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January 10, 2007


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fiat lux

Ugh. Just what *$ didn't need, more reheated, processed crap.



I love how the people in my district try harder and harder to talk about a big difference between Starbucks and McDonalds, while doing things (drive throughs, breakfast sandwiches, lunch items, all quick serve) that make it more and more like McDonalds. They are pissing on the corporate image and having a starbucks coffee will be much like having a big mac. It's going to turn in to a big brand image problem.


We have had breakfast sandwiches for nearly a year. Northern California.


Might as well start calling it McStarbucks.


Say goodbye to the phrase, "Lets go out for Coffee and pastry!"

Now it's going to be, "Let's go get coffee, pastry, lunch sandwich, breakfast sandwich, panini, etc, etc"


A toaster would be nice. I'd like to get a bagel and coffee at the same place in the morning, but what kind of place serves bagels without being able to toast them?


Those SBUX breakfast thingies stink up the whole store.



I believe Einstein's Bagels does. Just a thought.


Honestly I dont know whats wrong with you people. Have you TRIED the breakfast sandwiches? I've sampled: ham, egg, fontina cheese on a bagel, bacon egg and cheese, sausage egg and cheese, eggs florentine, and my FAVORITE - sundried tomato and egg and they are all great!

They are so much more complex and better then mcdonalds mcsandwiches, even though I like those, too. McDonald's tastes like cheap fast food. I honestly would order a Starbucks breakfast sandwich in a restaurant-they're just delicious and people need to stop being so critical of them just because they are from Starbucks.

STOP! NO STARBUCKS DONT DO IT! We have them in Indiana and not only do I feel like the biggest freaking idiot because I'm working in a drive thru but having to say, "welcome to starbucks would you like to try a virginia ham breakfast sandwich today?" is really just killing my pride at working for sbucks. I hate it. I feel like I work at mcdonalds. I really thought sbucks was going to see the error in their ways here but apparently not. Please please please dont do this. And what about the smells? We apparently can't wear perfume/cologne b/c it will interfere with the coffee smell...have you ever SMELLED those sandwiches baking?? It's nasty! I thought something putrid was cooking the first time they were made.

by the way you toast the bagel in the oven...its a convection oven (does that make any difference? i dunno) but it does make it nice and toasty and brown


breakfast sandwiches and the continued deemphasis on coffee (while i understand from a business point of view) may be the final straw for me.


What I don't get is why some Starbucks in Seattle have breakfast sandwiches and some don't?

ever since the bfast sandwiches have been introduced how many french presses/coffee tastings do you think I've done for my fellow partners? NONE. Not because I've been lazy, we used to do the at least 3 required a day. But we have such an emphasis on food, baking sandwiches, baking pastries, that we don't ever concentrate on coffee anymore. It's despicable.


yeah anon. it's been hard enough with everything else to do the sampling and get the coffee passion going when you have to talk up DVD's and books, etc.

with the breakfast sandwiches...I just don't see it happening at all.

breakfast sandwiches was not one of the reasons i came to work for starbucks. i came (and i've stayed) because of the COFFEE. and now that that is diminishing, I don't know how long i can stay.


Boy what a mix of comments. In seattle we have had the great Breakfast sandwiches for at least a year. The low fat turkey bacon is my favorite. As said above way better than Mac. Smells and tastes great. and with the new little black plate it works fine in the ovens, which Seattle ahs had for years. I always asked for my Raisin Panino Dolce ( aks Raisin Roll) heated with a thing of cream cheese. It left last year but now thankfully is back. I buy 3 or 4 a week, eat them or give them away= THE BEST and healthy.
As for the oven or not to oven why don't you folks just ask the staff. It is usually a question of space. Most managers I have talked to (18 out of 20) say they like the oven or can't wait to get one. Same goes for choices of pastries...it is a matter of space in the case. That is why some do not offer the Organic RAisin Walnut Baggette. But of course when I ask for one a few times the nice bakery person or manager gets them in. What a store! They talk to you, they know you, they respond with what you want. Have you ever tried that at a fast food place. I have and it is not even close to the Great treatment I get from Starbucks.


So you folks above=DT ok last straw I sure do not wish you to serve me. And Fiat Lux nice comment on the reheated c**p. Read some other comments and / or try them yourself, the sandwiches are great, made fresh the night before, and have you had a "reheated cinnimon roll" does that to fall undeer your rude label.
And D well just use the oven to heat the bagel, been doing it for years. And Thomsa yeah see above , it is a matter of space, TALK TO THEM, That is beauty of Starbucks they talk...we learn things. Obviously I am a Fan, but look at what Starbucks serves and is about and look at our new parks , at least in Seattle. Best volunteers ever are from Starbucks ( that plus millions $ per year to local concerns/parks) Good Work.

