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April 20, 2010


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former partner



Bad idea to post customer photos in a thread like this.


seriously, this is what this blog is coming to? Really amazingly sad. It's gotten more and more negative, but really, this crosses a huge line.

Jim  Romenesko

badmojo -- If you don't like it here, go over to Starbucks Melody's blog. Starbucks is her Justin Bieber.

me myself and I

I agree, it might not be the best idea to post him in an identifiable way.

But why the fuzz? The guy was just hungry. Never seen someone eating a BigMac and a Quaterpounder with large fries and an extra large cola?
We have a few customers pretty much eating all their meals with us, and they aren't even obese. One guy usually comes in daily the morning for a pastry, later in the day for a breakfast sandwich and in the evening for a panini. Sometimes he orders a pastry in the afternoon, too. I have no idea how he has the time and money to do that, but it is his life, not mine. So leave them alone.

Lisa V

This blog is better than that, come on. "Hey! I've got an idea! Let's dish about which of our customers has the least self-control, thus making us feel better about ourselves!"

Seriously. Fat-bashing and body-snarking is not cool, and it's not fun, and that's the direction this thread will go. And I hate to think that wherever I go, someone is just waiting to dish on what weird or excessive thing I ordered.

Lisa V

Also: asking us to forward snapshots? New low.


How is he different than the guy who goes to 3 different Starbucks and gets one sandwich at east so he isn't subject to this ridicule?

besides aren't all the really obese people loading up on the McDonald's 1 dollar menu and drinking that swill.

Boston Starbucks Conformist

have we lowered our standards to making fun of customers that over-eat? Judge him all you want, but he has a right to live and PAY for this lifestyle. Get off your high horses baristas, and let this guy eat how he wants to, you may not agree, but get over it.

Boston Starbucks Conformist

I agree. This is a new low for sbuxgossip. Im slightly ashamed. Webmaster take notice, be more selective please.


Only a matter of time til this guy identifies himself on this blog and is out for blood...


Whoa Jim, we're in the midst of 8 weeks of bold, surely you've had enough caffeine to refrain from remarks like that.

Jim Romenesko

CD -- I don't do bold (or breakfast sandwiches); I'm a mild brew guy.

Also, I recommend everyone watch FOOD INC. on PBS tomorrow night.



@Webmaster-Jim, I don't appreciate the mini-slam, but sure, what the heck, invite your readers to come visit my site if they don't like yours... There's something for everyone in the world of Starbucks blogs.

Jim Romenesko

Melody -- It's all said in good fun (but you have to admit you often gush over SBUX the way young girls gush over Justin Bieber).


When I was a partner, years ago, we had a customer who came through the drive-thru every day and ordered a venti 2-shot mocha frap w/ whip. The order came out to be $5 and some change, but she'd pay with a $20 and leave the rest as a tip. The funny bit? She was a stripper. Very petite and athletic. go figure :)


Posting a photo of a customer in this respect, not such a good idea.

However, I am willing to share a story, because the person in question is a family member for whom I don't care(and an in-law at that). This family member after finding out that I worked for the 'Bux told me to try a Venti Green Tea Frappuccino with 32 (yes, thirty-two) pumps of syrup (back when we had melon), swearing that it was the best drink in the world. I went back to my store and made it for grins and giggles--there was barely any room for creme base (maybe 1/8"). In hindsight, I feel like a terrible person for wasting product on such a ridiculous beverage.

Yes, I'm a hypocritical jerk, and a lousy person, I know.

Darth Sidamo.

I think there is an underlying message here. That is, do not do things in public that you would not be comfortable with the whole world seeing. Sometimes it takes the outside view of somebody else to understand what WE are doing to OURSELVES.

Case and point, watch Super Size Me. Without seeing that movie some people never actually sit down and realize the things they are physically doing to their selves. Yeah I know this thought of "well it is their body, let them do what they want." All of you people cannot tell me that some time we have not looked at what somebody else does in excess and thought that they wish they could save that person from their selves.

While it may be judging somebody else maybe it is for their own good. We have laws that are set in place to protect us not just from other people but from ourselves.

This may not be the way some of you wish to go about this, but it is a huge problem America is fighting. I have given out a drink before that after the math has been in excess of over 3000 calories.

