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December 09, 2009


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yet i'm sure most of the stores you've toured and graded have great "customer voice" scores. CV is a joke. the amount of pressure DM's and RD's put on everyone it's no wonder that some of the worst stores have great scores. SM's directing their partners to keep the receipts and fill them out at home...
talk about integrity...i've seen it happen in front of me at stores.


Thanks Juan - I've really enjoyed these columns and they've been a great mid-week addition to SG.

@mikejones - I agree that CV does not accurately reflect what is going on in the stores. I am a customer and I have never understood why they do not simply offer one to every customer. I have actually had managers and baristas hand me someone else's survey because they "know" that I will provide a good report.

I also have questioned why they waste so much effort on the surveys asking questions that they could retrieve from the POS system (what did you order, did you buy whole bean, etc.) instead of focusing on the experience and service.

Coffee Soldier

That store is so lucky not to have a bathroom!

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