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May 25, 2009


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just one man



can you imagine opening that morning; arriving to that mess? very scary. Glad nobody is hurt!

joan black

"HI Cathy, Just calling to let you know we can't open the store..." :)


And then the inevitable call to the DM... "So it was just the one bomb, right? Yeah, let's go ahead and open."


Thank god no one was hurt.


This is the result of too much coffee. God help us, domestic terrorism, too sad.

Ryan (SS)

haha @ Alex, we actually had that happen at my store! Not a bomb, just a drunk guy punching out windows. "It's just 2 windows that are busted right? Let's go ahead and stay open for the afternoon rush"


DM: "only one bomb?"


HA HA HA @ the only one bomb comments

Grande Latte

And tomorrow, the inevitable response from corporate on the portal that nobody was injured and that crisis counselors are available for every employee in the country. Along with that the reminder of what to do if a suspicious package appears in the store. Partner and Asset Protection (or whatever they call themselves these days) should have a field day with upcoming emails, notices and suggestions.


I should remind people that Islam, the "religion of peace", had a fatwa declared on Starbucks because the Siren supposedly represents Queen Judith.


Grande Latte is right about the fatwa. Read this blog for details.


Starbucks is a legitimate target for some muslim extremist...


anyone heard about this? just curious. I got an email today about it.


personally, I am not sure how I feel about the matter, but someone else might feel free to voice an opinion about it.


It's nice to see people thinking this is funny, like Ryan SS...

We are all lucky these idiots didn't put it in one of the trash bins in the store and ran out, this is no joke and I hope who ever is responsible gets a nice phat smack to the head because a lot of injuries could have resulted and partners could have been hurt...

Not A Game...


I'm all for it maybe if you look hard enough you can FIND ME!!!!!!!




personally, I am not sure how I feel about the matter
Posted by: SBUCKS DRONE LOS ANGELES | May 25, 2009 at 09:46 PM

What are you not sure about?? Do you incourage the mis-treatment of partners/workers? Is getting paid below the poverty line satisfactory for you?? No guaranteed hours or job security is always a plus! Unsafe working conditions and unfair labor practices...It's not hard to form an opionon, it's just hard to admit to YOURSELF that this is who and where WE ALL work for/at...

I told you all, The time is coming to come-together as one and take control of YOUR stores...Good Luck and Keep up the fight

SBUX Alum Bill


I don't know much about the union that is trying to organize Starbucks workers, but I strongly believe that Starbucks needs to be called out on its labor practices. The myth that Starbucks tries to sell about "respect & dignity" for its partners is totally inconsistent with the company's deeds. I really feel that we should have a separate thread that focuses on the
Stop Starbucks


There is no debate on these issues SBUX Alum Bill...They are all so REAL and happening on a daily basis it makes me want to punch myself in the face for still working here after all these years...That's why WE organized, and WE will do so to stop the injustice


@ b@P

I am not sure about it because partners at my store are unwilling to do this sort of thing. Believe me, I am all for workers rights, but the partners at my particular store just want to work and not be bothered. Also, I want to make sure everything this organization is planning is completely legitimate. We can't just take everything one side is saying for granted, we must look at both sides of the issue and analyze the situation and only then will we know where everything truly stands.

@ SBUX Alum Bill

I concur. Maybe it can be posted as a topic if it gets more attention of this forum.



The partners who don't care about workers rights usually tend to be part-timers who have funds coming from their parents or College students. These individuals are not living in the real world but off of someone else's income. They need not worry about these issues until they become Adults.

Although full-time partners who are actually staying with the company and view this as a "job", who come to work everyday and give their all, should have no issues with forming a union that stands up for worker's rights.

At your store someone needs to take the lead an organize with the partner's who are willing to come together for whatever issues or mis-treatment is occuring in YOUR store.

The Starbucks Workers Union/IWW is completely legitimate unlike Starbucks Corp. They will reach out and help direct you if you need but you must take action and control of the situation and your store first.

In California a judge came down with the ruling on the tips, which Starbucks for some reason "Does not accknowledge" and has decided to disregard the ruling and appeal the decision. It's one thing to appeal, but it's another to not do what is ordered by a court of law. So if Starbucks Corp. won't even abide by a judges ruling, you better believe the labor practices and other issues are DEFINATELY TRUE and should be addressed...in court!


You can see a video linked here on the Uptown Forums at Sleep New York


Anon's Anon

I keep having this vision of some epic, charelton heston type scene where someone in a black apron is whipping a shirtless barsita...





Whipping is fun, especially with a bull whip or a properly sanitized bar towel.

long island gal

It's in a way good because nobody was hurt. It's pretty scary that it just explodes. Somebody may have placed a bomb there because the explosion was very loud. People who did that must face the outcome of the problem that they have caused. What they did was not a joke whoever they may be.


It's all fun and games until you have to collect partner's body parts for identification through DNA.

Safety inspector

Unsafe working conditions?!?! WTF store are you working at?!?! Everone bitching about starbucks needs to go work a few days at ANY other company in the industry and see what you gain from that perspective. Pulease! I think some of our rules are over the top! Only carry one gallon of milk at a time to prevent injury! Rotate positions every 30/60 minutes! Two people in the store at all times no matter how slow it is!


If you really think it's better at Hardy'
s, Wendy's, McDonald's, Olive Garden or wherever . . . why haven't you gone?
Leave on good terms and come back someday when you're ready.


I just got my free ice coffee from starbucks gold card today.

3 coupons for 3 drinks!


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