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December 28, 2005


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this makes me sad. i thought that now would be the perfect time to re-launch it.


I wasn't working @ Starbucks when Chantico was offered for sale so I can't swear to this, but it basically tastes exactly like, and has the same consistency as, the sludge left at the bottom of the mocha mix container. Not that that stuff is bad; it's actually a lot more dark-chocolate tasting than, say, Quik or something. I guess not mocha mix remnants will now go back to their original duty of making a high-fat, high-sugar barista pick-me-up whose other ingredients are the dried coconut flakes and C4 powered whipped cream.



Seriously, do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to make these things? Not that it's hard or anything, bu the fact that, if you have a million different special drinks up, you have to take your sweet time to specially prepare and steam this in a different pitcher.




One of the replacements in Winter Phase II is Mocha Macchiato (I think there's another word in there but I don't have the paperwork at my computer). I haven't seen another chocolate drink coming out... The new drink for Jan 2 is the Cinnamon Dolce Latte.


No offense to the anonymous poster above but Cinnamon Dolce Latte just sounds gross.


A cinnamon latte sounds gross?? Cinnamon has been a very common spice to add to coffee throughout history.

NorVa barista

I enjoy Chantico.
I don't like that it requires its own mix and isn't popular enough to use even half a batch.
I sell less than 1 chantico every two days.
It's delicious but it's very rich and I'm sure the cost:volume ratio puts people off.

More active sampling could have improved performance but it's very rich drink only dark chocolate lovers would enjoy. Note the Chocolate Decadence program.

Cinnamon Dolce is delicious.
It tastes a bit like caramelized sugar with the obvious cinnamon. The cinnamon flavor is spicy but mild.

The other referenced bev is the Marble Mocha Macchiato.
It's essentially a White Mocha prepared like a caramel macchiato with Mocha drizzle.
I haven't tasted it yet, but I'm sure I'll be making a ton of them for my regular white mocha customers.


It was way too sweet for my taste. Tried it once and never went back.


Thank god! This drink is such a pain in the ass to make.


I actually did not like the chantico, I thought that it was too thick and sweet, however my partner loves it and drinks it while eating a pastry. (and never gains weight, darn it!) I suppose this means we have to buy a chocolate fountain to get the same results. I am curious why the mix was never sold. or if starbucks will sell the chantico mix at all. I would have thought that it would have been available for the holidays.


Oh, this is very bad for me. Usually, when I go out to Starbucks, the only way I can get my roomie to come with me is by buying him a Chantico! There's, like, nothing else there he really enjoys, but he got addicted to the little chocolate death-cups. He won't be happy to hear this, and now it'll be like the dark times before Chantico, where I had to drag him kicking and screaming into the coffee shop...


I also heard that they are rethinking the "shaken" teas so that you no longer have to shake them. Having to shake is way more time-consuming than having to make a chantico. Anyone know more?


They are also adding White Hot Chocolate and White Mocha Fraps to the menu boards. They already exist of course, but will sell better when on the board. R.I.P. Chantico!

Mark Moorhouse

I worked at Starbucks and it was a disaster. We(fellow baristas) never made the garbage, they tried( District managers and our Regional director Dimitri) to cram it down our throats. We knew it was bad and our customers told us. It came to the point were we just stopped making it and told customers we were out. We just didn't believe in the product. Thank the stars its gone, but another failure is fast approaching. STICK TO COFFEE .

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Finally, people have come to their senses. No more Chantico. I make my chantico in the frappucino blender because it is quicker. So far this winter, I make about three pitchers a day and yes we sell out of all of them. The mocha marble macchiato is like tuxedo mocha as well call here in Boston. Did you knwo that you are suppose to put mocha drizzle on the hot chocolates? Maple products are still selling so thats really good. The cinnamon dolce latte is interesting. I say it tastes like a cross between the pumpkin and gingerbread latte. Also we need to bring back irish creme syrup if anything. Those were my favorite. Toffee nut is good but I think there is enough space in the world for both.


i'm also very glad chantico is going, although if you add a shot of espresso, it's pretty wonderful. also, the marble mocha macchiato just takes like a black and white mocha (obviously b/c that's essentially what it is, but still...)

glad chantico is leaving us.

off topic but i like the ice shaken teas as they are.. they shouldn't be changed.. and they're even better if you sweeten them with melon:-P.. also the cinnamon dolce latte tastes horrible.. just another side note..

