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April 02, 2007


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Jerry Springer here in Cincinnati. He drinks a Grande Mocha and is really funny looking.


Ichiro Suzuki is a regular at my store during the baseball season (Seattle Mariner's superstar, for those who aren't baseball fans)

I've also seen other notable local Seattle area celebs, that mostly only locals would recognize...which is always fun


We're not a Starbucks, but I can report that Senator Russ Feingold drinks mochas.


Ichiro likes a tall latte, btw...exciting

his english seems to be pretty poor, but he could just be quiet *shrugs*

nice enough guy anyways


Vin Diesel (decaf triple non-fat espresso machiatto) is a VERY nice and gracious customer. Much shorter than I expected.
Will ferrel (forget his drink now) is a very low key and polite customer, just as tall as I expected.


Jodi who most recently was the winner of MTV's Real World/Road Rules show used to come in a lot. She was polite and got a nonfat caramel macchiato.


Here in Vancouver, we get boatloads of celebs, but since they're just visiting while shooting a movie, or taking in the sights between projects, I've only seen a celeb enter once. At my store in particular I've seen Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and, of all people, Jay Leno. Had the pleasure of serving Jen myself, she's a sweetheart, and told me two jokes. Y'know, people say all movie stars and celebs are snotty jerks but all three of them were amazing.

They just don't want to spend 22 hours a day being photographed... and really, would we? =P


nickelback drummer don't know his name, can't remember his drink super super nice, didn't know it was him til after he left.


Last week, Ben Folds was at the Bucks here in Chapel Hill NC. He'd played a show in town the night before. Couldn't tell what he was drinking, as he was seated at a table and was in conversation with a companion.


Bill Cosby drinks a triple tall nonfat extra hot no foam latte. He can't be bothered to come get it himself, he sends the event coordinator for our local venue who calls ahead of time to make sure it takes no longer than necessary. He instructs her not to tip.

Allison Kelly (Project Runway Season 3) drinks a grande soy latte, is always very pleasant (though not too talkative) and is always incredibly well dressed. She's probably one of my favorite customers, actually, she's in maybe once a week.

The guy who came up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer comes in with these huge notebooks, drinks a small figi water and eats a multi-grain bagel with butter, and then leaves once people start whispering over who he is (there's a large following in the store where I work).

The bassist for Whitesnake (I think that's who we decided it was) came in and ordered a grande caramel macchiato. He left and came back 20 minutes later for an extra cup because his was leaking. I made him a whole new drink and he tipped us two bucks. He was really polite and not rockstarish at all.


Arnold Swarzenegger enjoys a grande nonfat latte

chi-town's best/angriest barista

R Kelly had a hot chocolate, but apparently had someone else order it for him, and acted like a jerk when he came in.
wayne coyne of the flaming lips also came in this summer, but i forgot his drink now. i think it was just drip coffee.

Marble Mocha Macchiato

Shakira came in two months ago and ordered a venti soy latte. Didn't tip at all, and complained when her drink wasn't extra hot (didn't ask for it) since I rang her up.

Tyra Banks has come into our store at least 6 times that I've been there. She really is sweet and she really carries herself with class and she always says 'thank you' and tips EXTREMELY well.

And I've also seen Talon from Laguna Beach, and I gave him my number. No bullsh*t, he's cuter in person.

sbux rocks

Mike Rowe from Discovery channel came in two weeks ago. He was going to film a segment about re-papering billboards, we'll see if it airs. Also there was a kid named Tyler Dow Bryant at the friends and family event for the new store in Paris, Texas. That kid can rock a guitar. I bet he's famous soon and we can can say, yeah we knew him when...

Deaf Barista

Mike Tyson came in our store on 1/11 and ordered a venti drip. He was a gentleman, surprisingly, and let me have a picture taken with him (outside).

Ironically, later that evening, I saw him on the news...he was pulled over for DUI and possession of drugs. He was wearing the same shirt he wore when I met him earlier that day.

portland jay

theres a guy that comes in most nights for a paper and coffee who looks EXACTLY like charles bukowski. i like to pretend i know bukowski's ghost.


John Tamihere (ex-Labour MP) buys a Latte at the Three Lamps, Ponsonby Starbucks (AKL, NZ), prior to his Radio Live appearances.

equal among equals

Derek Jeter used to come into my old store every once in a while. He usually had an entourage, and had someone else do the ordering while he sat and waited, and they didn't tip. I don't remember the drink.

Kelowna Starbucks Rebel

Mad Child from Swollen Members comes into my store sometimes, seems to like grande lattes. He's pretty much the biggest dumbass I've ever met. His girlfriend or escort or whatever is really hot though.

