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February 25, 2008


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I think I might swing by DD and grab a 99-cent latte to drink during the training meeting...

Bubka Penus

That is great. That is about what Dunkin Donuts espresso is worth. Well, maybe they should throw in a donut also. Then, yeah it would be worth it.


I think Starbucks should partner with an upscale luxury brand such as J. Crew or Ralph Lauren. If somebody brings in a receipt from those stores say above $300, they then can get a free beverage of their choice. I think this would be a way of getting to consumers who have more disposable income and willing to spend money on luxury products. One good experience at Starbucks would continue to attract them another time. Why can't a grand skinny vanilla latte be as comforting as a Italian merino sweater?


This isn't even on topic, but I just spit coffee out of my nose when seeing the name BUBKA PENUS!!! What hoot!!!


Sometimes I feel like brands are the "new celebrity" now being stalked by the papparazi (ie major news organizations). I mean really, anytime any shop converts a new coffee drinker (which then influences their family, and their friends, and increases coffee consumption) it is great for us all.

I find it interesting that Dunkin hasn't taken the risk without us first taking the risk, but all in all, that is a very appropriate #2 decision. I've seen local coffee houses also jumping on the bandwagon with their own promotions. Again, I think it's what keeps us on our toes. Based on revenue, quantity of locations, and global presence, one can make the argument that Starbucks holds a "#1" brand presence. We have to act accordingly and will often be held to a standard of "Are they still #1?"

So I say, bring it on! Let's continue to introduce all consumers to increased consumptions of coffee. Demographics always have a way of working themselves out, and I think that we all (Sbux, Dunkin, CBTL, etc) will benefit from this exposure.

But back to my "new celebrity" argument, I think there are a LOT more important, relevant issues going on in the world and I am still surprised to see how much media spotlights brands are retaining these days...


I don't think there is a Dunkin Donuts in the entire state of Washington so I guess I'll just have to wait for Starbucks to reopen. What a shame.


Of course Dunkin' Donuts is doing this because Starbucks will be closed for a couple of hours. Shoot, if I ran a coffee store I'd do the same thing. It only makes sense. It's called competition.


I'd be amused to see how many hits this site gets during that three hour period where every single partner will be working.


Dunkin Donuts is definitely making the move on Seattle's sweetheart!

On another note...myth and symbol are all around us, often in plain sight. Learn the hidden secrets of the mysterious figure on the Starbucks logo:



Dunkin Donuts is definitely making the move on Seattle's sweetheart!

On another note...myth and symbol are all around us, often in plain sight. Learn the hidden secrets of the mysterious figure on the Starbucks logo:


Sally Sumatra

I know I will be on this site and I am a partner! Too bad I am on vacation and will be missing our meeting! What a sad day! I was really looking forward to the meeting!

I'd be amused to see how many hits this site gets during that three hour period where every single partner will be working.

Posted by: Peaches | Feb 25, 2008 7:52:32 PM

Hey Jim, How 'bout letting us know???? It would be totally interesting!!!!! Please???!
No Name

Vicki Verona

Keep in mind that we aren't literally going to have every US company owned store shut down at any point during the night.

As far as measuring the closures impact on this websites traffic due to the partners being in their stores, keep in mind that the Pacific Time Zone has the highest concentration of stores in the US. Us Californians won't be starting our meetings until the Eastern Time Zone is finished with theirs. So really, if you want to measure the impact, the best time to do so is between 730-830pm Eastern Time. This is because 3 out of the 4 time zones will be in meetings during that time range.

Um, Starbucks is in like, what, 4 different time zones? We wont ALL be in the meeting at the same time...

ty jones AKA Five Year Partner

Well, I for one know where I'll be stoppin' tomorrow -- to buy a dozen chocolate frosteds with sprinkles -- on the way in to be retrained.

And man-o-man do they make they make a mean 99-cent doppio, that's worth every single penny.

But seriously, do their fritters have more apples than ours or what? 'Cause I could swear on my Great Aunt Juanita's grave that I've picked apart a Top Pot and found nary a single sliver o' manzana.


"nary a single silver o' manzana.." that just totally made my night...and now I can sleep soundly, after one of the best closes of my life.

Thanks, Ty!


I have a test tomorrow night so my manager allowed me to come in on Sunday and go through the re-train. It was... interesting.


Unfortunately, my manager has decided to simply close the store for the night at 5:30. From what I've been hearing, other SM's have been doing the same thing. I'd volunteer to stay...in fact, I shouldn't have to, I should be required to.


ugh. so basically people are going to paying 99 cents for distilled water with a hint of something that resemble coffee and spoiled milk.

sweet. good on ya DnD. i'll be in a meeting learning how to steal your customers away, because our drinks are real lattes.



Peaches, huh? You're store is not doing the 3 hour training at all?


No, sorry, what I meant is that we will not be reopening at 8:30. The other shifts and myself will be coming in at 5:30 to close the store, and the baristas will get there at 6. We will then have the meeting from 6-9.


While you folks are doing the 3 hour thing I'll be buying my latte from my Starbucks here in Canada. The newest employee in my store proudly told me the other day (her 1st) that once you knew how to make one type...you could make them all. Her manager stood there and agreed and said " it takes two minutes to learn how to work here".


FYI -- Starbucks employees DO NOT bring in the most traffic to this site. The majority of visits come from people who do a Google search for something Starbucks-related and get a search result that sends them here.


