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March 19, 2008


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Vicki Verona

"Don Valencia, investor of frappuccino extract, passed away"

Vicki Verona

Operating Margins highly impacted by increase in commodities like dairy.

9 billion in revenue, we hit EPS target

Vicki Verona

FY 09 will be the first year in history where international growth will exceed US growth

Vicki Verona

I didn't hear this all the way, but he said something about utilizing retail stores more in respect to whole bean/retail would be a $1 billion idea.....sketchy quote so don't take it literally.

Vicki Verona

Transformational Agenda started in 3 buckets

3 buckets:
1 ) enhance US business
2) Reignite emotional connection with partners and customers
3) Make big investments for the future

Vicki Verona

Howard is playing a news story about the kidney donation by a barista to a customer. He is playing this story to remind us about being in the people business serving coffee.



Does it make me a bad person to say that I'd never donate a kidney to a customer?

Vicki Verona

Howard gets a roaring laughter when he mentions he didn't forecast how much PR that Starbucks got for the store closure/re-training session.

Vicki Verona

Playing Dennis Leary clip I think?


That's the Stephen Colbert footage.

Vicki Verona

".....and people wonder why we don't advertise"

roaring laughter from crowd


Here's a link to the Colbert/Starbucks footage that was just played...


Vicki Verona

"We're not going to embrace the status quo"

Vicki Verona

He is now talking about manual vs automatic machines in a dialogue with a SBUX exec.


Thanks Vicki for the play-by-play. I tried to load the webcast but no luck. It wouldn't connect. Imagine their link is swamped right now.


Really appreciate you guys doing this. Its taking forever to dl firefox so I can listen! Caring green apron card for sure


mistrena? does anyone have a pic?

Vicki Verona

"What can we do to significantly enhance the perfect shot of espresso?"


I think he said "Mistretto"


the applause is a little forced ie contrived.



Thank you so much for the live blog. you are my hero, at the moment.

Vicki Verona

New espresso machine will have height reduction so you can see your customers again while on bar.

Vicki Verona

They are demonstrating the new machine live in front of the audience.

Vicki Verona

New machine has digital timer display and it will automatically show shot times of each shot as you pull it.


Ditto, thanks so much Vicki, I'm listening to the webcast while at the same time reading your commentary.


Woah, what does this mean? Are they going to really roll out new machines, or is this just for new stores?? Hum. listening to this on my lunch break! Very intresting.

Same here, does that make me a dork?

Vicki Verona

The machine has been tested in certain stores for 3 months


75% of stores will have the machine by the end of 2010

Vicki Verona

30% of US stores will have machine by end of the year, 75% by end of 2010

Vicki Verona

2nd bold initiative is about to debut....


This is the company that's making the new machines -- Switzerland-based Thermoplan.


Vicki Verona

With regards to coffee farmers and giving back....


Are these the same machines that some stores around Seattle have had for a few years? I know that Coal Creek Parkway on the east side has had machines that look similar. Does anybody know. I posed the question on my site as well.


Did he annouce if these were only for US stores?

Vicki Verona

How we're sourcing coffee....

I. Am. Legendary.

The webcast won't load for me!! Grrr!! Thanks for the play-by-play Vicki!

I look forward to these changes, as I just found out I'm being promoted to shift supervisor!!

Go Starbucks!!


omg i cant believe today is finally here! thisis so exciting!


Same here, does that make me a dork?

Posted by: | Mar 19, 2008 10:43:48 AM

If you are, then I am too because I'm doing the same thing...as well as watching the stock...

Vicki Verona

Howard sure has a way of building suspense.....so he's showing a video about Conservation International


My friends think I am crazy for being so ridiculously interested in this. Hopefully the new machines hit the Grande stores first, I want to use them!

I'm doing all 3 -- listening, reading SBUX Gossip, watching the stock....PLUS shopping on eBay :)


Not the same machines as the ones they tested a few years back, that some stores still have.


If you're using firefox you cant see teh webcast, switch to IE like I did and download the activex control

It's worth is!! YAY!

Vicki Verona

Co-chairman of Conservation International now speaking....

Vicki Verona

In response to global climate change....


You guys aren't dork you're on your lunch break. I rushed home from work and am currently texting the play by plays to my sm and asm. Then I'm planning on printing it out and taking it to my store as soon as it ends to discuss with everyone else...and yes they do make fun of me :P

My store is getting renovated in May , do you think as part of the renovation they would install these new machines?


ugh just tell me what the partnership is!

Vicki Verona

OMG this is going to make my bladder explode

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