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March 10, 2009


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OK what would you like to hear about, The Bomb, The multiple arrests, Drug deals, the time the car drove through the fence and over the wall nearly running down two customers? How about the homeless guy that died of an overdose, the applicant that graffitied all our tables, or how about the woman that nearly died from drinking a whole bottle of good German Hootch, God I could go on forever, How about the time
one of our shifts was threatened for having an "alleged affair" after a gun carrying person threatened to kill several of us? What about the time we had three arrests in three days. What about the schizoprenic employee that was hearing voices,or I could tell you about the fist fight that one of our customers got into after actually having an affair. How aobut the time three non employees were caught with the safe open drinking beer with the shift in the back room? I got a million of them and they are all TRUE ! How about the time two women threw chairs at each other. Remember the time that gang tried to run down that guy ( at a different store)???? I could go on but I won't.


Wow, I just came off a crappy 8 hour shift with irate customers, so reading all these horror stories was not only a treat, but totally cheered me up!

As for my recent horror story:

This guy comes in, carting bags and bags of Top Ramen and lays them all out on the register counter. I look up and ask him if he'd like anything to drink with his noodlefest and he says, "Yeah, I'd like a coffee traveler, but fill it with hot water."

I tell him I'm unable to do that and after he satisfies himself with tossing a string of colorful expletives at me, he finally demands to see my manager. She comes out and says no as well. She does her best to explain, "Sir, I don't think you understand we have to pay for things like whole travelers if we don't sell them..."

To which he interrupts, "Well I don't think you understand the words F**K YOU!" He had been yelling before, but he was screeching top of his lungs style that it grabbed the whole stores attention.
Almost took him three whole minutes to gather up all his Ramen and storm off.


Probably really late, but whatever. I am a barista at the Reading store and I kicked the Honeyman out the other day. Hes upgraded from a red Audi to a green one with a NH license plate. The funniest thing about him is that he never puts up a fight about leaving. The girl who worked at my store since its open told me how he would sit in the window with a newspaper and beat off in the window, using the newspaper to cover himself up to the baristas and people in the cafe...

We have a guy nicknamed "Doodle Dave." I love him, but hes nuts. Hes a heavy set guy with longish hair, glasses, always wears collared shirts and pocket protectors and is really nice but kind of crazy and speaks with a really bad lisp. He doodles in the cafe and would always copy the boards this girl who worked there drew, then one day he drew a picture of her running in a race with a submachinegun...our manager hung it up because he thought it was funny and he also didn't want to get shot when Doodle Dave decided to go postal. Our DM made us take it down...

We also have one guy nicknamed "uncle diddles" who comes in and always touches your hands awkwardly when you hand him his change or he hands you money...its weird.

One of my least favorite customers is this short lady with long black witch like hair, missing teeth, and a little toddler she wheels around. She alwyas get an iced or hot coffee with vanilla (when its iced, she gets lt ice but assumes we know) so I made it without lt ice once and she complained nonstop to the other girls who work there (she talks on..and on...and onnn) so now, i ALWAYS give her extra ice just to ruin her day because shes a bitch and obsessive and i know she'll sit and fester over it all day...


My story mainly has to due with the way the store does its hiring. Obviously a person cannot judge an entire company based off of their experience with a select few within the company.

Nevertheless I feel that I should share some of my distress regarding the way in which this specific location has conducted themselves.

I've been talking on and off with the manager#1 from this location for nearly 3 weeks now. I was scheduled for an interview, went in and talked to manager#1, they said the interview went well and that they would like to schedule me for another interview. Although I disliked having to have another one (Would've liked to be hired on the spot or told nty) I said no problem and that I was available for an interview for whenever they would schedule it. Manager#1 said they would need to contact Manager#2 and that Manager#1 would phone me and let me know when the interview was. I was fine with that too.

So I waited to get a call and it didn't come. So I decided to take the inititive and give a call. I got ahold of Manager#1 another day and they asked if they could call me back in 5 mins, I said ofc, then waited for an hour for a call until I decided to phone back. Manager#1 said they hadn't been able to get in contact with Manager#2 for my second interview and said they would phone me back. So I think I waited a day or two for a call, (looking each day at my caller display) until I phoned back again. Manager#1 said they would phone me back again. Rinse, repeat. I phoned back again after 3 hours, and was told to come down to the store and have a coffee with Manager#1 the following Mon. I said ofc,... So I went down talked to Manager#1 in person for the second time, at which point they told me they still hadn't gotten a hold of Manager#2, but that I could go down to another store at 10am the following day and get my second interview.

The following day went for my second interview. I showed up early bought a coffee and prepared myself, had the interview, asked how it went and was told that it went well and that Manager#3 would talk to Manager#1 and give me a good word. The same day I was out and about, ended up phoning my gf and was told that Manager#1 had phoned looking for me. So, I happened to be in the area and walked in and had a talk with Manager#1 who said that Manager#3 had said good things and that now, Manager#1 would like to schedule me for a 3rd interview with thier boss. Now at this point 2 weeks have already gone by, I'm getting frustrated but I do my best to be civil. I say no problem. Manager#1 says they will phone me and let me know when the 3rd interview will be.

I let a couple days go by. waiting for a call,(looking at the caller id and such)I give a call, and ofc Manager#1 says that they haven't gotten ahold of thier boss yet but that they will make sure to phone me by such and such a time that day, and ofc I say okay. So I hang around my home all day waiting for the call, I end up phoning an hour b4 the time Manager#1 said they would phone, and am told they are with a customer, I give my name and wait patiently. I phone back later and am told the manager is no longer there. I phone back the next two days and am told that Manager#1 is off.

I phone back the following Monday. Three weeks have passed by this point since my first interview, I get ahold of Manager#1 and they say once again, that they haven't gotten ahold of thier boss, and says they will phone me back in 5 mins. An hour goes by I phone back and am told I can go to such and such a store tomarrow at 10am for my third interview with Manager#4...

What is wrong with this company? Is management slightly retarded? You'd think that if they were looking for workers they would want them ASAP. Not to mention the fact that the prospective employees would need work immediately.


None of the drink stories compares to one little old lady who is a regular at Overlake in the Redmond/Bellevue area of Bellevue. She INSISTS that her capuccino is to be made in two cups- foam in one cup, milk in the other WITH her 1/2 decaf shot of espresso.

I also had a customer at Crossroads Mall who would regularly take 1.75 out of our tip jar to pay for his coffee. Refill? He'd take another .55 out of our tip jar. I complained to the store manager and the regional manager about it, but they said that since tips are unclaimed, it was OK.

Our Regional even yelled at us when we took all our bills out of the tip jar and dropped it in the safe in back. So much for that "We care about our employees" crap that Starbucks likes to pretend they put forth.

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