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September 09, 2009


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Can someone please share the nutritional details for the Honey Vanilla Vivanno? The stats aren't posted online at the SB website. I've sent two emails to Customer Service via the site but have not received a response after over a week. Specifically, I'm looking for fat, carbs, sugar and protein. Thanks.


@Sman - You must be in Sacramento. I just tried my first Honey Vanilla Vivanno this past Saturday and LOVED it. I love the combo of vanilla yogurt and honey anyway. My first blog entry is on the test Vivannos - www.starbucksmelody.com


Glad to see you are starting your own blog, Melody! I imagine it will be more menu/food oriented and less business/news oriented than Starbucks Gossip.

You wouldn't by chance know the recipe for the honey vanilla Vivanno, would you? Is it something I could make in my store or does it require special ingredients? I'd imagine they have whipped up a special honey-vanilla syrup, but tomorrow maybe I'll try making one with milk and honey and vanilla syrup.

It sounds like they might be breaking away from making Vivannos health-oriented, since the vanilla and the honey will probably add a lot more calories.

Who gives a flying crap?

Why does he need a break? Is working once a week for 30 minutes doing him in? Ridiculous.

Almost had enough.....

Glad he is taking a break its not bad enough we have corporate breathing down our necks and Quasa. Hell...if a manager doesn't score at leas 80% on his or her quasa score they are given final notice and fired! Now, how is that in line with our core values??? Starbucks sold out...its not about the partner anymore its all about profits.


Almost had enough, I know it's frustrating becasue it's different than it used to be, but your argument is one that's popular, but doesn't really hold water for me and is exaggerated (based on my region/zone at least). I have yet to see a manager fired or even written up for anything above 80%....something dreadful and inexcusable like <70% maybe, but you should be if the store is in that condition in my opinion. Honestly, if you look at the QASA and what it entails, it's not as difficult as people make it out to be to get a 90+%. It's simply holding your people accountable for their jobs. We used to get by being "friends" with our partners and letting them get away with anything, but you simply need to get partners to do their job as laid out in their job description (novel idea that we pay them to do a service for us and hold them to that everyday.) Getting an 80% is pretty poor. My store is 15+ years old and we rec'd 94% this year and 91% last year, and I honestly can't tell you the last time I worked well over 40 hours/week. CV scores are well above 80% in every category, and top 10% in most. It's holding people accountable. Period.

On the profit note, I've been with the company for 12 years and counting and I must say it always has been about profits. It's just that back in the day we didn't have to work on the business model and hitting targets to make a profit, they were a given; therefore we could focus exclusively on the partner connections b/c we didn't have to focus on making money...

Don't mean to be harsh by any means, honestly, but I think many partners are giving the company a bad rap these days b/c they got away with doing a so so job for so long. Stock has tripled in the past few months (what other retail stocks have done that, even with layoffs, etc...?), so we must be doing something right. Many partners think that Howard and the leadership could do nothing right b/c they are sour and go into any change with a poor attitude (I saw it first had at our VIA rally...so many would just roll their eyes, or say "oh yeah, I'm supposed to sell this crap", or sit and text msg their friends about how this is the most boring meeting ever, etc...rather than get on board, do their jobs (again, novel idea) realize that it is a billion dollar industry that we can compete in...).


I believe your comment "based on my region/zone at least" is exactly the point.

Last year I had 3 stores that scored between 85% - 89% on Ecosure. I was required by my RD to provide Final Written Warnings to each of those SM's. This was because the SVP had dictated that anyone below 90% be put on a final. Anyone below an 85% was immediately seperated. Our Zone lost over a dozen good SM's.

That SVP has since been let go, but the fact remains - it happens!


The yogurt Vivannos are still "healthy." We make the Vanilla Honey Yogurt Smoothie with the Nonfat Probiotic Yogurt, and a special new All Natural Vanilla Bean Powder, and then Honey Drizzle on top. The Mixed Berry is simply a Mixed Berry Puree Juice and then the Yogurt, the Strawberry Yogurt Vivanno is just the normal Strawberry Juice and the Yogurt, and then we make the Orange Mango Yogurt Smoothie with the normal Orange Mango Juice and the Yogurt. They sell pretty well, especially the Mixed Berry Yogurt Vivanno, although my favorite is the Orange Mango.

Daniel Plainview

Juan should take more time off. Waste of my life reading his reviews.

me myself and I

No one forces you to read it. At least I hope so.


@ Who gives a flying crap,

Did you forget to think that maybe Juan has a REAL job too?

I'm pretty sure he does, I'm guessing that writing these blogs doesn't necessarily pay the bills...

Easy to be a critic without responsibility

Yeah, and maybe he doesn't have a "real" job and spends his life being a critic without any responsibility...your guessing just as much as the previous writer is. And if he does have a real job, then he needs to get a life because who on Earth would spend their "free time" from a "real" job being an informal Starbucks critic? A very lame individual if you ask me.

The Commish


In vein of critic

Wow, it's really really challenging and time consuming to go be a customer at Starbucks, take a shit and complain about the bathrooms. Oh wait, you have to write about how lazy and awful all of those baristas are too. We all feel really bad for you. (Well deserved my ass)


Wow, such abuse!

I happen to like Juan Valdez's column. And he's funny too, gets me laughing out loud every time.

Kudos to those keeping the high standards!

burnt out


Well ... you obviously have the sense of humor of a five year old. I mean, he mentioned the bathrooms, right?

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