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April 09, 2010


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My store definitely stocks juicy raspberry, will take pics at work tonight.

Also, in Dallas we've had the frappuccinos for about a year. I like them, our customers like them, a few were very vocal. You will lose a few, for sure, but there's nothing we can do.

I personally like them, I've had the regular frapps back home, and I still prefer the new ones. These do tend to be more liquidy though.

Darth Sidamo.

StLouieDrip. The only reason I can think of that they didnt have Pike was a personal store manager decision (some only follow standards they believe in) or once or twice at my store we have ran low on pike and could not get any. We brewed Pike to order because that is better than running out so nobody gets it.

Also I didnt say misto exhibited all five green apron behaviors in one paragraph. You were just quick to judge. In a sense it looked like you were not being considerate towards misto for calling him/her a snob. I did not know inconsiderate was a green apron behavior.

me myself and I

My Raspberry bottle in the store says just Raspberry, but the POS screen still says JRas. I could have sworn the bottle said juicy, too. Well, I guess I would not be a very good eye witness. Sorry.

shift misto

@st louie.
mondays the bold is brewed all day for the 8wk promo.. im not so sure about the decaf estima.. i didn't know we had that? regardless, baristas should know by now what a pour over is..maybe she was very new.


there is NO such thing as decaf estima...so, you were given incorrect information


Thanks, shift misto, yes, it was a Monday, so that explains it, at least partly. I did have to explain in detail what pour-over was before something finally clicked with her. But by then I didn't trust her to make it anyway, so it's good they were already brewing cafe estima. I've never liked that particular mall store, because I've often found them to the most out of touch/unknowledgeable about what's going on, so I only go there when I'm very desperate. But I wanted to know whether I should stop by other stores for the remaining weeks of the "bold" campaign.

Nosuchthing, I thought the 2 urn tags said "cafe estima" and "decaf cafe estima" but I won't swear to that because I only did a quick glance and certainly could have misread it; it's been known to happen.


@Olybrewer, metrics are the only thing they care about!!! Do you have a day you can farm yourself out to another store? Or did you get totally boned, and have to work 5 4 1/2 hour shifts?

Melody ((Calling out to all baristas, esp Detroit area))

Hi all! I was having a twitter conversation with a detroit area barista who insists that there are Clovers in Detroit area (or Rochester?). Though even more puzzling, she insists that the Clovers are to be found in licensed locations like Target. I'm pretty much in total disbelief and think she must have it wrong, but how do I know?? I really don't know.

I have heard of Starbucks entering into agreements to allow NON Starbucks business to have a Clover. I've heard this has happened for a few very high end restaurants, and even a high end theater. But other than that, I've never heard of a new Clover since the acquisition placed outside of a corporate store.

Anyone here a regular customer or barista in a Detroit area Target Starbucks?


"Hypothetically, your shifts are the most capable partners in the store."
Ah if only this was the case. I have a store full of shifts that think that they are holier than thou and are the first to break any and all rules that they can. (like cell phones, free drinks for non working partners, derogatory comments, gossip and fueds with each other...the list goes on.) Not to mention that they delegate instead of work.(yes a good leader should delegate, but when that means that they are sitting there texting about their plans for the night and telling you to clean up their mess doesn't leave a warm fuzzy.) Hmmmm...Well I guess it is hypothetically the truth. Maybe would be better if in our area you weren't promoted based upon how well you kiss the DM's tookus.
Actually I guess I am burned by the area in and of itself, as all you hear from partners that transfer to the area is how "this isn't how Starbucks works. What is happening here?"


Though would love to hear positive things as I do believe in portions of our guiding principles and the people that work for sbux. Honestly trying to be positive. Just somethings are harder than others to deal with. (any and all encouragement is welcome.)

Ol' Dirty (ex) Barista

All right, dudes and ladies, I'm wondering if you guys can help me out with something.

Last month I was terminated (no-call no-show and apparently it was my final notice, not that I was aware of that, but whatever) and haven't worked anywhere since. Last night, I got a letter from Fidelity investments. Not knowing that I had any stock, apparently I had several shares. Most of them were "cancelled" on the date of my termination, but it seems that I still have 33 shares.

In need of cash, I thought about it and decided to go ahead and exercise and sell them, but when I try to do that through the Fidelity site, it says that my account is "restricted."

Now, I didn't even know I HAD these stocks, much less that many were cancelled, or that I've still got some left over. Am I missing something here about exercising my stocks? What should I do?


