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April 14, 2007


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putting the star in starbucks

Syrups for markouts.... bad idea? or maybe have a box of tea = 0.5lbs of a markout

I posted this on the mid-week thread and not one person made a comment about it. Bar clothes was is the standard for your store? Change them once an hour or rinse them out and re use them? There was a note posted at my store saying we should rinse and reuse. I personally think that's very unsanitary


Bar clothes? I'm unsure what you are asking about. If you mean pitchers, they should be rinsed between each refill. If it's something else, I don't know what you're asking about.

I think syrup markouts would be nice. They are cheaper than a lbs of coffee anyway. The tea is also much cheaper, I think we should be able to get two. Although it still takes me 4 months to go through a box of tea at home.


I think they mean bar CLOTHS (used for cleaning) not bar CLOTHES (which is what you wear to work).

At my store we use them until they look nasty. I, personally rinse mine regularly so that it is warm - a cold wet towel grosses me out.


Hi. I am hoping to see how many baristas follow this practice or if they dont....

I was recently in my regular store when a new barista charged me for my iced grande almond iced coffee. she charged me under... I guess she didnt add the 30 cents. I figured this girl was new to the company so I pointed it out to her because I didnt want her to get in trouble or anything, but she informed me she just transfered into this store and that you arent supposed to charge for syrup added to iced coffee since it comes with classic syrup and you are simply replacing it. she said there was a button on the register that lets you hit "sub" and then the syrup and it comes up as no charge.

I find this so interesting since ive been a daily customer for years now and never has anyone explained that I shouldnt be paying the extra 30 cents.

not that I mind so much... because well it is 30 cents but when I think about it, that comes out to approximately an extra 2.00 a week I am spending so it is kind of annoying i guess since the way she explained it it sounded like it was supposed to be standard.

Ive gone to other stores and the same store since then and everyone has still charged me for the syrup in my iced coffee. I dont feel right pointing it out to them and arguing with them because I guess that girl could have been wrong? or maybe the policy changed and she just didnt know?

can anyone tell me the proper policy?

allie you should not be charged for substituting almond for classic. If you were having sb add almond as well as the classic then you would be charged. But for a sub no charge.


So I was just in a starbucks earlier today, joking with the regular ASM I see, and I made a remark about breaking from the norm and ordering a pomegranate frappuccino next time (out of ordinary b/c I don't order them ever). She mentioned that they're not coming back this year, which surprised me b/c I haven't seen anything mentioning that they won't be back. Is this old news and I missed it, or what?

It doesn't affect anything other than my joke threat drink orders. :)


I posted this in the midweek thread because I've been irked at the criticism that baristas receive when they vent here about their customers, and also the argument about running late and stopping by SBUX anyway irked me as well:

was in a hurry last week, in danger of being late for work (which wouldn't have been a huge deal I know now, but last week was my 2nd day on the job), and desperately wanted a latte. I took a chance and stopped by my old store because I had faith in how fast and efficient they are, even during the 7:30 am rush (since I had worked bar through that rush many many times). Well, I didn't know any of the partners there anymore except the shift who was loading up a huge pastry box for another customer. The girl on register forgot to call back my drink, so 4 other drinks went out before the girl on bar finally looked at me and asked me what I was waiting on. Lesson learned--don't stop by SBUX if I'm in a hurry--mistakes happen and it just so happened to me that day! I also didn't complain about it. It was my own damn fault for stopping in when I was in a hurry.

Being in a hurry does not entitle you to gripe about having to wait for something. I fully agree with the above remark, "Please tell me then who should wait, if you don't." I only wish I had the guts to say half the stuff I wanted when customers (although a rare occurence) were being grouchy and taking their stresses out on me. But no, I just smiled and killed them with kindness. I guess you have to have worked in the service industry (for 14 years) to understand. It's not that I hated my job, or that I wasn't good at it (I was an AWESOME server, bartender and barista, my customers loved me as well as my coworkers and managers and 90% of the time I truly enjoyed it), but in this industry, you develop a thick skin. Over the years, you've heard the same smart-assed remark or complaint or demand. This thick skin doesn't make you a bad person, or a horrible employee, but in this country, the whole "customer is always right" load of crap seems to include being able to vent your frustrations onto the poor workers who are just trying to do a job and make ends meet. Frankly, that whole attitude (and the old Burger King "Your way right away") has made Americans a bunch of spoiled brats. It's ridiculous that grown adults have more hissy fits than a daycare full of 3 year olds. Americans need to get over their sense of entitlement.

So no, when people come on here and complain about their customers, they don't need to be fired or find other lines of work. I'm sure NO ONE has a 100% positive attitude about their job 100% of the time. Why are baristas expected to be any different?

its funny how when something happens to you, then you finally see things differently, huh? I just hope that when all of you are running late (and it WILL happen, believe me) that all of the people that bitched about having to treat that person nicely will be treated badly as well. Darleen I hope I hit your store if I ever am running behind, God only knows what would happen if I went to TEI's store. I'm going to start treating the baristas the way they treat customers.



