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July 07, 2008


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Hmmm. That's a great idea. Wonder where that might have come from?

closed stores

I am tracking the closed locations on my closed site.

closed stores

forgot to include the link to the site



Closed Stores -- It appears you're relying on this site for all your information. Why don't you credit?


imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Charles Colton


Closed stores -

Thanks for posting the list of closing stores. It's nice to be able to go somewhere to see which ones are closing.

I noticed that you listed the Omaha, NE store. I was there in January visiting and it had just opened. It's a pretty nice drive through store but it's not in the best location for Omaha.


Of course there are some people going to mystarbucksidea.com and posting information there as well. I was very curious to see an idea thread that says that a "Magic Johnson" location in San Diego is closing.

Does anyone know anything about that, and what's different about a "Magic Johnson" location?


Also from posts at mystarbucksidea.com:

A store in Red Wing, MN is closing.

A store at 2113 Nash Street, Wilson, NC is closing.

And I'm still wishing the best of luck to all those partners who end up with no job because of this. Good luck.


Magic Johnson has been the only person able to "franchise" a Starbucks. He opens stores in Urban, Inner-city neighborhoods. Here's a link to an article printed in 1999.

The two people recently shot at an Atlanta Starbucks were at a Magic Johnson store.


Oops! Forgot to add the link...


closed stores

DONE! I apologize for not giving your site credit. A lot of the information I researched did come from news stories from the net, but many of the leads came from your site -- and for that, I added a link to your site as a source.

The goal of this website is to let fans of Starbucks know the stores that are closing and share their stories.

I appreciate you correcting me in my error of not "citing my sources."


This store has been notified and will close July 31.

Country Club Hills-167th & Crawford
4019 W. 167th St.
Country Club Hills, IL 60478


It seems as though the store closing blog and Seattle Times missed the one in Wilson NC.

From mystarbucksidea.com:

A store in Bartlett, TN is closing. (Bartlett TN, Hwy 70 and Brother Boulevard).

A store in Mt. Pleasant, TX is closing.

That's about all I see on mystarbucksidea.com


Amazing how many partners will sell out for their 15 minutes...

Can't keep our traps shut, that will be the reason this company goes down...

There is no need to know, no right to know, and this will come back to bite us all in the arse. You all are whining about not being able to be "in the know" and this is EXACTLY why...

I expect to be hated on for posting this- but think for a minute about what you're really doing here- you are undermining this company, and whether or not you agree with the approach, it's not up to you to release this data.

AND I'm just as much in jeopordy of losing my job, so I'm not sitting on a pedestal here. I'm just sayin', it really dissapoints me to see how much our partners' character have changed.


The sbuxclosing blog site doesn't work


I'm not hating on you but the information regarding the stores closing by July 31 has already been released. The partners have been informed and the customers also know.

And this company undermined itself quite some time ago when it began doing things with it's eye solely on the bottom line. Profitability is something...not the only thing.

closed stores

Eric, try this link..


I updated, thanks to this site..


Wow PRIDE, for somebody who believes in being all sunshine, this sure rubs you the wrong way. I guess Starbucks ain't perfect, is it?

For one, I'm glad this is happening. Now, not for the people and their jobs being lost, but this company needs to cut some fat fast. This is a welcome start, and maybe things are going in ways to where Howard can turn it around.

Now, price increases on popular items such as the frozen drinks should be next, as people (especially large ones) tend to get addicted to it. Also, cutting more costs such as chocolate whipped creme and add on powders (fiber, energy) will help steer this company in the right direction.


Closed stores - Where did you find the store numbers for your list?
Just curious.


what does it matter where he find his numbers... maybe he works for starbucks... maybe he knows someone... they are on the customer comment cards on the cond. bar...


For the list:

#3348 - Orchards
6700 NE 162nd Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98682

My old store...just transfered 2 months ago. :(

missed the experience..

Maxtown in Columbus Ohio to close

Cali ASM

Judging from the map, it seems as if they are starting on the East coast and working their way West. Still wondering what stores in the Central Valley of California are closing!?!?