Bryan Hong

I am a graduate student at UC Berkeley, currently doing research on the food and hospitality industries. I'm looking for current and former Starbucks store managers and district managers who would be willing to be interviewed (anonymously) about their time at Starbucks. Interviews can be as long or as short as you would like--I have only four (very specific) questions to ask. I can be reached at bryanh (at) berkeley.edu Thanks!


ODB: You're stocks probably we're "Stocks" but rather "options" to purchase stock at a fixed price. When you are seperated, you can no longer excise any stock options you have not excised already.

looong time shift

You lose any UNVESTED stock options, rewarded as grants beginning after the first year of service (so your first grant is two years after being hired). Every year after the grant date, 25% of the options become vested (so after 5 years of service you would have your first block of stock options given fully vested). The vested options have a date to be excised before they are expire. I think 7 years after the grant date... Only options to break this trend are the special class of options re-granted for old underwater options in a voluntary program that all partners were able to use to give up old options for new ones that vest 50% every year.

D. Jacks

Hi Guys,
Just a quick question from a Barista here in the UK...

I got on to my shift at work today and I saw that my manager, shift supervisor and every other Barista was running around in a panic and generally flustered. Everyone was stressing with each other and being rude.

I asked why. Our district manager had come into the store and said to one employee that if they did not sell £90 worth of Via Ready Brew by end of shift she could not go home.

I was told I had to hit £60 by the end of my shift.

Is it me or this completely against the ethos of what Starbucks should be about? When a customer has been waiting in line for 5 minutes and they finally get to pay, they do not want me thrusting a jug of Via coffee in their face and asking if they want to buy it. They want their drink, they want to relax. They want a smile, not a stressed, worried Barista who is asking with a tone of desperation if they would like to buy Via.

I know we need to help launch this, but fundamentally it is an expensive niche product, and I think hounding customers and stressing stafff will lead to bad things eventually.

I messed up so many orders today because I was so worried about the pressure I was under to sell. This angered customers, and that pack of Via may be worth £4.45, but a lost customer is priceless.

I am considering writing this to Mr Schultz himself. It is not just coffee, it is Starbucks.. and I don't think that should be associated with high pressure sales and stressed out Baristas. We just want to make every customer have a good day.

What is you guys take on this? Have you experienced similar stuff??


It saddens me that Starbucks has lost a very good customer, me. I spend 1,200 per year, and the changing of the Frap base cost them my business. It is extremely BITTER and nearly made me VOMIT. The baristas where I visit 2 times a day, every day, told me there was a new recipe coming out and Starbucks was going to step it up a notch, instead, they stepped down to an item that if it sells, will be a miracle.
All I can say is when they should have kept the coffee bean they kept and used the Monkey POOP to make the new fraps. Get ready for many complaints and go back to the best sellers or give customers a choice of the old base as well. Remember, Coke and Pepsi tried it and lost millions.
I just can not think the manager at the store did not know how to MAKE NEW DRINK, as he warned me the taste was a bit different. OMG, I had no idea when I took that first long drink, expecting my usual delicious frap, that it would have the taste of a VERY CHEAP drunk and the horrible after affects of praying to the porcelain God for hours.
My drink WAS a Grande Carmel Light Frap, Sub, with 2 sugar free pumps of Carmel, 1 Splenda, 1 Venti scoop of ice, triple blended, in a Venti cup, light on the drizzle. This took many times working with my regular barista to come up with this recipe as I am a gastric bypass patient, and it is perfect where ever I would order it. SIMPLE! SIMPLE! SIMPLE! I doubt very seriously that she could come up with a new recipe that would even come close to my tried and true old drink, but if she wants to try at no cost to me, it won’t bother me a bit to hand it back and tell her to TRASH it and start over. I will NOT pay five bucks for a Venti cup of VOMIT.
The bright side is I guess, I won't be spending 1,200.00 per year on Starbucks, and I will put it towards a vacation on the beach, somewhere.


Tami, are you serious? "SIMPLE! SIMPLE! SIMPLE!"?!?!?! There is nothing simple about that drink you used to order and your baristas probably secretly hate you.


I am a licensed store manager and those of you that have not worked for a license store do not know how we operate. I have a Starbucks DM and I have to operate the same way that a company store operates. The difference is I don't have access to the portal, all of my information comes in the mailings or by the DM.
Just like company operated locations some licensed locations do not seem to know their jobs. Please do not lump every license store together.
And by the way we never received black aprons, so this person must have gotten it somewhere other than the store they work at.

Indiana Barista

Tami do you happen to live in Indiana? Hmm I believe you are one of my customers. If not, I have a customer with your name and exact same drink.

Pulling up to the drive thru and saying, "it's tami." isn't a good way to order either. Just saying.

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