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May 27, 2007


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Ahh yeah, Friday-Monday working! At least I get a day off of both jobs Tuesday.


Starbucks doesn't believe in any holidays. Even the birth of the Christ Child or the death of American soldiers. Go figure.


regarding the "ghetto latte". I seriously dont see what the problem is. I ask for a plain coffee, and to please add some syrup (which i pay for) and ask that i'm allowed to put my own cream in there. how is that ghetto. just because the starbucks barrista isn't putting the cream in for me--that's ghetto? I see it as not paying extra for a service (putting the cream in for me)that I can do myself. That's all.


Hallie, that is not a ghetto latte... (please let us not start this again! *rolls eyes*)

BSR, we had several all of our stores closed for Christmas except for two, it was the SM's decision if they were to be open or not. The only two stores in my district that were open were only open for 6 hours each and opposite of each other.


Starbucks doesn't believe in any holidays. Even the birth of the Christ Child or the death of American soldiers. Go figure.

Why should anyone besides those believe in a "christ child" celebrate it? On another post you espouse the individual seeking their own "truth" yet you seem perfectly willing here to want to push your faith on others. Typical........and as expected, off the mark when compared with reality.

Darleen's Horny Pidgeon

Let's face it... BSR's a dolt.

Gazebo Blend

A quick rant: My Memorial Day present from my store manager was an 8 hour shift and not one but TWO corrective action forms regarding my "negative attitude."

I work at a store in a college town, and it's the summer-camps-and-volleyball-tournaments-time-of-year where it's not surprising if we churn out 500 Frappuccinos a day (a huge amount for a Short store like mine). Large groups of preteens come in (or worse, drive up) and order 20 of them at a time, all completely different kinds so that we can't make two in the same blender. Deployed to CBS all day, I turned to one of my felllow partners and said that it was a shame that "Summer Failure" took away two of our blenders, and the next day, I had two yellow pieces of paper and a not-so-pleasant "coaching conversation (read: b*tchfest)" waiting for me.

During my year with this company I have made an effort to perform outstandingly, completing two coffee passports, a tea passport, learning coach training, a handful of 5-Star-100% snapshots, excellent reviews, etc. (no Barista 201, though, because my store manager apparently hasn't had time to fulfill my countless requests to complete it since he took over our store a few months ago), and have volunteered for every coffee service, make your mark, and everything else. I'm the barista that every partner calls when they need help. I'm the barista who scoops the mysterious goo out of the floor drains when no one else will, and cleans up the diarrhea that someone left all over the bathroom without causing a scene. I'm the barista who works every uncovered shift, every holiday. The one who comes in early and stays late. The one who makes the best damn cappuccino you'll ever have. The one who customers are excited to see behind the line. The one who takes out his piercings, pulls up his hair, keeps his hand down and upsells pastries at a drive-thru window for 8 straight hours and still loves every minute of it. The one who hands out Green Apron cards like a parade float hands out candy, but has NEVER received one from his manager. That's me.

But I apparently "don't support the mission statement" because I made a goofy one-liner about one of our company's rather obvious flaws. When I pointed out my nonstop efforts to be all I can be and my love for this company and for my job, and expressed my disappointment in receiving my first corrective action form ever (not even mentioning that there were TWO), I was told that perhaps I'm "not meant to work for Starbucks." He followed up by telling me that he's received numerous complaints from shift supervisors about my attitude toward the company. There are only two shifts at my store, and both of them said that they've never discussed such a thing with him. I'd take their word over his any day, and when I asked him about it, he said that "their integrity comes into question." I'm pretty sure it's his that I doubt over anyone else's. When I finally gave up on talking to him and said "Please just let me sign my little yellow papers so I can get back on the floor; we're busy and my co-workers need help," he replied with "This is what I'm talking about. You're making a mockery of the form. Entirely inappropriate."

Honestly, I'm extraordinarily offended and hurt, and I have no idea what to think. My present manager is temporary, taking over as managers move from new store to new store, and in his 8 months at my store, he has successfully driven out some of our most valued partners with actions not unlike those directed toward me today. I just happen to be a bit more on the ballsy side and don't want to just give up and find another job. Anyone have any advice for me, or is my only option to just shut up and keep dealing with it until he transfers to another store (hopefully sooner than later)?

maybe come in, do your job, and keep your shitty snide comments to yourself?

99% of people are off of work????? We are a service economy. I am a manager and I work tomorrow along with all the people working at movie theaters, restaurants, malls, hospitals, fire and police departments. Who has holidays off anymore except paper pushers. Webmaster, you are lame.


