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December 01, 2009


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Herman M.

For a wonder, Martin can't leave and John can't get promoted without Michelle getting more space in the announcement than either of them.

Petty? Maybe. But dang, the memo wasn't "Michelle Gass gets promoted...again!" But John Culver is taking over SCI.

Both these people deserved their own announcements. Congrats to both. And Good luck Martin Coles in your "new opportunity".


Sad, just sad.

Martin Coles is the nicest, most genuine guy you'll ever meet. I wish him the best, he deserves better. If you have ever met him, his accent makes whatever he says upbeat and cheery.

I feel sad for his assistant, she is the hardest working woman in the entire building and had been by Martin's side for years. I wonder what she will do.

Traveler 2010

Coles may be nice, but as a business traveler, the Starbucks in Europe and Australia leave a lot to be desired. Come to think of it, so do many American outlets as well. Incorrectly poured drinks, forgetfulness and sloppiness to procedure.(Like leaving shots sit on a counter for minutes!) A big no no in the Starbucks code. Someone needs to retrain the employees to bring Starbucks back to its quality days.


The quickest way to change history is to change the teachers. Take care, Martin. You join a long line of people who will be missed.

Sick of Howard!!!

Well maybe this will start a trend that will lead all the way to the Chairman/CEO. We need new leadership in all areas of this company. Being a nice guy isn't enough, you've also got to be effective, and none of our leaders are.


So Coles was fired? Anyone know the real backstory?


Ready for Pepsi to bring their own people in.

me myself and I

Aaah, here it is again. The Pepsi story. It was way to quiet around it lately.

Earl is right, there is Karma

Good riddance Mr. Coles...on that nice exterior with the cool accent is a guy that will tell you one thing to your face all the while expediting your departure. You dance with the devil, sometimes you get burned. Hopefully Cliff Burrows is not too far behind.

Way Over It All

@Earl is right, there is Karma: I hear you ! I absolutely blame a majority of this companies failings at the partner level on Cliff "Values Walk" Burrows and his team of micro-managing followers!

And @Sick of Howard!!!: I wanted to post on the last threads, but I concur with everything you've written and feel the same way about exposing this joke of a company for what it really is. And there's a whole lot of SM's out there who feel the same!

Thank goodness I escaped

This is just a continuation of the mass exodus which started 24 months ago. Cliff Burrows is most certainly the driving force behind all the long-term people leaving, and Howard is so checked out that he doesn't even know that the final chapter of his book is being written as we speak! The people that are handing on are still 'in love' with the 'idea' of Starbucks; however the reality of Starbucks leaves nothing to love. As it is today, store and field partners do nothing but checklists, conference calls and put out fires started by Cliff and the other clowns that make up 'senior leadership'. Maybe Cliff should do a Values Walk at the SSC and find out how many of his employees are actually happy.


Pepsi Conspiracy - James (St John) - Cliff - "Mass" Exodus ... None of you have any clue what you're talking about.

SBUX Alum Bill

There is no way Pepsi is going to acquire Starbucks at this stage. It might have made sense when SBUX was trading at $8 per share, but it's a non-starter at today's stock price.

is it so hard to be civil

@way over it

There is nothing left that I like from when I was hired! The paycheck is the only thing keeping me. I don't have the same sense of pride that came with the job a few years ago. It's not just me. It's not just my store. It's not just my district. Starbucks Gossip shows how across the company we all are feeling this way.

Who here has been a partner over 3 years and still feel the same way now as they did back then????


well, the locations in england are all more than filthy (ever found a clean table in london?) and the ones in german are empty because they are so incredibly expensive. something needs to be done.

Tired of This

I find it odd that the head of licensed stores also left at the same time. It makes me wonder if they know something.

Roger Williams

I travel to the UK a lot and over the past 12 months the Starbucks coffee shops have just gone down hill, you had a spell where they were improving. Maybe get a new leader in the UK as well. A brand called Costa is doing a much better job. who ever this Coles guy is he hasnt focused on the cleanliness , the UK are back to the filthy state of a few years ago. I don't go anymore. Mr Schultz go and walk the streets of London and see how bad they are. !

Pat Nerr

here's the reality... People don't leave great jobs becaude they just need a new "challenge"... something happened.

Either 1. It sucked and he got fed up with the BS and Howie's pissy little bitch attitude OR B. He sucked and was asked to leave...

The announcement and subsequent news is all orchestrated by Starbucks Communications and run by several folks before publishing. Either way, the company is churning through execs (good and bad) during a time when they need to get back to basics and create some stability. It's been more than a year for them to get their shite together and ultimately, they've f'd up both the coffee brand AND the employment brand.

Can't wait for the dose of reality that is... the BEST Place to Work results.

Maybe my dream will come true and Mike Stafford will eat the next "Exploring Other Opportunities" or "Promoted to Customer" boot...

On a positive note... I like what they've done with the website this holiday season...

just sayin'


Pat Nerr

HA! Since yesterday they've updated their "Senior Officers" page to exclude all of the POS little execs under the Big Boys... they've added some real nice headshots too... Time well spent to prevent having to update that page daily.


I'm going on 4 years and everytime Im on my way to work I am hoping my building is on fire or a car crashes thru our window so I don't have to be there anymore. I'd leave for a better oppurtunity in a heart beat. This company has sucked the fun out of this job. The employees at mcdonalds look a lot happier than most partners. But I love my partner bevs and my discount and most importantly my health benefits :)


@Pat Nerr - That newsroom page with headshots (and some dated photos) has been around for a while! They seem to have just completely eliminated the page that was the investor relations senior officers page. So now they don't want anyone to know who is an EVP?

I have to agree with your analysis, Pat Nerr.

@Roger Williams - The UK/Ireland big guy has been in his position since about September 2008. Have you been to the Conduit Street Starbucks in London? I think the UK is going through a slow metamorphosis. And at least they don't have Pike Place Roast. Estima is the everyday brew over there.


why is it when someone is fired, starbucks always says the partner left to "pursue new opportunities"? This causes everyone to speculate and start rumors. Why not be honest and tell us the truth? I understand the need to respect others privacy, but I feel we partners need to know the truth.


call it a theory but all of this makes way for pepsi..trust me ive been down this road before with another company!!!
stock optiob buy back..moving a strong RVP to "licence stores"akafranchise...guys get you heads out of the clouds and look...
what are the laptops for?
leveling down roasting plant inventory-
capping SM/DM salary
moving the top level out
Its here get ready!!!!!


...maybe VIA was Cole's idea...


Martin Coles is a true leader !

true reader

think the whole thing stinks of corporate jealousy Cb alot to live up to big wheels for a boy still on stabelisers get walking the stores for a true insight to the overated expensive and sloppy outlets costa much more my cuppa!!!

A disgruntled employee

I work in the UK in Operations Team and I can tell you things suck over here. They got rid of a load of losers already but there are still plenty more muppets in 'Support Centre' who provide no support to us DMs. We are the people who run this company and are irreplaceable, unlike office monkeys.

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