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June 28, 2007


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I think this is a better approach than Akeelah. One question, though:

What on earth do they mean by cupholder?

seventysix [76]

Donald W. Pfeffer

Akeelah and the Bee didn't flop because of any errors in its promotion. It flopped because, as earnest and wholesome as it was, it wasn't a very good movie.

Demonic Sweater

People make an effort to see movies in the theater when they want to be entertained. This movie sounds more like homework. Global warming discussions in the store sound like homework. Pay to do homework..hmmm.


As long as we get fancy cups and sleeves, I won't mind - it's nice to have a change. :P

Though, despite those who say it all leads back to better sales, it IS just another distraction from the core of our business, which is selling coffee...


What??? Global warming is a very controversial issue and Starbucks coming out with a POSITION on it? The evidence is very inconslusive, and Al Gore lies exhibit that. Please, let's not live up to the Leftists' expectations. Please, let's remain the voice of reason.


Yes, an issue is controversial and inconclusive when 98% of the worlds scientists are on board with it. Turn off Rush Limbaugh and actually search out some real scientific facts. But don't forgot, buy some shoes before you venture out in to the real world, hillbilly.

George W. Bush

rightattitude you scare even me.


Yay, new fancy cups and cup holders and more stuffed animals! More crap to throw in the trash, wonderful! Because we don't produce enough garbage as is. Bah.

am I the only one who sees the irony in Starbucks using their paper products to "raise awareness about global climate change"? Cause I think it's just a little amusing.


rightattitude--If Starbucks, or any coffee-seller, is or ever has been the voice of reason, then we are surely doomed.



So if Gore is lying about the climate change who should we listen to? The list of scientists who challange the idea of climate change has shrunk and people who support the idea that the changes are few and far in between. Unfortunately, politicians like Bush who appeal to the lowest common denomenator have now caught on to this just yet.


Starbucks talking about the climate, we do not even recycle. I am glad we are a coffee house. This is just another way starbucks wants to be like mcdonald's but does not know how to be a leader in the fast food market.


Hmmmm...I don't see many movies in the theater, too much of a hassle. But I did rent Akeelah BECAUSE of the Starbucks promotion. I'd seen the spelling cards and other promotional stuff and remembered it. The movie was good, too. Sad they call it a flop--some really good performances, and a positive message.


Superbarista, listen to some scientists -- not a scheister like Al Gore.

By the way, Rush Limbaugh isn't conservative enough.

Here we go -- politics on this blog! Do you really want to start this here? Because I can give as good as I can receive. However, I don't really think this will accomplish anything on this site. Why should I bother?

Demonic Sweater-
Many people pay to do homework... it's called college... in other words, an education.


I smell bullllllllllllshit!


why cant you guys just sell coffee?


Hello Demonic Sweater: You wrote=>
People make an effort to see movies in the theater when they want to be entertained. This movie sounds more like homework. Global warming discussions in the store sound like homework. Pay to do homework..hmmm.

Posted by: Demonic Sweater | Jun 28, 2007 10:36:19 AM<==

A. Yeah too bad you did not like homework..I was lucky enough to enjoy it.
B. Besides that, the movie is really quite good, you perhaps ought to see it first and then comment. I liked it a lot, I bought it and have shared it with many friends. I also have a friend who made it in top 30 at the Bee (wash DC) and the film was very really life..even a couple judges were hired to act in it. GREAT WORK Starbucks. That type of good movie is what I like to see Starbucks associated with, regardless of the money or the success. Keep at it. I support you and all the workers.

Demonic Sweater


A. Good for you.
B. Perhaps you should have some more fun revisiting English 101.


if they want to set a good example for saving the environment maybe they should star recycling their products properly

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