the coffee AND the cups. I'm so excited.


Since Starbucks is having their Annual Brewing Sale, I recommend the cup-quote haters buy a machine, some beans, a grinder and brew their crack at home. Then drink it out of whatever vessel is most desirable. In fact, bring that vessel in (only after you decide you can be nice to a barista) for a cup of your favorite beverage and receive a 10c discount. OK?

A Liberal

The problem is not that conservatives disagree with some of the comments. The problem is that they want them to be physically taken off the cups. If you would like to rationally dispute any of the points made, that is a CONVERSATION and it is welcomed and the whole point of the quotes. If you want to silence anyone who made it on your black list, like Al Franken, or uses words you dont like, such as "evolution", that is censorship. Its not illegal, since its not the gov't, but in a democracy we should encourage a free exchange.

Conservative Republican

I'm a conservative republican and I don't mind the quotes. You may agree or disagree with the quotes, but why do certain people try to pigeon hole all the conservatives into one bucket.

A Liberal

By conservatives i did not mean "all conservatives". I thought that was clear - but then again when "A Conservative" referred to "liberals" I guess I did assume he meant "all liberals" Point taken.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Amen, to that Green Apron. Opppps, was I being a Christian fundamentalist. I hope not because those people just scare me. All their yelling and screaming on TV and asking for money.


Dear conservatives mentioned in the article: You are absolutely right. Starbucks is an evil place that will destroy your soul. God is angry at you every time you set foot in the place.

Get out and leave the rest of us to suffer in peace and quiet. I believe Dunkin' Donuts has quote-free cups if you need an alternative.

Shift for Starbucks

OK maybe I haven't read all the cups but of the ones I have read the only one that seems remotely inflamitory is the one about evolution. Most of what I have seen are about people's views on life in the sense of how they face aging or such. What is the big f-ing deal? So what if most of the people that are quoted are "liberal"? You can submit your own quotes. But I'm sure that some of you will think there is some liberal conspiricy that won't allow "conservatives" to have a say. I'm sorry but all this fuss over a little thing like quotes? Most of you I doubt read the cups because the cup sleeve is in the way. If you don't like our cups A)Find another coffee shop B) don't read the quote C) bring your own cup!

an american

I imagine these American Taliban types would only be happy if the cups included Bible passages (New Testament only, please) and a list of George Bush's virtues as a Great Leader (you could fit those on a Chantico cup).

My biggest complaint about the quotes is that they are boring and in most cases, the heat guard you slip onto your cup makes them impossible to read. Poor cup design!

Otherwise, if it annoys these humorless, right-wing, mind-control zealots...it must be a good thing. Keep it up, Starbucks!


Wait: if some conservatives are complaining about the liberal bias of quotes on Starbucks cups, then I want to *STOP* hearing the conservative media running on about "Latte Liberals," one of their favorite strawmen/whippingboys. Or, better yet, let's start a backlash against "latte conservatives" and get this country back on track.


Yup, another tempest in a teapot. can't everyone go back to arguing whether or not that florida woman is dead or not?


Here is my contribution to Starbucks cups:

Pandas are crap.

Let's look at the evidence:

They only eat one thing, and prefer to starve to death if they can't get it, rather than eat something else. Duh!

Not only that, but attempts to save the idiots from extinction repeatedly fail because they're actually too lazy to shag other pandas.

How the stupid bastards managed to evolve in the first place I have no idea.

Here is a species which by all the laws of evolution does not deserve to survive. By attempting to save them humankind is bollocking up the evolutionary process.

For this reason, I say:

Fuck the pandas.

An "American"

Anyone who labels themselves as either liberal or conservative has lost sight of the reason we have a brain. Anyone who feels threatened by words on a coffee cup should drink their coffee somewhere else; and PLEASE remember the 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which was written before there were liberals and conservatives. Get a life you morons.