You have my sympathy, Gazebo Blend. If people took my every word seriously I probably would've been fired a month in. Your manager sounds like a jerk.

On a related note, I'm never cleaning biohazards again. Yes, this job compensates me very nicely and I usually enjoy it, but there are some things I just will not clean out of the men's room sink.


Thanks for calling me a "dolt." Is that the best you can do, a four letter word? HAHAHAHA! I have been called alot worse things than that. I suppose since I did graduate from a prestigious, elite university does not really matter. And if you haven't caught on yet, I am at times sarcastic, well maybe most of the time. Gazebo Blend, just to let you know, sometimes, too much frappuccino mix getting into the motors of the blender has been known to cause them to cease working, GASP! Anyhow, just stoking the fire.



no name said..."maybe come in, do your job, and keep your shitty snide comments to yourself?"

While he probably should not have expressed his opinion in that way I think two corrective actions were a bit much. I think some managers go a bit corrective action happy. This could have easily been a coaching conversation to find out why he felt that way. Isn't that what our jobs as store manager is? To basically provide a great working environment for our partners? I wouldn't have a partner on CBS for an eight hour shift, or on bar for eight hours, it's called deployment. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, this partner, if what he says is true, sounds like an outstanding barista. Coming in on his day off, staying late etc. I think it could have been handled differently, however I wasn't there and don't know all that happened. Anyway, my two cents, I'd let it go, keep performing, and wait for the new SM to get there. The worst thing you can do is let this get you down, keep being true to yourself and performing as best you can.

Gazebo Blend

For the record, "shitty snide comments" are my specialty, but I'm not going there.

Thanks for the more constructive input, kids.


Oh yeah, and to no name who said ..."maybe come in, do your job, and keep your shitty snide comments to yourself?"

That was harsh, what about treating people with respect and dignity? Are you a partner? Would you enjoy being on CBS for an 8 hour shift on a busy holiday weekend? Maybe if we took care of our partners on the SM side, we'd have lower turnover. When I see my partners looking tired or burnt out I rotate them FAST. I want my partners to be happy and at peak performance. On a side note : Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Emma Z.

Being stuck on the CBS station for even 15 minutes causes me to contemplate suicide.

Gazebo Blend: You call corporate and you get yourself to a store with a good manager who isn't a douche!

cali asm

Just completed a lovely second inventory starting @4am, at least I'm home early. Great way to begin my memorial day.

First Name: Tall Late. Last Name: Lemon Pound Cake

I am furious about Starbuck's discontinuing Lemon Pound Cake from their cake menue.
For years I enjoyed this cake with Tall Latte.
Now I stop going to Starbuck and I look for people who feel like I do.
Tall Latte.

@ justabarista:

Why should Starbucks be any different from all the other large US chains that are open holidays? Why would Starbucks close and lose all that revenue? Wal-Mart doesn't close - hell I bet all the malls were open bright and early at 7:00 a.m., for Memorial Day sales, right? So either get a job in an office that closes on weekends, move to a country that recognizes the worker on national holidays (with time off or double-time pay) or stop whining!!

my apolgies justabarista - that comment should have gone to BSR who is a dolt. And a jerk. And I'm glad he doesn't live anywhere near me.


Can you please erase the BSR comment above mine? I find it extremely offensive.

Tall Latte:

I'm no longer with Starbucks, so I don't know the full story, but most pastry choices are store-specific. Have you asked several stores in your area if Lemon Cake is gone for good? It may just be one store that has decided to no longer carry it. I'd be surprised if a staple like that were canceled.

Gazebo Blend:

I would start searching for a new store. I've been exactly where you are, and once a manager like that has you in his cross-hairs, he WILL drag you down. What you said is not worth a write up, much less two. This is either something personal with you, or he's trying to use you to make a point to your team. Either way, you can't just take that. You didn't lose your cool, you didn't curse, you weren't insubordinate, you made a slightly sarcastic observation. That is not against the rules. If it were, 75% of baristas would be immediately out of a job. If your manager thought your comment was out of line, he should have had an informal conversation with you about it on the spot and given you a chance to vent your worries and frustrations about the new set-up in a more appropriate way. 2 write-ups is a bully tactic. Don't be bullied. Call corporate or your DM and see if you can't arrange a transfer.


Jeesh, some of you got up on the wrong side of the bed today, didn't you? What's with all the name calling?


