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March 20, 2008


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This doesn't seem shocking to me. When you get hired, you have to sign a paper that basically says whatever new drinks or inventions you create on the clock are Starbucks property.

Anyway, the point isnt to get Starbucks to buy your plan, its to put out your idea as to what could make Starbucks better.


Yes, but isn't this Web site for non employees to post ideas too? They never signed a paper like that... Not that I'd expect to be compensated for a business idea I posted on a public message board on the Internet... which is why I'd keep my ideas to myself.


Oh, give me a break--did you think this was the only site for discussion about Starbucks?

yah but the ideas people are posting on the public side are like "more discounts, free drinks on my bday, free drink after 7 purchased" All those ideas BENEFIT the consumer. On the partner side of the website the ideas are more along the lines of how to improve the company like being more green through recycling, increasing speed of service, using better espresso etc.

And when a partner signs into the website a disclaimer comes up saying

"Still want to go to the customer site?
Please keep in mind that this is a public site and not all partner posts are appropriate. If you insist on posting on the customer site, please remember to post as a customer, as opposed to a Starbucks partner. If you post as a Starbucks partner on this site, you increase legal liability for Starbucks. In addition, if you post confidential or sensitive information, even inadvertently, it may result in discipline or dismissal. "

and then obviously you clikc "no, enter the partner side"

Big Howard is watching. refer to above comment.


Actually with how that site is setup, it looks like Starbucks will be the only ones reading your new ideas. Since it's so top heavy, the new ideas that don't get votes because nobody else can see them will continue to be at the bottom and continue to be unread. So, posting on there may help get your idea into play, but it won't get you much feedback or community feedback as nobody else outside of the moderators will read it.

I have been posting on this site since my spouse was fired 1 month ago. I have had some not "so nice" things to say about the company and it's leader. It just seems they have lost their way and should just accept where they are now. All this hype makes them look frantic and just putting bad ideas out to the public arena even more.For some reason I feel I must express that they WERE a great company to be working for in the corporate world. I wish my spouse was still there mostly because there is not much to choose from out here in the cold. Maybe they would look better if they kept a low profile.They will survive and be just fine. I suggest they lay low for a bit.

why not just offer up a $20 gift card if they use your idea or not? They are letting other people come up with ideas for them, give them something.

Advertising for this website went up in all stores today. The website has been down a few times due to server problems; im assuming too many people trying to get on.

They probably should have anticipated that when they decided to advertise the website in 15,000 stores.

Barista Joe

well, its a step in the right direction, but its not the solution. By setting up this site, I agree itll be a good solution to getting customers to interact and express, but it won't stop those soccer moms whining about their lattes taking less than 8 nanoseconds to be made to perfection.'

-Barista Joe

moreso i think the new site is similar to what Pat Nerr had always talked about having and created himself with greenapronbook.com. i'm intrigued by all the ideas, but really wish someone would consolidate all the free wi-fi comments, put them into one, and then say, "um, guys, we're already on it. it's coming."

i got tired of weaving through a jungle of "please give us free wi-fi" when the fact that we're moving to that was announced weeks ago.

also, several requests that we switch to 2% milk. do these people ever go into a starbucks to know we changed to that 8 MONTHS ago?


I agree with the anonymous sentiment above concerning the clutter on the new site with people lobbying for free drinks

everytime i see these posts dominating the top votes i wish i could vote thumbs down since it doesn't really improve the experience in a substantial way.

how valuable is the feedback if users can't give negative points when they disagree.

oh and if you agree with me you can tell howard by searching "negative points" on his new site.


and what is the big deal? Stop being morons - get your own coffee company then you can complain. Why be a bunch of white trash losers and complain about things that have nothing do with you - and start something just to hear yourselves speak. Get a life.

Pat Nerr

"and what is the big deal? Stop being morons - get your own coffee company then you can complain. Why be a bunch of white trash losers and complain about things that have nothing do with you - and start something just to hear yourselves speak. Get a life."

try typing in the mirror next time...


Most companies I am familiar with offer an adopted suggestion's author some money based on a flat fee or based, preferably, on what the company expects to make from adopting the idea.

Others just rip off the person making a suggestion.

Now, in which camp is Starbucks?


The judge from the other post pretty clearly ruled what camp Starbucks was in. The money stealing camp.


The MyStarbucksIdea site stuck in a loop on my compy this morning, when I tried to load the page. Thusly, the site never came up, and I tried via my other browser. Didn't work there, either. It's not a security or "updates" issue. Had my S.O. try on his compy, too. Got the same result. It's probably temporary, but kinda funny.


I don't understand why the website is full of comments asking for free stuff.

I go to Publix (grocery store) at least 4 times a month for groceries, cat litter/food, and school supplies.
I get my gas at the same gas station pretty much every time I fill up.
I buy Aveda face wash from the same salon every time I run out.
Never once do I ask the cashier for something free because I go there all the time.

I don't understand why people want to be rewarded for being a consumer.

Starbucks is a business, not a free-for-all.


It's because we are cheap, materialistic americans who don't care about anything except for money and how much stuff we have.


Lilybean: Because of our 'Just Say Yes' policy and the culture that the majority of Starbucks consumers belong to: I am better than everyone because I go to Starbucks. The 'Just Say Yes' policy should have been thrown out the door a long time ago because our customers expect us to wait on them hand and foot... because we're Starbucks. Corp. execs should come up with more specific guidelines on navigating your way through sticky customer situations instead of 'Just Say Yes' because most of the time just saying yes loses the company money and some of the time it bends to the will of people who need to be said NO to by somebody.


