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September 14, 2006


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CoffeeGeek podcast, guys. Come on.


I gotta agree. I was majorly disappointed in the first "Coffee Conversations". It was a lot of hype but not much substance, and it was really short. There's potential though, maybe after they get some feedback and a few more shows completed they'll find a better pace.


dude its a podcast - the second one was way better. i had been putting my coffee in the freezer! and now I know what wet means. The guy i think is pretty good but want to hear from some different folks.

Medieval Medic

I was underwhelmed with the first installment of the Starbuck's podcast, but I've heard MUCH worse.

Technically speaking, it was good quality: good sound quality, well mixed, clean breaks between segments, decent voice-over vs. background audio tracks, etc.

Content-wise, though, it was weak. All that means, though, is that I'll give them a couple more installments before I give up on it. They've got to figure out what their "audience" wants and how they want to present it.


Okay, I just listened to the second episode.

I'm distracted by the sound quality on this one. It kept going back and forth from sounding professional to sounding like they were phoning it in.

Content is growing, I'm sure they'll get the hang of it. It's still moving way to fast and there aren't enough details for my liking. They need to slow down, it's a podcast, not a race.

Also in episode 1 they said to never put your beans in the freezer, and in episode 2 they say it's okay!? Make up your mind. :-/


I'm listening to the podcast right now and I think it's pretty good and will probably get even better.

coffee podcast lover

Hey people,
If you're interested in coffee podcasts, there are a few really good ones out there...

AAcafe (on iTunes) - this one's for coffee drinkers
Portafilter.net (at its URL or on iTunes) - more for coffee professionals
And the aforementioned coffeegeek podcast is pretty good too - www.coffeegeek.com

All are WAY better and more informative than the dreck Starbucks is putting out there.


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