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October 21, 2008


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Coffee Soldier

I use my i-tunes cards to light my wood stove after I download the songs!


.....And this is good for the environment?
I mean we already get a bad rap, this is such a waste.

Pat Nerr

at least it gets one more use before heading to the landfill... My kids would love (and break it quickly) the tie-fighter

I would say "I am gonna build a boat!" but someone already did that with starbucks stuff! :(

Hmm. It's always been my dream to melt down the starbucks cards we get (we get a ton that people don't want) and make like..army men, or lawn furniture. I wouldn't even know how to go about doing such a thing though, and the fumes? Might be a bad idea!

Off topic:
Does anyone else have new higher sales/wk requirements for stores to earn an ASM?

non-fat americano

Thats ridiculous! If they all came from cups and things he had used prior that would make a lot more sense.


i think that the important question is What can you get for free from Starbucks?

i know that if you complain enough you get basically everything free or comped, especially when you get those free drink coupons. for the real hard-hitters out there, call up the customer service desk and complain (it really helps to have real employee's names) and they'll send gift cards to you with an apology. keep that up pretty regularly, and you'll get free coffee for life. you can always find something to complain about, especially at starbucks.

Stores must have $17,000 in weekly sales to earn an ASM


trm_399: Ya know, when a person goes through the trouble of looking for a complaint just to get a free drink, that is stealing.
Lets hope most people would rather have self respect and honor instead of a free drink. I doubt you are one of them.


Nice personal attack there spence. I think the author of that post was using some sarcasm. Ever heard of it?


I was told that a store in my district had to earn $20,000/wk for an asm.


As far as I know its up to the DM of every district to decide when to put an ASM in a store.

Im sure they all have different marking points to make the decision and I think they take more into the scope such as the projected earnings of the store and current SM's needs. And then there is always the question of having a really great ASM candidate- if theres no one quite ready for promotion and no externals on the horizon Im sure a store will go without an ASM until there is such a person.


trm_399 and Miss Lee:
I'm turning red over here. Beet red. I'm sorry if I misunderstood the post. No excuses.


the determination is up to the store's weekly sales. Starbucks' policy is 17000 dollars to get an ASM, but it is always up to the DM/RM on whether or not they think the store needs one. i can say my manager has done well w/o an ASM until we got one. We have stores in our district making 13-14000 with an ASM so it just depends. They arent going anywhere because my store is the only one making enough to have one. We make 26 the rest make 13-16


So one week we're targets of how wasteful we are with things, now this?

Sheesh... what next?


I was told 19,000....right when I was about to move up....

might be time to look into something that pays back what you put in...

yeah, rough day at the bucks. its a new day tomorrow though.


trm_399 -- it's customers like you that cause good, hardworking partners to get reprimanded for doing nothing wrong except being the victim of a selfish, inconsiderate, white trash, low-life thief such as yourself...

sometimes when i work, i make people out of cups or something. one of my favorites was making a doll out of a pastry glove and ground coffee beans. customers loved it! too bad my manager always has something to say. i need to make a new one soon.

Mark Poliner

Mike, please read the post above from MISSLEE and SPENCE wherein SPENCE appoligizes for a similar comment that you made. The post you refer to was satire. i.e. tongue-in-cheek, also know has an apptempt at humor.

I made robot dolls out of cups. Our SM had a contest the other week to see who could make the best hat out of a coffee filter. We're slow and wasteful, I guess.


I am only sorry if I misunderstood. I'm still not sure if I did misunderstand. I guess only trm399 can tell us if he's a low life or someone with a vivid imagination.

Cut out the Heart

Can anyone tell me what to do with all the freaking Bearista Bears my wife bought from Starbucks over the years. I used to think they were going to be like baseball cards and I would be able to buy a boat with the sale proceeds when I liquidated my inventory. Now they are just a bunch of fuzzy lumps in a plastic tote taking up space in my too small storage locker. Any ideas on how I can turn them into some sort of art project?

Deyanira Reyna

I use the "paper", sample shot minnie cups to hold my paper clips on my desk at work?
Does this count :P?

Coffee Soldier

Regarding the bearista bears....I think an intresting idea may be to unstuff them all and take pieces of them all and build one giant bearista bear named Howie in a patchwork of pieces of all the smaller ones...then sell it on Ebay. Some fanatic would buy it from you for lots of $$$$$!!! Also don't forget to get one of those voice recorders and put it inside and it could say things too like, "Howie loves you" or "Onward" or "Transformation time!"


for years i've used the discarded bux cards to make super cute magnets...as well as all the old coffee stamp stickers...the decaf verona ones are really cute. also, everytime theres a new set-up, the menu boards that are discarded are great for collage work...huge letters to spell any word you want...good times.


I've seen teenagers try to make chocolate milk out of the free cocoa powder and the milk bar.

Of course, I tell them with many french words to "get out"

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