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November 20, 2009


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Has anyone heard about a "bonus" for all SMs, ASM's and even DM's in early december?


ah thats what the "big" news is....what is the bonus free 12 pack of Via, LOL!

vanilla espresso

I have a question for all the baristas here - what goes into the caramel brulee latte? Really curious!

swood sbux

"I" I think its a pack of Decaf Via, LOL


Don't know if this is appropriate for the Open Thread, but here goes.

A few days ago I was charged for a tall drip instead of a short. I did not realize it until the next day, when I ordered the same thing and was charged nine cents fewer (after Gold Card discount + tax, at Mercer Mall in NJ).

Needless to say, nine cents is not a big deal. Still, the barista who had overcharged me(the previous day) was restocking the pastry case, so I got her attention and explained the situation and asked her to remember me for next time.

Well, I expected her to apologize and offer to make it up next time, but instead *she argued with me*, saying she didn't remember overcharging me. I repeated that she had, and again I asked her to remember me, and I left it at that (morning rush, on way to work).

The next day I waited my turn in line and asked for a tall coffee and told the barista (a different one, but he had overheard what had happened the previous day) that I was owed a tall for the price of a short because of the mistake. He immediately took on a defensive attitude and said he wasn't the one who had overcharged me.

Bear in mind that this is a *nine cent* different we are talking about.

At that point, a third barista intervened, took over my order, and comped me the tall coffee.

The next day, unable to get the manager of that store on the phone, I called the Princeton store and spoke to that manager, and he seemed to agree that those two baristas ought not to have argued with me. He said he would relay the account of the incident to the Mercer Mall manager and to the district manager, whom he was meeting that day.

It's been over a day, and I have not heard back.

So question A is: should a barista ever argue with a customer over a nine-cent discrepancy, assuming this is a one-time incident and not a customer repeatedly trying to take advantage?

And question B: is there any excuse for a manager or district manager not to take a few minutes to contact a customer and acknowledge that the complaint was was at least received?



I do not work for Starbucks, but as you said IT WAS F*CK*NG 9 cents. Get over it. And yourself.

And have a fabulous day.

dirty chai

Winterene, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. You're exactly right - the first two baristas were dead wrong. Getting defensive or arguing with you was the exact WRONG thing to do - you comp the drink, apologize profusely, and give 'em a sweet smile while you're at it. :)


I don't know anything about jt or why he/she would write what he wrote, but it seems like an inappropriate and uncivil response.


i work for starbucks...you shoulda been comped and apologized to. the first two baristas...were wrong.


9 cents and over half a page rant. Wow. I'd smile, give you a dime out of my own pocket, and pour you the cup of decaf you deserve :)


he has every right to be upset...starbucks is an 'experience' and when we fail to deliever it..people get upset. esp if us as partners are rude!



"So question A is: should a barista ever argue with a customer over a nine-cent discrepancy, assuming this is a one-time incident and not a customer repeatedly trying to take advantage?"

Of course not. In fact, we have a policy that covers such instances: "Just say yes." So, yeah, the barista should've apologized. No question.

But let's look at the situation from her point of view: She was restocking the pastry case when you came over and accused her of discharging your order the day before. Whether or not she actually "argued" with you or just said that she didn't remember is anybody's guess, but it doesn't sound like she was pointedly being rude to you. She simply didn't remember so she didn't apologize. But, again, in a perfect world, she should've. But I'm guessing she probably made a mistake, was taken aback by your accusation, and simply didn't know what to say.

"And question B: is there any excuse for a manager or district manager not to take a few minutes to contact a customer and acknowledge that the complaint was was at least received??

Honestly, there's about a million excuses as to why a DM or SM didn't immediately return your call about this. The two most important reasons that come to mind are that they have more pressing business to attend to, and because -- from an outsider's point of view -- the situation was resolved. You got your free coffee, which went above and beyond the 9 cents you claimed to have been owed.

I'm guessing that the SM you spoke with probably never even mentioned this to the DM at all. Maybe the SM forgot, or maybe the SM just realized this wasn't a probably that needed to be escalated to that level of management. I'm sure he'll mention it to the SM who actually runs that store, however, who will no doubt discuss things with the partners. And then the SM probably *won't* call you back because, again, the problem was resolved and handled competently and considerately by that third barista.

