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April 27, 2006


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About four or five years ago, Glamour magazine ran a similar recipe. All I remember is that it required double-strength brewed coffee.


eewww...instant "coffee"


Want lower sugared coffee, start drinking a real coffee, maybe a little steamed nonfat milk. Fraps are crap as far as nutrition is concerned.


Another way of saving calories is to order a smaller size and order less frequently.


The Mocha Frappucino light has less calories and carbs than that.

obviously don't get whip cream thats like 200 cals in itself

James the Barista

Your right guys the sure fire way to cut the calories is to get a tall instead of a grande, have frappucino light and ask for no whip. Then again, a tall drip never killed anyone.


"Fraps are crap as far as nutrition is concerned"

True, among other catergories. I always love it when a customer can tell I don't like fraps. They always ask "You don't like coffee and you work here?", I always shoot back, "I LOVE coffee, you should try a double espresso machiato"


I make these every summer-- partially from the Glamour article a few years ago (double strength iced coffe-- I always have a pitcher in my fridge so that I can make iced coffee). I don't get the low fat half and half. It is excellent with skim milk. That will really save fat. Even if you add a little whipped cream.


Up until this point, I have never heard of "fat free" half & half. How is it made?


I did a little research. The Land O'Lakes website is curiously mute on what actually goes into their so-called "fat-free half & half". Click on my name for a column about what's in it. Basically it's skim milk and thickening agents. I don't know if the taste is the same as regular, but it just sounds like a whole lot of chemicals to me, so how does that make it different from regular ole frap light?


starbucks is un american and i would rather drink sand.the comment they made about our brave men and women in the service was horrible and they should all be closed doun. you do not have to support the war i do not but i do support the people over there and would go tomorrow to fight with them if i could get my retirement reversed. you see i am a vet and know they do not want to be there and are doing there job.and if starfucks can not support those who are keeping his rights free and clear for little pay and thanks, as far as i am concerend they can go to hell. if they would like directions i can give them with pleasure.thank god we do not have one here and if they ever do come up here i will be glad to go to jail for burning it doun. have a crappy day mike a mproud vet.....

What are you talking about? Starbucks unAmerican ... from nothing to global company ... that is American.
Starbucks has not said anything negative about our troops.
As far as the troops, 93% request that they be re-assigned to Iraq. Some of these brave people are asking for re-assignments two and three times. They understand whats what even if you do not.
Threating harm to a company ... that is not very American.
Are you sure you are not the un_American?

What's up with Starbucks, planting next to existing coffee shops in every town and running them out. They're trying to hog it all to themselves. I guess they still don't have enough with the millions they've already made. Besides having Automatic Espresso Machines that grind and pull shots with one touch of a button, which tastes like crap, what happened to quality instead of quantity. Open your eyes and see how a real shot is pulled and the difference in taste. Would you like a Latte or Starbuck's Hot Milk. I personally have to put 4 shots into a 16 oz. just to get some coffee flavor??


Low fat? Where is the fun in that? ;)

I make mine at home with a shot of espresso, 1/2 cup of 1% choc milk and a hit of the bottled starbucks frapp. I make ice cubes out of coffee in the freezer add little whipped cream and cinnamon and voila!

Name withheld to protect the guilty

Sounds like Michael has run across one of the Starbucks urban legends.


Yes!!! Please, make frappuccinos at home and i won't have to make them anymore. =)

QC Latte

Great comment, My Vonnegut-ly named friend.

...Should we tell "mike" that in our store there are:
A young woman who just joined the Air Force,
A gentleman who is going into the Marines when he graduates,
A Gulf War vet,
an ongoing relationship with the group that supports local troops?

Nah! Him and the snob are way off topic. Let's talk about how we get more folks to make this at home so we can make coffee at work!


QC, It would be great if we could get more people to make these at home, but the fact of the matter is that most people want to go to Starbucks to see others and be seen by others. It's some kind of odd middle class social function that lasts ten minutes.

barista chica

yeah, and if you make it at home you don't get the ultimate status symbol, the great CUP!


does anyone know how many calories are in the cupcakes? the nutritional info available on the starbucks website doesn't include them.


In my opinion it is not a status symbol but it is a matter of convenience and lack of time. I stop by Starbucks on my way to work and school since it is on my route and I can get a drink in a fraction of the time and mess it takes me at home.


Icing, I'm sure they are like all the other pasteries, in the high 300 to low 500 range. I can check when I go in to work tommorow though.


I can make coffee at home that is better and cheeper than starbucks! Starbucks mochas are nothing but hot milk and a dash of coffee. It usually put me to sleep. (warm milk will do that to you.)


I made this yesterday and followed the recipe exactly, except omitted the whipped cream. It was very good. I would have to try it against a Starbuck's to know how similar they are, but from my many mocha frap experiences at Starbucks, these were very similar and very tasty. I'll definitely make these at home often!


I have to say if you order a light it's made with skim milk... good to know as well as the light version of any frap does NOT come with whip... maybe ask for a half the mocha syrup or less of any syrup that might be added. I have to recomend just not having it everyday...anything in moderation is great. for a good alternative thats hot have a soy or skim mocha no whip =) or get it iced its like a chocolate latte.


