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May 13, 2009


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My question is this: Why in the hell is this SBUX still open? Cowtown stores should have been FIRST on the chopping block!!!


Juan and Howard really do expect a lot from us fast food workers. Maybe you get what you pay for from partners who are mistreated. Starbucks might be able to replace partners now due to the economy, but once things change, Howard might have to find a green apron and start working for real. It’s not going to be that easy to replace workers when jobs aren’t as scarce.

Posted by: Sick of Howard!!! | May 14, 2009 at 04:32 PM

Oh, get off it. Starbucks employees are treated very well compared to others in your "industry." Go to McDonalds or Burger King and see how real retail foodservice workers are typically treated.

Further, your pay is in line with your level of responsiblity. YOU MAKE COFFEE FOR A LIVING. You take some hot water, run it over some coffee grounds and put it in a cup. Only, though, most of it is automated and done for you. They ask you to have good customer service and do some cleaning. All pretty basic. Go out, get better skills and take more real responsibility. You'll make more money.

You CHOOSE to make that amount of money, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be SERVING your customers with the best service and products that you can. Otherwise, get out of that barista job and let someone who will appreciate it have it. Times are tough, people are unemployed and you sound like a huge ass.

This store is pretty bad, yes, but it's folks like YOU that are the real burden on Starbucks and its future development.

Oh, and PS: I bet Howard's sick of you more.

(former) FLA SM

@ Ben Genuine:

Obviously, you didn't read my first paragraph. My point was this: if the suits want numbers, they will get those numbers. The numbers may not be accurate, but they will satisfy the suits. (Pairings, anyone?)

All that being said, I would have no qualms about manipulating the CV results because they are not accurate to begin with. They need to be manipulated just to make them fair. How many of us have received comments about our store that included details that have nothing to do with the actual store? My store was in a mall food court (no cafe, no restrooms), yet I often received comments about our "dirty furniture" and our "dirty restrooms." Huh??? Since my store had neither furniture nor restrooms, it's obvious the responses did not reflect my store. I even got a complaint about my drive-thru once. Inside a mall. How can any survey numbers be considered accurate if the comments are not?
Additionally, if a customer fills out the survey as a satisfied customer and gives all fours, you get no credit because the fours are counted as zeros. How is this accurate? Yet the job security of SMs hang on mere percentage points from this flawed feedback process.


ok... this is soo stupid, no matter what you say to the baristas, at the end of the day, we are the ones doing what makes starbucks great

not howard

not the dm

not the sm.... just the baristas, and actually more importantly, the ss.

You big shots can act all you want like you guys do SOOO much for the company, but you do nothing but speak.

Actions are what determines consequences, and the way everyone on the higher tiers at sbux are 'acting' is just digging a deeper hole.

People like juan, green cup, et al, are the ones making it so people don't enjoy this website anymore. Maybe you know what you're talking about, maybe you just think you do, but obviously its from some skewed perspective, that is not at par with what 75% of the partners who work for this company see.

I thought this was a gossip site for people who weren't connected to the upper levels of starbucks? I feel like baristas get treated more un-fairly here, than at the workplace.

I guess, what I'm trying to say, is get off your thrones, and come down and work with the rest of us peons, and see how you feel.


also i agree with fla(sm) on the cv surveys. maybe to save all the CV paper starbucks will just start sending 'secret shoppers' around to investigate stores. They will probably create a sub-division of some worthless branch of the company(maybe like the ppl who get paid to surf ebay for starbucks products) itll be like the xfiles, exceept with starbucks.

"we can't figure out why store 454# has been having this terrible customer service, the customers have been saying the barista is like..... a robot?" fox mulder would say.

than scully "i don't know mulder, the more likely cause would be, a terrible workplace environment, that has worn the 'robot' has been worn down after getting to their store at 4 am, and worked an 8 hour shift? Is that okay? ISN'T IT A HUMAN RIGHT?"


Howard Schultz wants to gain the whole world but doesn't care if he loses his soul in the process.


Hmmmmmmmm. Suppose one those lazy baristas was actually the SM?


I love green_cup
I knew someone would blame this store's filthiness on being nitpicky

"Their was a cockroach in my coffee"
"Oh you are nitpicky"

"The store is dirty"
"Oh why are you so nitpicky?"

"There were lazy partners who could not bus every 10 minutes"
"God, what do you want us to do, work while working?!"

Long Gone...

In one district I worked in, I had 5 DMs in a year and a half...2 were fired. One was promoted but shortly there after, demoted back down...


A Starbucks does not have to be located in a far away place to have a dis-functional district manager. Several Starbucks in my area of San Diego, CA have problems in that they don't have the coffee brewed and ready to go. I've emailed the district manager several times, to no avail. They have lost so much of my business to a local independent who has never, ever, not had the coffee ready.


Store in the middle of no where...

Cowtown mom

I live in the little cowtown mentioned. Your post is dead on!!! When Starbucks came here, everyone was very excited! But it has always been just so-so when it comes to many things mentioned by Juan. The pastries selection sucks. Starbucks has photos in the drive through of yummy looking specialty breads, etc. But they never have any when I am there in the mornings. I don't drink coffee, but I do drink tea. Many times they are out of the lemonade/black tea.

The outside tables are just as dirty as the inside tables. I cannot think of a time I have been inside the store when tables were clean. Because I am a mom, I have baby wipes on me at all times. I have cleaned the tables at the Susanville starbucks myself several times before I let my kids sit down.

There is another Starbucks in Susanville. It is next door inside Safeway. I have never bought anything there, I am busy trying to get in and out of the grocery store asap.

The Starbucks in Susanville does get busy, especially in the mornings and early afternoon. I have been there when no seating is available inside or outside. This is a busy spot during the summer when the out of town people are driving through.

FYI The Susanville starbucks seems to be a favorite hang out of 'Coach' from Survivor. Yes, that guy lives in Susanville.

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