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July 20, 2008


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Phil Miranda

I was in total shock to learn that the Starbukcs in my neighborhood was on the list of 600. I reside in a city of about 200,000 and we have quite a few Starbucks around town, yet our very own was not spared. I just made a site taking a poll on who's being affected and how they feel. I'm interested in your feedback about the possibility of voicing all of our concerns to the Starbucks headquarters to see if they maybe reconsider. Hey...you never know until you try.



I'd like to recommend that customers voice their concerns with the all mighty dollar- this is why these stores are closing in the first place, when all is said and done they are not profitable. Exercise your interest in saving your Starbucks by your purchasing power. That'll do it much more swiftly than putting adding your name to a petition list.


Starbucks is in the process of terminating leases.

How do you think it would be if Starbucks entered into a lease, illegally terminated it (and pays the fine), and then attempts to re-enter the lease?

WTF? Seriously?


The statistic cited for NY, where it says 72 percent of stores slated for closure are "near" another Sbux, is unclear. In Manhattan, ALL of the Starbucks closing are within a few blocks of several other Starbucks. That's not the case for the other boros or other parts of NY state.

"Near" in Manhattan means a few blocks walking distance, while "near" in other places might mean a 2 mile drive.


Well, I can't say for the rest on the boros, but the store they are closing in Brooklyn is about four blocks from on store and about nine from two others.


Being "near" for us makes it a 45-50 minute one way drive in any direction, (N, S, E or W)...yeah that's near.


This is NOT what the company hoped for. They'd prefer if you just politely went to another store, thank you.


Truth: I'm not sure why people are so harsh to you. I find you pretty spot on most of the time.


I agree with Tangalang re. Truth. People don't like the long and short of the business realities that Starbucks faces, but I agree that you can't continue to bolster failing stores just because people think they need a Starbucks in their community.

No one could need a brand that badly to petition it as they would a social service, and of course they didn't anyway if the sales in some of these stores did not support their costs.

You can still hop down to any Ralph's or Kroger and grab a bag of Sumatra blend for $9.99 and brew it at home, honestly.

I personally feel that at least in New York--where in some parts of town you can literally stare at one Starbucks while sitting inside of another Starbucks--too many stores hurt the company's brand perception and brought it down to the level where people often compare them to a McDonald's.

And that's a damn shame, because the experience of grabbing a latte at McDonalds or Dunking Donuts is an insult to the one that you can still get at any Starbucks.


Dunking=Dunkin. ;)


Cost of getting goods to remote stores (further from local distributors) is higher, and thus they start out less profitable. With rising gas prices, much less profitable -- thus many remote stores don't make the cut profit-wise. The shareholders will get what they want; the small towns affected are just SOL.

Bill, the amused

Oh, of course, a petition. Because we all know how well THOSE work!


Apparently they work very well, Bill. They're bringing back (or rather, keeping) those god awful sandwiches.


Only one Starbucks in my city (St. Petersburg, Fla.) is closing, and it only opened about two months ago. The closest Starbucks to that particular store is less than a mile away, and the residents of St. Pete will still have about 10 other stores to choose from.


Can someone confirm this rumor that the sandwiches are here to stay? I could make the day of at least 20 people in my life, who are all giving me a hard time about getting rid of the sandwiches...

Barista Brat

Ahhh, the fickle masses...

Westcoast Barista

The word is that the breakfast sandwiches are here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future) since a suitable replacement has yet to be found for them. Also, the composition of the breakfast sandwiches have changed just enough (ex. slightly less cheese, less butter mix in the egg and bun, etc.) so that the vinegary smell should be far less of an issue from now on.

Now, if they can only do the same with those darn bananas!!

Carol Holmes

Media coverage and postive protests is our way of sending a SOS (Save Our Starbucks) to Howard. For the residents of the M-Street in Dallas, TX - this is our third place and what Howard envisioned. We are a community trying to keep its corporation and we cannot just go to another Starbucks as there is no room, no parking, and NOT our team of baristas!!

Check out our website www.savelowergreenvillestarbucks.com


Illegally termintaes a lease?

They're not illegally terminating anything, they are exercising their right for early termintaion which is written into all commercial leases. And it's not a "fine", it's the cost of early termintaion the formula for which is also usually written into leases.

Know at least a little of what your trying to talkabout dude.



I can't confirm from first hand experience, but an acquaintance of mine has told me she was sat down with her DM and they told her the sandwiches were here to stay. Due to the overwhelming response of the masses- ie websites like savethebreakfastsandwich.com. Sure it's strained information, but it's the best I've got. Haha.


Luckily none of the Starbucks locations here in Greensboro, NC are shutting down. I was really worried that the one near my house would close. My boyfriend works there, and so do several of my good personal friends. Its our meeting place, our hang out spot. I'm so relieved that it wasn't on the list. I feel like a part of me was spared. Well, I know that sounds dramatic but if it wasn't put there, I would never have met all these wonderful people in my life. Cheers to Seattle! Thanks for not closing down Starbucks off I-85 and S. Elm-Eugene St.!!!!!

Ex Bux Pgh

I wish they'd close some of the stores around my area. The places are nasty, and the DMs and SMs think they're royalty.

Ms. Pants

They're closing a store near me that only opened a few months ago. It's a beautiful store and I feel like it was given the short end of the stick. A couple of months to be a top-seller?

Also, there are two downtown Houston stores closing--yes, they're within a few blocks of one another but both always have lines. Meanwhile, two more that are literally on top of one another (one on the 3rd floor, one on the 2nd) in a local mall are staying open. As are the TWO that are literally across the street from one another, one on each corner.

I don't get it.


My store is pegged for closure because the rent at my location is ridiculously high. Here's what I hate: people saying that Starbucks is closing stores that are "under-performing." My store is NOT under-performing. It's performing better than 4 other stores in my district (in sales) even though my store is open less hours (mall store) and has no drive-thru (every other store in my district has one). However, the jackasses who signed the lease contract didn't care how much the rent was, as long as they got the contract signed. Why? Because their bonus was based on the number of signed leases, not the number of INTELLIGENTLY signed leases. My store is quite busy and I out-performed every store in my district on blended lemonade (5.35 UPH), and am currently number two with Vivannos (8.98 UPH). But, we're closing because the monthly rent amount, coupled with associated costs (mall cam charges, etc.), is almost equal to 1/2 of our monthly sales. My question is, who approved this contract? I hope they got fired because it's not my fault my store has unreasonable rent. My controllables are such that, if we had a decent lease, I'd be staying open. Fortunately, my DM (who is really cool), sees this and I'm reasonably sure that I won't lose my job. But, I'll probably have to start driving a much greater distance, losing a greater portion of my paycheck to gas money. That sucks. Anyway, to the point, many of my regulars have suggested some sort of protest to keep our store open. As I have told them, don't bitch at Starbucks, bitch at the mall, who is over-charging for our rent. My slim hope is that Starbucks lawyers and the mall can reach an agreement to lower our rent and allow us to stay. (Please?)

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