Tim McGraw likes white chocolate mochas. Ashley Judd comes in and gets a soy latte. Gretchen Wilson ordered a caramel machiato. Guess what city I work in?


al franken drinks a double tall nonfat latte, and is super funny, i hope he wins senate next year

Yay for Nashville!!!!!!! Which store are you at?


lol Jim Ailing. And I swear every Sunday, a man comes in who looks exactly like JFK, which freaks me out a bit.


OMG!!! Where to begin...
Chris Noth a.k.a. Mr. Big from Sex in the City was a regular at a store I worked in and he was horrible!!! Extremely rude, didn't tip and would complain everyday about why we weren't brewing Gold Coast even though we explained REPEATEDLY that the coffee changes weekly...also held a grudge against all of us when the fruit and oat nut bar was discontinued...would complain everyday even though we (again) explained REPEATEDLY that we had no control over pastries...sigh...

Phillip Seymour Hoffman...geez, this guy told people to GET AWAY FROM HIM when they attempted to get an autograph (don't get me wrong, I know it must be annoying to be bothered but, hey, comes with the territory)and almost had a foaming-at-the-mouth fit when we ran out of iced grande flat lids...sigh...

The chick from Felicity use to come into my store all the time and she was very nice...

Jon Stewart is friendly and even cracked jokes with some of the baristas AND he never showed any impatience with autograph seekers...

Who else?
NAUGHTY- Timbaland (made jokes about how a barista looked), Anfernee Hardaway (tried to send a member of his entourage into our store after closing to get a hot chocolate- and when we refused to open the door, the guy insisted it was ok since it was for "a star")
NICE- Drew Barrymore, the Reverend Al Sharpton, Montell Williams (would buy a tea and leave a $20 tip), one of the Olsen twins (have no idea which one she was)and Ricky Martin...


I had the band Anthrax come into our store while they were on tour and I waited on scott Ian. he is much shorter in person. he was a nice guy. gave me an autograph. went to their show later that night and it rocked

pancakes for lunch

The band Emery was playing in my town and we were closed and saw a van pulled up, so we decided to be nice and let them in and it turned out to be them. Before they entered, they threw thier beer cans in the outside garbage and all order Frappuccinos. They all had really weird accents.

and for all the Canadians:

Lacey (Gabrielle Miller), from Corner Gas, came into our store. She was very polite and VERY skinny!! Can't remember what she ordered.


I rang up Olivia Wild from the OC. I didn't know it was her until my other partner asked her what her last name was (we had gotten her first name for her drink, which I can't remember what it was). She was super nice and wrote all over a short cup with a sharpie for him complete with X's & O's. Very pretty eyes in person.


David Boreanez drinks a grande vanilla non-fat latte.
Jerry Rice gets drip coffee.
Michelle Pfeiffer got a grande non-fat latte.

Joss Whedon? OMG. I have a regular customer who would DIE. V. cool.


Back in December, Mathew Perry stopped by our store over here on Maui, Hawaii. He was a little full of himself but I dont blame him. He was pretty thin and tall, cant remember what he ordered..


We've had quite a few come into my old store.

Susan Sarandon I remember being quite aloof.

Mike Myers, very nice, orders cappuccinos. Talked hockey a bit with him.

Adam Sandler was very friendly when he stopped in, forgot what he got though.

Michael Ian Black ordered drip coffee. I did quite a few lobby sweeps while he sat on the couch and read the paper.

Harvey Fierstien came in while we were doing a book drive and read part of the Pokey Little Puppy to me.

Really, all I can think of off the top of my head...


Bill Cosby drinks a triple tall nonfat extra hot no foam latte. He can't be bothered to come get it himself, he sends the event coordinator for our local venue who calls ahead of time to make sure it takes no longer than necessary. He instructs her not to tip.

Wow, if thats true he needs to come down from his horse, how do you know he instructs her NOT to tip?


She told us. She's an extremely sweet person, so from what I assume it's not her just being stingy or whatever. She's called in orders a couple of times for other performers from what I've heard and usually tips, it's just him who she doesn't tip for. I feel really bad for her; her job makes mine look like cake.


Colm Feore
from Bon Cop Good Cop, Chronicles of Riddick.
Lives in the Kitchener Waterloo Area Ontario Canada,
he came in with another guy who ordered for him. double tall latte.
I also saw him with his wife and kids at the movie theatre...


Sarah MacLachlan came in the day after Live 8. I sold her a newspaper and thanked her like I would any other customer, because I didn't recognize her. I was later scolded for this by the customers in the store.

The other celebrity we had come in was David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends). He was wearing his hat really low and hiding in his jacket, but everyone knew it was him. I chatted with him while I made his latte. He's as awkward in person as he is on the show, but very nice as far as snob stars go.


Taylor...you in Philly?

it's too bad, i work at a store two blocks off the parkway in philadelphia (where Live 8 was held) but i didn't work there at the time.

