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October 13, 2008


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Christmas presents!!! lol

Can I use that gift card in combination with my partner discount to essentially get $130 worth of product for 80? THAT is a good deal.


Don't see why you wouldn't, or shouldn't, be able to do just that. As I understand it, your Partner Card doubles as a SBUX card, too. Either use the cards separately and use your discount or transfer the balances to your Partner Card and use it while getting your discount.

Barista Joe

no, remember, you can't use your discount on gift cards.

Melody-Click on my name & vote if you're commited to Espresso Excellence

The additional information that article gives about the Gold Card is totally interesting. So a few thousand people got the free invites ... I wonder if that means 5000 or 2000 or what? The other totally interesting thing is that each store can give away 3 invites. That's like 24,000 more invites that will be free. Somehow that sounds like a lot. Though I guess if Starbucks really does have 40 to 50 million customers per week, it's not a lot. ?? I've always wondered if that meant 40 million different people or 4 million people making 10 trips into Starbucks ... LOL


You can't use your discount in the store to purchase a Starbucks card, but if you pay for it at Costco, then bring them to the store to transfer the five cards to your partner card, you're good to go.

sample cup

OH GEEZ!! Combine that with the special shopping days in December and a smart partner could get $140 dollars worth of merch/food/drinks for just $80.

If only getting a membership was worth it for my household... :(

Lee Blend

Sample Cup :
Costco has a full term guarentee on your membership. buy a membership, dont use it for a month or so, then go to customer care, say you dont use it like you thought and you get 100% of your membership fee back, no questions, no hassle, no games. Thats Costcos mission.

But you never know, you could realize how great Costco is.


Starbucks is selling out.

Actually your better off buying a membership to Costco, than a "fake rewards" $25.00 Gold Card. At $79.99 for $100.00 worth of Starbucks cards (you get 5-$20.00 cards) you are getting a 20% essentially. The Gold Card is offering 10%.........and you have to spend $25.00 to get the 10%. Do the math.
Is Starbucks really this cash strapped that they now have to collect money from their customers to give them a reward. Is Anyone that stupid????


Nearly all our regulars recieved the opportunity to receive a free card. Even those that just get drip coffee on a daily basis. Surprisingly, though, one older gentleman who gets a drip daily and a free refill did not get a card. Does someone at Starbucks pay such close attention to details that they realized the card would not benefit him?
I'm going to Costco tomorrow.

Let me ask a question... Does the "free" Goldcard to regulars translate into "free" the rest of their living days or is this as in "free" for a limited time until Starbucks hits 'em up for 25 bucks?

Melody-Click on my name & vote if you're commited to Espresso Excellence

I believe it is free basically for one year.


The gold card invites Via email is free.. Free free. The ones we will sell in november are$25 dollars and they will only be for sale because Starbucks doens't like leaving a certain group of people out of offers. Basically, we will patronize your need to feel important, but you will need to pay for it.

Also, this Costco thing is huge. We've never sold cards for less than their worth and I'm jumping all over this as it's free money. Any way you look at it, if you go to Starbucks often enough to go through $100, you've just been given $20. Some of you folks just don't know how to accept a good deal, namely, mister critic above that seems to think we are ripping him off.


let's say you buy the $25/year gold card. you buy a pastry and a beverage every morning, five days a week (as MANY MANY people are known to do). you save an average of 50 cents per day on your average $5 transaction. you will earn your $25 back in approximately 3 months, and continue saving 50 cents a day for the rest of the year. and that's a very minimal estimate - most of the people who will buy this card are spending upwards of $10 a day here, when you average it out. so you see, it is an amazing savings afterall.

$5.00 dollars a day x 5 days a week = $25.00 a week x 50 weeks a year (2 weeks for vacation, LOL) = 1250.00 dollars a year.

Ok... With goldcard 10% savings = 125.00 - 25.00 for gold card = net savings of $100.00...you will spend $1050.00 dollars .

Ok.. With Costco... Buy $100.00 for 79.99 ... You would purhase 12 pigs. for 959.88 = 1200.00 value..

You would be saving $100.00 over the Goldcard..

No matter how you slice it 20% is still more than 10% and with no addtional cash outlay.


sample cup (or anyone!), what are "special shopping days"? Can you explain? i'm a relatively new partner (four months) but i'm interested in this (i'm a starbucks customer even way before i became a barista). thanks!


You normally get a 30% discount on Starbucks stuff with your partner card. On the special shopping days you get 40% off. (I think it's 40% - can't quite remember.) So your partner discount is higher during those days, which last either one or two weeks. I can't remember that, either!


in California, merchants are required to cash in a gift card (upon request) with $10.00 or less remaining on it.

