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July 02, 2005


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Eh... Dylan is used to controversy. First to use electric. His interview in the national news mag (Newsweek?). This is just another one. It'll blow over.


Bob Dylon hasn't cared what people think for about 40 years, ever since he sang "You got a lotta nerve to say you are my friend". Or in other words...it may be Victoria Secret or it may be Starbucks, but you gotta serve somebody.


I know...Dylan with an a.


... The ones that wheel and deal and whirl and twirl
And play games with each other in their sand-box world
And you can't find it either in the no-talent fools
That run around gallant
And make all rules for the ones that got talent.



Dylan sold "The Times They Are A-Changin", his most anti-establishment song, to the Bank of Montreal for use in an ad in 1996. If he's willing to pimp that out for a financial services firm, I can't see why anyone is suprised about a music distribution deal with a fairly upstanding corporation.


I see no reason why Dylan, as an artist who needs no defense, should not be allowed to strike a deal to distribute his music any damn way he pleases.


I remember reading in a book about the record industry that with one album, Bob's son Jakob sold more albums than Dylan ever did. Maybe Bob wants a few extra bucks for his kids or to fund his neverending tour. No matter what, Bob will always be a true original. Or as he says in "Up To Me",
Everything went from bad to worse
Money never changed a thing
Death kept following, tracking us down
At least I heard the blubird sing

Holden McCrank

To honor this release, Starbucks will also be creating a new drink:

Bob Dylon's Soy Bomb Latte

John Charles Griffin

"You're gonna have to
serve somebody, yes indeed."

Sing it Bobby!!!

- J.C. Maconga
Flat Broke Promotions


Bobby can do whatever the hell he wants. Stop bitching.


I am a reporter for The Villager, a Manhattan newspaper. I am writing a story about response to Starbucks' release of Dylan's Gaslight recordings. If you'd like to comment, please email me today (Aug. 30) at ronda@thevillager.com.


April 21st, 2010

Sony BMG Music Entertainment,
Canada Incorporated,
Song–Writer, & Singing Pro',
Mr. Robert Van Dylan,
190 Liberty Street, Ontario,

Mr. Alexander Simon,
Sir William Place,
Apartment #305c;
Boonie Doon,
8820-85 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta,
Telus Carrier Residential Phone: (780) 466-9719
E-Mail: alexandersimonea@gmail.com

Dear Mr. Bob:

In 1936 a new Group called The Mile was born here in Edmonton, Alberta and travelled to western Toronto; meanwhile; the New Canadian Border opened in Niagara Falls; and when light hit the morning evening; a bright star was born.
Meanwhile, again; the 'beat-nik' scene was inducing people to muse; in another way too real; women wept with gay remorse while hearing The Balladeer sing and orate political unrest and anger. Talent is provided by the same women crying, more-and-more; tears fell as this swoon male all Catholic calm and reassuring graded no one phoney including all attendee with serious lung and curve; and say, what long legging, oh myopic ones.!
Of Charles Chaplin (Oh, Chuckie'); the famous Brit' with a Hitler Herr look I admire is one of the best attendee's their at the London, not England; Copa-Cabana. Here; a listless male called the wonder of all blues and a brief country and same flair of western sang well beyond the beat-nik audience; in forty-two twins of the hour time in 60-per swing; and man's that's quick-and-slow for all attendee in blue need to cool their red hate of the bore and that's the old commie style of church gather for pooling away time to the devil then.!
On February 18th, 1961; the day of this Writer's official birthday; the Greystone Hospital New Jersey; a Mr. Wood-Ward “Gutherie;” “Talkin' New York;” is the Tribute that was sung by a generous male all Catholic too and turned out to be Mr. Dylan's dad! This is all easily proven in the Smithsonian Museum in T.O.; and all files prove and by dentistry records the blood signature is conclusively not registrable; the same with his dad; this enlightenment Merle Travis of west Edmonton sang in harmony, all new blues the biker gang part R.C.': 'The Blue Angels;' a notorious version of The Hell; and all in order of the law; all this, again is proven in the olde Smith', at there in Winnipeg, marked for R.P.; Specific(11); this again is proof of the here-and-now; old Bud' there and here!



Well man, hey and wide;
This man of viking side;
He's fit of brigadier bounty;
All mean and queer like lightening;

Eyes bulging, back hoisting;
Fight the fiend bigger and rare;
Like steak and potatoes lean and well;
Ivan Hoe is near the lake called Sarah;

The calm is storm and reaching we;
And ten years later men still grieve;
Brigadier bounty man dies in dread;
The mighty sea stalks more red!

A NEW SONG BY BOB'S BUD; (ALEX SIMON). Also a Writer in need of same work.!!


Kat Brennan

I don't think that Bob Dylan was selling out when he agreed to distribute his music at Starbucks. I think it was a great business decision to market his music at a popular store that has locations throughout the US. A lot of local artists get their start performing at places like this, why not incorporate some of the music that was iconic to the industry? Kat Brennan | http://www.faroneandsoninc.com

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