The jan 2 Cinnamon dolce is more of a brown sugar and cinnamon taste kind of like a cinnamon bun.

Barista to the Stars

Cinnamon Dolce is actually pretty good -- try the syrup prepared like a Caramel Apple Cider....yum.

Chantico was horrible -- I hate making it in the middle of a big rush, which is invariably when the chocoheads come in. I always want to ask if they want an optional angioplasty. Blech. Glad it's going away.

I have no idea what they are talking about with new chocolate drinks -- I saw the Winter I workbook yesterday and the only new drinks were the cinnamon dolce stuff, marble macchiato and the focus on the white chocolate drinks. However, there was something about "more to come" in Winter II so maybe they're trying to keep it top secret.

I do remember this: on Feb 10, there is a chocolate giveaway -- free chocolate truffles to customers and samples of some drink. FYI....mark your calendar!

Barista to the Stars

BTTS: It's nice to know you're following drink base preparation standards..I do so love consistency...

Barista Boy

I heard a rumor that the a attempting to reformulate the chantico to then incorporated it into more drinks so a chantico late and to the vain.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Interesting. I will have to talk to one of the girls who heads up espresso beverages in Seattle. She's is really nice and plays a mean game of soccer. If any of the baristas remember the old picture of the girl carrying the milk, thats her!


Boston, I totally agree. I miss Irish Cream so much.


I love Chanticos. Love them. I think they taste like a little cup of melted Cadbury's chocolate and I adore them. I also really like the baristas in my regular Starbucks outlet, but at least one of them made it obvious that the drink was a pain to make, and that took the fun out of ordering it. Many times I did not order a Chantico because I didn't want to irritate the person working, and judging from all the comments here from baristas, I wasn't just being overly-sensitive.

Barista to the Stars

Awwww.....man, leigh-ann, if you came into my store, i'm genuinely sorry because if you caught me in a bad mood, I'm probably one of the ones whose pain you felt.

I really hadn't thought that someone would actually avoid ordering something because they didn't want to irritate the barista.

Thanks for your consideration and I really hope you enjoy some of the new drinks as well as chantico.

a really contrite
Barista to the Stars

Barista to the Stars

OH -- and, I do follow standard, anonymous. THAT'S why it's a pain to make in a rush. Plunge base, use separate pitcher, manually steam -- too many steps.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

I never found making Chantico in a rush a pain. I mean, we always had th mix on standby. Finding the chantico pitcher wasn't that hard and we just had to plunge like 10 times and then steam away. It was no different from making a soy, cider or eggnlog in a rush. Then again, if you don't have chantico all preppped up and waiting to go, that could be a problem.


Chanticos were gross. I look forward to new chocolate drinks, as long as they're not white chocolate.

they are.

CDL is selling really well so far in our store. We went through two bottles of the syrup today (we're a licensed, though busy by licensee standards). The MMM will be popular, the WMF (hmm actually don't know if that's the correct lettering) was popular this summer, particularly from people in the Boston area who were visiting or moved down. But, I think Starbucks also went wrong by not starting the year with a low-cal option for the new years resolution crowd (though the increase in Americanos is a nice change).


I ordered a Chantico after work. It's still on the menu at the local Starbucks in Bellevue, WA. Right after I made my order, the barista turned his head and looked at me. The cashier asked if I want a cup of water as well since it's rich.