VERY funny and bizarre story: last year Alec Baldwin randomly came in. he stood in front of the pastry case for, no kidding, like 20 minutes, while we tried to get orders from the people around him. then he got a fruit bowl and a paper and sat in the cafe. as he was leaving, one of my dimmer coworkers yelled out after him, "HEY! aren't you Alex Baldwin?!" cringe.

then he went out on 20th street, nearly got hit by Septa bus trying to get a cab, then was recognized by some random stranger on the street who loaded him into her car and drove off. WEIRD.

also, we have Tex (i can't remember his last name, but he was in a couple of the Rocky movies and has had various random cameos in the police academy and naked gun movies), who is regular and kind of addled most of time, and Bobby Lycon, who was apparently some sort of big shot metal dude back in the day. he's a nice guy and even tried to get me a job doing window displays with a friend of his.

that's about all we get in the way of celebs in Philly.


OH! and Jamie Apote from Action News! is a regular at my store, because Philly's a small enough town that the local newscasters are celebrities. :)


I occasionally saw Scott Hamilton (figure skater) pop into the store in Jackson, TN when I lived there. I'm fairly certain that his wife is from Jackson, so the times I saw him were likely when he'd be visiting in-laws or somesuch. No idea what he ordered (as I was a fellow customer, not a partner).

I don't think I ever served any celebs during my time as a partner (but I served Stephanie McMahon of WWE and Kevin Max of dc Talk when I worked for a rival chain).

Whalie Reinhardt

Cutebarista: it's Randall "Tex" Cobb. I've seen him at Starbucks too.


I work in Knoxville, TN and Erik Estrada has been dropping by the past couple of weekends. He is doing informercials for "National Recreational Properties" who "owns" Tellico Village (just outside of Knoxville). I was excited when he dropped and spoke to him in Spanish! (I am Colombian/Puerto-Rican) He is really sweet!


thanks Whalie...Tex gets a 1/2 pound of French Roast ground on 4 and a half. never anything else.


Um, Defamer is only one site (out of many) that runs a weekly segment featuring celeb sightings....and I've read more than a couple at Starbucks....

Beach Barista

I work at a drive thru in a beach area in southern california and everyday Sandra Bullock comes in for her venti iced percent latte. She is the sweetest thing and sometimes she brings her husband and his kids in. We've also helped Cameron Diaz and her sister, and Jay Morh and his now wife Nikki Cox. Jay is a jerk, he gets so mad at us when we can't understand what he is saying thru the drive thru because of his NY accent, but Nikki is really nice ( but is getting way to skinny looking for her own good)


Tony Hawk, rude aloof and does not tip. Did'nt know who he was till someone told me. Bill Cosby sounds like a complete douche bag.


That is very sad, when a counter person isn't tipped. I ... feel your pain? Let's all tip Wal-Mart greeters next.


Jon Stewart came into my store. I didn't have a clue who he was, so I asked him for his name and he gave me this blank look like, "Kid, you don't know who I am?" and he said, "Stewart" and I was like, "You mean like the House of Stuart or Patrick Stewart" and he was, "Patrick Stewart." One of the other customers asked me if I knew that was Jon Stewart and I was like, "Who's that?" Then later he came back in again, and I was like "Hi, did you ever meet Ann Coulter?" He rolled his eyes at me and said, "You watch too much Star Trek and read too many crazy books." I think he got a venti non-fat chai.

Also Robert Mueller from the FBI came in. I clearly recall that he drinks a VENTI VANILLA NON-FAT CHAI. He was with his security detail who I recognized from the night before. They had to secure the building before he could enter it. I feel very safe knowing he drinks such a girlie drink.



Has anyone had the Goo Goo Dolls come into their Starbucks? Cause I have an autographed Starbucks apron from them that I bought off of ebay.


Can Wal-Mart greeters make for you a quad venti sugar free vanilla soy extra hot no-foam no whip mocha? Didn't think so.


Wow, when i worked in Pasadena it was a daily, if not hourly affair! Unfortunately I never keep up on celebrities so I wouldn't know one if they threw a Venti at me, but my partners would always point them out to me afterwards, and there were MANY.

The most interesting part is that generally speaking, they were some of our most polite and respectful customers we'd get...one guy, a regular actually, (hes on some tv show?) hung out all night during our cheer party and was easily the most cheerful person there!

I love the fact that no matter how famous or how homeless you are, everyone loves (and NEEDS) Starbucks...


the Governator of California came into Bayhill Bux in San Bruno and didn't tip. then again, someone messed up his drink.

We get alot of pro athletes. I've seen Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, Jorge Posada, Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Marty St. Louis, Gretzkey, I've seen Hulk Hogan, Danica Patrick...the list goes on and on!

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