And, finally, you have to understand that, even with the "just say yes" policy, some baristas simply don't feel authorized to give out free drinks or drinks at discounted prices, no matter how much they think they may be deserved. Perhaps they've heard of other baristas who abused the policy and got in trouble, or maybe they hear complaints about customers who have abused the system. Next time, I would recommend you talk to the shift supervisor or manager at that moment, who will be better prepared to make sure you leave the store happy, with the emphasis on that first part.

is it so hard to be civil

My DM called for my SM or ASM yesterday and told me to have one of them call as soon as they can because it's about their bonus.


How about you buy yourself several packs of Via and never bother us again. You can make yourself your own little coffee, for you nasty ass self.


Everyone else, you should try to view it from the baristas point of view. For example, I think its very unprofessional to disagree with a co-worker in front of customers even though you're right and they're obviously wrong.


I think that some baristas fail to see that the issue is not *really* 9 cents but that it's the principle of what customer service is generally supposed to be about. I have no doubt here in Seattle, baristas would not have gotten defensive with you.

The other day I was in a Starbucks and had in my wallet a left-over coupon for a free tall coffee from the Via challenge. I didn't realize that it had already expired. I gave the barista the coupon, my personal cup, and had also some breakfast items at the counter (banana & the protein plate). The barista explained to me that the coupon was expired but said that it was okay, and gave me the tall coffee gratis nonetheless. The customer loyalty created by these kinds of experiences is FAR more valuable to Starbucks than the $1.50 cup of black coffee.

This site really does seem to bring some of the angriest baristas out of the woodwork. I have no way of knowing, but hope that it's not representative of Starbucks everywhere.

Georgia Latte

Melody.... The mindset of most partners that frequent this site is generally one of dismay and anger. They do not represent most of Starbucks, and arejust bitter people in general.

Chicago Barista

That same thing happened at my store today, I woman had an expired taste challenge coupon. We let her know it was expired and then took it. I would hope that is what most partners would do.

I'm sorry that you were over charged, and that a partner argued with you. You do have to understand that some customers do try to take advantage by saying that they were over charged, or had a bad drink or whatever just to get something for free. It's hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is taking advantage. Again, As far as the DM or SM calling you back, I have to say they have so much going on that a situation that has been resolved is not going to be at the top of list. They are very, very busy this time of year and there are only so many hours in the day. I'm sorry that you had a bad visit but try to remember the other side of things.

me myself and I

And then there are those customers waiting for the slightest thing to happen (or even make things up) and then start accusing people and demanding free stuff.
I'm all for customer service, but if someone was walking up to me, telling me I rang his drink wrong, then looked at me and told me "remember me". I would take that almost as a threat. If you are just nice about it, you'll get your next drink for free (or even a coupon worth upto over 7 bucks, depending on what you order). But if you are making a fuzz out of those 9 cents and try to make me feel real bad about it, you'll get just that. I'd give you nine cents, with a big fat apology and an even bigger smile.

Anybody else out there who is rather reimbursing a customer for his paid drink than giving out coupons when they are DEMANDING a coupon right away? I HATE, when customers are walking up to me and say something like "That drink took mighty long, you better give me a coupon for a free drink". Yeah, did you notice your drink was 15th in line? Grrr.

So yes, customer service is key. But if you are an ass, I might not use all the tools I have to try and make you happy, because you won't ever be happy, so why should I waste my resources on you instead of the nice guy who was very friendly even though I totally screwed up his drink.

If you spend 15 Dollars a day at my store I might make an exception, but if it's only a short drip, you're out of luck, Sir.


I can't imagine my SM or DM ever calling a customer over an issue like this.


"This site really does seem to bring some of the angriest baristas out of the woodwork. I have no way of knowing, but hope that it's not representative of Starbucks everywhere."

Trust me... it's not. But that isn't to say that the angry people on this board aren't representative of the angry people us "normal" partners *hate* to work with. Some partners just argue for the sake of arguing, as though they get off on the idea of sticking it to the customers.

I've never really understood that mentality. My job is to help customers. I'm going to get paid either way, so I may as well do my job, right?


winterene...it sounds like this 9 cent coffee issue is getting blown out of proportion. personally, i wouldn't go back and complain about being charged 9 cents too much. maybe what irked the barista is when you said you wanted to be remembered. what is that supposed to mean? I am sure overcharging you was an isolated incident and the next time you went in you'd get charged properly. and then the 2nd barista who wasn't involved probably said what he did because he had no clue what you were referring to! it's not his job to just give away a coffee. and honestly, it's 9 cents and really shouldn't be a big issue.