We were just notified this past week that the pomegranate Frappuccino juice blend did not meet sales expectations, so it will be discontinued with the Summer I rollout. (May 15). Stores should be able to get it up until then, but of course, nothing is guaranteed.

I just found out that next week we're getting an additional 5lb bullet of House blend, and a case of 1 lb Casi Cielo due to "an inventory surplus" at the roasting plant.

The house, well, we've got plenty - the Casi Cielo, several of us will take as our markouts.


Bar clothes are to be always sanitized and rotated every sixty(60) minutes or as needed and satured with sanitizer solution. The sanitizer solution should be changed every two(2) hours or as needed.
In between being placed in the sanitizer water, the bar towels should be rinsed in water. Using a bar towel not saturated in sanitizer solution spreads biological agents.
You should read the April 2007 Safety and Security Topics. Its actually one of the topics for this month. However, the majority of store managers.
The Store Cleanliness Manual clearly stipulates the correct use of bar towels.
The sanitizer solution also properly dissolves the dairy and soy proteins which not a few people are allergic too. Dairy is for obvious reasons a common allergen. Soy is in the same family as peanuts and is a common allergen.
Also, steam wands are to be wiped every time with a bar towel satured in sanitizer solution. No exceptions.
As one of my friends says very often, STANDARDS ARE NOT OPTIONAL.




Thanks Darleen for responding to my post about the extra caramel issue. I will approach my SM again and I'll document everything.

CAN YOU SAY " SATURATED" if you are going to quote the standards please do it correctly


Sorry, about that

Does anybody pop their collars?


you are welcome! Hope it all turns out in your favor, you are fighting for the customers as well. Good for you!


boston starbucks rebel, saturated, tee-hee, I couldn't have said it better myself


Thanks, SBUXNEWBIE. It was just random news to learn today, as these things tend to pop up on the site.


I'm curious if anyone else noticed this...does anyone think that the design of the current Starbucks cup jackets makes it look as if there are coffee stains on it? I'm only asking because not too long ago I became convinced that my latte was leaking after seeing the jacket, and I spent 5 minutes trying to find the leak, checking my clothes for stains, etc. Weird, I know, but I wonder if anyone else noticed it either...



I actually brought that up at the end of our Summer Success Workshop. The guy in the video with the popped collar cracked me up the entire time. The DM was very nice in the way he tried to persuade us to not "pop our collars"


I double pop my collar. Yes I wear two polo shirts and they're different colors. One of the other Starbucks girls who works at another store started it and now like its a trend here in Boston


Hey, I know most Starbucks have a program where they give away discarded food to shelters or what have you. At BN, we document our waste and then chuck everything. Last night, I threw away somewhere around 25 scones, 10 cookies, five slices of cheesecake, six sandwiches, seven brownies, etc..... It was an incredibly huge waste of food. I asked my manager if it would be at all possible to donate our leftover pastries and stuff to our local shelter, and she said that we aren't allowed to and there was no way to get something like that started. My thinking is that, because we get inspected by Starbucks in regards to drink making and everything, that we should also uphold Starbucks' standards as far as being green and giving back to the community. Since there is no way that my company is going to budge on this issue (I've asked several managers now, all have said no way), do you think that contacting Starbucks would help? I just feel really guilty every time I throw away heaps (literally) of good food.

Any other BN folk's opinions would also be appreciated :-)



I'm not sure if you can call the Partner Contact Center or not, but they could always guide you in the right direction. I do know that most shelters can only accept food donations from corporations or businesses, so there wouldn't be a way for you to personally deliver the food. Starbucks says that the food must be picked up by the place you are donating to, I think.

Did you guys know that you can mark out the Tazo Tea sampler packs that we get in for holidays and special events? There's one out right now that has Wild Sweet Orange and 3 other teas...it's in a clothlike box. I would like to mark out syrup too!


Aww man.. that sucks about the pomegranate. I don't actually drink it now, but I was hoping to try a blueberry pomegranate blend if we got that flavor.


Boston Starbucks Rebel,

Second Harvest works with businesses to collect food donations. Maybe your managers would consider using this type of service since it's well established. Seems like it would go well with the Starbuck mission.



BSR, is it not against policy to wear two different colored shirts? I may be wrong, but if I'm right, "standards are not an option"...


Sadly the two-different-shirts rule is a reality. A vest is okay, though. Nothing sexier than a barista in a white oxford and a black sweater vest with a pink tie... my uniform of choice. ;-)


It is against policy, but they don't always say thigns. I know that my asm wears low cut black sweaters all the time with a white button up underneath, style says that looks better. Its funny I did "research/study" to see if what i wear makes a difference in tips, and in a way it does. Next door is a place to see plays, and its where att the yuppie adults go on friday and saturday nights, so on those night I wear a black Lacoste shirt, and its funny the alot of the women ask about it, and then tip 1 or 2


True, but I just tell them that if I wore just a white collar shirt, then the sweat would run through and create well, brownish colored stains underneath. And I couldn't just pass it off as mocha dripping from my armpits. However, I know not a few customers wouldn't mind licking up my "mocha" from my body. After all, I do work so hard and get so sweaty making all those sweet, hot and creamy hand crafted drinks.