Dumb quotes with coffee,
liberals defend big biz.
Drink fast-end is near.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Hi! If somebody reads back a few months there was an article written on Democrats were more likely to visit Starbucks. Republicans were more likely to visit Wal-Mart. Any comments on that?


I'm a conservative...and (GASP!) a CHRISTIAN conservative...and (GAAASSSSSPPP!) a PASTOR! And I think the quotes on the cups are pretty cool! Do I agree with everything everyone of them says? Heck, no! But then again, I don't always agree with everything I say!

It's what makes the world go around...that variety stuff! Find something else to moan and whine about, for goodness' sake...


These "quote cups" are brilliant. They have obviously served their purpose well since they have caused debate and discussion. Let's get one thing straight; I am a member of the Republican party and have never voted for a Democrat. Now, with that said, I find it odd that some republicans want ideas and opinions removed from the public forum. Aren't republicans against groups like the ACLU removing religious views from the public forum?

Something to think about. Maybe it should be on a cup.

Larry Davenport

Conservatives are the biggest bunch of crybabies. They're soooo oppressed! Last time I checked they were ruling the world.

Larry Davenport

I must apologize. When I said "Conservatives are the biggest bunch of crybabies." I meant to say "Republicans are the biggest bunch of crybabies (and hypocrits)." I understand conseravtive and Republican are two different things (just like Environmentalist and tree-hugger).


Re: Starbucks Quotes . . . not to nitpick but I noticed that "author" Goldie Hawn's bio as one of the Starbucks pithy quote contributors claims that she's married to actor Kurt Russell. Commonlaw perhaps, but not legally. All other descriptions of the two portray them as "partners." Contributor Melissa Ethridge, on the other hand, is legally married. There's a moral in this post somewhere but I'll leave it to others to decide what that should be.

I had no idea we were classifying typos as moral parables these days.

Holden McCrank

How about putting some conservative quotes on the cups then to even things out? Maybe:

"I want to rub falaffels on your boobies" --Bill O'Reilly

"Morals, morals, blah, blah, blah...now put $20 on black and spin that wheel!" --Bill Bennett

"We should celebrate life! Abortion is bad, mmmkay? Now strap that retard in the electric chair and fry him!" --Dubya

"Pills! Pills! Gimme more of that sweet oxy!" --Rush Limbaugh

"We can't let Terri die! Trial lawyers are bad! Hey did I ever tell you about the time I pulled the plug on my own veggie dad and then sued a ball bearing manufacturer because they're obviously to blame for his death?" --Tom Delay

Yeah, that'll work.


Holden-LOVED the post! Great points made, and I spewed my Starbucks coffee all over my monitor, it made me laugh so hard.

Just like everything else you read, see, watch, etc.that you think is offensive-if you don't like it...turn it off, change the channel, don't read your coffee cup.


Holden, you are the reason why the swing voters voted for Bush in 2004. You people just don't get it. I could easily rattle off a few asinine comments about liberals.

Does it really get us anywhere?


They're just quotes, who cares. It seem as if you people got nothing to do then bitch and whine about something so insignificant. Isn't there something better to bitch at?

Holden - great, funny comments. And how does it feel to know that you hold such power? According to previous visitors, you and you alone are responsible for Bush winning the presidency!

barista boy

Nice point Holden. But there are other republicans:
GEORGE BUSH: "Gay Marriage is destroying my marriage."
DICK CHENEY: "I stand behind the president - just over here about arms length from my daughter."
ALAN KEYES: "Mary Cheney is a selfish hedonist"
MARY CHENEY: "Anyone want a book deal?"


Some people here need to learn how to read. Maybe when I said, "you people..." that would have clued you in on what my point was.

Another knee-jerk reaction from a liberal. Doesn't suprise me.

Another whine from a "persecuted" conservative. Doesn't surprise me.


Still doesn't change the fact that you can't read.


And how about you post an e-mail address? Quit hiding behind your computer.

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