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December 07, 2009


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Am I the only one who finds it very ironic that this story is following the one about a barista chasing a tip-jar thief?

Pat Nerr

nope... the message is... "get while the gettin's good"...

as long as he keeps quiet and doesn't go to work for Dunkin' Donuts he'll be golden...

Melody, do you want to share with everyone that Coles always fought his parking tickets in Seattle...?

me myself and I

I thought he "is leaving to pursue new opportunities". This sounded more like he wanted to leave before the ship sinks. Now it sounds more like they kicked him out. Why would he need a years salary, benefits and especially 14.000 Dollars worth of job hunting, if he wanted to leave????

Pat Nerr

you are quite astute MM&I...

perhaps Uncle Howie could make a statement to the baristas and managers of the company explaining this...

for full tranparency and all...


All a bunch of damn crooks, makes me want to piss in the coffee I'm selling, corp can lick my @SS and play with my nipples

Matt Litaker

really disgusting especially considering the incredibly low pay given to anybody working in store.

They did WHAT??

Nice!!! Now what was the "severance" package offered to the thousands of unfortunate partners of closing stores again......


As CD implied... This guy gets almost a million dollars, benefits, and thousands of dollars to search for a new job, all for being let go. Meanwhile, some barista feels it's worth it to put himself in danger for a few measly tips, and many of us agreed with him. I'm suddenly feeling very poor.

SBUX Alum Bill

Don't worry about the cost of Mr. Coles' golden parachute. SBUX can pay for it by sacrificing another 100 or so of the "peasants" working in the company-owned stores.


My god, do you people ever shut up? I'm over the ultra negativity here!


@CoffeeCub23 Answer this question, If (as a employee of this company) U resign, do U think U deserve $14,000 so U can go find a new job? That's more than a starting barista makes in a whole year of working 40 hours a week if they get insurance. Not a 401k, bean stock or anything else just barely surviving. Negativity is only bread from the feeling that individuals are being cast aside like tissue while the corp. execs of this whole country live like kings. When this company gives something other than bad decisions and more work with less resources to the front line employees, then U can have Ur sunshine up Ur ass happiness, until then this is one of the only places that employees find out half of what they need to know about what is going on. That's Y it is time to leave becuz it is only in a downward spiral.


In order to pay Coles his "leaving" bonus, it'll take the profits of at least four average stores for a whole year. That's ridiculous. I was "asked" to leave the company over a year ago and instead of a nice little severance I had to fight against the BUX for unemployment. I feel for those of you still there.

(former) FLA SM


You must be kidding, right? This guy leaves and gets a FULL YEARS salary (nearly 3/4 of a million dollars!) plus $14k bonus. When they closed my store I got TWO PAYCHECKS and 90 days worth of COBRA. That's more than most because I was an SM. Everyone else in my store got significantly less. And you wonder where the negativity comes from? Grow up. Open your eyes.

me myself and I

Funny how posts telling people to stop reading this site if they don't like it's content instead of insulting the posters get deleted while really offensive posts stay on. Is it because insulting posts create more traffic by outraged readers?


Just the fact that Coles is getting so much money (and lots of little extras) to leave makes me sick to my stomach. I have seen too many good people let go over the past 10 years (especially the past 2 years) and they got basically nothing for their store closing or for being targeted by a nasty invisible DM. I really think it's time to get out of this company. Just because this story about Mr Coles' parting gifts makes me so darn sick, I will probably be quitting Starbucks within the week. Looking for another job as we speak.


Does anyone remember how much Jim Donald walked away with?


All he has to do is be like that one former bigshot and go work at Starbucks then write a book about how it changed his life. Oh, wait a second...


me myself and I

You bet it is. Traffic means clicks & eyeballs...and they mean $$ for the webmaster. Hence why you will rarely find anything constructive on this anonymous whine fest.


everyone needs to count their blessings for having a job and stop comparing your situation to martin coles - he was after all the president of over 50 countries. that is a huge responsibility. to top that of, he was also a huge inspiration for the partners and a fabulous leader. the company lost a remarkable leader - he impacted and inspired thousands of partners globally. so shut your face about him. and yes, go find another job if that makes you happier and not puke your guts out. good luck.

That other SM

(former) FLA SM

It is -former- right? So why did your store close again??? Whats that? Bad leadership due to lack of caring for the job. I managed to get my store off the list, why because the manager that had been running hated his job and left it to die -I came in and taught the partners there what caring for the job is all about. I can be done, there are about 12 of us stores who were removed from the list. Grow up? Really? Maybe you should look at yourself and instead of attacking someone that you don't know. You blame Starbucks for all the bad things in life that have happened to you and you seem to think that someone actually cares that you *think you were done wrong by your store closing. Maybe you should take your own advice and grow up and take some ownership for what you could've done.

(former) FLA SM

@ That other SM:

"So why did your store close again??? Whats that? Bad leadership due to lack of caring for the job."

Wrong. My store closed because the rent was outrageous, thanks to corporate idiots. If my leadership was so bad, then why did I never receive even one corrective action, or action plan? Why were my reviews CE and ME+ (after they put a cap on the number of CEs)? You have no idea who I am or anything about me or my leadership capabilities. If you claim you do, then you're a liar because only one store in my district that was tagged for closing is still open and you are not that SM.