The ingridents on the light does list skim milk, but that's the same smoke and mirros they use when they say the creme base is made with skim milk. I mean, we do use skim milk to make it, but there are dehydrated oils and fats in the powder which make it worse than heavy cream. There is fat in the lights, just a little less. The light part is the reduced sugar replaced with splenda. Now, don't get me started on splenda.


I've been using the Top Secret Recipe's version at:


Used fruit pectin instead of fat-free 1/2 and 1/2, and works well with splenda (or 1/2 splenda) in place of the copious amounts of sugar.


Does anyone know the best substitute for Starbucks mocha powder? Is there a recipe to mix up your own powder? It seems that the idiots have discontinued it!


Here's a good sub for the mocha powder.... 3/4's hershey's chocolate milk mix and 1/4 powedered baking chocolate. (the mocha powder is only a semi-sweet)


Why does everyone complain about making fraps? I would make them all day if I could. They are soooo easy to do! I hate to drink them, but that doesn't matter. It's true blender fun!


Alterra coffee sells mocha powder!!!!!! Just got some for Mother's Day from my son. It's pretty good.


Here's the Alterra Coffee (Milwaukee-based) website

barista chica

oh, don't get me started on frapps. i work at the busiest store in san diego, and in the summer our store is FRAPPUCINO HELLLLLLLLLL! my arms feel like they're going to fall off, and it's only may. AND we haven't released the new ones - i can't even imagine.

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Mocha Mama

Desperateformochapowder, I'll have to give that blend a try. I'm crushed that Starbuck's isn't selling the mocha mix any more. I like blending that with Ghirardelli's semi-sweet cocoa powder (half and half)for a yummy not-too-sweet mocha. Now I've had to resort to using straight Ghirardelli's cocoa powder which isn't bad, but it isn't mocha heaven. I may try the Alterra mix too, that might work. Thanks a lot, Starbuck's. A warning would have been nice so I could stock up on your delicious mocha mix!


I just went to Starbucks to get my mocha powder and they've discontinued it here too. (Not that I thought my little corner of the world would be different, but it was worth a try...) Anyway, who else has used just Ghiardelli's cocoa powder? Can you buy the stuff Starbucks themselves use? I have a Tassimo at home and have grown addicted to my weekend Mocha treats I make for myself. I'm crushed I won't be able to make it again unless I can come up with an EASY alternative. (Being a Barista is not my calling in life, hence the Tassimo which does all the work for you...)


I am also desperate for mocha powder. I should have seen the handwriting on the wall...my local shop hasn't had mocha powder since Christmas, but my friends have found it for me at other Starbucks within 10 miles of here. Other mocha powders are just too sweet. (I have tried Ghirardelli also--too much sugar.)

What marketing brainiac at Starbucks decided to discontinue this product??? Mochas are very popular at our local Starbucks, so why prevent us from enjoying them at home? I bought a Barista machine simply to be able to have mochas at home--I've been doing this for eight years!!!

Does anyone remember who produces the mocha powder carried by Starbucks? Perhaps we could find the company and see if it is sold under another brand.

Thanks for listening.


karina padilla

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Brandy Storer

I have the Starbucks Mocha Frap drinks they sell at the store...can't I just put some ice in a blender with that and make a mocha frap? Not sure how much ice to use though. B

yeah it works pretty well. I find one bottle to 11 good sized ice cubes is the ideal combination.


I am so glad I found this website, I've been going crazy the last month trying to find this stuff. I used to go to a store by house and a lady that worked there told me they were getting more in. I am with everyone else. I also bought a Barista machine simply to be able to have mochas at home and save some money. It's now just sitting idle.

I can't believe Starbucks discontinued their mocha mix! I bought tons of that stuff for coffee I made everyday! Argghh.....

I will be trying the alternative posted here! Thanks!


Wow, this is one complicated recipe.. well to me at least.

how about this one? I make it 3 times a day.. which does horrors for my caffeine intake, but it's really good--at 50 calories a 16 oz. serving!!!

1/2 cup strong coffee/espresso
1/2 cup skim milk
2 packets equal/sugar substitute..
(which i think is about a tablespoon of substitute??)
SCANT 2 cups ice
Any "empty" flavors -- cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or vanilla goes well.

Blend all ingredients, pour in a glass and enjoy!

** Here's the thing, I always use one of those stand up, hand held mixers.. the one you hold upright with the spinning blade at the bottom. I use it along with a very large cup and blend my drink up. Somehow, it works a lot better then a blender, or maybe it's just me? Let me know how it goes **


Regarding my recipe above, i forgot to mention to CHILL THE COFFEE..

or use an appropriate amount of instant coffee in a tiny amount of hot water,dissolve,then add cold water to make 1/2 cup.


I too bought the Barista machine so I could make my own mochas, and am very upset they have discontinued the powder. I have been trying different concoctions, and this one seems to be the best so far -- Mix dark powdered baking chocolate with a little granulated sugar and a little confectioner's sugar.


The ironic thing about Starbucks discontinuing the small cans of mocha powder is that there is a booming trade on eBay for the store bags of Starbuck's mocha powder. And the bags state right on them "not for retail resale". One has to assume that the eBay sellers are getting it from employees of Starbucks somewhere.

all that stuff on ebay has been stolen from store inventory.

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Lazslo Almasy

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