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April 14, 2009


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SBUX Alum Bill

Just FYI, Starbucks does have some exposure on this. My understanding of the standard "at will" contract at Starbucks is that they can fire you with or without cause, but the employee could have special protection under the "whistle-blower" law in Washington State. The only other exception that offers special protection for an employee is the Civil Rights Act, which does not appear to be an element of this case.

long gone employee

I worked with this guy for the time he was with Sbux and he is a good guy, although I worked in the roasting plant and his work location was springbrook, a block away from the plant. He was part of the safety committee for years,attended all the meetings and he's truly missed by his team in Green Bean. I was shocked that he was let go, but everyone who's familiar with this,knows who his Manager is and she's only looking out for herself. She'd throw you under the bus to save her A$$! I hope you win something out of this Leu!


Why do they always use the word vigorous? It makes me think of vigorous sex?


That's kind of depressing news on so many levels.

And thanks Boston Starbucks Rebel - every time, I see vigorous from no on, I'll think of sex too. Not a bad thing though.

Drinking too much of the brown stuff

I worked with this individual at Starbucks, and while he may have attended Safety committee meetings and participated in other projects he did not walk the talk. There are many sides to this guy.
There was the side he showed to his buddies on the floor of which many were relatives. The side he showed to upper management(brown nose)and the side he showed to his supervisor not pretty.

The only way Starbucks would not respond to unsafe incidents is if partners fail to report them, which happens all way to often.


There are no new beverages for Summer.

Pat Nerr



I have no personal information about this case; however, this doesn't surprise me in the least. In my experience at SBUX I was personally involved in a exceptionally - well, I can't use the word vigorous now - active and concentrated effort to punish, demoralize and drive out a group of whistle blowers by upper management and PR. These whistle blowers pointed out the pattern and practice of a Director that was exposing the company to all sorts of liability. After a long and disruptive investigation, upper management and PR acknowledged some of the behaviors in a cryptic manner and very dramatically "separated" the Director and several of the Director's lackeys. THEN, rather than saying, "thanks whistle blowers!", they commenced on a plan to systematically drive out the whistle blowers over the course of the next 18 months - 2 years. It was a lovely, lovely place to work. The only thing that does surprise me is that they were so open about separating the whistle blower in this case.


You need a comma: "green-coffee warehouse in Kent, Wash., were overworked..."


Hooray for him for pointing out safety violations.

Starbucks gets away with way too many unsafe conditions. It's just a matter of time before the headline: "Barista killed on the job due to hazardous condition that Starbucks refused to correct."

I can't imagine any of us are surprised to hear that Starbucks has untrained workers. The training is done haphazardly and incompletely.


I hope he wins.


Abe, I'm pretty sure he doesn't, and even if he did, it's such a minor offence that you come off as a snob ;)

Chicago Manager

So if you work in the STL you would know Jennifer Austin and have many reports to look at and charts to follow right?


Hello this is what the Starbucks Workers Union has been fighting for (and many other issues) since 2004, wake up people and smell the JAVA.


Starbucks was fined $3,400 for safety violations of untrained workers operating forklifts.

Tara Darrow, please explain how you will vigorously defend this position.

The Voice

Companies always fire people for wrong reasons and cover it up. They don't care about the lives they ruin. All they care about is their money. It only seems right that Leu gets from them what they took in place of what was right. I hope you put a big dent in there pockets and the employees that made this stupid decision are fired and left out in the gutter to die the way they tried to do to you. Best of Luck to you.

Starbucks... Shame on you!!!!

secret customer

I live in houston tx a barista named julian laughs at me when I walk in the starbucks.and he also talks crap about me to my friends. they told me some realy hurtful stuff. I also know others whom hang out at this location have the same probplem with him. We all made complaint online.and he still works there...he is a rude bully.


Exstarbucks worker sues says he was fired for complaining about unsafe conditions.. May I repost it? :)

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