This breakfast sandwich and food 'revolution' is just another sign post of a entity over growing it's brand.

High Temp. ovens?
Oh Lord, partners in my store can barely handle date labeling the pastry trays.

Poor leadership.... No cohesive direction....

To grow and compete I guess the management has little belief in what got us there.

Sad... Sell your shares if you have em'. 48 P/E ratio, ugh!


I stopped eating English Muffins at home when I became sensitive to their smell when toasted. And now when I sit down with my double tall latte in starbucks and breathe in the aroma of espresso, I get the stink of English muffin.


Yes, Jim, the ovens are really loud. They make a constant background hum. It is very hard to hear.

Jim Donald is killing starbucks.

go back to walmart asswipe



so because I am not a believe in the breakfast sandwiches you don't want me serving you?

why don't you try asking the baristas at the stores you frequent how many of them are believers in the breakfast sandwiches and ask them not to serve you.

whether or not i agree with the decision has no bearing on my ability to pop the sandwich in the oven and heat it up and hand it to you :-P

do you love every little nitty-gritty aspect of your job? of course not.


O god boo hoo nitty-gritty? As you said popping the sandwich into the oven takes literally like a minute. Sure it's sometimes a pain when theres a line of customers, but the breakfast sandwiches are good.

I especially appreciate the oven because warming the pastries, in particular the cinnamon roll and bagels, makes them taste 5Xs better! I find I even get better tips after suggesting and then warming something for a customer.

The oven makes some noise - oh well, don't stand next to it. It's a little hassle to clean. As for the smell of the english muffins - sorry but the majority of customers I know like the smell. We sampled all the sandwiches last night and EVERY SINGLE person who tried one said they were so surprised that they loved them.

One last tip - warm the tomato basil on ciabatta - it tastes like a freakin pizza.


I don't work at Starbucks, but I am sorry to see them doing this. I prefer they keep things simple. Concentrate on the coffee, and offer a few quality side items like muffins or sweet breads, and leave it at that. I want a 'real' breakfast, I'll go to a restaurant.

I agree with Kat. I am from Seattle and feel like breakfast sandwiches is the next step closer to McDonald's. Perhaps ours taste better but still....

Venti Cappuccino (NON-FAT)

The day I walk into my nearby Starbucks' and smell the STINK of eggs, grease, and meat over my beloved coffee, I'M OUTTA THERE - FOREVER!

Barista Boy

When these other products start outselling coffee, then (and only then) will Starbucks quit being a "coffee" company.

Business 101 means that you have to take on your competitors, and since McDonalds (and Dunkin' Donuts) seems to think their coffee is so damn good, it's only natural that the Bucks enters their territory.

Everyone now breathe deeply and get back to work.


Oh yes Barista Boy Seig Hail Seig Hail. So when are they going to change the logo? They need the siren to be wearing a Nazi armpatch while giving the salut.


"Oh yes Barista Boy Seig Hail Seig Hail. So when are they going to change the logo? They need the siren to be wearing a Nazi armpatch while giving the salut."

You vial and disgusting little person for such a reference.


Barista Boy.... make your competitors take on you.

Set the trend, be the leader... not the follower.

48 P/E ratio, ugh.


I think several of you need to look at the big picture. We're (Starbucks) in a war vs. McDonalds over breakfast. McDonalds has fired their cannons. We've got to fight for every consumer we can get. Yes, we have a strong base of loyal customers, but if we're going to keep growing they're not enough. McDonalds has a loyal core too. So the battle is over those in the middle, who could go either way for breakfast. No matter what MickyD does we'll have better coffee. We need to convince those customers who are willing to accept a lesser coffee product to stay with Starbucks. We have a lot of customers who come in to our store with a McD's bag. What happens if they become convinced that McD's coffee is "good enough?"

For us to "win" breakfast, we need to move closer to some of the factors that allow McD to own breakfast: Drive thru, speed of service, and yes, savory breakfast items.

Despite all the negatives about the ovens and smells, etc., we HAVE to do it! From my sampling of the breakfast sandwiches they are great! So, better coffee and better sandwiches: we'll get a good number of McD's loyalists to switch and win a good share of the fence sitters.

Like it or not, it's survival folks.

Amy Alkon

I'm thrilled to hear about these. I don't come to Starbucks at breakfast time sometimes because the pastry is so awful, and if I could actually have a substantial breakfest (essentially, the old NYC bacon/egg/cheese on a roll), I'd be there often.

Perhaps they should get quick-cooking convection ovens? Maybe they're not quick enough. Microwaved pastry is usually rubbery.


Wow, the comment just after mine drives the point home. Thanks, Amy.


My biggest fear in life is burning my hand on that oven.


If your gonna roll in the mud with pigs (McDonalds), your gonna get dirty.

Starbucks brand is a premium...

