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June 09, 2005


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I worked at Starbucks in Wilmington, NC and they filmed Dawson's Creek there. Before they wrapped forever the cast and crew where regulars at the area Starbucks. The even more pretty in person, Katie Holmes used to get a 1/2caf grande soy latte and a bottle of water. She was very quiet and pleasant. She would come in alone and drive off in her black del sol with a dent in the side. Kerr Smith would come in and was sooo cute he would get a Iced venti extra vanilla vanilla Latte. Countless members of the crew came in including director David Carson would come in and get a grande no whip mocha some time with caramel drizzle.
Now they are filming One tree Hill there and the cast also enjoys their Starbucks...
Bethany Joy Lenz likes The Venti Caramel Frappucino Light, if I remember right. She was so sweet, always smiling. Chad Michael Murray with his then fiance Sophia Bush would come in together I can't rememeber what she gets but he would always get a Venti Extra white mocha White Chocolate Mocha. He used to hang out at our store alone quite a bit when the weather was nice and smoke cigarettes and tap on his lap top. He wasn't really friendlyk ind of a smart @ss. But His fiance was nice, She told me how much she likes the Hear Music Cds.
One day Joanna Kern from Growing Pains (Mrs. Seaver) came in I think she was directing a Lifetime movie at Screen Gems. She got a grande nonfat extra hot misto.
I miss working at that store, It was always fun seeing who was going to come in.


Sandra Bullock came in about two weeks ago to my store, and Dave Matthews a few days later.

We've also had the lady that plays Dr.Weaver on ER, Linda Hamilton, the kid from About a Boy, Robert Downey Junior...

They wear sunglasses

Boston Starbucks Rebel

If you remember correctly, Real World Philadelphia was filmed directly across from a Starbucks. Some of the stuff they aired was from inside that Starbucks. You could often times see MJ and Landon leaving the house and walking around if you stayed in that Starbucks long enough. Also, the security guard would spend most of his time in the Starbucks talking up the pretty baristas in their instead of protecting the house from nosy fans. I wonder if Real World Austin is near a Starbucks.

Hanley & Wydown

I used to work at a Starbucks in Clayton, Mo. which is an upscale suburb of St. Louis. Cardinals and Rams players sometimes lived nearbye. Marshall Faulk came in a couple times. He didn't say much. Mark McGwire came in twice one weekend when he was in town for Mark McGwire Day or something at the stadium. He paid with a Starbucks card and didn't tip. Bob Costas also came in: I remember he got a carot bar, which my manager said he would buy all the time when he was in town. He looked older in person, but when I looked away and heard only the melliflous sound of his voice I knew it was him.


The only Starbucks celeb sighting I can remember is from about a year ago--Alec Baldwin at the 86th/Columbus store.

Partner 1139XXX

Avril Lavigne came into my starbucks once. She paid in part with a Starbucks card and told us to throw it out...the barista on till was a big fan and put it up in the back room after she left...

It's wierd though because we are a small suburban starbucks...so what was Avril doing out here?


Back when I lived in Hollywood, my roommate used to love spotting porn star celebrities at the SBux on the corner of La Brea and Sunset. The only ones I remember are Jenna Jameson and Kitten Navidad, but he probably saw 50 or more over the three years we were roomies.

The location up on San Vincente is another hotspot for b-level stars. I saw Gedde Watanabe (probably best known as Long Duck Dong) and Ron Perlman there, and IIRC, that's where Nicole Simpson hung out.


I met Tiger Woods at a Starbucks in Beaverton, OR. And I met Dave Matthews at a Starbucks in Seattle, WA.

And, of course, I go to Starbucks. I'm uber-famous.


Ehud Barak, former Prime Minster of Israel, at a Starbucks in Stamford, Ct. and I have no idea why he was there... but the big security contingent was a dead giveaway.


Which NYC Starbucks does the cast of the Opie and Anthony show (XM Radio) go to? Would love to run into them.


RE: Boston Starbucks Rebel's comment.

If I'm not mistaken, the nearest Starbucks to the Real World - Austin building (3rd and San Jacinto) is two blocks west and three blocks north at the corner of 6th and Congress. I go in there somewhat frequently. I never saw any of the cast members there, but I did see them walking to and from home with camera crew in tow quite a bit.


