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April 27, 2009


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I think its interesting that Starbucks no longer has a section to discuss Partners on its Global Responsibility Report. Maybe its because both partner satisfaction and engagement has slipped so far below.


If I'm not mistaken, this is the first Global Responsibility Report. Previously Starbucks released a Corporate Responsibility Report. I haven't read it all, but so far so good.


*CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Report.


Glad to see some effort made to promote ceramic cup & mug in-store service. It cheapens the brand to have people sitting around drinking papercup coffee all the time. I don't know how people can order a $4 latte and then snap a lid on it, eliminating the look of the foam & the aromas. I don't think it was ever Starbucks intention to promote papercups as the one&only liquid carrier.


Slick presentation. I am hopeful Starbucks will continue on this path and indeed follow through on their promises for more recyclable products and materials - not just in a handful of high profile 'flagship' stores but also in the thousands of their other less memorable cafes around the world.

Clarence Ewing

The paper cups with lids keep my coffee warm longer. That's nice to have when you're not slamming down your drink.


No way! Please no more new cups, I don't want to fumble with lids that don't fit.



REALLY!!! For a multi-billion $ corp. you would think they could get cups with lids that fit.

chicago manager (ali cat)

the buck wants people to think that they are moving onward but really it won't because all they do is lie to you!!!!!!!!!!


we have a customer who gets a venti water no ice everyday with his coffee. He chugs it and throws out the cup before he leaves the store. Yesterday I offered him a for here cup since he doesn't leave the store before finishnig the water. he said, "i've been asked that before and I don't drink out of glasses from restaurants."

Some people are too elitist to save the planet.


No, they are just aware of the fact that the mugs and glasses at Starbucks are not cleaned very well.
And don't tell me at your store EVERYONE takes the time to wipe them properly before putting them in the sanitizer. The stains are sometimes not very funny.

Thought of the Day

I am a customer - and just for clarity - how does a Starbucks store "wash" "for here" items? Just curious.

Going! Going! Gone!

Thought of the Day,

Partners are supposed to wash the dishes before putting them in the sanitizer. This does not always happen because partners are not trained to do this properly. The sanitizer is not a dishwasher. I’m not sure if the dishes that aren’t washed are germ free or not, but I don’t care. I don’t enjoy getting a cup with lipstick on it. It’s gross! I always use paper cups, it’s safer that way. Also, I’m not convinced using for here cups saves the environment that much. It might save the trees, but it uses energy sanitizing it and if washed with soup possibly pollutes the water.

If you want to have your drink in a cup at Starbucks, bring your own.


I always wash the dishes and then rinse and then sanitize and then I put it through the sanitizer itself.

expired shot

Knowing how to properly wash and sanitize should be a basic. If you work in a store where for-here ware is stained, chipped or still has "lip-stick residue" please inform all partners on how to wash a dish, and when to toss re-usable ware. If a customer or partner is concerned with the sanitation of the for-here ware, then I am truly concerned about the sanitation of the prep areas as well. If I don't trust a place to give me clean silverware, plates and mugs, I don't trust them to prepare my food or drink, and they wont get my business at all.


i know a coffee shop called the taos cow that has been using 100% biodegradable cups that break down in one month in landfills(lets face it that is where all the trash goes) for some years now. she asked me to bring this to the company but the manufacturer in colorado would have to provide millions daily just to keep up with demand. nice effort but we have been talking about pollution for the last forty years aand how much progress has been made so far? if you are old enough to remember the crying indian(he was actually italian) commercial if not then look on youtube for "crying indian" and that was 1972-73. more things for more trash to shop more for more. end?

Juan Valdez

Starbucks has a long way to go on the for here cup front. Unless things have drastically changed, the stores have them and all the barista has to do is ask the customer. But I never get offered a for here cup and I very rarely see them in use.

Jeremy Kiyabu

1. all partners should be trained in the proper way of washing dishes which is first rinsing off residue from the dish/glass, then soaking it in warm soap water, then rinsing that off, next letting it sit in sanitizer solution then throwing it in our sanitizer that wash rinses and sanitizes then brings the temperature to 180.
2. for here ware should be offered to all customers whether they accept it or not. if a store is not asking each customer this then that manager is not making sure his/her team is offering this to their customers. because for one thing starbucks is supposed to be your second place just like you're at home and i'm pretty sure you don't drink out of paper cups at home. and also partners should be drinking out of these same cups for the drinks on their shift
3. 2012 is a goal if possible to get this done earlier it will. why promise a date of next month when you can't own up to it? isn't it better to set a goal and achieve it before then? and think about the complexity of this all with stores all around the world it's going to take a few years before they can set this up world wide.
4. and if you're really germaphobic you can bring your own mug/tumbler/7-11 big gulp in and get 10cents off which is the cost of a cup and lid so why not.


The reason it's set at 2012 is because Starbucks is too stupid to figure out how to make a cup with a lid that fits.


Not just bad lids, has anyone noticed how the new cups collapse when one trys to put the lids on them? I noticed this past week that some of our customers have started ordering their coffee they take to go double-cupped! One customer told me that his cup simply folded in his lap while he was driving. He is a regular and was very gracious about it. I just wonder how long that will last! Impress a tree hugger and loose a customer...


We just have to fall down and worship Mother Earth and her Gaia spirit.

just a person

The Hobart is a sanitizer and a dish washer! when you wash rinse sanitize utilizing the sink you do NOT need to also use the Hobart machine


"The Hobart is a sanitizer and a dish washer!" that won't make those disgusting stains go away without scrubbing everything first.


The Hobart is a dishwasher. It runs a wash cycle, but Sstarbucks will not run a chlorine-based rinse/sanitizer in the Hobart. This would remove the stains. The only other way is to soak the cups, etc. in the sink with chlorine bleach. We can not use bleach, it would make life a lot easier!!


Starbucks senior leadership is considering closing stores in major urban markets. The New York Metropolitan Region is seriously being considered to closing those stores as swine flu continues to grow in Retail North America.

ali cat

Hey BSR do you really wash every glass? as you spend all hours of the day on this website and saying everything you do as a SM I really don't beleave you do I bet your store is so dirty that the cockroaches don't even eat there. Your pastry case is dirty you don't even clean your hobart is green slime. and what did you get on ecosure? i had a 90.4 and my dm didn't even fight for a new hand soap and the handwashing sink? and that was in the city of chicago.


For the amount of for here cups they want me to wash everyday they better up the labor dammit!!!!


at the last meeting my store had the DM was present and said that we are to no longer call it a "sanitizer," it is now a "dish machine," meaning it washes dishes.

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