So, a prudent shooper who wants to manipulate the system can spend $80.00 and get $50.00 in product and $50.00 in cash back.

In other words, a 40% discount.


Upon further thought. He can take his 5 cards, and purchase 8 cards at 12.50 each.

he can then buy a beverage for 2.75, and cash out 9.75 each time he goes in. So in effect, if you are at Costco in Starbucks (in California regularly) you can get each drink for a 25 cents a cup.


You have got to be kidding me. What a joke! One analyst says, "Starbucks wants thier best customers to feel cared for and coddled." Sounds more like "screwed" to me. They are giving (3) cards to each store manager to give to the very best customers. Everyone else is expected to pay $25 up front for 10% dicount for a year. That's not a reward program. If Starbucks want to show appreciation, the card would be free and the tenth drink would be free. How on earth did these guys get to where they are today? And, why do folks still line up for their "Everyday" coffee?


Combining w/partner discount should work fine.

You cannot use partner discount to PURCHASE SBUX cards -- then you would be, in effect, transferring your discount to the bearer.

You CAN use your discount when USING an SBUX card -- the purchase price is reduced before the card balance is reduced.



5 $20 cards for $80.
That's a savings of $4.00 per card.
So it's like getting one free beverage per card.


Is this deal available at Costco locations in Canada?


I received my gold card. I get 10% off my Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte, but the regular gift card gets me free syrup. The regular card actully gets me a cheaper drink!

Canadian Coffee

I hope Canada gets in on this $100 for $80 Costco deal. Also, does anyone know if Duetto Visa cardholders will be getting a discount on the gold card? It seems those of us who drink Starbucks on a regular enough basis to commit to a Duetto card should be rewarded with more than a measly 1% return...

Lee Blend

Keep in mind, buy you card at Costco, 20% discount. Transfer balance to a normal starbucks card, free syrups/ refills, ect. Even bigger reward. Use your executive membership at Costco to buy 2% more cash back, use a Costco Amex 3% more cash back... Coffee is now the price it should be...Of yea, live in Washington or another gift card redeptiom state, you could possible even make money on this. Buy the cards, use the cards to buy 10 $10 dollar cards, buy a newspaper, cash out the remainder 9.00. At least $10.00 profit... hey its tough economic times, someone will do it!


I am a store Mgr, I spoke with the guys at starbucks card, they told me if you purchase the costco deal cards, you cannot return those to a starbucks location and cash them out in California. Costco Sbux cards will have to be returned to costco. Which think is great, i just know I will have alot of disgruntled customers, thinking they have found a loop hole!

mass girl

I just looked up the gift card laws, in MA you can redeem any card with less than $5 for cash, if that helps anyone


I didnt say to return the cards. I said to BUY a Starbucks card with the Costco bought Starbucks card. Now you have a Starbucks card ID. Buy a paper, cash it out under state law. Of course I didnt expect Starbucks to RETURN cards at their store with a Costco receipt.

You know Starbucks will loose money on this admit it. Trust me, your customers HAVE found a loophole, it works. Do you really think Starbucks card will admit to their mistake, Starbucks doenst ever admit when they are wrong.

and Daniel-- That is to buy 10 10 dollar cards. Hey you say you want to give a gift to ten people. Just say yes makes it so you have to, and it is valid tender... Hey why not buy a pack of Creme Cheese for like 35 cents then cash it out... The law is the law, gift cards can be cashed out when the balance reaches a certain amount. If Starbucks knew how to operate a business, they would have issued Costco Merchandise credit cards or cards that have legal terms of Promotional giveaway cards, which under state laws do not have to be cashed out. But nope, the cards sold at Costco are 100% the same legal terms on the card as ones bought in store. The card numbers might be tracked to Costco, but that doenst count, its the legal term on how they define the money, which Starbucks used GIFT CARD (aka prepaid funds card)


Wow, obviously you have no life, the fact that you wanna debate sbux cards on a sbux gossip sight, I was just sharing info that I found out that day, and was not writing in response to your post! try taking a chill pill, get out a little more, you might enjoy life! I've heard costco has some great deals.


You guys are horrible, can't you just take the Costco gift cards as a free 4-5 cups of coffee? Do you really have to be selfish enough to return them and try to get cash? Come on'! Starbucks didn't do the deal with Costco to get screwed over, everyone always complains that "i don't get anything free boo-hoo-hoo" heres a chance.

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