I witnessed an opposite experience at my store the other day dealing with a coupon. The man in front of me was ordering a Grande coffee, but then he realized he had an unused tall coffee coupon in his wallet. The barista at the register said no problem, I won't charge you for the difference. (10 cents or so, no big deal, right?) She then took his coupon, saw it was expired a couple days before, told the customer so, and then proceeded to charge him for the Grande coffee.

I used to work at Starbucks, and I would never have let something like that happen. It just was awkward... the Starbucks experience is officially dead.

perspective people...

For nine entire pennies...I'm surprised the SM and DM weren't fired, the store closed and then burned to the ground, and then Howard Schultz himself made to call you and offer to buy you a new car.

OMG people, it’s not the nine cents, it’s the hassle Winterene has attempted to create over this issue. This is a really crazy customer who apparently has nothing better to do than run around and talk to anyone and everyone who might pay attention to him/her over this meaningless mistake. Don’t we have better things to do than worry about a ridiculous incident that has already been handled? Someone look up the number for suicide prevention and let’s get Winterene some help.

Of course they should have comped a drink and apologized but that exactly what happened. We do have a just say yes policy but we don’t have to be the friends of the friendless.

Winterene, why don’t you teach Starbucks a lesson and please go somewhere else for your morning coffee. I’m sure you’ll be much happier and God knows so will the poor Starbucks partners that you pestered over such a tiny little, insignificant incident. And Melody, it is a customer service issue but really… Some Starbucks customers are the neediest people on earth. This is a perfect example of pole vaulting a rat turd. It’s stupid and I would LOL if it wasn’t for the fact that we retail partners deal with these mentally ill people every day, and it gets old.

Coffee Soldier

or maybe Winterene ordered a coffee before the price increase and then realized it later after the price increase went up but the talls went down so he/she was never really mischarged at all and has accused this poor barista of mischarging her....just sayin'!


winterene is not just going to go somewhere else...this is Winter, the guy who had a documentary made about his Starbucks obsession...here is his blog, Starbucks Everywhere: www.starbuckseverywhere.net


Winterene, seriously, it's $0.09. If I send you $1.00, would you promise to never come back to a Starbucks again? Please?


customers need to realize that starbucks is a business just like every other company and they are there to make money, not to give free drinks cause u got your feelings hurt, when the hell do u hear someone say i got a big mac at mcdonalds for free cause i complained.


I've been reading the articles on Starbucks Gossip for years, but I never paid much attention to the comments. Now that I have seen some of the posts to this thread, I have to agree with Melody, that a lot of the most vicious baristas crawl out of the woodwork to post here. My original post was very civil, and there is no excuse for some of the responses it elicited.

Perhaps the worst thing about some responses is that they fabricate and/or change the tone of my original anecdote.

To say that I "accused" the original barista is to misrepresent my words and tone completely. To clarify, let's get one thing clear. I'm a computer programmer, and, if I worked a full year at my current bill rate, I'd make six figures. Earlier this year I spent over $10K, maybe over $20K, on my Starbucks hobby. When I spoke to the barista, there was absolutely no part of me that cared about the nine cents, and I was in no way upset.

I am, however, detail-oriented, and if I am ever overcharged, *or undercharged*, I will point that out, *POLITELY*.

Next, some posters made issue of the fact that I asked the barista to "remember me". Somebody even went so far as to characterize my request as a "threat". That is an unacceptably unfounded characterization. I pointed out that this occurred during the morning rush. That means there was a line of customers running down to the end of the counter. That means that I, being a considerate person, was not going to ask the barista to rectify the situation right there and then because it would have slowed down the line, and I'm not going to cost a bunch of other people time out of their day over nine cents.

So I asked the barista, politely, to "remember me for next time" so she could correct the issue.

Other posters have made issue of the fact that I even posted my long anecdote to begin with. Need I remind you that this is a forum about Starbucks, and that this was an *open thread* in which Jim explicitly asked for questions about Starbucks. This incident was the most recent Starbucks-related thing on my mind when I pulled up the thread. It's that simple.