As for Melody's blog I love Melody's blog. I like this site as well. All things in life cannot be nice and conservative and all things cannot be flat and liberal. I enjoy both sites being incredibly different and think that without one the other would not be quite as enjoyable.


you really shouldn't be posting pictures of others w/out their permission (written and signed). Even worse when it's bashing them. If he finds out, I hope he sues. Be careful about throwing stones..

I love this blog, but hate this post.

Jim  Romenesko

What was said that was "bashing" this guy?

You don't want your photo taken while in a public space? Don't appear in public.

Reading suggestion: The current Atlantic magazine cover story, BEATING OBESITY.


I don't mind this post; it's consistent with where this blog has gone. Actually, I do go to Starbucks Melody quite often. It's what Starbucks Gossip use to be: Informative.


This is like watching the people at Walmart website. But then again I have eaten five breakfast sandwiches and washed it down with a frappuccino.


@Webmaster Jim: Stick to your convictions and DON'T remove the pic/post. Live by the words of Madonna: "I'm not your bitch/Don't hang your shit on me"


Thanks Sheik. Thinking the same thing.

Darth Sidamo.

I will say, there are two cups on the table and three sandwiches. Maybe its possible that he ate two sandwiches instead of three.

Jennie K.

Who cares what people do!

Grow up! let him do what he wants to do and you do what you want to do.

Jim  Romenesko

So, nobody seems to have come forward with stories that will topple him as King of Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches. Anyone?



Melody -- It's all said in good fun (but you have to admit you often gush over SBUX the way young girls gush over Justin Bieber).

Posted by: Jim Romenesko | April 20, 2010 at 02:44 PM

Finally, someone says it.


As well, why does everyone who works for Starbucks care? If anything, you should be promoting this behavior in your customers. That guy pictured up there, yeah he just increased your sales 3x the typical breakfast-sandwich-customer. If anything, everyone should be TRYING to get him to buy another.

Pander to the group this guy belongs to and see your store sales rise through the roof.

PS: Food Inc is terrifying to watch. An must-see, yes, but utterly terrifying. And disgusting, too, FYI.

ex-expired shot

3 sausage breakfast sandwiches in one day?! I so beat that every day I worked for Starbucks! 3 bacon sandwiches, okay so sure sometimes I would have 1 bacon sandwich and a morning bun on my 10, 2 hours would pass, 2 bacon sandwiches for lunch, 2 hours pass, wooo sausage piadini time YUMMY. Before I knew it, my shift was over, and I would get a ham and brie sandwich on my way out the door. He is such a light weight!

my cholesterol has lowered rapidly since I quit.

black & white & read all over

Sorry Webmaster Jim, just let go of the pride with this post- it's not newsworthy. I know, you usually have great topics, you probably thought this was timely, with all our regular customers & their kids who the military says today now pose a threat to our national security.

But really this is just a boring, sad, daily "who cares" occurrance at our stores the obviously overweight family that comes into Sbux and orders Venti fraps with xtra whip and 2 pastries apiece. (Then visits McDs, etc., etc.)

"Have a nice drive back to WV- say hi to Jamie Oliver for us!"

And I'm sure they'll stop once the Obama health care law goes into affect and all the nutritional info is posted in all of our stores nationwide.

How about asking this instead: the "healthy" pre-packaged food items launched in store in Jan. this year. How are sales going at your stores? Is your display still stocked? Are these going to be kept as a permanent part of the Sbux food line-up or will they be whisked away (like almost ever other "good for you" food Sbux has tried) with the new sugar filled fraps?

dirty chai

I have a regular who gets an iced tall five-pump nonfat with whip add caramel sauce (in the cup, as well as on top) white mocha. Not daily, but multiple times/week. I told another partner today that if I knew a friend or family member of mine was consuming that much sugar on a regular basis, I would slap the snot out of them.


Sadly this site is on the decline. What used to be an informative site with the occasional breaking news has turned into low level gossip. Maybe that is in the title of the website but that doesn't make it worth my time.

I guess it does mean one less bookmark to check on a daily/weekly basis.

legendary or you know what

The site hasn't changed one bit in the 5 years that I have watched it..