I don't pray with my mouth but with my heart where words are not necessary to speak with the God who is beyond all human words. And I don't understand why people wish to CENSOR me. I let people say whatever they want because once they open their mouths, they just reveal what an idiot they are. And I appreciate it if you would quote what I say in its entirety so people may know in what particular context my statements were made.


When I've ordered the orange creme frappuccino, it's always been without whipped cream. However, I want the orange "drizzle" (they leave that off too). I wish they'd leave that orangey jizz sauce on top.


No Whip: Just ask.


To Gazebo Blend,

It's been a while since I've been on here due to a lot of work last week and have read your story. I can tell you that I've been in this similar situation but the manager was a stupid SOB and went about things the wrong way.

If I were there, I'd beat the hell out of him.....or better yet, walk out and let him play with the blenders by himself and see how he likes it.

However, it is my observation that I believe you got snitched on. How the manager knew about your comment leads me to believe that someone eavesdropped on you and told the manager.

My advice? Figure out who the rat is and then when you work with him/her alone in a busy shift....walk out and watch the rat weep and whine.


BOSTON STARBUCKS REBEL, I've deleted your daddy/incest remark, which you fully know crossed the line. Knock it off.


oh..and only if you have nothing to lose, then you can go ahead with that. But if you want to keep the job, find another way to keep your manager in line because if you contact corporate, they are most likely not going to do much to the situation.

There are other avenues to use to get to another store as a transfer or stand your ground and straighten the manager out.


...My advice? Figure out who the rat is and then when you work with him/her alone in a busy shift....walk out and watch the rat weep and whine....

Anonymous, that has got to be one of the worst things I have heard anyone say! Why punish all the partners who will have to work extra shifts to get his covered? Nevermind the fact that if he walks out he will be panned as not rehirable,and will not be able to transfer plus, who will pay his bills, you? Doubtful.If you are going to give advice please do so intelligently.


I say call corporate. Why should managers have all the power when ruining someone's work record. Give him a record also and I would have some of the former employees to call also. I have dealt with alot of terrible managers in alot of fields and one thing that shocks them is the one person willing to fight back.

To all those commenters who said to either deal with working a holiday or find another job - you people are suckers. Can you imagine an America where stores were closed on Sunday and holidays regardless of religious background. Memorial day is a national holiday, non-religious. With a war going on you think we could have a little respect for our troops than to not make a buck on one of the days to honor them. You people have been brainwashed and threatened by corporate America into believing that you have no right to refuse to work a holiday. By the way it is against the law for a company to discriminate against an employee for religion. Maybe if all the zealot Christians in this country refused to work on religious holidays things would change. In the meantime I will have to keep on listening to old timers like my parents on how it was in the old days.


Christine wrote: To all those commenters who said to either deal with working a holiday or find another job - you people are suckers. Can you imagine an America where stores were closed on Sunday and holidays regardless of religious background. Memorial day is a national holiday, non-religious. With a war going on you think we could have a little respect for our troops than to not make a buck on one of the days to honor them....

Please....can you imagine the grief we would get if we were closed and customers couldn't get their coffee? If you work in retail or food service you most likely work holidays. To say that we are suckers and brainwashed as you put it is ridiculous. We made memorial day a national holiday to honor all those who serve or have served. I swear is it me or are the posts getting more and more retarded?

what specifically was each corrective action about? negative attitude wasnt specific, and there are two. i am curious what the entire issue is.

I Love You Venti

Does anyone know of the policy regarding transfers? Are we allowed to request to transfer stores; if so, how can I go about that?


To Carol,

The grief? If they closed Starbucks, the easiest solution is to brew your coffee or espress at home.

How hard is that? Do you think civilization will DIE without coffee for one day?

I think they should close it out of respect for the Armed Forces who served for us. They died for our freedoms to live as Americans, not for the right to be pretentious and self-conscious.

They did'nt die for our coffee...they fought for our rights and for our country's interests.

To Darleen, it's about getting even. And believe me, I'm not even worried about working for Starbucks. I'm making much more than I did the last time I worked as a barista and I don't deal with retail anymore. However, the blatant disregard for partners from Corporate and the ridiculous marketing is enough to disgust me.
And when I see my former manager one day in the streets, he's going to get an earful from me.

I know for a fact that he's driving his store to the ground.
His store used to open normally at 6:30am everyday just like any store, I'm sure. However he has arranged to have his store and another one open at......5:30 am.