I work at the NASA Starbucks, directly across the street from Johnson Space Center in Webster (Houston), Texas.
I guess astronauts are what we consider B-level celebs these days, but we get to see them all the time. I once made a smart ass comment about us never landing on the moon in front of the #2 director of Nasa. (i had no clue who she was!) 75% of our business is NASA employees. When we get bored we like to watch the NASA channel and spot customers.


i worked at the hanley & wydown store in STL for a couple of years. we'd answer the phone to hear kids (and adults) ask....."is mark mcgwire in your store right now?" mark always ordered a venti soy white chocolate mocha. then he'd pay with a 100 and we'd have to scrape up change. bob costas would order a tall decaf and a "carraht baaah." he always scraped off the icing. oh! and don't forget that certain blues player (wink-wink) who ordered the white chocolate mocha frappuccino with an add shot! {swoon}

i worked at a store in l.a. and our regulars included juliette lewis (tall 2-pump soy no water chai), butch vig (venti drip), shirley manson (decaf tall nonfat latte), lauren graham (grande vanilla nonfat latte...can't remember if it was decaf), and a host of television personalities i never recognized...(i don't watch much tv.)

an american

I don't work at a Starbucks, but at my local one in suburban Philly, I see Billy King--general manager of the 76rs basketball team--all the time. He drives the biggest, blackest Mercedez sedan I've ever seen. Larry Brown, former Sixers coach, used to stop in frequently too, since the team practiced at a gyn not far away. I've also seen Garry Maddox, former outfielder for the world champ '80 Phillies. All sports figures: guess we don't get too many famous actors in suburban Philly.


Adam Brody from The OC was filming a movie here, came in and got a grande mild.


100XXX7, when did you work at Hanley & Wydown? I worked there from Aug '03 to Aug '04.


i was there from its opening week in 2000 until november of 2002. then i moved to hollyweird. if you see ann, say hi for me!

your mom

opie from opie and anthony is a frequent customer at the huntington village starbucks on long island...he usually gets a tall nonfat cappuccino...also the real world producer from a few years ago that went out with one of the girls on the show is in all the time...both nice guys


Most annoyingly, I wasn't there the night Bill Clinton came in. But I've seen Jennifer Garner (breathtaking!), Alexis Denisof, Alan Alda, Liam Neeson and his wife, Liza Minelli and her erstwhile husband (who came in with their bodyguard once, but usually alone), Jim Carrey, Tony Kushner, Matthew Lillard, Lisa Ling, Darryl Hannah (she ordered organic milk), Faith Ford, Rebecca Budig and a bunch of soap opera stars, some of whom I cannot recognize, but most of whom look better than the average person. Dakota Fanning would come in with her mom, her agent (and once her little sister) when they were in NY and get plain pound cake for the next day's breakfast.


I've seen Heather Locklear (with hubby) at the Westlake Ca Sbux.


I work in Kelowna, BC. Last summer, I sold a bar blender to Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. And last week, we had Paul Johansson from One Tree Hill in our store hanging out for a couple hours with some girl, maybe from the same show?

D.J. Roberson

At the Starbucks at Food Emporium in north Lynnwood, WA, the celebritys there are the baristas who serve me every morning, knowing my order and serving it up with a smile.


Saw Robert Downey Jr. in the Starbucks in the Westin William Penn in Pgh. He was in town filming Wonder Boys.

Does Starbucks HQ start? I met Bono there last fall. He was lovely to everyone who came up to him, and he smelled incredible. ;-)


Norfolk, VA
Ghent (Colley Ave)
May 29, 2005

Faith Evans

Clearwater, FL

Met Hulk Hogan and daughter at my bux once. Both ordered a venti caramel frappuccino.

Also met Derek Jeter, who ordered a no-whip java chip frappuccino.

Oops, I can't count ... the Bono comment should say "Does Starbucks HQ COUNT," not "start." Der.

.... I can't type, not I can't count. Wow. Time for some caffeine from Starbucks, apparently.


i saw the entire cast of "the real world san diego" at a starbuck's in san diego!!!

big D

I saw Anthony Kiedis at the Westchester, CA SBUX. Howard Schultz often visits there when he is in L.A. Does he count as a celeb??

CT barista

I worked in the Starbucks in Bristol, CT, the home of ESPN. Most of the people on ESPN I didn't know although I knew they were very important. I think Dee Snyder if I'm spelling that correctly came in. Somebody can just sound it out and attempt to extrapolate it. Also Max Kellerman got something crazy, like a frappucino although I could be wrong, I think it was a venti no-whip java chip frappucino, no whip. There was also his friend Brian Kenny who came in with Max. Brian had an entire family that wanted frappucinos so we had to make like 10 frappucinos or something. Although I believe that Brian Kenny himself got an iced venti soy chai if my memory serves correctly. Also alot of the ESPN staff would come in each morning looking for their coffee fix because they were no longer in NYC and needed some coffee. I think Starbucks was first placed in Bristol because ESPN wanted some good coffee and in case Howard Schultz should decided to come into town?


At my former store in Marietta, GA, former wrestler Dusty Rhodes and his wife would come in quite frequently.


im from Wellington, New Zealand

a few months ago we had Elijah Wood come to our store, he ordered a Quad esspresso over ice in a venti cup.

