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July 02, 2008


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I already called a friend and squared myself away with a new job. I know when to leave a sinking ship.


For all of those who already had one foot out the door, please follow alreadygone's lead.

The rest of us are fully committed and would prefer to be surrounded by those who are as well.

Pat Nerr

says the band on the deck of the Titanic...


your commitment to your job will be irrelevant if you're laid off and can't find another store to transfer to.



We need to be profitable. Even with these 600 stores closing, we are not even close to being "SAFE" from being bought out and turned into watered-down licensed stores.

While it is truly sad that 12000 of us will have to relocate (or take a severance package), this saves the other 150000 partners from a buy-out.

For now, make your store as profitable as possible. 600 could be just a start. My district is working harder than ever this quarter so it won't be us.

There were a couple options for Howard. Sell the company to someone who would convert company operated stores into licensed stores by somebody who didn't care about the Starbucks brand, just a profit (thus, getting rid of health benefits, some standards, and amazing partners)....

OR make the company profitable again and save us from being bought out.


I live in a place where people NEED employees. Finding a new job, if your only job was a 7-11 dollar an hour Starbucks job, is no sweat.


Closing 600 stores out of over 7,000 nationally, and 160000 internationally, is not what I'd compare to the analogy of the Titanic.

Good try though. Please, keep leaving by the droves, cynics. We'll pat you on the back on the way out...


How is that new Kool-aid frap tasting these days? Cuz it tastes alot like unemployment to me


tempsol- Funny how MCD have stores on every corner, and they aren't complaining about the economy, overlapping stores, diluted brand, lazy employees, too-rapid growth.

It's not how/where you are selling it. It's what you are selling.


I left the ship a year before it sank, but it was beginning to tip even before this...


I hope my old district manager is the first one to go in PA...


I'm holding the door open for you, keep going cynics, I'll give you a smile and a handshake on the way out. Heck, I'll even pretend to play the violin so you can snicker about your lame titanic jokes on the way out. And I'll be laughing right back.

This is exactly what we needed. This is the perfect plan to get the right people out of here.

Don't get me wrong, I know we'll lose some good casulties as well, but for the most part, the whiners and complainers can't handle the heat and they need to run.

I'm holding the door open...the more of you that leave, the more opportunity there is for the rest of us who are committed to stay.

Managers, this is your opportunity to cut your lowest common denominator that is not on board with the plan. I would do so within the next week or so.

Pat Nerr

Hmmmm... that would be nearly 10% of the US stores. So maybe the ship hasn't hit the bottom, but it definitely hit the iceberg head on...

600 stores is 4.5 times the amount of store the company had the day I started. Seems like a lot to me... just sayin'


Staying loyal to the company may help but probably not, with around 12,000 facing the loss of a job they will pick relatively few to relocate to another store. Of course relocating may require picking up and moving you and your family to another state at your cost. Can you afford that? No, not at least looking to see what other jobs are available in your area is very foolish considering that the chance of a specific person to be chosen is slim.


It seems that if you are already gone from the company, and you still look at this website, you know you made a bad mistake and are still trying to convince yourself of it. You know you hate your new job and wished you had stayed with the "buck." You would have got alot of them, if you would have ridden this storm out.

You know you miss the green. We'll all feel sorry for you.


Yeah, get rid of the bad partners, right? We had two shift managers quit recently, one was a ten year partner, the other a 6 year partner. Both were top notch, both had more mug awards, green apron cards, and personal acknowledgments from customers than you can shake a stick at. They quit because they could find better jobs that weren't jerking them around.
Starting pay in my city is 7.50 and hour, benefits for part time as usual. The dairy queen up the road offers benefits, and 8.50 an hour starting pay. hmm, somethings not right here, can you guess what it is?


I left in April, after 7+ years. I could see the hand writing on the wall. And guess what? I don't have to worry about getting enough hours, and even though I'm a cashier, I'm making MORE then I did after 7+ years at Starbucks. At first I was happy that Howard was back, but the changes were mostly PR,so.. If you like the Kool-Aid flavored Frap, then fine, but its not whats going to get Starbucks through a Depression, yes a Depression.


Yes... THIS is the right plan. Not the last plan. Or the one before it. THIS plan is the one everyone should put total faith in. Not PPR. Not Green. Not Clover.

THIS is the plan. (Now just sip this and everything will be just....fine.....)

Some of you remind me of the old communist claptrap. The "12th 4-year plan" and such. Just keep throwing stuff out there, and some will actually buy it.


With the comment that the closings will center in areas of mortgage crisis, it leads me to believe that they will be U.S. stores only. I wish those that lose their jobs good luck in finding another. Starbucks isn't the only company laying off workers and even more employers are no longer hiring. If you live in one of these depressed areas where jobs are scarce and you hold on to hope that starbucks will not lay you off. Then if you do lose your job don't whine.

Tall Drip

I heard the employees talking about it at the store I frequent in the morning. The store manager didn't seem overly concerned, as his store is an older store in a fairly affluent area - he pretty much agreed with the move.


