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December 03, 2006


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the SM from the town over is actually down in Brazil right now helping to open those stores and train the staff and what-not.


Price will not be a factor. Do you not remember that a cup of coffee cost about $.50, before Starbucks came along?


Considering that it's been exploiting people from South American countries for years it's nice that their finally selling people coffee for their troubles albeit at very expensive prices.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

One step closer to global domination.


Global domination.
Good for travelars,
looking for someplace familiar with.
We may see new Brazilian brend soon.

chocolate city angrybarista

i'd giggle uncontrollably every time a customer orders a "tall Brazilian".

wow, my grammar makes my head hurt.


a customer and i had a funny exchange once:

him: "I'll have a short Colombian."
me: "you know, i think i dated a short Colombian once..."

we became friends because of that joke.


and ps, the muffins they mentioned in the article sound AMAZING.


Yeah now i know where i can get a good cup of coffee in Brazil!!! I was so extatic in 2004 that Starbucks opened a store in Paris(and that i could finally get a good cup of coffee without having to wait for 3 hours) that i camped out from 4am to be the first customer!!!

Dr Gonzo

@Andrew - You must be a retard if you think Starbucks is good coffee, it's the worst burnt crap on the planet.


Being a barista and a Brazilian, I know starbucks will do well in Brazil.

It most likely won't be because of the coffee, but because Brazilians who can afford it love the idea of having the "it" thing. Nike Shocks are two or three times as expensive in Brazil as they are in the US/Canada and even though people make less then here, everyone wants them and tons of people have them. American brands sell there, so Starbucks will be no different.


DR Gonzo - you should be aware that your statement is going to lead to questions regarding the governing ideas behind it.

416Barista - you speak truth, i have friends in Florianopolis, Rio, and Balneiro cambrio

StarbucksinBrazil - :D <3 <3


Dr Gonzo,

its called a dark roast and they intend to give the coffee the unique flavors that it has. Starbucks has become the standard for coffee. its not burnt it normal. I would challenge you to find another company that has found a way to consistantly serve millions of people an hour aconsistantly good product.

Chris Meisenzahl

But are they using fair-trade, carbon-neutral, sustainable, Brazilian coffee? ;-)

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Starbucks buys coffee under the Fair-Trade certification program. However, Starbucks also uses Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices to ensure that farmers are paid a living wage, practice sustainable coffee practices and deliver quality coffee that meets Starbucks flavor profiles Depending on your score results in your status for Starbucks. A company that scores very high will receive preferrential status and therefore Starbucks will purchase coffee from them. On the otherhand if you do not, then Starbucks encourages you to improve your coffee farming practices. The Starbucks Agronomy Company is Costa Rica servers this purpose to teach farmers on how to better grow coffee that is both sustainable for them and the enviroment.

Dr Gonzo

McDonalds serves billions of people too, that doesn't mean they make the best hamburger.

Seriously people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Starbucks is just not good coffee.

If you had ever had a real cup of coffee made with FRESH (that's less than a week old) beans by a real Barista then I wouldn't have to educate you, you'd just know.


My experience with indy coffee shops is that its a craps shoot, you never know what you are going to get. Starbucks may not be the best coffee i have ever had, but they do consistently use the best beans and the drinks are consistantly good!!!

Dr Gonzo

Consistently use the best beans?

There beans are not fresh, they are not 'the best beans'.

Howard and Jessica

Hey Andrew wake up !

ON the beans mother earth is not the same every year. And further more Why [bitch] just go to another coffee shop. Is that real hard
more-on ? Oh and me and Jessica Oliver if we had it our way we would eat there almost every day, and further more [Starbucks] is more then fare with everybody and they try to do more to feed the homeless then the Union Gospel Nais, or the Bread of life idiots if they can. Me and Jessica like almost all their products, but there are some we do not like, take it or leave it. Thank you Starbucks Coffee from Jessica Oliver and Howard P Coats and marry X-mass...But there is little hint I will tell ya I have been brewing coffee for over 25 years...
I know whos as the best beans...


Ok... Now is January 4th, 2007, and Starbucks is going very well in Brazil (you shold see people wainting more than 40 minutes in line to have one cofee)... the expensive prices didnt stop people to buy it.. but somebody can answerme: Why they dont have cream (like 10% etc)?????


I'm from Seattle, I live in São Paulo.. after living in the country of coffee for 7 months I finally went to Starbucks in São Paulo (I'm an addict in the States) and was entirely impressed. I've been drinking fresh, Brazilian, amazing coffee straight off my Brazilian family's plantation for half a year and even after that, I greatly enjoyed Starbucks.

and i agree---- Brazilians loooove American trends-- if they can get over having more than a shot size of coffee-- it'll soarrrr


Hello 'br/ca/tr'

I'm from Seattle and I plan on moving to São Paulo late next year. I was just there 1 week ago and I love the culture and people and can't wait...

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the adjustment that much easier?

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