McDonalds brand is not a premium....

Chasing after McD's is going to cheapen the brand.

49 P/E ratio... ugh.


I will order the breakfast sandwichs if I am dying of hunger- because they are the only option except for pastries- but they kind of gross me out. I try not to think too hard about the wierd egg consistency and the sauce (what is that stuff?). Starbucks should just accept that they are not going to be a breakfast place - which brings me to my other concern- Starbucks as a place to hang out. Do you guys have customers that hang out in Starbucks? I feel like Starbucks is a quick pick-up-and-go place- the stores are rather small and the seating, noise level, and lack of free wi-fi make them less than ideal places to go and have a conversation/work/read the newspaper. If I am going for food and coffee- I want to have a quiet place to sit down for a while- so I choose another coffee chain- my favorite it Zoka's (Seattle). They have great food!!! and despite being always crowded- have great seatting options and are quiet. I don't know how they do it.

Anyway- my point is- Starbucks- stick to what you are! Quick place to pick up a stylish coffee and a biscotti- and then get back to work/shopping/etc. Don't focuss too much on food unless you want to revamp the whole service system (which is fast now) and the stores.


Yes you are all right we must squash McDonalds. Together we all shall set those golden arches on ablaze! How dare they serve coffee! We shall strike next I'm sure we can beat them quicker then Hitler beat Poland (which took a day). Seig Latte Seig Latte.

Boston Starbucks Rebel

Check out the brainwashed baristas from store 2213 in Chicago in "PARTNER COMMUNICATIONS."


"Like it or not, it's survival folks."

Jeff are you aware how stupid this sounds?
Survival??? We sell fucking coffee! We donate five cents of $1.80 we charge for ethos water.
We pay farmers shit so we can make billions of dollars a year! Still Starbucks isn't happy. I'm sure a few people here wonder why i compare Starbucks to Hitler and the reason is no matter how much territory they conqure, I.E. Take away from others (read about the monopoly lawsuit) they still aren't happy. It worked for a while with Hitler but in the end it was his downfall that's a lesson Starbucks could learn from.

Barista Boy

Good to see you have some persepctive. When Starbucks kills anyone, then they deserve with the prototype mass murderer


Do local business count Barista Boy? You know the quaint little mom and pop shops that can't get good lease spaces because Starbucks won't let them? I'm trying to think of a good comparison word to use... ummm... oh how about genocide.


this is about as far away from breakfast sandwiches as you can get...

but the reality is that success in our capitalist society is only measured by growth.
if you stay the same, you lose.
growing is the only way to keep in the system.

you can hate capitalism.
but shouldn't hate when companies play the game, and play it well.

think it's time you start looking for a new place to work?
not because i say so, but why would you work for a company you think is similar to hitler and practices genocide?


To compare Starbucks to a man that killed thousands upon thousands of people IS FUCKING INSANE. There are many other capitalist bastards to compare Starbucks to rather than Hitler. Get a fucking life you embicile. This has gone too far. Can we please get back on topic here. If you want to rant about Starbucks and how you think they are making it impossible for mom and pop shops to survive....START A NEW THREAD TOPIC ABOUT IT. Just about every topic in here has a comment about it.


sorry Bariesta- comparing anything besides genocide to Hitler automatically labels you as someone who has no idea what they are talking about. Using this comparison out of context is morally offensive- there is no justification.


"Get a fucking life you embicile." Hey BaristaBob get a dictonary. I see how it is, I make a couple Hitler Starbucks comparisons and all of a sudden i'm the bad guy... just kidding. Look guys it's a idea. I respect and understand your outrage but all i'm doing is giving you guys another point of view, mine. Just like everyone else does. I'd like to state that i don't hate Starbucks per say but i do believe that some of their pompus "standards" are full of shit. I'm sorry for getting this off topic but that's it. Those are my views take them of leave them. Now back to the topic at hand.


I agree with the comment, set the trend, don't follow it. Don't try and be like McDonalds (their coffee sucks!!). And I don't see McDonalds offering the quality baked goods Starbucks does, just really greasy stuff. Don't try and be like McDonalds, please!


oh im so sorry i mespelled imbecile...FFS...A point of view yes...a very bad one...very much so. The fact that you made the comparison makes you a complete moron. I have said enough..


My store is one of the ones that has been selected to provide these warmed sandwiches... what a bloody nightmare - saw this in action at another store in the US and the baristas were NOT amused by the process or the food involved.


So what is the whole process on how to make these sandwiches? Does the stuff get delivered? How long are the ingredients good for?


The sandwiches get delivered daily. They are individually packaged. Unwrap, put in oven, press button, take out when oven beeps. If this is a nightmare you need to find new employment. It really isnt bad. The sandwiches are marked out after 2 days.


How much are these sandwiches anyway? More than Mickey D's?

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