Charleston... "A place to see plays" is that anything like a theatre? :o)


"Start with the maximum assertion about liberals, and then push the envelope, because, as we know, their evil is incalculable. They stand for the godless rule of dictators. They apologize for abortion, adultery, and everything bestial in society." How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must) by Ann Coulter.

Thats right, I hope all those liberal yuppies with their devil spawn who weren't aborted somehow are sipping on their triple venti 6 pump sugar free vanilla soy extra hot caramel macchiato are talking on their cell phones and spill it everywhere, burning their hand of course. Sending their gas guzzling SUV into oncoming traffic, hopefully instantly killing them and their little critters in back, and yes I meant their devil spawn. Hopefully, they'll catch that teen twit in her new Land Rover and kill her too by impaling her on her straw while sipping her venti extra extra extra caramel double blended caramel frappuccino(r) blended coffee. I'll be wondering where those customers went back at my store and be like "OMG, its a good thing they don't come in here anymore. Maybe they found another Starbucks to go into."


Can we really mark out the seasonal tea sampler packs? (I have a serious addiction to tea, and would like to have more in my collection.)


Random question:
How many different DMs, SMs and ASMs have you had while working for Sbux?
I've been at the same store for 7 yrs and another barista has been there for 6 yrs and we figured out that we are on:
DM number 5
SM number 8
ASM number 14
I can't count the number of baristas that have come and gone...
Anyone else see this high a management turn-over?


Jesus, BSR. Anger management classes not working out for you?


Boston Starbucks Rebel,
It is actually against dress code to wear 2 shirts of different colors.
You aren't even supposed to wear, say, a black polo and a white t under.


disregard, I missed the end of the thread.


when i started with starbucks, i wanted to be in the coffee business. i did not sign up to cater to 13 year olds on the weekends, shouting at them to stop running, screaming, sitting on tables, carving names into the wall, standing in front of the doors...you get the picture. it is nearly impossible to create the third place and provide legendary service in an environment no adult wants to be in. but, these kids drop at least $4 of mom & dad's money for frappuccinos and sugary treats, so i have no choice but to deal.

anyone have a similar situation?


God, can I relate! The previous store I managed was in a mall that has a movie theater, on friday and saturday nights we were open till midnite and would get all the teenagers coming in at like 11:45 wanting frappuccino's and a place to hang out.It was okay if they behaved themselves, but on occasion they would put gum on the tables, one time they even took the screws out of the table top so that if anyone sat at it, it would fall off. Imagine putting a hot cup of coffee on it, it would be in your lap and a lawsuit would be created. They would take sugar packets and open them all over the condiment bar, made a real mess, I had to kick out so many of them that I started to feel like the sbux police! I don't want to give all tenns a bad rap, some are very sweet and it was okay when they hung out, but the ones who were rambunctious really made our closes unbearable.


I don't want to give all tenns a bad rap, some are very sweet and it was okay

that is supposed to be TEENS, sorry, no coffee yet, lol


Some ass used my markout for this week. I just went to get mine today and it showed up as me having already gotten it. I do this from time to time because my memory is shot, but i always void it out if i do, and just wait till the next week. However, and the markout history on the reciept the store that was listed definitely was not mine, and I have no idea what store it is. If i had done it in a store other then my own, I would have remembered this. Ass clowns.

More $

My ASM said starting wages might be going up by $1/hr to keep up with the bump of the new min wage law.

all current employees will also get $1/hr more.

This is in DC.

Is the $1/hr raise determined by district mgr, or by regional mgr?


BSR you put the (r) after frappuchino(r) but left it off the venti(r) come on... for starbucks police you might be slipping ;)



It worked for me, I just did it on Wednesday.

no tea 4 me

Why cant we mark out the white blossem tea? :(


Was the Almond syrup recently discontinued? I tried to get a grande 2 pump vanilla 2 pump almond latte yesterday but they said they discontinued the syrup.

A Real Starbucks Rebel

I always punch in random numbers when I do my partner markout, and after about 3 tries I always luck up on a partner and I use their markouts for mine.

I know its wrong, but I sell my coffee over the internet and to neighbors for some money on the side. It really pays off, so I just want to thank those poor partners whose markouts I steal every week.


We still have Almond Syrup @ my store...


A Real Starbucks Rebel,
You're way too, ummmmmmm, malicious. But anyway, I always get my markout first thing each Monday morning so people like you can't steal me the coffee. I'm sure if you asked other partners in the store, they would gladly let you have their markout.


almond is still on the order sheet, so no.

William B. Fields II

Favorite Quote from picture at Starbucks:

We all need some time to ourselves-
just a few minutes a day to get
reacquainted with the one who's been
there since the beginning.

Bill Fields


The Starbucks in Kent, OH near Kent State has a very unique design: two stories with a wide array of seating, including plenty of tables for study.

The Starbucks at OSU, I've noticed, is considerably smaller and features fewer tables. Is there a rhyme or reason to the layout of these locations?

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