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May 22, 2007


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Mom, did you ever think that you breastfeeding on the couch was uncomfortable to OTHER people? Instead of being uncomfortable yourself, you may put it onto other people. I don't really care too much about it as long as you stay out of peoples way and be discreet, but other people have a right to not have to see those things.

Martin Bowe

If the dog is in a carry bag, or sits on its owner's lap quietly and does not disturb anyone, why not let them in? If people were really concerned about cleanliness they would lobby bucks to get rid of those big overstuffed chairs that filthy people camp out in, sometimes and sleep in, and leave behind god-knows what.


Number one, as most all of you have mentioned, it is a health code violation to have animals in a restuarant. End of story, no more debate.
Number two, you can have all the opinions you want about breast feeding in public. Fact is, it's only illegal in three stats and I believe they are working on changing that right now.
If you don't like it leave. It is a natural thing and it's what breats were ment for in the first place. I would just hope nursing mothers would (like the mother who commented earlier) be as private as they can and try to catch any throw up/burp ups they can.
Btw, stores get new furniture every few years. If you know someone did something on that chair that disturbs you, don't sit there.
Keep nursing your babies mothers!
If you don't have children you wouldn't understand the urgency to feed your child when they are hungry. Sometimes you only get 2 hours between feedings to shower, eat then feed again. then run an (a) erron(s)feed again... ect... it's rediculious to send mothers away to feed so you are comfortable. If mothers did that all they would do all day is run back and forth for other peoples comfort. I believe they do that already for their husbands, children, work, church... give them a break and let mothers be mothers.

sidney montgomery

the problem with america is that we are too prude and don't allow much room for our "so called freedom." we spend too much time on trying to pick on nonsense trivial things that we dont spend it on just enjoying life. i don't see anything wrong with taking a dog inside a starbucks to grab a drink or going inside a home depot. dog haters are worried about the mess dogs will leave behind, but its always up to the owner to pick up after their own dog, and also to keep their dog on a leash and in check. if kids or someone are afraid of dogs, then GET OVER IT. they're animals just like people are animals and we all have the right to live together. i cant stand birds, but i dont freak out when there is a bird in my back yard. i think of these health codes as just unnecessary rules and regulations that people just sit around and come up with this stuff. where's OUR FREEDOM at??


You have a lot of uptight baristas here. Actually some cities DO allow pets on the Starbucks because they are not preparing food just warming it up. Unlike the barista who is upset by people handing them their trash if it's so upsetting for you to kindly tell another person that store policy doesn't allow Ir justtell them and diect them to a trash receptacle. Or put a sign up saying so. Most people don't read the picy manuals for Starbucks and codes for cities


The Starbucks where I live is pet friendly.....and I don't see a problem with that... The Baristas do not have to do any extra work ( @ the person who posted
the silly remark about dog poop being on the floor and on their to do list, I have been to a Starbucks where their employees had to clean the Chapters- bookstore washrooms), most people only bring in their behaved dogs into areas like that, as they know they are populated with people. It is only enough time to grab your coffee and walk out, I wouldn't sit down and read a book.

People are so dramatic when it comes to dogs, if it is a health hazard and violates your district health codes. I understand in obeying the rules... You wanna see health code violations you should look at behind the doors of every restauraunt.. You think servers wash their hands everytime they are busy? Cleaning tables, accepting dirty bills, touching there hair or scratching themselves? Then putting your lovely lemon or like wedge on your drink or garnishing your dish? Touching your fork?

In regard to disturbances, they can't even comes close to how bad kids are in regards to mess, noise and annoyance.... And there mothers who cannot control them.

A few people ruin it for everyone, have rules but not bans..... Baristas your job is not hard -- seriously. You have nothing to whine about .


On a side note after reading a few more posts. I want to clarify that
1) bigs and small dogs can potentially with improper training/socialization can be equally aggresive so stop being stereotypical and assuming large breeds are bad ( especially pot bulls) personally I think people are too dramatic in their fear of big dogs, it is the person who trains/raises them not the dog. If you are scared, they are on a leash get over it.