This is my second time ordering Chantico. I still remember my first time since I didn't really look at the price and ordered a grande. It ended up a whooping $6 drink.

So far, I like the drink despite of the price tag. I may get another one tomorrow after work.


Argh! I don't drink coffee, but I like going to Starbucks with my partner who does. I'd order a Chantico in the Village and I'd also have a pastry. Sometimes the baristas would make comments but who cares? Starbucks was about the only place in the US where you could reliably find european style-hot chocolate - without caffeine. Argh, I say, argh!

I'll know more in a few days, but my area is going to be the new test market for a slew of new chocolate based drinks. From my current understanding it is a premium chocolate upgrade. Like, you can order a mocha, or upgrade your mocha to the new premium chocolate. We are recieving new shirts and hats to go along with this test phase, which i believe is Feb 1st to March 14th.

And the Cinnamon Dolce Latte reminds me A LOT of the maple macchiato (which I loved when i went to Toronto)! I'm also excited and the new cupcakes that we are going to be selling in Phase 2 of winter!

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Oh. I am very interested in the possibility of upgrading my mocha to something even better. Does this mean there will be even mroe calories. I find that other coffee stores mocha have much to be desired. Starbucks bar mocha, if prepared properly is simply delicious.


Tried the Cinnamon Dolce. Very yummy. I'm trying to figure it out - cinnamon syrup and real brown sugar? Can't tell. :)


There was a man who came into "My" Starbucks and ordered a Venti Chantico. He did it so much, I thought he was going to have a diabetic coma in front of the counter. There is also another man who comes in and gets a Chantico with two shots, steamed Breve and whip. Can we say Calories or how about FAT?!?!?!


Chantico fans unite. You errant baristas who are sabotaging us, it's your job and it all pays the same. Get with the program. I am a nurse and if I had your attitude, that means I would just let you sit in your pile of caca, cuz you know what, I really don't like cleaning bedpans. Know what, I still do it, cuz it's my job...


I'm going to cry. I LOVE chantico, and, although I don't order it all the time (too many calories) it's what my husband gets me when he wants to make me happy. (With a shot of expresso for extra excitement.) I guess I'll just have to learn to make it at home.


man... that's expecially sad.


Cinnamon Dolce Latte: Had one 2 days ago. Nice! Need to get recipe. Any hints? I want to make one with my Senseo. Happy New Year to all.


The CDL is awesome. All the baristas at my store are hooked. We've been mixing it with mocha and white mocha. Yummy.

Good riddance, Chan-nasty. Blech.


I thought the CDL tasted great when I tasted it as soon as the barista handed it to me, but as the drink cooled and I got closer to the bottom of the drink, there were these weird slimy clumps of milk and cinnamon or something. it was weird cuz a drink that started out so yummy ended up being totally gag-inducing...and i mean that quite literally. never, never again will i get a CDL. But can't wait to try the MMM!


Cinnamon Dolce Latte is a pretty good drink. Lots of regular customers at my store liked it as they try the samples we offered. People start ordering CDL more and more everyday and I personally like it too.
I've asked my co-worker to make me a sample of MMM the other day and I just loved it. Good combination of white and regular mocha. Can't wait till February!


I tried the CDL today and thought that it was terrible. Way too sweet and syrupy. The cinnamon overpowers the coffee taste.


Morningjolt, exactly.


No more Chantico, I loved the stuff! Is there any way that Starbucks could start selling the mix, and whatever is necessary to make it retail?

Chris Meisenzahl

My wife and I loved the Chantico drink, but it sure was pricey for the size. And that official statement was one of the worst examples of corporate spin I've ever seen. The word "leverage" is often a good BS flag. ;-)



an american

During a recent trip to Paris, I had the good fortune to have hot chocolate from La Duree and Les Deux Magots. Now that was hot chocolate: rich, smooth and creamy, intensly flavorful and served piping hot. In comparison, Chantico is sludgy, grainy, and bitter tasting. Good riddance.

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