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March 16, 2010


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I like this thread. I not going to say move over IHOP or Denny's but I do love the smell of fresh blueberry waffles in the morning.


The waffles are put into the warmer, and served with a small container of syrup. They are a little bit thicker than an Eggo waffle and taste "ok" (definitely taste the blueberries!), but it's not worth the $2.50 for one waffle. It's not filling and could easily get a better value by buying my own and putting them in the toaster. If Starbucks provided you with two waffles, then I'd say it's a great deal and worth it.


One waffle for $2.50?


Is it a whole wheat waffle with organic blueberries from canada at least?

Black apron boy

It was tested north of Seattle to great response. They are ok but Are a far cry from basic coffee treats. They don't go with a tall Sumatra. That's for sure. Haha.

Don't Bruise the Crema

Test in Oregon! We are very picky and excited about new products...well, at least I am!


@DontBruisetheCrema - What test is going on in Oregon? Coincidentally I am heading in the direction very soon.

Melody (@DontBruiseTheCrema)

@DontBruiseTheCrema - My email address is Sbux206@StarbucksMelody.com


At $2.45 plus tax for a packet of instant oatmeal, $2.50 for a waffle doesn't seem all that bad. However the last thing we need is another warm breakfast item to slow down the line. Bagels are bad enough!

*Next perfect pairing: 1 packet Via and an Oatmeal to go, supply your own water, $2.95.



I'm in Oregon!!! Where are you testing?


I do not now, nor will I ever support heated food at Starbucks. Another in a long line of company decisions that continue to decrease my patronage and yet increase others' and subsequently "bottom line" corporate profiteering.


The markup is probably a zillion percent.


Wasn't worth the price, even AFTER partner discount.

That said, it had a good crunch, was easily divided into semi-bite-sized pieces, pleased it's whole wheat, and the blueberries are tasty. They toast up pretty good at home, too.

Thought of the Day

Waffles? AYFKM????


What? Waffles? Are we turning into Denny's? Funny how we are moving away from coffee? What will be next...create and call your own omelet? I'll have a Trente Omelet with chopped onions, diced ham, cheese at 140 degrees please.

Remember the good ol days when it was about the coffee?


Calm down, It's a friggin waffle. Not like they're being asked to whip up a plate of eggs benedict. I like the waffle idea. At least the blueberries actually compliment some of our coffees. Might be a little tough for our DT customers though..


They are really easy to make and the customers seem to love them. Only 35 seconds in the oven and you put them in a bag. They are meant for dipping so they are not messy at all for drive customers.


Once again, the marketing "brains" are adding yet another item to the warming platform without giving any real thought as to how this will impact stores' speed of service. Can't say that I'm surprised.

Mike Pollock

Is it served with real maple syrup, made with actual maple, or table syrup, made with, um, tables?


The waffles have not affected speed of service at all. If your store already has sandwiches, there is no change. The waffles are actually faster.


BSR comment reminds me to ask:

In Vancouver, our island oat bars are called Vancouver Island Oat Bars, apple fritters are made with BC Fresh Apples, and blueberry bars are made with blueberries from the okanagan valley.

Do you guys have other regional ingredients in your pasteries?


good Lord, I didn't think it was possible to read bigger whiners than I did a few years ago when I worked at Starbucks. But it seems that my few years away has not made a bit of difference- same b@tching and complaining, even the same story (food at a coffee shop? *GASP*)

Please, people, we are a culture of food consumers, like it or not. There is significant revenue to be made by pairing coffee with a moderately margined food item.

The worst thing about Starbucks is not the coffee, or the food, it really is the self-entitled partners that are killing the experience. It's a shame that the minority of partners can do such damage to the brand image.


What some people perceive as whining on the part of a disgruntled "minority" of partners may actually be the very real and legitimate concerns of a large % of current partners. Partners who are concerned that the real cause of harm to the brand is the relentless and, in many instances, poorly thought out introduction of new promotions, products, and policy changes. The Starbucks brand has been built on the foundations of providing great coffee in a relaxed and welcoming setting. The changes made in the past few years are the REAL threat to the brand.


past few years? That tells me you've not had the tenure to know that Starbucks, since probably the mid-90's, has been a company that has agressively explored a variety of channels to draw consumers to a new, improved, or seasonally based items. There have been massive failures, and a few successes that have been integrated into the menu permanently.

Goes back to my point, that there is a rise and fall with every partner, in what they believe to be true, vs. what is true. Before you call me cynical-it was probably the best training environment I've ever worked in (on the job while growing up kind of training) and Starbucks gives you hope and an opportunity to develop skills other than making coffee, so I don't knock it.

But geez, the whining...I won't ever forget how many whiners I worked with!

Melody (@".")

@ "." - Sure, it's "just a friggin' waffle," if I may quote you, but that attitude that of I don't care about the small changes, inch by inch, is what transforms Starbucks into being about the food and not having much of anything to do with the coffee beans. You don't transform a business into a quick food service business in one big cataclysmic change, but rather in all of the very small, step by step maneuvers just like this one.

(former) FLA SM

Well said, Melody. formerpartner says "(food at a coffee shop? *GASP*)" The REAL gasp would be to see a coffee shop with a mild/regular coffee, a bold coffee & a decaf coffee available immediately to its customers ALL DAY. (coffee at a coffee shop? *GASP*)


One need only look at how Starbucks has dropped from #2 in 2005 to #93 in 2009 on Fortune's Best Companies to Work For list to realize that there has been a dramatic change (and not for the better) in the company's work culture. The most recent partner survey results would also seem to strongly indicate that more partners than ever before are dissatisfied with their jobs. Are they ALL whiners?

Don't Bruise the Crema

Sorry for the confusion, folks! I was just exclaiming, "PLEASE test waffles in Oregon!" We rarely get picked as a test market...didn't mean to get your hopes up!


What's next?! Steak and Taters?! We're turning into IHOP for cryin' out loud!


Well, we have been testing scrambled eggs using the steam wand for a few years...


The waffles are delicious! I personally think it's kind of a brilliant idea considering your options before were either an Ego waffle at home or an even more expensive and time-consuming stop at Denny's or IHOP. For stores that already have a warming oven, the waffles don't change the morning routine. They're quick, easy, and good-tasting.

Donna Bloom

A couple of words about this fantastic food:)

A waffle is a batter or dough based cake cooked in a waffle iron patterned to give a distinctive and characteristic shape. There are many variations based on the type and shape of the iron and the recipe used.

Other waffle-shaped foods exist, and are sometimes referred to as waffles because of their shape. Most are actually potato products.

Rob Poulos

They sound delicious to me! I love blueberries and I love waffles...so bring them on! =)

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