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March 25, 2010


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me myself and I

Something nobody knows anything about and noone would officially comment on can still make the news and influence the stock market? Wow!

me myself and I

So we can't post without an e-mail and URL anymore? Or is this just a temporary flaw in typepad?


Howie invested a lot of money in Jamba, so it wouldn't be too shocking.

just another partner

there was talk of this a few years back as well... funny how it comes in cycles. :)

Karl Dahlquist

Maybe they will serve Seattle's Best also.


Karl, apparently they have a couple hot drinks now.


Is Jamba Juice a Northern thing? I've never heard of it besides a comedy movie and here.

Swearing Siren


Spider Jerusalem

I'm going to crash the stock market by making some completely random crap up like this.

vivienne westwood broschen

I've never heard of it besides a comedy movie and here.

cycling jerseys

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Pienso que es la falta seria.


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