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August 10, 2007


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Firstly, anyone who would believe anything from something called "Men's Style" has a major image problem - as does someone who writes for said magazine, and apparently takes himself far too seriously.

Secondly, I've been listening to Sonic Youth for pretty close to 25 years. Who cares about "hip" or "square"? To quote Peter Schickle, who was quoting Duke Ellington, "If it sounds good, it is good.".

My only problem with the CD is that it had been announced that it was only going to be sold in certain markets, which means I won't have an opportunity to get one, until my next "Trip to the Big City".


The indietastic folk yelling "sell out!" can go take a long walk off a short pier.

These are different times we're living in. The only response to the predictable "sell out" cries is a great, big roll of the eyes.


Sonic Youth is one of my favorite bands. But they've been on a major label since 1990. I'm not sure exactly what this "anti-corporate code" is about.

James UK

I wish Starbucks would concentrate on the Coffee and drop the music. Not everyone is into the "music" scene, and not everyone wants to hear background "muzak" in their stores either.


Yay!!! I love Sonic Youth. Good for them. And good for me, because this is my first posting, after reading for awhile. I don't actually work at a Starbucks per se, but I work at a Barnes and Noble which sells Starbucks drinks (as I'm sure you ALL know *grin*) so I still get to deal with some of the stuff you guys do...

Unfortunately, since we aren't a Starbucks, we don't get the music. Oh well...


forget sonic youth ...didnt hear music sign joni mitchell?...lets hope we dont have a mcartney repeat..there is no way in hell i can listen to that high pitched shrill for an entire day..her voice is not pleasent to the ear for very long


Joni Mitchell uses her voice like a weapon. Also it's hard to respect someone that has a child. keeps it for 3 years and then decides to give it up. i would'nt do that to a cat. I guess her little daughter was getting in the way of her trying to be famous.

Portia, haven't you learned yet that life is not black and white? She kept the child for three years because she got married in an effort to make it work (this marriage is why her last name is Mitchell). You act like she just got tired of the child, or something.

Get off your high horse.

What does a marriage not working out have to do with giving your 3 year old child away, and i guess it was black and white for the poor kid. By the way do you have children?


I too heard she did this and was really disgusted by it. everyone in my store hates her voice and we have even had a customer comment on how awfull she sounds.

not unpreposterous

This web address is for all of you "disgusted" by Joni Mitchell giving up a three-year-old for adoption -- it did not happen that way. Please read this article before you spread more rumors about it. I was so shocked that I did the unthinkable and LOOKED IT UP ON THE INTERNET BEFORE COMMENTING.


dan folgelberg didnt go cmmercial fro years.
yea. you just said who didn't ya..
most middle class are employed by corporations.
starbucks gives better empyment ojt and wages andbanefits to many of americas students and other unskilled workers.
you can complain and work at a gas station instead....

want to hcange things get involved now fro the proimaries and get out the vote
only obama and edwards are fnon coprorate for the people
im for obama..
for practical reasons..
or stay at home and see anohter republican or republican lite inteh house and watch there be big corpratae and 2 classes of worker rich and poor no middle class nop more civl and human rights ever ever again.

ps i am disabeld and cant type.


She (Joni) sucks and your web address did not work. I'll bet you are a middle aged women and thats why you like joni so much.........But this is America and you are allowed to like her as much as i dislike her.

not unpreposterous

Yeah, I am a middle-aged woman -- is that wrong? Should I commit suicide since I had the bad taste to hit 40? Or is it being born a woman that's so wrong in your eyes?

I am NOT a fan of joni mitchell -- never have been. Her voice gets on my nerves and I don't think she's "profound."

However, I do not think it is fair to LIE about people on the internet. And the link still works -- I just used it again to make sure.

not unpreposterous

It goes to an article in "Maclean's Magazine" called "Joni Mitchell's Secret." I used Google to find it in the first place. It isn't that hard -- even a middle-aged woman could do it.


Sonic Youth is for squares.


Mckinley Steele

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