Most people are way too uptight, it is not about having a "problem" being separated from our dogs... It's the fact that people like myself and half the people who live in my area, like to get up saturday/ Sunday morning take a nice walk with my well behaved Large breed dog to Starbucks and grab myself a delicious mocha.. And sit on the patio and enjoy. My dog loves to people watch and see the birds fly over as I feed them an oat from my oat bar...The nice baristas, bring out a bowl is water for all the animal lovers nearby, which is very sweet of them.

Guess what, of you don't like dogs too bad, I don't like smokers, or people who don't wear deodorant, or bad unbehaved children... Yet I have to deal with them.


I'll address each issue as I read them.

On the matter of dogs, the issue is not whether people are afraid of dogs. It's not a cleanliness issue. IT IS A HEALTH CODE VIOLATION! So it doesn't matter if the customer or the employee is an animal enthusiast or not; they have to abide by the standards of health codes because, if they don't, they could lose their job. I love dogs, cats, and most other animals, but I will tell a customer to leave them outside the same as any other employee that doesn't like animals because I CAN LOSE MY JOB.

It's the same with accepting trash at the drive-thru window. It's another health code violation, and, if an auditor caught me doing it I CAN LOSE MY JOB! I personally get that a lot because we don't have a trash can in our drive-thru (corporate has us remove it because of ants), and I get a lot of groaning and moaning about it. Get over it and walk your happy ass to the nearest trash can if you want to be rid of your trash. If you want to just groan about it, you must not want to get rid of it that badly that you're too lazy to get up out of your car to throw it away.

On the topic of breastfeeding, it's not illegal, and shouldn't be a big deal as long as said mother is being at least modest about it. If you're sitting off to the side feeding your child, you're fine. If you're standing in the middle of the store, or doing it while I'm trying to take your order, then it's a vendetta to hide behind law, and you're just an ignorant person in general, breastfeeding aside. People like that are just there to purposefully incite a reaction.

To all the people that think breastfeeding is gross, or that nasty people sit and leave grossness in chairs they sit in, keep well in mind that it's an employee's job to clean and maintain all furniture of the store on a daily basis, mess or not. Heaven forbid SANITIZER isn't enough to keep said furniture clean! How many people do that on a regular or daily basis in their own homes? If you don't feel that a store doesn't regularly clean their lobby and patio/drive-thru, you have every right to complain about it until they do, within reason (i.e. making a mess yourself and telling an employee to clean it up).

TL;DR: If there's a law that says you can't do it, don't do it. IF there's no law against it, do so only in moderation.


Dogs cannot be trusted 100%, no matter how well trained. For this reason they should not be inside a store.

I live near Starbucks and love to walk there and sit outside sipping coffee with my dog. I do feel that a well behaved dog on an outside porch, where there are many escape options, including going into the store, if someone's dog is unruly is ok. In fact dogs that are socialized in this manner are better behaved and not as likely to act out. The problem is Starbucks has no mechanism to order a coffee if you walk up with your dog. Leaving your dog tied to a post opens you up to the dog being attacked by another dog while you step away, or someone provoking your dog to bite, then you being sued over it. Walking up to the drive through is an option, but not in every store, and it has its own problems. Anyway. I will not walk to Starbucks and sit outside with my dog unless my husband comes as well, unless Starbucks comes up with another solution. That SHOULD be easy.


Service Dogs are not just for the Blind, small dogs are often used to warn it's owner of on coming seizures, blood sugar levels, etc, my dog reminds me to take my medications. And keeps me calm when things get stressful. (I was a mess when my meds were not working, the slightest thing could set me off) My dog helped me through it). The thing is know one knows just what the dog is for and actually it is non of peoples business. I have yet to see a dog poop on any store floor. And if you ever ask someone with a service dog to wait outside you and the company you work for can be sued up the ying yang. I can't stand balling or noisy kids, but they are allowed! I have had people tell my dog is better than most kids. Yes, he is. And everyone asks to pet him, which I allow, I want him to understand he can give others attention and still take care of me. Just a couple of pets and he does not get side track away from his job.

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