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May 22, 2009


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I have been following Winter's quest and website for probably nine years now. I travel vicariously through him. His website offers a tour to many different cities through the admittedly limited lens of Starbucks stores. Yes, he is focussed on a seemingly strange quest, but so what? If I was a little more obsessive and a little less tied down with family and employment, I would do it to. Who doesn't want to drop everything and hit the road? He just has a very specific set of targets to guide him.

Keep rolling, Winter.


Ok it's a hobby, mission some say OCD but hey for those that say he needs to get a life....Well he's seen more of America than me or you haters ever have that's for sure. That's how many successful people end up running fortune five hundred companies. They take the time to research!!! If you got the funds why not?

Samuel Moch

Winter is awesome. Try talking to him sometime. End of story.

question for winter

To Winter--I just have to say that I've noticed many of your Houston visits are on Christmas. How is that a "visit" if the store is closed for the day? What then is the difference if a Starbucks closes forever before you get there because you can then still go to the address and take a photo since actually going inside does not seem to be requisite for your plan. So if you just snap a photo of the building, wouldn't that meet your goals? Since you didn't go inside my former store you didn't get to see the sh*t defective aqua/maroon tile/slate/whatever they called it installed in my store (or the Highland Village store) that took ten years to be replaced, so is that a proper visit? You didn't see the "soul" or even interior design of the store. Also, as a former Starbucks store manager slave I was always relieved that my store was closed the whole one f*ing day a year on Christmas where I could get a day of rest a whole once a year cuz it was closed. That is until you proved me wrong and snapped a photo of my store on Christmas where a car was there that shouldn't have been and made me realize I couldn't even have one day of peace a year cuz it made me realize that things still go on there when its supposed to be closed. Thanks for that surprise. In any case, good luck with your goal. Everyone has a hobby and yours is a photojournal of a slice of corporate history. People should stop bashing. Most Starbucks partners are a bunch of crybabies that don't have the ability to set goals or work hard; they just expect a handout and recognition for their whining and laziness. They even expect that stock options that were given to them for free should be re-negotiated/bought-back/whatever. At least you know how to go after things. Keep at it.


My latest blog entry in on Winter. He came up to Seattle to visit 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea, and I was able to catch up with there.


We had a pleasant visit though somehow intense. It was really difficult to actually "interview" him in anyway because we both just had a world of Starbucks thoughts to think about and so it was more like a conversation than an interview. Yes, I talk too much. I will say he seemed intrigued to be meeting with another Starbucks fan, (I don't think he describes himself as a fan).

I thought it was funny that we both had wrong assumptions that there were people within the SSC 'helping' each other out. He asked me where do I get all my information and the truth really is, being in Seattle so close to concept stores, reading Starbucks Gossip, and reading MSI.

I was puzzled how he would know when stores are opening or closing but just like me, he finds things out the hard way, not from someone at the SSC.

I think may read more online content than I - He mentioned a couple of Starbucks related sites that I had never heard of. He has a pretty intense base of knowledge about the company - I especially loved hearing about Chantico as a test product. I never knew that it was called Chocofino at one time.

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