"Just keep throwing stuff out there, and some will actually buy it."

Wow sounds like you can't take a taste of your own medicine, Truth...

"My Heart will Go On"...is currently being played on the violin just for you.

Just because you have the time to post every minute on this site, you don't persuade me. You're really transparent and your rhetoric is shallow at best.

You know why good partners leave? Because they're tired of being surrounded by mediocre whiners. So keep walkin, I'll even patronize you by nodding and pretending to agree that "sure we're going down, better get outta here right away! I can imagine how many companies will be fighting over you! Why even try to stick it out? Just go, and go quickly. You'll be much cooler that way!"


Snrkt. Yeah Stillhere, THAT's why good partners are leaving, it's because bad partners are staying. Not because their stock is worth diddly, not that they aren't getting promoted because the company decided to cut back, not because they're treated like simpletons with every new promotion, and certainly not because there are other jobs out there that simply pay better for more rewarding work. Nope, it's the bad people who for some reason stay, when you are dancing because inexplicably the same ones are leaving.
Hold on, let me get my gps, so I can follow your trail of logic.

Tall Drip

"We need to be profitable. Even with these 600 stores closing, we are not even close to being "SAFE" from being bought out and turned into watered-down licensed stores."

As I understand it, SBUX *is* profitable. There's a difference between being a high-flying, unsustainable "growth company" and being a mature, viable business that turns a modest profit year after year.

The go-go years are GONE, most likely never to return. They probably shouldn't have been in the first place. I believe that Howard is just re-positioning the company to reflect reality. There will be no double-digit % stock growth, just a modestly successful, mature company.

USA-style capitalism never seems to learn its lesson.....you can't just grow, grow, grow and grow some more constantly. Simply "lacking growth" or "lacking growth potential" doesn't mean you're not running a successful business. You can make money and keep the company going without opening 3 new stores in an area that already has 5.

Will it be a high-flying darling of Wall Street? No. SBUX, welcome to reality. It sounds like the SBUX management finally woke up and took some entry-level business courses.

Still a Partner

I thought this was a discussion on things people have heard about todays happenings....not just a praise or bitch the move and praise or bitch peoples personal resulting decisions.

but what I have heard is that stores that are being closed WILL be informed by the time their store closes today (this includes partners)

my store personally is set to be merged with the one down the street...as far as future jobs go, we dont know but I'd sure appreciate it if this discussion could be about topics like I just stated...thanks

Sinking ship

To all the naysayers, unless you are proud to be Howard Schultz’s partner you should just leave. I mean when those let go pick up their unemployment checks they will no doubt be celebrating the fact their hard work allowed their partner Howard to buy a beautiful $20 million dollar condo in NYC, a professional basketball team (that he sold to out of towners for a huge profit, but that would never happen to Starbucks), etc.

And to all those who think the tens of thousand of people losing their jobs at Starbucks were just dispensable employees rather than Howard’s partners, I say you just cannot understand what a unique and special place Starbucks is. Go Howard Go.

what about me

I have been a partner for about 10 months, never been given enough hours for benefits or anything (apparantly its more important that my manager has 30 employees that work 8 hours a week and have "backup" than actually letting people make money)
I am pretty sure my store will close
We NEVER hit our daily sales goal of about 1900-2000. We go over on labor due to a new manager that just cant get it, and just ya...

Will any of the lowly baristas like me get any sort of severance... maybe a weeks pay or 2 (which would really only be like 80 bucks a week)
I am leaving for school and probably going to quit anyways... but if we are a july close thats 3 weeks of money that I really need.
Just wonderin.


I know that the RM's have a list of all the stores closing in their areas. Anyone seen the list? Care to share?


I asked someone at my local SBUX this morning. They excused themselves, went to McDonalds, came back with a hot coffee, and threw it at my crotch.

I promptly paid for my half-caf and walked out, vowing to never return until tomorrow.

Anonymous Old School

To StillHereAndHappy,

You're one deluded gippy schmuck.

And I can still kick your a$$ with the LaMarzocco any time and day.

Enjoy your Mastrena, push button monkey.



WHAT? I'm bewildered by that post. If what you wrote was true, you should've called the police. Throwing something at someone intentionally is "assault" or at a minimum some sort of attempted assault depending on how your state defines these kinds of laws.

Was that a barista that did that? Called Customer Relations!!

I hope you just wrote your post for shock effect.

What worries me the most is NOT that the condo cost $20 million. Rather that it's in NYC. It's human nature that you buy homes in places you want to be. I'd be much happier to hear that Howard bought a $20 million dollar Seattle home. A very small part of me worries that the NYC condo is a sign that he's just going to abandon Starbucks. I believe that he wouldn't but my overly emotional side sees the condo in NYC as 'he's moving on ... and to the other coast ...' :-( :-(


Yes, I'm sick of people asking about it already. I have heard that none of the closures are going to be in FL. Crossin my fingers...