The worst thing about some of the responses, however, relates to a topic and Melody and I discussed when we met--how Starbucks customer service has declined. I first visited Starbucks in 1995, and there have been very few days in the past 14 years that I have not visited a Starbucks store. I have definitely noticed a decline in customer service, and I attribute part of the reason to the fact that Starbucks opened so many new stores and was forced to hire baristas that never should have been placed in customer service situations.

Any barista who comes onto a forus and purports to not care about a customer issue, even a minor one, does not belong a Starbucks, at least not in customer service. And before some people say I don't know what it's like, I'll point out that I worked for Starbucks, very briefly, and for eight years at a bookstore, and that even as a computer programmer I occasionally interface with customers. I always address their concerns. If I had ever looked at a client the way both those baristas looked at me, and had the client relayed that to my manager, I would have been chewed out.

Yes, I agree that this has been blown out of proportion, but the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of those two baristas. It is inexcusable the way that they looked at me when I politely brought up the discrepancy.



you said:

"I pointed out that this occurred during the morning rush. That means there was a line of customers running down to the end of the counter. That means that I, being a considerate person, was not going to ask the barista to rectify the situation right there and then ..."

but before that you said you didn't notice until later:

"I did not realize it until the next day, when I ordered the same thing and was charged nine cents fewer "

So which was it? Were you ultra-considerate, and didn't want to bother anyone with it at the time, or did you not notice until the next day?


I apologize on behalf of all the baristas who are nasty to customers, especially customers like you who have a totally reasonable complaint.

Many of my Starbucks colleagues embarrass me.

On many occasions if there has been some kind of mistake, especially if the person is a regular or semi-regular, I tell them I will make it up to them the next time I see them. If I am not on the till, I will tell the barista there, "Don't charge them for the drink because we screwed it up last time." I am also the one who can fix any drink if it doesn't taste right. When I changed stores, dozens of customers asked where I was. A few even stopped going to that Starbucks because I was no longer there.

Starbucks employs a lot of incompetent and unpleasant people. Not that it's my responsibility, but I don't know what to do about that.


Drive, please do not apologize on my behalf. I pride myself on providing excellent customer service. I have no problem admitting an error, and doing anything in my power to make it right. That being said, there are plenty of customers who will just plain lie to try and get something for free. Winter has already provided us with 2 versions of his story, and I suspect that, give time, there will be even more. I cannot judge this situation because I am unaware of his demeanor when approaching the baristas in question. Since he also decided that his $0.09 was SO important that he later complained to the manager of another store about it, I have a feeling he may not have been as polite as he claims. So let's give our fellow partners the benefit of the doubt until Winter can come up with a single version of his story.


If you order a short, you should get a short -- and be charged the correct price.

Simple as that.

(And BSR, knock off your attacks on *my* customers.)


starista is confused.

My story was clear the first time, and that has not changed.

I was overcharged on Tuesday.

I did not realized I was overcharged until Wednesday, when the same order was rung up at a lower price.

I spoke to the first barista that same day.

On Thursday I ordered a tall from the second barista and explained I was owed it for the price of a short.

There's nothing confusing about that, and there is absolutely zero basis for starista to even suggest I was anything but polite.


My birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I registered my card online to get my free birthday beverage. I still haven't received anything though. Does anyone know when I can expect my birthday postcard in the mail?


Boston Starbucks Rebel

Are you having a really bad day? Is it really you? These are not the interesting, insightful, and at times funny comments you usually give.


Sorry about your unpleasant experiences at your local Starbucks and on this board.


@boston starbucks rebel- first off, i have seen postings by you for a while now and i have officially made up my mind about you, you're an asshole. you seem like the type of guy that likes to "pwn" people online because youre actually kinda weak in real life.

@winter- i respect your work and think you do a great job of pointing out the individual things that make a starbucks great. i love following your site and i recieve your tweets to my phone. so now that my star struck jabbering is out of the way, i want to say i completely agree with you about customer service. some baristas just piss off customers to make themselves feel better (most likely due to high stress and low self-esteem). im sorry you had such a terrible experience, but i dont think the starbucks experience is dead. i see it in my store every day.

as i side note that has nothing to do with this post, just more of my jibbering. you were at my store once, in wexford, pa, a long time ago and you pointed out an odd hut towards the back of the parking lot that you saw strange, i just want to point out that the building we rent used to belong to a camera store and the little hut used to be a film drop off, and it just came with the retail space.

