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June 27, 2007


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Brad pitt and george Cloony!! starbucks can donate the money to help out the cause for Durfur.


"Ocean's Thirteen" stars have donated $5.5 million to humanitarian efforts in Sudan's Darfur region, according to actor George Clooney.


Harry Connick, Jr, because he's attractive.

Also take into consideration that by the accidental and unintended endorsement by more (and I use this word lightly-- oh, who am I kidding:) trashy celebrities in turn makes the product hot. These are entertainment idols, and monkey see, monkey do. Starbucks is still "in."

Not complaining though. Business is business, though. I'm happy with it.


I think that if Clooney endorsed Starbucks, his credibility as a "serious issues" kind of guy would diminish. He would be bashed from journalists who also consider themselves "serious."

I think Clooney does a great job with his fundraising efforts, but I don't think his endorsement of Starbucks would be appreciated by the "elite" group.

Unfortunately, since a lot of people recognize Starbucks as a fad, only "fad" or TV stars can endorse Starbucks and escape unharmed.


I'd pick a classy actress who is accessible but has an air of sophistication. Rachel Weisz!


Iggy Pop.

The wasted, emaciated figure of a speed junkie, coupled with that desperate air of the underpaid and overworked.


Debra Messing or Mo'nique


Dolly Parton. Through her educational foundation, she has contributed millions of dollars toward literacy programs for children, something very much in alignment with many of our partners.


There are celebrity endorsers for Starbucks - Paul McCartney and anyone else pushing their books and music there.


Gerard Way


Michael Savage. He has had a few monologues on SBUX on the show in the last few months.

I'd go with a star that most rubes celebrate. Mostly because that's what most of my customers are. I'd go with Kenny Chesney or Alan Jackson.

Roseanne Barr or John Goodman, mostly because the posses the average waist line of our customers. Have another slice of pumking loaf! with your venti white chocolate mocha w/ xxxxxxwc!


John Mayer. He just seems like the type of guy you would see at your local Bux every Sunday evening blogging on a laptop or sitting with friends and an acoustic guitar. Plus he is cute in a chipmunk-looking kind of way.

clooney is with Nespresso,Tv add

Sean Bubluski

Juila Rorberts.

Now with three children she going to need the coffee. A set of twins and a new baby. Everyone must like the person the choose to be the face of the company...


Artie Lange - For those who don't know : Howard Stern side-kick and devoted Starbucks customer.

James UK

Adam Savage or Jamie Hyneman from "Mythbusters" would be my pick.


Before I even viewed the comments I thought George Clooney.

Hmmm...who else? Um, Mike Doughty? ("Busting Up a Starbucks").


Celebrity endorsements are ridiculous.
Michael Savage is a bombastic blow hard.
George Clooney is so anti-capitlism why would you choose him?
If you must insist on an endorsement why not choose some one in the food industry, say like Alton Brown, Rachel Ray or that Emeral guy, at least keep it in the family so to speak.

Northern Latte

Rachal Ray is with Dunkin Donuts!


Clooney does voice-over work in beer commercials; most people probably don't associate him with the products, though. I think Goodman does voice work for Dunkin' Donuts, too.

I think Starbucks should consider as endorsers the characters known as the Two A-Holes from Saturday Night Live. People would feel an immediate familiarity.

Tall Drip

I don't think Starbucks *should* have celebrity endorsers. Actually, an Olsen twin photographed in her daily life holding Starbucks cups is probably better, more credible pub for the company.

That guy from the Staples commercials with the "Rubber Band Man" song!


It looks like the Olsen twin is holding a "for Dummies" book. I'd love to know which one??


Coincidentally, the Boston Herald today ran a story about Dunkin Donuts' celebrity endorsers. It's here...

Did not know that Ray was with DD.

Captain Charles Ryder


OMG, the Two A-Holes from SNL would be *perfect*. That's genius. I'm already picturing two A-Holes on cellphones, holding up a long line, trying to order smoothies and sushi...

Michigan Shift Supervisor

Travis Barker, he ordered a Grande Soy Chai


partners will know that mark mcgwire is featured in the "starbucks experience" training video (they still haven't updated it yet have they? last i knew it was still stuck in 2001) stating that "coffee is a big part of an athlete's game." always managed to get a chuckle. anyone remember the "power" packets for frappuccinos? anyway, the season he broke the home run record he was sitting in the stands watching the world series in the second row or so and actually caught a foul ball wearing a starbucks hat. what are the odds?


i second the vote for iggy. hell, they use his music for carnival cruiselines.


Ann Coulter. Nothing like a cold, washed-up, wannabe-fascist troglodyte to help those equally cold beverages go down smooth. :)


Sean Penn. He's funny. He's dramatic. He's Sean Penn.


What the hell is that in that image? It looks like ET. *shudder*

Stephen Colbert... If only because he'd crack me up while doing it!

i hate celebrity endorsements

But if i had to pick, I would have to say Debra Messing because her new show on USA has Starbucks all over the place.

or maybe that's already the plan.


Someone said Sean Penn...he was the star of the 2001 film release "I am Sam", where he plays a mentally retarded starbucks "busboy", and battles for custody of his 7 year old daughter, played by none other than, Dakota Fanning. A lot of the movie takes place in a starbucks, with him filling sugars and powders and napkins and such...but as a barista I noticed some very weird things...like someone ordering an Iced Cappucino...or someone claiming to be drinking a "mocha", but it was much too light to be a mocha, more like a latte...haha, and my girlfriend and I watched it, and she wanted to kill me...something dramatic would happen, and I would say "that's definetely not a Venti...more like a Grande"...

But for him to be an endorser would be weird...people would be saying "didn't he play a retarded barista or something?"

St. Patrick

I would get Hanna Montana.
Why? Because it will brainwash little kids into Starbucks-craving aliens.

Fun =D


sweet niblets!

Barista Bryan

Christopher Walken. "Hey, you know, if you don't drink Starbucks coffee like me, I'll send over rabid squirrels to eat your toes."
Or maybe The Rock. "Listen up you candy asses, drink Starbucks."
Arnold Schwarenwhatever. "Only girly men drink Coffee Bean."
I think Dr. Evil already did his part.


Barista Bryan,

Christopher Walken would make a GREAT Starbucks ad! I can think of at least three different ad formulations in which he would fit nicely.

And for the person who posted Iggy Pop much further up the list, I also can see an ad that works with the burned out/overworked idea...if Starbucks actually decided to take an edge to an ad for once.


Sir Anthony Hopkins


How about Sharon Stone?


chi-town's best/angriest barista

haha, good call on the mike doughty. glad i'm not the only one who lieks him. :)


ummm sophia bush


Patrick Stewart - ordering a cup of Earl Grey (Starbucks still does tea occasionally).
Otherwise - James Earl Jones.


I think that we all can get to know our customers and make them feel like celebrities in their own right. Like at my store, we all scream when our favorite customers come through the door, therefore, announcing their presence among us.
However, if you want to know who I would want to promote Starbucks is Halle Berry and some Abercrombie men.


They did, finally, update the SE videos. It's being rolled out region-by-region. I got to preview it at our regional office this week...no more celebrities...not even a Kenny G. camio:(. It's sad that the next generation of baristas will no longer know how big a part coffee plays in "an athlete's game". :P.


I don't think anyone specific should endorse SBUX. I think the company is doing fine without it. Any celebrity you bring (unless you want a "Fairness Doctrine" of some sort when it comes to advertising for SBUX) it will only pit one group against another albeit on an arguably small scale.

Indie 2

Bon Jovi! He's a great humanitarian, and a great entertainer.

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