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March 14, 2006


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Any news on this happening in Canada or the UK?

Bill Lee

Not in Canada.
It has been noticed that the Enron indicted criminals
are carrying in Starbucks coffee through the press scrums
in the morning.
No one wants to be associated with the U.S. business
crime lords and their daily front page images on
entering the court house.

James the Barista

Thats 66 cups per store. Sounds about right, with two hours that can be easyly be done.


This seems more advertised and promote-y than the last go around last year...I recall calling up a few local stores and they were clueless.

12 oz. of hot coffee sounds good to me. Free. A $1.50 value!

Lou Sussler

Decaf too?


Interseting they don't post this information on their website.

Pacific NW Bargal

I am in charge of my store's give away-- we are planning on a lot of pastry sales, and lots of free samples of those, too. plus since our brewing sale began yesterday, tons of demos and selling of machines-- it oughta be pretty nifty, and i hope we do well :) we had a full page Ad in todays PDX paper, plus word of mouth and radio/media as well

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Agreed. My store is gearing up for this. We should have a cambro setup for it. However, I question whether or not the brewers can keep the water hot enough because I notice that after two full batches in a row from both sides, thats about 32 liters the brews lose their temp and have to wait a few minutes. According to my calucations each urn can give about 20 tall cups of coffee. However, that means if you give away two tall cups each minute you will deplete your coffee supply in less than ten minutes. However, a faster rate might be 3 cups per minute which means you lose your urn in about 6 minutes. Barely enough time to rebrew, however, if you are doing both sides you will be deplete in less than fiften minutes. Also brewing at such a high rate will drop the water pressure very quickly. There are so many factors that are going to go wrong, why didn't Starbucks think this out more. If the water isn't at the right temp then the coffee won't taste right. I think this is a train wreck waiting to happen!

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Oh yeah, does this mean one tall cup per person or can they come back for another one?

this space for rent

A story on the San Francisco Chronicle's Web site (www.sfgate.com) had an ad for the Starbucks coffee break, saying that you can get a reminder on your cell phone if you text "starbucks" to 94637. Not sure if this only works in the Bay Area or not. And yes, they used "text" as a verb. I would try it, but I am on my third coffeeless week and I'm seeing how long I can go without it.

I'd just post a link to the story, but the ad could be different the next time someone looks. In case anyone tries to find the ad, I clicked on the story near the bottom of the front page about the Knight Ridder sale and the reaction from employees at the SJ Mercury News and the CoCo Times. Clicking on the ad brought me to the whatmakescoffeegood site.

Diner Girl

This is going to be mayhem in DC since people are so bitchy and self-righteous all the time anyway -- imagine them showing up for their free coffee and having to wait until more is brewed. Someone's gonna sue. Put money on it.


Cool thanks for the heads-up!


this is a very good idea on Starbucks' part. one question though: is it any coffee you want? can i get a free white chocolate mocha or does it have to be a black coffee for free?

I was pleasantly surprised in Nashville, TN to get one of those FREE cups of coffee! Just one more reason I absolutely LOVE Starbucks. Where else could I get something I love so much for no money? Keep up your good work. You're my FAVORITE.


I had an excelent cup of coffee for free Thanks!

Cara Fletcher

This National Coffee Break seems like a lot of fun.I am definitely going to take part in it.I'll tell my friends too. :)

Dragan Jovanovich

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