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July 30, 2007


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Pat Nerr

that's awseome... It's coming out in Spring '08 and someone just paid over $1200 for it... Classic


Here is the direct link to the eBay page if you don't want to browse the article.



So it is coming out shortly, Nerr? If so, that is really funny.


so the dude was scammed?


That one is never coming out. Starbucks retired the 1994 series. If anything, a new Portland mug will come out, but it won't be the same as the one that the high bidder just won. The most expensive one that I've seen go on eBay is for over $2K. 1994 Minneapolis mug. I sold a 1994 New Orleans mug for $750 about 6 months ago :)


should i have purchased that washington D.C. tumbler?

Pat Nerr

I guess we'll see in a few months... even still... 12,500 refills to make that "for here" mug pay off...

Speaking of which -- what's the deal with all the Starbucks food on ebay? Partners seem to steal jugs of white mocha, strips of caramel, bags of powdered mocha....... and put them on ebay for sale. They often blatantly say this stuff is not available for retail sale. One jug of white mocha was going for over 70 dollars? Does anyone know more about this? Is it legal? Is it controlled in any way?


lol.. $1200 for a mug

if anyone w/brains at starbucks, they'll start selling this mug again for limited time.

as for stolen food items sold on ebay: becareful. sbux will buy the stuff, then prosecute.

file charges that the items were stolen, and give police the ebay name of the people selling it.


Mugged is right, there are people at the SSC paid to watch auctions for things stolen from stores. If nothing else you won't have a job anymore.


I wonder how much my Starbucks grande cup sitting around from yesterday is worth.

Pat Nerr

The nameless fella is correct, There is a team at corporate devoted to watching and working with eBay. Their purpose... catch folks.

As for people selling mocha. It's usually distribution center partners and then baristas who aren't thinking.

Someday, I'll share my story about the partners stealing 40K from a store using only a tip jar.



Tell us nowwwwww :D

don't give them any ideas pat nerr

Pat Nerr

it won't be a "how to" I promise. SMs... you'll wanna read this one.

Rich Lafferty

if anyone w/brains at starbucks, they'll start selling this mug again for limited time.

That won't matter to collectors. A prototype is a prototype, even if it was produced later.


The nice thing about starbucks was its elitism. It was different than anywhere else and only in big cities. Now any bumpkin in Iowa can have a Starbucks latte. Not special anymore.

Barista Bryan

You're teasing us, not nice. I usually like what you have to say, but this is just straight up cruel and unusual punishment. It's illegal, right up there with selling caramel bottles on e-bay. =P


"The nice thing about starbucks was its elitism. It was different than anywhere else and only in big cities. Now any bumpkin in Iowa can have a Starbucks latte. Not special anymore."

So it wasn't the coffee itself, or the service, or the atmosphere that made it special for you? But simply that us 'bumpkins' couldn't get it and you could?

I'm rolling my eyes here.

As for the mug, lot of money for it, and it's not a particularly attractive mug but whatever rocks your boat.

Pat Nerr

Barista Bryan... I'm typing up the account as we speak. I'll post it tomorrow.

I'll feed you this tho... That's the first time I've seen a store lobby full of customers staring silent at 2 partners being hauled off in cuffs. Total silence


I would not mind buying the older Starbucks coffee mug that featured the original Siren logo (the one that has caused some conservative or just plain narrow minded people complain or squawk about.) I saw a female customer come into my KCMO area store w/one of those older mugs. It did have Pike Place Starbucks...Seattle WA printed on it (I believe.)


I sure would like to get my hands on one of those mugs...:) Hopefully someone else would drop that much cash on it. Personally, I think it's just whatever makes the consumer happy.


Raingrlbarista...we have a regular that comes in to my KCMO store everyday with that mug...do we work together?

Pat Nerr

let's see what this gets... not $1200 I bet. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=270150078608&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=017


People steal jugs of Mocha? And jugs of caramel?

How can someone get out of the store, much less list it on Ebay without being caught?

Sounds fishy to me.


Pat nerr,
I loved the story about the store manager with a heart on one of your green apron stories, thank you! You have just won my respect and a promise to be open minded from here on out. Thank you!