I have also served Adrian Broady he came in regularly and got a tall soy chai latte.


Fresh out of college in 1995 I worked at a Starbucks in San Diego on 5th Avenue & Robinson. We used to see Lorenzo Lamas all of the time. A few sightings of the guy who plays "Jack" on Alias (Victor Garber) as well as Stacey Dash from "Clueless". One night Rob Halford (formerly of Iron Maiden) came in with his entourage (I think he had espresso). I can't remember what any of the others had.


this will probably only register with fey indie rocker types, but when i worked at the little charles st store in boston, lou barlow and john davis from the folk implosion came in for tea. lou lived across the street for a while and i always saw him around. also, portions of 'a civil action' were filmed in front of our store, so john travolta dontated a bunch of money to our literacy program and did some in-store autographs. nice guy for a scientologist wacko.


oh, and dave, rob halford was in judas priest. bruce dickinson is in iron maiden.

(sorry. music geek pedantry can't be suppressed.)


North and Wells, Chicago, now closed.
My very first day on bar, I heard a familiar voice ordering a grande non-fat latte. It was John malkovich. He was in town directing a play. He was in that store every day for hours at a time for a few weeks. It was just like in the movie, "Being John Malkovich". People would be like, "Aren't you...?"He was super nice and always very friendly.

Chris Farley came in and was very nice. One of our baristas went to camp with his sister and they sang camp songs very loud to the delight of all the customers.

Christina Applegate, Sandra Bullock, Ron Howard, Dan Akroyd, Mr. T...

Lots of local News celebrities, like Bill Kurtis, now hosting those true crime shows (very nice).

I subbed at at the Starbucks across the street from CBS, and Gene Siskel came in, and Lester Holt (not very nice).


Real stars hang out at indie shops. You know, the kind of stores that actually know how to make a good espresso and drip.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

OMG the new Alanis CD cmae out today. I have to say that it is pretty good and worth the buy. It is definetely a CD that shows the musical influence over the last decade. For example, the neo-soul influence can definetely be heard some of the songs. Also, some of the lyrics have been modified to indicate the social changes which have occured in the last decade.


I saw Ann Richards at a Starbucks in Dallas a couple of years ago. She was quiet and unassuming and very pleasant.


I work at the Chinatown (7th & H) Starbucks in Washington, DC; we're one half block away from the MCI and convention centers.
On Inauguration Day, Stephen Baldwin (filthy conservative of "BioDome" fame) and "The Daily Show's" Mo Rocca came into our store. We've also had Gheorge Muresan, former Wizards and "My Giant" star and Howard Schulz, CEO of Starbucks, visit. Local newscasters Doreen Gentzler and Gordon Bentley also come in.


Late in the afternoon, James Brady of Parade was interviewing Evan Rachel Wood, the daughter on "Once and Again," in our Starbucks. It was very hot, both outside and inside, and she was overdressed in long sleeves and long jeans.

ex New Orleans barista

i worked in new orleans and saw britney spears, jenifer lopez' trainer, AND i cussed out the so not famous Jeremy Piven.


I have followup questions!

Dave Matthews has been spotted twice already -- what does he drink? Is he a caffeine fiend or what? Same question about Downey Jr but I think we know wha sort of fiend he is ;->

Does John Malkovich sound especially creepy ordering a non far grand latte?

What did Jeremy Piven do to require a cussing smackdown?

What did Bono smell like and how on earth did you get close enough?

Any good second hand stories about the Clinton visit? Al Gore visited a Berkeley cafe once (Strada on Bancroft/College), ran out of his waiting limo and ordered a white chocolate mocha (which to be fair was the specialty of that cafe).

Tyler Durden

Hey Drinker, lighten up, you sound like a stalker.

Alanis Morrisette played three songs at my store (Astor Place, NYC) yesterday as part of a radio promotional contest. Howard Schultz was there too. Matt Damon is a regular when he's in town, I've personally seen Seth Green, Chris Noth and Eva from America's Top Model...other partners have seen Jay Zee, Parker Posey, etc.


I didn't actually see him, but...

When I went to the Arlo Guthrie show at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music, I stopped in the nearby Starbucks -- the barista said Arlo had been in about half an hour earlier.


Stalking seven people? That would be hard. More like Barbara Walters wannabe ;->

Bono smelled like expensive men's cologne ... but it was subtle, not like a hanky man-skank who bathes in nasty cologne. It was nummy, whatever it was.


Britney Spears comes to my Starbucks all the time. I saw Billy Bob Thorton once. And some basketball player from the Bulls, I don't remember his name, but my male coworkers were freaking out so he must be important.

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