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May 27, 2010


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Eoj Nanillah

This is a true crisis for Starbucks in the Mid-Atlantic, and one that has the potential to spread to other areas. In fact, there is a growing staffing gap in the Northern Virginia area as well. All of this has been brought about by the incredibly poor leadership of the division, from the regional director level up through the divisional senior vp and Cliff.
The bottom line is that as the local economy ramps up (slow as that may be), current 'partners' are looking for any opportunity to 'get out' of the oppressive Starbucks environment. Interestingly, there is an article running in today's MSNBC outlining peoples increased willingness to 'quit' and walk away from a lousy job as the national economy improves.
Starbucks will see other areas of the country experience similar "staffing crisis" as jobs offering better opportunity and working conditions continue to develop.
As for DC, Starbucks will never recover the market-it's too far gone. This freight train has been coming down the track for a while, the first evidence was the mass exodus of DMs from this market last year.


This most definitely explains the horrible service I've experienced day after day in most DC Starbucks


When your job is threatened because you get an 89 instead of a 90 on ecosure and/or a 74 instead of a 75 on customer voice of course people are going to leave. That's not being a business person, that's being childish.
If I wanted to work somewhere where I hit a number exactly or death then I'd try wall street. I want to work somewhere where I'm treated like a human being. Starbucks is no longer that place. Congratulations.

Darth Sidam-nooooooooooo.

Weird. Most of our mgmt is hired straight in here.


I actually just resigned my position as Store Manager in the NY/Metro market. I will tell you that the training is not what it's suppose to be, the support is not in place, and the work place environment is not what has cracked up to be. I honestly think they need an undercover boss scenario at Sbux, i think they will be shocked


There is a similar situation brewing in the Midwest. Partners are leaving (have been for 2 years or so) for better paying jobs where they are treated as actual human beings and not as a VIA/Customer Voice/Ecosure/QASA/Labor/Frappuccino whores.


I just put in my two weeks as an SM yesterday in the Socal market. My reason is exactly like everyone else here, I'm sensing a pattern...

Darth Sidam-nooooooooooooooooooooooo

When a job market improves, the amount that people are willing to put up with for minimum wage will decrease.


This is a true pattern at the store manager level for Starbucks. They have forgotten to run this projection and how to create realistic goals. As partners continue to leave Starbucks, they will take with them the knowledge and experience they have gained. As this downward spiral occurs at the retail level, it is safe to say that the SSC is a killing zone.
I agree with many others that Mid-Atlantic has been collapsing for a very long time. But then again, that area of the country is probably one of the WORST. Here in New England, things don't seem as grim. We still have many long-term partners and other younger partners who are following in their legacy.
Starbucks strategic initiatives have resulted is a Pyrrhic victory.


my district in central PA is going through this as well. My SM resigned and shortly after she did three other partners left sbux. Ive been with the company for 4 years and now my DM wants me to start training for ASM. all i keep asking myself is why? My sbux stress level has been steadily increasing since last year. The first decade of the 21st century starbucks has been expanding at a very fast rate. when their stock plummeted they chose to close stores as well as cut staffing. what they didnt realize is that when one or two people from one store get ill or leave their job at sbux the partners at that store are left stranded. In the past 2 months four out of eight partners have had over forty hours a week, all of these partners are shiftsupervisors and one of them is a full time student. Three partners on the floor is a rarity and on weekends our store is bringing in over $3000 (not an enormous amount but enough to make it an unbearable working environment)


$3000 a day

Herman M.

This is just a continuation of the purge of the old Starbucks culture for the new "evolved" starbucks culture. Gut support and facilities through successive waves of consolidation and outsourcing, close stores, make operations partners feel they are living in an environment of fear not support. Soon it will be all numbers driven, all necessary support functions will be outsourced, and Starbucks will be ready to franchise.

I felt a little that this was the scenario a year and a half ago when the "pilot" for removing techs was introduced, became more sure of it when unlike the closing stores, the techs were not even made the offer to come over to operations (odd, since a large percentage of the techs were originally in operations leadership positions), and now from the outside am convinced of it as friends and former colleagues still in the business tell me about things they see happening.

For years former partners have been telling disgruntled partners to jump ship and be happier. Add my voice to that chorus. Temporary job isn't paying as much as I was making a year ago keeping you all up and running, but my stress is way down, and with it my weight. C'mon back from the dark side, folks. If Starbucks doesn't want you there are plenty of companies that do.

And for the loud cries of "why are you even here if you don't work for Satbucks anymore?" that I hear coming, it's those same friends and former colleagues that keep me involved in the company. I hate to see them suffering the way we all have over the past few years as Starbucks "transforms" itself. I tried to be a voice for my partners from within, and now try to help them find the voice for themselves since mine is now diminished.


just wanted to add to the convo.. my region has not been mentioned yet, but we too are short on upper management.

Herman M.

I think most regions are. And to "reward" performing managers, they are being given a second store to oversee. One of the ones that the previous manager was released from for an 89 on EcoSure or who ran away in disgust from the new, not people oriented methods.