I am a Barista, and it saddens me that "Shultz" is straying from the original reasons that his Father instilled in him long ago..............
and I quote from an interview in Forbes.......
"It's not all about the money, it's about providing a quality drink to the consumer that they never had before, it's about people that CAN work a 20 hr work week and offering Health Insurance they can afford, it's about an AMERICAN OWNED Company that gives back to it's PARTNERS & the Community.

Yes folks, I drank the "Kool Aid" and it is a great place to work, the benefits are incredidle, bar none. It is a place where you work as a team. Why people make fun, I don't think they can understand until they have walked in our shoes. I truly feel for all the Barista's that are going to lose their job. I pray that Starbucks will continue to be "American Owned". Face it, their aren't that many left, that in itself is very sad!!!


Ownership of Starbucks might go the way of Carbou Coffee--an Islamic Bank in Bahrain has a large financial stake in Caribou's majority shareholder


Today I heard in Burbank CA, Victory and Empire was closing, but the manager doesn't even know yet. I am in a neighboring district and found out before her.
that sux.


Burbank? Wow. Any news on stores in West LA or in Santa Monica? That's the area where I used to work.


Cali ASM, where are you in the Central Valley? I'm here too. Just heard None from our district but a few VERY close.


In Las Cruces, NM, a city of about 80,000 people, there's only one store that opened before 2006--at Telshor and Lohman. In quick succession, 4 more were opened, 2 in 2006 and 1 in either late 2007 or early 2008. One is scheduled to open. There is also one licensed store at a Barnes and Noble.

If I had to guess, I'd guess that at the very least the stores on North Main (2007/8) and at Telshor and Commerce (2006) will close, and that either the University Ave. location will fail to open (it's near a bunch of other coffee places) or, if it does, the Valley Drive location will also close. Two Starbucks locations makes more sense than 5.


WTOV-TV reports that the Starbucks at the Highlands in Wheeling, Ohio is closing. Here's the story:



The Starbucks in downtown Jackson, Tenn. is closing.



didn't that burbank store just open?
this is crazy.


Two stores in the Rocester NY area are closing.
Greece store # 7343
Geneseo NY store

Summer Vacation

"Magic Johnson" stores are not really a franchise, it's a partnership of sorts. Those stores are categorized as UCO stores- Urban Coffee Opportunity. He has an affilitation with the stores and there are certain elements that have to be included from a graphic standpoint (or at least there used to be), but they are still owned and operated by Starbucks. Most of these stores are in areas that are more economically diverse than what would typically be targeted.

Pat Nerr

I kinda like the map of closing stores. Starbucks really dropped the ball on that one. THEY should have been the ones to have a site with the Google map and charted stores as they've been told they're closing... and then allow comments on each location... Make this whole store closure thing "fun"...


The RDO of the Michigan market said that 20% of stores in the MI region are closing (93 stores, most of which are huddled around the burbs of Detroit). There's no official word as to which ones, we've been told that we will find out this Thursday of our status. In the meantime we are on pins and needles. The store that currently understaffed could be considered "under-performing"...
Other announcements made were:
All capped-out partners will receive a raise.

The sandwich program is returning (don't know when, it was canceled, a sandwich was never served in the MI market, for those who did not know).

We will be serving oatmeal.

There is other news for the MI market that is being trickled down- some major changes apparently due to our struggling economy. That's all I can say for now...It doesn't look good for us out here...

Cali ASM

Cali ASM, where are you in the Central Valley? I'm here too. Just heard None from our district but a few VERY close.

Posted by: LoyalASM | Jul 8, 2008 12:53:14 AM

I am in Merced County. There are four stores in Merced and three in neighboring Atwater! Talk about canniblization. That's what has happened in my area. When I first started working in my store in 2004 we were doing almost $30,000/wk (we are a cafe store by the way). As soon as more stores began opening we went down to $25,000, and now we're lucky to hit $20,000 this summer (last week only $17,000 because of the 4th, though). Maybe this is okay compared to other stores but to me this is still ridiculous.