@ Winterene

@ Winterene

Go get a life your an @$$ and I'm glad they gave you a difficult time, go cry to your mother because we don't give a damn, it's customers like you that F up a hard working day, over nine cents.

Question: are you Jewish??


the fact that you think you are "owed" something shows your true self.


I apologize double on behalf of starista.

As for some of the others here, I merely hang my head in shame and disassociate myself from them. As I said, many of my s'ux colleagues embarrass me.

@ drive

@ drive

Then don't ask for our help on the floor when you need something.. if we embarrass you then feel free to walk right out the door cause your useless carbon!


Anyone who feels that they can smear the reputation of a whole store to another store manager and still feels it is appropriate to demand to speak to the SM or DM within a day over 9 cents is simply out of their mind.

These type of people are why Starbucks customers are considered some of the worst behaved people in the retail/customer service world.

And, every time winter opens his mouth, he just proves the point, over and over and over...


To everyone on the thread that TOTALLY blew what he said out of context, STOP! I have personally met Winterene and I would in no way shape or form say that he would "threaten or accuse" a sbux barista of anything. He simple is correct that customer service standards in most establishments including sbux have declined. I would have voided the transaction and P Bev'd the drink. I mean I give out coupons for almost any time that my team as they say "drops the ball". A coffee shop is no different than Ur local cafe or bar. If U get crappy service and a poor product then I think U should definitely be satisfied when leaving or else they will tell 2 friends+ 2 friends + 2 friends and soon U don't have a cliental.
I don't get what happened to this company over the time frame since Jan 2008. What changed that made the whole thing like a shape-shifter. U think U know what Ur looking at but then in the blink of an eye, the whole thing seems to have fallen apart at the seems with rivots flying away as fast as they can.
@Winterene I will not say I'm sorry because if U were dealing with me U would have never had this issue. It is more sad that it happened, I think the good old dayz R gone w/ the way of coffee focus in our mission.


Aces of Eight


What in the world?!

Did you guys just argue an entire page over nine cents?



I have a couple things to say:

1) Why bother saying "I didn't overcharge you, or whatever?" It's nine cents, give him nine cents. For heavens sake, I think that was all he really wanted in the first place.

Do it with a smile, do it with an apology. Who cares if you mean it? Does it really matter at the end of the day whether you actually overcharged him or not? Perhaps it was simply confusion because of the recent price changes, maybe no one at all was "in the wrong". But who cares who was in the wrong? It's just a short brewed coffee, and it's NINE CENTS.

Will it destroy your self image if you apologize for something you didn't do? Nope, not unless you didn't have any real self respect to begin with.

Seriously, over nine cents?

If the barista's who were involved are reading this, why. do. you. care?

Give him his money, hell, comp a drink for him, smile, apologize, be over the top friendly like you agreed to do when you were hired and MOVE ON to the next customer. Complain later, when customers are NOT around, if it bothered you.

2) Winterene, I must admit I admire your spirit for things going the way they should but... really? Over nine cents... is it really that serious?

Look at it from the other side of the coin for just one moment, please.

While they really should not have argued with you (that is not how customer service works)

Do what you ask and look at it from their perspective, it was not yet a recurring issue, it happened ONCE. And it was NINE CENTS.

What would you think? Perhaps you would give good customer service, it's quite possible, I don't know you so I can't say. But what would be on your mind if you were any average person? Might you think it a little strange that nine cents was that important? When it was (using your own argument, on the other side of the coin) that it was NOT a recurring issue? It was just once?

Extremely sensitive people are really not cut out to work in customer service, and I am sure you TRIED to be polite. But might the way you said it have bothered them? If you had said "I was overcharged yesterday", instead of "YOU overcharged me yesterday" perhaps things might have been different... just sayin.

I mean regardless, they should not have argued with you. And I am sure you meant well, but looking at the way you approached the situation, I can see why someone might be a little bit annoyed and might go on the defensive. You don't make it about your problem, you make it about them causing you problems.

Again, not saying they should have argued with you, just saying that even if you were polite, certain ways of phrasing things will often naturally set people on the defensive, even some people who are rather good at customer service and dealing with people, especially if you catch them off guard.

Also, I understand it's the principle of the thing, you are bothered by the attitude, you want the SM and DM to talk to the staff and explain to them that perhaps arguing with customers is not a good way to deal with a customer service issue. Sure, in some cases you have to, you have to be polite and firm and there are situations where one has no choice but to dig in their heels.