@Mauddib, I'll gladly extend you an invitation to come check out my Starbucks blog, though it's not the same vibe at all. I gush now and then. (Link is in my name). This site thrives on the entertaining comments. Despite that this thread is really "some people eat too much at Starbucks" it has 33 within a few hours of being posted! Only Starbucksgossip could pull that off.


Why should I care a rats ass what someone eats?

Coffee Solider

It's interesting that the customer in the picture is looking at the camera...I wonder if whoever took the picture set up the scenario to send it in to this site...to see if it would make it?? I don't see many people just walking up to a customer and snapping a picture.

me myself and I

Jim, your comment about not showing up in public if you don't want your picture taken reminds me of that flickr topic. Do you remember? The one where starbucks started a flickr group and then ran into their own no in store photography rules. did they ever come up with a clear answer and solution or did they just wait until everyone got tired and left the group? Would be interesting to know.


I support the topic and picture. Of course if the guy wants you to take it down, you should do that.
I often wondered when I was a barista if people were actually held accountable for their actions in public, be it behavior or consumption trends, would they act the same or buy the same things?


@webmaster. disproving of this blog has nothing to do w/ not liking starbucks bashed. Nothing. This is what jr. high girls do and petty 20 somethings who want to feel better about themselves. Bashing people is not ok in any form. Grasping at straws for some subject matter? Fine, but don't lower yourself to petty behavior like this


@DarthSidomo-no, this is not for their own good. This is going behind someone's back. Not the same thing. this is saying "ha, look, we are better than this person! Don't we feel big!" He will most likely never see this blog. That does him zero good.

shift misto

some people just have lucky genes or metabolism.

im completely outing myself here, but.. we have one guy who comes in at least once a day and gets two apple fritters warmed and coated in caramel!

Lisa V

I am encouraged by most of the comments rejecting this topic. However, I find the fake concern for these people's health emblematic of most of the excuses for fat-shaming that goes on in the media. It's supposed to be "ok" to post pictures of, and talk about, the people we encounter who eat too much because, as Darth Sidamo says, "Sometimes it takes the outside view of somebody else to understand what WE are doing to OURSELVES." That's all well and good when we're actually talking about whether Starbucks food is conducive to the healthy lifestyle they want to promote, or what have you, but calling out specific people is not a discussion on health: it's an invitation to sleazy gossip and back-patting, and "don't you feel good that you're not like him/her, the poor sap?"

The argument that as soon as you step out your door and into the public domain you shouldn't be surprised that you're a target for gossip and humiliation is discouraging. Maybe it's true that you can't stop people from talking about you once you're visible, but I think it's just decency on the part of others to refrain from open judgment of something that immediately harms no one but the person eating. Otherwise, it sounds as ridiculous as: "Ugly people! Send us your pics!"

Let's not pretend that talking about our customers who eat a lot is actual concern for said customers. It's gossip and gross-out factor. I'd like to see a post on the other end of the problem-eating spectrum: "Any bulimics ever thrown up in your bathroom? Send us pics of the binges or purges!" Just as un-classy as this topic.

Cafe Nervosa

I made a venti heavy cream pumpkin spice for someone once... That's the worst drink order I've gotten. I'm concerned what'll happen with the new Frappuccinos. Which is worse, the stain on my morals serving something like that to someone... Or trying to come up with SOME sort of dairy variance that works?! Argh!

Cafe Nervosa

Sorry, meant to say dairy par.

Corvex Corvidae

Um, okay? Congrats, you found a fat guy. Somebody overate. Welcome to America.


If you can show a Marine in Iraq getting killed, you can show a fat guy at Starbucks.


Sorry, I meant Afghanistan. There are about 1-2 service members being killed in the War on Terror each day. The only thing we don't see are their coffins coming back home. The same thing is happening with obesity in this country. We are in denial that we have a serious and grave health problem. And we are in denial that obesity will kill us.

Long Timer

[Insert witty banter about how bad calories are and how fit I am.]

(former) FLA SM

Isn't it funny how there are so many people who say "Don't judge the fat people. You're a bad person for doing so." By making such statements, those same people are judging the posters who find obesity revolting. Judge not.... Glass houses.... etc....

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