"there are about 12 of us stores who were removed from the list."

Wow. 12 out of how many? 900 or so that have closed so far? That's roughly 1.3%. That's probably the same percentage of stores where Starbucks couldn't break the lease without taking too big of a bath.

"Maybe you should look at yourself and instead of attacking someone that you don't know."

Ummm, isn't that what you're doing to me?

"You blame Starbucks for all the bad things in life that have happened to you"

No, just for putting me out of work. Because they did.

"you *think you were done wrong by your store closing. Maybe you should take your own advice and grow up and take some ownership for what you could've done."

If you actually have followed my story on this site, you'd know that I WAS done wrong by my former DM. It's my DM who should take ownership for lying to my face every day for months, telling me I would still have a job after my store closed and then severancing me over the phone on the last day.

It seems your opinion is that every SM of a closing store deserved to be put out of work. If that's true, then why weren't they fired before the store closed? If I had ever been given any indication that my performance was less than satisfactory, I could have taken steps to improve it. However, the truth is I received good reviews and zero coaching on my performance. I was repeatedly told I would be transferred to another location after my store closed. If I was guilty of a "lack of caring for the job", shouldn't my DM have brought that up at some point? If you are someone who truly knows who I am, then you have been grossly misinformed, probably by my former DM. Not surprising, since lying is her M.O.


So then why are you bashing Starbucks when it was really just your DM..im sure she was the one who decided how to handle your situation and not Howard or even Martin..it sucks that you lost your job but it is not a corporate standard(being fired over the phone)and some of us actually have had some good experiences with the company..dont get me wrong..theyve tried to screw me on numerous occasions..but I wouldnt let it happen.

SBUX Alum Bill

@ javagirl666:

The problem is that corporate doesn't have a standard. I was let go for some major mistakes that my supervisor made & then apparently blamed me for (without my knowledge). My supervisor managed to fire me without any review from HR, and HR refused all of my subsequent requests to have them review my case. My supervisor managed to fire another "partner" in my department at the SSC before she was finally fired by the company about eight months later.

My point is that any company that claims to value the "respect & dignity" of its "partners" should have some grievance or appeals process to make sure that the proper decisions are made and that their "partners" are treated fairly. That's good business. It makes everyone accountable. It is one of those policies that any ethical company should have. Starbucks has no such policy.

I hope the truth eventually comes out about Starbucks.

SBUX Alum Bill

@ shutup:

I did make some critical comments about the package that was offered to Martin Coles, but I did not intend to criticize him personally. I met him once when I was at Starbucks & he is an extremely dynamic person. He is also very friendly & accessible - he will be sorely missed at Starbucks.


Bill: in my experience they have done so. I was being railroaded by my boss because of a personal issue..this was investigated..and he was the one to be terminated. And in my experience as a store manager..there is an extensive process that I have to go through before even an hourly partner can be terminated..and if I haven't all of the docs to back it up..forget about it..the company is too worried about having to pay unemployment..so, to me, its kind of shocking to hear how people are just fired via the telephone or willy nilly with no one in PR listening to them. Thats just my experience, though.


javagirl, don't kid yourself. As an SM I had to follow that whole paper trail you refer to before terminating a partner but in my experience PR did not want to hear my grievances at all. I was working in a small market with a new DM to the company who decided that she didn't want me around anymore. PR doesn't want to hear it from fed up SMs, they aren't neutral, and they don't want to find out that the DMs Starbucks has brought in from the outside can be lying, undermining, two-faced hypocrites. If after receiving CE reviews for years as an SM and all of a sudden being an NI, you would think they would have actually been interested in hearing my side of things. That simply did not happen. Don't trust them to have your back. That's not what they are there for.

SBUX Alum Bill

@ javagirl666:

I'm glad to hear that you got some justice, but it's not a regular part of Starbucks company policy. I tried on numerous occasions to have my case reviewed by HR, and I was told in no uncertain terms that I had no right of appeal & that there was no grievance process.

I'm sure there are some pockets in the company where employees are still treated well, but a standard grievance policy should be universal in any company that truly believes in ethical labor practices. HR has made it very clear to me that there is no such process at Starbucks.


Boy, it sucks that Martin Coles got so much severance and I make so little money.

Man, why didn't I apply for "Head of International Operations" instead of "Barista"?

And more to the point, why don't those jobs have the same pay scale?

This is so unfair.


when did starbucks started its international operations??

Melody (reply to MGT.Student)

[quote]when did starbucks started its international operations??[/quote]
@MGT.Student -

Starbucks has operated in Canada since 1987, so I am pretty sure that was its first international market.

After that, I'm not really sure (I feel like I should know, but don't). I know that Japan was a very early market, and I just googled it and came up with March 1996 for first store in Japan. For the UK, I think it is 1998.

Hope that helps.

Letting Agent Glasgow

$725,000 isnt exactly pocket change is it! Then again if he can make that for the comapny, he is worth it.

Letting Agents Paisley

My own personal experience says you dont normally get justice either, well done though

Swimming Scholarships

life aint fair, how can he earn that amount of money I mean seriously! especially in todays times thats a joke, he should be ashamed

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