Loyal ASM, where are you from? You said you haven't heard of any store closures in your area but nearby? where?


Wait we are serving oatmeal? Since when!!!!! Is that the new hot breakfast they are talking about? Dear god i hope not


Which is worse? Fruit flies from bananas or clean-up of crusty oatmeal bowls at the end of a long day?


The new berry stella (whole wheat+oatmeal+real berries) starts with the 2 Vivannos on July 15th. I tried it -- it's really much better and healthier for you than a muffin or a scone. The taste is great and the ingredients' list looked appealing. Nothing artificial. Too bad it's not very big -- roughly half or a muffin. So, perhaps buying 2 or breakfast is a good idea. It reminds me of one of those healthy outmeal bars you can get from the organic section of your local grocery store -- for much cheaper of course.


Hi welcome to Starbucks would you like a try a vanilla latte today? No how about a nice bowl of quaker oats? yummm..........

Please tell me this is false


There are currently 7 stores in Nebraska. 5 in Omaha, 1 in Kearney and 1 in Grand Island.

What you learn in business school

P.R.I.D.E. --

It's pretty naive of Starbucks to assume that the news of the stores closing isn't going to get out.

Any smart company knows that if you don't manage the story, the story winds up managing you. By announcing the number of closings without revealing the list of stores, the company has created this atmosphere of rumor and innuendo as everyone wonders if their favorite store is going under.

As a result, they've turned a story that would have been done with in a day or two into one that has a lot more legs. Not a good choice on the company's part.

worried mi partner

Michigan - thanks so much for posting that information. I'm a MI partner in a relatively new store, but not in the metro Detroit area, who can't imagine how our store is staying open but fellow partners are assuring me we will. I'm trying to find out any info I can.

Lou Sussler

"Profitability is something...not the only thing."

Actually not true, profitability is the first and most important thing a commercial enterprise has to attain.

If it isn't making a profit, it isn't going to be around for very long.

Perhaps you should have said "Focusing on maximizing profitability is something...not the only thing."


Jay Leno joked about Starbucks closing 600 stores in his monologue on "The Tonight Show" last night. When he mentioned that "Starbucks announced they are closing 600 stores..." there were a few people in the audience who cheered.

During the show I noticed a commercial for Jack-in-the-Box advertising their new coffee beverages (including iced lattes). So, apparently Jack is jumping on the compete-with-SBUX bandwagon.

By the way, I had an iced McLatte at McDonald's yesterday morning. I ordered a medium nonfat iced latte. The clerk pushed flavoring. No, I don't want flavoring. The latte I got had vanilla flavoring. I took it back and asked them to remake it. My new latte came with no flavoring but it was made with something other than nonfat milk. I gave up and just drank it. McAwful.


My district has 4 stores closing!

Dallas Texas:

#6280 Preston@Beltline
#6666 Coit@190 (Plano, TX)
#14144 Coit@635
#10759 635@Montfort


@Michigan: Damn. I was just thinking about the stores in this area (metro Detroit) and have the sinking feeling one of the locations I tend to visit (Groesbeck & Utica) is probably going to close. It's kind of a weird location, and there are hardly ever any people there. I really hope they stay open, for their sake (and, selfishly, mine). God knows we don't need more people out of jobs in this economy.


I am worried about the whole Micigan thing..thats not going to be good. But wait i have not heard of any other states with oatmeal. Are we a test? WHy would they close all their test stores?


It makes me sad everytime people post about their store closing. I feel for both the employees and then the customers are missing out too! But honestly, I've often wondered how the warm Starbucks stores (sunbelt states) do well. They must sell a lot of fraps or iced coffee???

There are some very unhappy customers:


^ There's someone who says that Fremont, NE is losing its only company-operated Starbucks. I looked at the Starbucks store locator and it looks like there will be one licensed location left (I assume because it looks like a grocery store) in Fremont, NE, or that customers (and I assume transferred partners) can drive out to Omaha, NE.

Drive safely, and best of luck to you in Nebraska. :( Wishing you all the best.

I just find this to be such a sad sad thread.


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