However, do not be confrontational, just firm, and pick your battles. Don't argue with a customer over a one time issue, over nine cents.

However, I do not understand why you expect a follow up phone call? This is the busiest time of the year, and it is quite likely they have talked to their staff about this issue. But a one time issue involving a short drip coffee and a nine cent price difference, an issue they see as resolved. Why would they feel they must give you a call back? What in the world do you want them to say? What would they say?

Apologize to you personally over one minor issue involving a couple barista's who are oversensitive and nine cents that you got back + a free coffee? When they have black friday and thanksgiving and the day before thanksgiving coming up to prepare for (all really big days for starbucks).

I mean, I am just not sure... what do you want from them?

I must say I do not understand how so many people got so upset over this, it's nine cents.

I would have just said sorry, giving you a free coffee, nine cents, hell thrown in a recovery coupon too if that didn't seem to satisfy you and wished you a great day. Now, if you did it several more times, I might have to have an awkward conversation, but even then I wouldn't accuse you of anything.

Aces of Eight

Also, I had a customer today, very nice guy, even tipped, A LOT, at least percentage wise. But it didn't matter.

For some reason, we got his drink wrong, I called it and I think the barista on bar heard wrong, it happens. It was late in the evening.

I was over by the rtde case stocking it, and I heard what happened (I had rung him up) very nice guy, just wanted his drink right.

He would not have been upset if he did not get a recovery coupon, I'm not even sure he knew what they were, but I wanted to make it right.

So I went back, got a coupon and gave it to him. Told him his next drink is on us. He looked at the coupon, very surprised and looked it over (I'm not sure he had ever got one before) and then smiled and thanked me.

I smiled back and said "Thank YOU".

This is what Starbucks is supposed to be about, we offer customer recovery before they are upset, before they want free coupons, before they feel angry. Why? Because that inspires customer loyalty and gratitude, and that is money we will make up in spades in the long run with repeat visits, even if we give away a lot of drinks to do it.

That is what Starbucks is about, being legendary. Not waiting to see someone angry to make things right. To anticipate customer needs and develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time.


I- the caramel brulee latte comes with the actual caramel brulee sauce, and then the espresso shots with steamed milk and whipped cream with little caramel brulee sugar crystals on top!


It reeks of whiny women in this place!

me myself and I

Aces of Eight, I agree. Those are the situations when the recovery coupon works like a charm.
But those people outright *demanding* a coupon for a four minute wait with fifteen drinks on bar, or over 9 cents, those are the people a lot of us baristas can't stand. If we screw it, we fix it. But if you demand a call from my SM or DM over a minor issue, after it got fixed, you must be off your meds.
Why don't you write to Howard and try to get everybody in this store fired? I'm sure if your call or letter to him is heated enough you will get a ton of recovery coupons, some heads on a silver plate and can live happily ever after. This is how big corps fix issues over 9 cents, and now every customer expects to be treated like a king, no matter how unreasonable he/she is.

Btw, Jim, why did my last post get deleted? Did I use words that were forbidden?

Thought of the Day

This thread is pathetic... Sounds like the WWW."I Hate Starbucks" groupies crashed this party! WOW!

Andy, Shift Supervisor, MD

Excellent final thoughts, Aces of Eight, I think this topic is now older than yesterday's Caramel Machiatto that's still sitting in the car. I think it's time for new topic....

So I've worked for starbucks for 2 years now (I'm a shift supervisor), my store is slower than average, we're currently doing about $16k in sales per week. For Black Out we have only 3 people working, except maybe Friday. One of these times a couple of weeks ago, it felt like a Friday with 3 of us working, and we were rocking it. I was floating and all over the place getting everything juggling at least 4 tasks at once. The girl on bar, with Starbucks for 4 years was making at least 6 drinks at a time, it was amazing.

About half an hour after it died down I went to the back to check how many transactions we had rung up. our previous max (# transactions in a half hour) was either 42 or 43, our store has been open 2 1/2 years. Well, we totally SHATTERED that, I couldn't believe it. We hit 52.

I'm wondering if there are any stores that have hit more than 52 with a 3-man team. What's the Starbucks company record? What about for a 4-man team? 5? 6? What about just a new store or district record? How awesome did it feel?

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