Yes, I'm sure that's true, but who posts here more often? I'd say it is partners for sure. Most of the posts I read are from partners.


Sounds like there is a lot your manager doesn't know because I can't believe it takes 2 minutes to learn how to work there.


Out store isnt reopening either. We are being require to stay until 11 and do a deep cleaning of the store. This is going to SUCK!!

Make sure your paid for your time. I know people in store development who were fired Thursday that were told if they did not go in over Christmas and work in the stores to help out it would be frowned upon hmmm... who is trashing this company the partners or bean counters?


I have also learned that the licensed store I used to work at will not be closing during this time. Try looking for the Starbucks in Safeway and Target, they are just as good (even better).

Camille Claudel

Starbucks is no longer catering to the "luxury" crowd. They are too diluted.

If the "luxury" crowd and "trendsetters" want a cup of coffee, they'll drink Illy.

It would be impossible at this point for Starbucks to build up the brand again, unless they boarded up all of the airport and grocery store satellites, and the 1 lb. bags being sold at Target, Walmart and every grocery store and drug store known to mankind were dismantled.

To create interest, there has to be a supply and demand model again.


Chillax Peeps

I find it amusing how defensive people get about this and Dunkin's response. To me, it suggests a great deal of insecurity regarding: a. Starbuck's position in the market, and, b. what it means (or does not mean) to be a customer of Starbucks.

I'm a frequent customer of Starbucks. That doesn't mean I feel the need to make a 'jokey' post about Dunkin or denigrate their brand. Point to fact, Starbuck's espresso isn't THAT much better than Dunkin's (maybe it will be after today!?!). If I want expert artisan coffee, I don't go to Starbucks or Espresso.

I do it myself, go to an independent chain, or frequent a high-end restaurant.

To me, Dunkin & Starbucks are increasingly two-peas-in-a-pod - one might be the older slightly more intelligent and better mannered brother to the other, but they're still 2-peas-in-a-pod. And this has become more apparent over the last 24-months. Maybe that will change. Maybe not. I'm not dissatisfied with my experience at either one of them, though I do prefer Starbucks.


Ha! I meant to write "If I want expert artisan coffee, I don't go to Starbucks or Dunkin"

"Starbucks or Espresso" ... freudian slip? Strong desire for espresso at all times? hm...

It is FREE here in Chicago-land. I got one and it's pretty darn good! I enjoy Charbucks espresso drinks, but for a great cup of coffee you can't beat Dunkin Donuts. Today's freebie might have me rethinking my espresso loyalties.


Cheers to CHILLAX “Strong desire for espresso at all times? hm..."

- I know the feeling - :)

And yes...if I have to choose between an indie store and SB, then I go with the indie store. 'twas once a time when I'd always go with SB over any unknown indie store...but SB lost my daily patronage when they stopped grinding their beans at the store. When a quality coffee shop decides to rationalize not grinding their beans on-site, then they have crossed the coffee Rubicon and entered the kingdom of mediocre. The purge of their finer coffees (like AMJ) and the addition of CCTV hanging over their staff added to the effect and made it easier for me to cut the SB umbilical.

Here in Halifax – almost all of the many indie Coffee shops pour circles around Starbucks (and most of them are 100% fair-trade to boot). The exception to this excellence is Perks – which is corporate “Starbucks lite” masquerading as indie.

Times have changed. We have SB to thanks for greatly raising the bar for the coffee consumer in the 1990's. But the independent shops (supported by micro-roasters) have kept on innovating, improving and increasing in number.

Like rock, papers, scissors...

indie beats SB - SB always beats any donut shop - Donut shop beats nothing

BTW, anyone visiting Portland Oregon, will want to try Stumptown coffee roasters for a coffee experience second to none.

I wish there was a DD here. Their coffee IS better than any coffee SBux brews...I have had all that they have brewed in the past 2 years...I have to say a prayer that at least one of the brews is something decent and that they haven't randomly changed the selection on a random day of the week. I go to Sbux because our town's coffee shop selection is non-existent. A bookstore with a mediocre coffee shop and Starbucks, that's it. Woe is me.


I think one has to be from another planet to think that Dunkin or Tim Hortons sells good coffee. It is horrible stuff... When I am on the road and I cannot find an Indie shop or Starbucks, then I get a black tea from Dunkin or Tim Hortons - for the caffeine fix - that is how much I detest donut shop coffee.

Anyhow they are a completely different consumer demographic. Starbucks was the best thing to happen to the donut shops because it allowed them to nudge up the price of their very poor coffee to just below the "boutique" pricing of Starbucks and greatly enhance their margins.

Dave Becker

All of the Dunkins closed or were bought out here in Oregon. They only had a few good donuts anyway and would never serve them warm right out of the grease. I remember the coffee being ok.
I wish someone would start a franchise in Portland. I'd give them another try. However, the donuts Sbux sells are pretty good for the buttermilk, non-raised type---if you get them fresh.

Counter Bean

Dunkin' DOnuts lattes and caps are made by THE SAME EXACT machines. THeir clerks press the same buttons and measure the same time an volume on them as the Bux baristas do.

The biggest difference is that 100% of Dunkin' Donuts beans are Fair Trade Certified and only 37% of Starbuck's beans are.

Dunkin's American roast coffee is also superior.

I do Bux when I want a French press coffee. That's about it.

Tara Snow

Dunkin Donuts has always been great to me, always stick with my old fashioned donuts, but I keep coming across stories of people who have had really bad experiences with them, there are some really funny vents about them here>.

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