I just saw how pompous that sounded, I know you are not here for my respect, please do not take my post for anything other than what it was meant, I appreciate the great story and respect what you are doing.

Pat Nerr

Darleen... You are too kind. I didn't see that as pompous at all. Glad you enjoyed that story. That manager happened to be the fella who was organizing the Costa Rica conference. A true hero of Starbucks... unfortunately he gave notice last week. He reminded me of that story at my going away party... I shared it because he gave notice and we all should be reminded that the best partners eventually move on but still should be honored for the great things they did.

Iowa Bumpkin

Howdy, Jim! Us Ioway bumpkins sure does love us our Starbuckies, now that we can hav it surved by a bareesta right in our local Hy-Vee and T'arjay! Lurleen and her kin just goes ape-sheeyit over moach-a-chinos! A-hyuck! Hyuck!

Guess you'll need to find some other platform to stand on so you can look down your nose at people. Maybe see if there's a bottle of water out there that's $5 or more.


Iowa Bumpkin, you just made my day :D


MI Shift Supervisor

JUGS of Mocha and Caramel? Our Mocha and caramel comes in 'bags'. Well okay, WM is in a jug. Why would you steal that? Never bite the hand that feeds you. Losers!


I looked on eBay and couldn't find any illegal Starbucks items...



Just logged on here this evening. We might have worked together (?) Currently I work in one of the newer stores within the area. Plus I have worked as a borrowed partner @other KCMO area stores. Anything is possible! :D

Barista Bryan

Ah, Chantal,
Here you go. This dude I believe is going to get screwed.
It'll serve the poopface right.


I've been researching the SB logo online to try and get an idea of timelines for the changes. Does anyone know this info., what years were the early logos put out in? I put the question out on the Deadpr0grammer Cafe sight as well. I "think" I have the first SB travel mug, but I'm having a hard time finding info. on the travel mugs at all.


Geesh, nevermind it was right there on a website I overlooked; 71-87. Now off to try and find out when they started making the travel mug.


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No More

OK. "Ghetto latte'? I just had my last Starbuck's a week ago. Serioulsy. Obviously,you're not getting anymore of my or my friends' dollars. Just sell the goshdarn coffee without the offensive labeling, as if we need more of THAT in our society.


to Pat Nerr, and others....

Yes- STARBUCKS does have ASSET PROTECTION people 'attempting' to police the sale of stolen STARBUCKS items on eBay. AND SO THEY SHOULD !

(Though some individual team members are a joke- and lack common sense- or people skills for that matter. At least one (possibly former member- D.A. are you there??) of the ASSET PROTECTION team didn't even understand the rules they themselves were violating while 'attempting' to do their job. Some apparently have a very inflated view of their powers. Ego, and ignorance, don't help when trying to gather information. Would you respond to a letter/e-mail, from anyone 'claiming' to be from STARBUCKS, and DEMANDING- yes- DEMANDING!! your sensitive personal information? Right- like that's going to be endearing!)

YES, MUGS, SHIRTS, and even bagged COFFEE, are currently being 'counterfeited'!

FORTUNATELY- much of what is available on eBay is perfectly LEGAL !!!, as it was not stolen. Much of what is out there, especially that which is regularly available from LARGE eBay sellers- is purchased as 'DAMAGED CARGO'. Occasionally shipments of merchandise to STARBUCKS are damaged. STARBUCKS file its claim, and the carrier is free to sell the merchandise- TO ANY ONE WITH THE MONEY !!!

It is through this 'salvage' mechanism that CASES of BRAND NEW APRONS, and countless bottles of FONTANA syrop, and 'beverage base' powder have come to the eBay marketplace.

Being in Canada, I am only peripherally aware of the 'salvage goods' rules in the US. However, these STARBUCKS - NOT AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC ITEMS- being so readily displayed, have occasionally been accompanied by a NOTICE that the goods were purchased from an auction- and clearly stating their LEGAL right of resale, for which STARBUCKS need not approve!

If anyone has doubts, contacting STARBUCKS Legal Department is always a good place to start. I'd post the e-mail, but Aena might not approve.

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