Wow, how does the world look through you rose colored glasses? There is being optomsitc, and then there is denial. I'm not saying Starbucks is going to sink, or go belly up (bought out, maybe). Starbucks time at the top however, is over. They have to start accepting that they will not be THE leader in the coffee world, but rather A leader.


@13year-- Funniest post of the year.

Even funnier is that some don't get the satire.

viet coffee


Starbucks' media relations warning posted earlier on this blog (aimed at a Seattle-based journalist and lippy partners) is standard stuff for a PR dept during time of change like store closures. But the staging of this one was pretty lame, and probably just the work of a jr. PR manager, and not approved beforehand by dept.

- PR dept.'s don't get into a pissing match with a journalist in a blog; they pick up the phone.
- PR communicates to company employees about media policy by way of company intranet.

Having said that, IF the gossip posting was approved by Starbucks PR, then the company has another dept to clean.


Im in the mid atlantic region and I will tell you that my store won't know whether or not it is closing for another 30 days. Great way to keep morale high! This is inane BS.


14:54 07/02 DJ Starbucks (SBUX) Block: 1,000,000 Shrs At 15.69
Somebody just bought 1,000,000 shares


Say what you will about this company. I have never seen such passion about another company like I do about Starbucks. That to me says a lot. I'm sure my store is safe, we are very profitable. I do know some other stores in my area that may be on this list. I will definitely open my store to any misplaced baristas in my area. I'm sure every SM feels the way I do, we will help as much as we can, that's a promise!!!



you won't be left behind. your manager apparently sucks, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer for it. from what i was briefed on last night, all partners have the opportunity to be placed in other stores if they want. if not, a severance [unknown at this point, sadly] will be offered, and you can certainly take advantage of the cup fund as well, that's why it's there. good luck to you.

i haven't heard anything in my market yet [cincinnati], but i'm expecting a call after the dist meeting as i go in for my closing shift tonight. my store is in an affluent community, and generally pretty well performing, so i'm not too worried, but i am worried about other partners i know. i'm got my fingers crossed for people with families and illnesses. i know i'd be screwed without the benefits.


what about all the ridiculous DRAMA that oozes from SBUX cafes? I've never worked somewhere with so much drama and ridiculous, immature people...even the 'grown-ups' that are there, including the manager, who is completely 2-faced...I'm glad I'm no longer there. It's too bad really...because it could have been a great place to work...but I got tired of the whiners!!!


As a loyal customer (and stockholder) I really think this is a smart move. Consolidate and focus - I have been increasingly disappointed in the downgrade of service across my area (Wash DC) and can't tell you how many times I placed my order only to have the barista behind the register totally mangle my drink when calling it, having to ask several times what my drink was again...only once has a barista behind a bar (I think he must have been a manager) told the barista to call it correctly. Details matter as does appearing to know how to do your job. Don't get me wrong - I can appreciate how difficult it is and would imagine that I'd probably be horrible at learning everything, but Starbucks used to be known for their consistency and now...not so much.


@13year-- Funniest post of the year.


Even funnier is that some don't get the satire.

DOUBLE AMEN. Thanks for the humor. :)



How can you find out that someone just purchase 1 million shares?


@ Curious

RM's and DM's have the ones closing by the end of the month. The rest will be announced by the 11th.


Since it says U.S. company owned stores we're save in Canada, right? RIGHT?????


I have a Bloomberg and it shows news as it happens.


I know the DM's have the complete list already with orders to let all the stores know whether they're in or out by next Friday. "Have a nice day! and we'll let you know after the July 4 pop whether you still have a job."


MEE: yes all international stores (Canadian included) are safe.

This is the most difficult part of the transformation so far. It's almost embarrassing explaining to customers what's going on. I really hate to see my company in such a negative spotlight.

Sorry to any partners that might lose their jobs, but Starbucks did say that they will be placing as many partners as possible. If there are partners not being placed, maybe there's a reason...just saying....


I'm confident our store has nothing to worry about - both because of our sales and and because we are the flagship store for our city - but, I feel for every single partner who has worked so hard for this company that will be kicked to the curb. I know it's necessary, and without the closures of these stores (that shouldn't have been opened to begin with) the company would be in a much worse position.

I do agree that Leadership needs to be canceled. Have some kind of video streamed over the portal for managers and call it a day. It is ridiculous and a slap in the face to partners who will be losing their jobs to continue to spend money on this conference this year.


I was a assistant store mangager a year ago and left the company at that time. They have lost focus on what that were originally about. Also, the managerial pay was way below scale for the work required of you. I am in a new profession making twice as much money. I can truthfully say I am extremely glad I left and can see that the company is on a downward spiral.


I was told by my DM this morning that the official list of stores being closed will not be out until next week, at which time all the SMs in our region will receive a phone call as to whether their stores will be staying open or not. The only stores that were to find out today that they are closing are the first 50 to be closed by the end of July. New Jersey does not have any of those 50 stores on the initial list.

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