I'm guessing the Darleen posting on the partner side is the same as here -- who else has registered? I registered but with a different screen name to protect my posts here from falling under the big brother watching rules there. Not that I post anything disparaging here, but I want to have the door open if I do ;>


Is this what Schultz & Co. have been reduced to? Having employees pilfer ideas from customers? Guys, you sell coffee, you are not splicing DNA out there in Seattle. Go back to what you do best and stop all this ancillary garbage that clearly has taken your mind off the game. CD sales, not working, end it. Breakfast and lunch, done. If I want a book, I'll go to Borders (BGP), not the local coffee shop. Just because you have empty floor and counter space does not mean you need to put crap there to sell.

Howard, rather than blogging away the day, figure out how to get me a coffee in under ten minutes when there are more than 5 people in line. How about a location I can actually sit in? This is getting out of control.

The question is now this. What is Starbucks? Is it a coffee house chain? I mean, wasn't that the genesis of the whole thing? Wasn't Starbucks modeled after Italian style coffee houses Schultz visited in Europe? It is so far away from that now, and getting back may just require a complete "do over." It has now unequivocally lost its soul. No question.

Trolling the web for ideas........sad

Alas shareholders, Schultz, far from being the company's savior, may just be its largest hurdle...


"The 'Just Say Yes' policy should have been thrown out the door a long time ago because our customers expect us to wait on them hand and foot.."

Just Say yes is a core part of our being, I'm for one glad to see it is one of the things this company has NOT thrown out the window..It's been downsliding for far to long and what I am noticing is a few barista's not liking they have to do their job. Who cares if someone is super picky..all of us signed on board to create the perfect drink up to the standard and re-affirmed that 'promise" a few weeks ago..Stop taking someone being cheap, or annoyingly nit-picky as a personal attack on you..you would be hard-pressed to find any kind of service industry where your main office didn't tell you to bend over for a customer.

As far as it costing us money..that is incorrect, why would any business aim to drive away a returning customer..sure, we saved $3 today by just saying no, but look at the cost of never getting that $3 again...


Ideas are worth nothing without the actual implimentation...

I am more interested in learning how Starbucks would begin to innovate from the user and client perspective more specifically Open Innovation strategy.

There have been some great ideas submitted, even appear to be in practice, can anyone conclude where they resulted from?

Great company, good visionary on top - difficult legacy of a commodity trap to overcome by using innovation as a platform.


Interestingly enough, in my third year (that just ended a few days ago) I just got fed up with seeing all the waste that takes place, and emailed the company at their website (partner log-in) ..... and wanted to make a few suggestions that would save the company money, and save the company face in the never-ending scrutiny of the public, as far a power consumption, display practices, food wastage, etc.

I really wasn't looking for anything out of it, mind you, but a thank you down the line would have been nice, but as soon as I clicked SEND I got a generic response that was pretty much this: "Thank you, but you will not be receiving a reply from us. All suggestions and ideas from partners of Starbucks immediately become property of Starbucks." In response to the remark several posts above me, this wasn't done on company time where I was paid, either. Again, not that it matters, but it would have been amusing to see any of those suggestions implemented eventually, I could easily envision a bunch of Ivory Tower glad-handing dandies tripping over themselves complimenting each other on a job well-done.


When we agreed to work FOR the company, that's what we did. Who is Starbucks? WE are Starbucks. If you have an idea and want to see it happen, you submit it to corporate. If they think it's a good idea, they impliment it. Why should you get a bonus for that? You did it FOR the company that you work FOR. Great that you're going above-and-beyond. A "thank-you" is nice but monatary recognition isn't necessary.


Did I say I wanted money? Cheesis! ~rolleyes~

I've done PLENTY of "above-and-beyond" for the company with no thought of anything extra, so the flippancy isn't really needed or welcome. But thank you all the same.

to the people who expect monetary compensation for ideas...
i'm sure most of your ideas have already been thought of by starbucks execs...

a punch card system... how revolutionary, where did you ever come up with that?
free wi-fi? thank you, b/c clearly those people over at starbucks thought you enjoyed paying for your internet...

i'm not saying these are bad ideas... they're just not new ones. i think this site is more to see which ideas are wanted most. they have executives whose job it is to come up with all kinds of ideas. it's silly to think that just because YOU posted an idea on the internet that YOU were the first to think of it. nor should YOU be compensated for it.

former starbucks employee

I find it highly amusing that the corporation is reading this site and disliking the negativety.

I'm sure you're well aware of this website


I am so glad everyone here has the same feelings i do. I used to be a partner, so cant get into the partner site, but i still keep track of the company and changes in the stores non stop. I really think that consumers are out of control with asking for free stuff, i mean come on! most of them are uneducated (like the free wi-fi stuff) and by now howard should know to go back to basics, not expand stuff.

Rafael Montilla

I think the free wi-fi stuff should come back.

To HOPKINSBELLA - without consumers there will not be any starbucks.


quitchyer bitchin people - if your idea is so great start your own damn billion dollar company & do it yourself! have you seen the latest and greatest ideas comming from that site?? the majority are all things starbucks has already been planning (and has given pr notices about).


Why don't you post the concept of rewarding utilized ideas/suggestions on the suggestion site?!

The concept of a suggestion box has been around for ages. I don't know of anyone who has expected to be rewarded for implementation. The idea is to suggest things that make your life easier. If it gets adopted, you win!

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