If you were a barista, would you like to open at 5:30am? Do you realize how insane that is? He is an idiot and is spreading his crew thinly and people are not happy about it.


I meant espresso.

(keyboard is acting up)


All of the Chicago area stores open at 5:30 a.m.

le barista

probably a stupid question, but do we get paid time and a half for memorial day? i've asked a lot of people and i've gotten both responses so i'm kind of confused


Yes, you get paid time and a half for memorial day.


My store opens at 5:30 too, and guess what? I'm right there with my baristas. If I expect them to open you can bet my ass will be there too. Gotta walk the walk or our partners will have little if any respect for us.


Is there a reason BSR is allowed to still post after a sick comment like his "jerk" post? I thought you deleted it webmaster? Know what, BSR, I really hope that incest never happens to anyone one you love because it is no joking matter. Knock it off, are you kidding me webmaster, that's how you deal with someone who now thinks that he can say whatever feels like on this site. An apology is due to the readers.


Its somewhat ironic that if you turn on daytime talk shows, half the time its about incestuous relationships, the soap operas fill the other 50% of relationships. Be careful and don't turn on F/X or you might just be scandalized by the likes of Nip/Tuck! Possibly one of the best plays of all time, Hamlet is about incestuous relationships. Also, if memory serves me correctly, the Jerry Springer show is actually filmed in Chicago! Thats where our august webmaster is from, so he better go over there and censor that show to because thats what America is about, removing all things indecent and offensive from society, like unwanted aborted babies. But anyway, its just like an old witch hunt, and since I am from the Commonwealth I am well aware that they still burn witches to this very day. At least here two men can marry each other.


Gosh. Whining about a 5:30 opening?

Thank your stars you don't work in a 24 store.


Seriously. Most stores in LA open at 5:30, at the latest. My old store opened at 5... 4:30 starting shift, anyone?

The manager opened, everyday. 4:30-1, how horrid is that? I respected her 20x more for that.


The only people who should be required to work that early, a holiday or Sunday are clergy, emergency workers (police, fire, etc.) and hospital staff. And even that should be rotated so everyone has a day off. Let me just say that this corporate attitude starts to affect other industries that are not mainly for-profit. I happen to teach and whenever a boss asks me if I want to be scheduled for a Sunday class - I say hell no! I am willing to do Saturday, a little reluctantly and never if I work Mon-Fri. A school I worked for tried to start Sunday classes and we all revolted by saying we would not do it. People will bleed you dry if you let them. I can understand big cities opening that early due to commuter rush hour. Let me say lastly, that it is sad to hear that companies are working people at such hellish hours and long hours that it is not so much different than in non-industrialized nations. The only difference is that you are brewing coffee, not picking the beans.

yeah, about that...

I'm impressed with the liveliness of this discussion. It's "eye-opening" to see what it's like on the other side of the counter. And I have to say I appreciate all you barista's do, though we customers don't always tell you, you definitely deserve it.

NYC Barista

Starbucks is doing a limited release of Puerto Rico Blend in New York City starting within the week. This blend is usually only available in Puerto Rico, but it's being released this summer in honor of New York's Puerto Rican community. New York City has the second largest Puerto Rican population in the world, second only to the island itself. I'm really impressed with the company right now.



How do you all respond to brewed coffee refill requests when the customer rolls in with an old cup that's clearly from another day, store, etc? I've been with Starbucks for 4 years, and still I struggle with this one. On one hand I feel obligated to follow the actual policy, but on the other it's so much easier to avoid the inevitable argument by just refilling the cup for 50 cents.

I'd love to hear some constructive feedback!

cali asm

We open 4:30 am so we're there @ 4...that means my alarm goes off at 3 am. I request this shift because I get off at noon. The time flies by, its all regulars, its quiet and dark, we play the motown music turned up loud....I love it!


To Christine,

It may be sensible to open that early for the emergency professionals or law enforcement, especially in a big city area. I know because I grew up in a large city and am living in a smaller town now.

What boggles my mind is why my former manager had to have his store open at 5:30am in a city population of about 40,000 people. The other two stores open at 6:30 am, out of the four retail shops in that area.


5:30 - I wish. 4:30 am for us and we close at 1 am. Bad managers, they are everywhere. Once had to close then open..slept in my car in the parking lot.


My store opens at 5 AM, and so I have to be in there at 4:15 AM if I open. And you know what? It's my favorite shift, because I'm out around noon.

If you don't want to work that early in the morning, change your availability, or change jobs. Somebody else (me) will be more than happy to take your job.

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