Of course, this means the manager now has two opportunities to not meet the artificial thresholds. And as one store was likely an underperforming store already, the likelihood of failing to jump through all the hoops set out by corporate increases exponentially. And then...best performing, highest ranking managers are released because their DM thought enough of them to ask them to take on additional duties.

Quite sad.


Also, how many times are they ready and willing to get others from outside the mid atlantic to help? Not just Old SM's are leaving but new hires too. Conditions are so terrible the one's they are "getting ready" will soon leave too.


Wow!!! This is happening in Florida also. It is a real shame. There is no care for the human spirit. I wish they weren't selling the BS. I could almost take it if you told me up front. Don't tell me work life balance and then force SM's to work FRI, SAT, SUN, and MON for Memorial Day weekend to sell you know what.

short drip

The SM shortage in the Mid Atlantic is a pandemic. It got very serious in 05 and 06 when the Store Development team grew from 20 people to 75 in 6 months while the same old "1" recruiter was employed.

The mid atlantic has never had a sense of urgency with recruiting. Thus the reason I left the Company. I believed in delivering Legendary Service but could only push my people so hard uder extreme conditions.

I feel bad for the customers and the remaining partners who feel they have to stay under these under-served conditions.

Good luck to all.


I firmly believe that we will never see the Starbucks name franchised in any capacity beyond the current "licensed store" model. That is what Seattle's Best is for.

And as far as unreasonable demands, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Ridiculous goals? Iced VIA is coming. Get ready.

Eoj Nanillah

Now for the good news.....you have options:
Apple, Trader Joe's, Potbelly, REI, Wegmans (and many others) offer great company culture, superior benefits and pay. All of these companies have, and are welcoming Starbucks partners with open arms. The HUMAN RESOURCES folks in each of these companies is well aware of the beat-down Starbucks has given their 'partners' over the past couple of years so empower yourselves and get out!


When you are dual managing, you are only held accountable for your home store. No mention is on your review about your second store. You will not be eligible for the bonus of your second store either (not even a partial bonus) But, you will be held accountable for the second store's performance through corrective actions and the such. You could still be terminated for any wrong doing at your second store, you just don't get any of the "good" part of running the second store.

Yes I know this from experience and no I was not terminated. And the shortage of SM is all over the country not just the midatlantic area, unfortunately.

ex sbux manager

All I can say is this. 1 month ago I left starbucks after 5 years of loyal service, and joined another company. Since then 1 store manager and 1 shift supervisor have already jumped on board with my current company. The store manager at the starbucks across the street is about to put his 2 weeks in and join my current company. Just the beginning. Bottom line is this, once starbucks became about the numbers, it lost any sense of "loyalty" and "people work for people" mentality. I think Starbucks forgot that just like the upper leadership can dangle a SM's job in front of them, the SM can go and see what's out there. I think it's the upmost disrespect for Starbucks to think that people "need" the job. As was once said to me when my customer voice dropped for one monthbefore I left, I was told that "in the end, it's a business, you're either going to make it, or not..." I guess they never stopped to think that in the end it IS a business...and Starbucks as an employer quite simply isn't going to make it compared to what other employers are offering now. By the way, I'm only working 40 hours, 9-5, making around the same amount as what I was making before, on a plan to be promoted to management by December, better benefits (including 5 times the amount Starbucks offers for tuition reimbursement)and a leadership team that although still focusing on goals, doesn't make us feel like we're going to lose our jobs ....oh, and did I mention that I don't have to go outside to pick up cigarette butts in the sidewalk cracks with tweezers everyday (mandated by my regional director, and yes I will always be bitter about that) ...I feel sorry for all current store managers out there....just know that it's not worth it...and if you think it's going to get any better? Think again...I used to bleed green....I was Starbucks to the max....now I bleed red...and feel bad to see where this company that I used to truly believe in has gone.

Melody (@Crema and @ex sbux manager)

@Crema the crop - Sorry to be off topic, but have you tried Iced Via yet? (Link in my name goes to my blog post about this new Via product)

@ex sbux manager - I think you touched on some correct things that are happening, as Starbucks works so hard to appease Wall Street. It's a little saddening to me, that as a business increasingly sees their partners as fungible, this sentiment is transferred to customers. If the partners are replaceable cogs, customers are even more so. I think some the business decisions of the past 2 years have counted on that while some customers will leave over this decision (PPR all day is an example) they'll just be replaced by other customers, so we don't care... But someone has to really challenge decisions and say, "Is this really good for the business? Is this really good for what we stand for? How does this affect our brand image and though we can do this, should we?" Oh well, I'm sorry to sound like a broken record. I've never fallen in love with PPR. Sorry! It sounds like you've moved on to better things, ex sbux manager! If not, best of luck in your job search!


ex sbux manager: I understand that "bleeding green" thing. I did too at one time. The loyalty and love we had for the company a few years ago could not even be comprehended by current partners. They brainwashed everyone and are now trying to rid the company of anyone who they "infected"...Howard's new motto: "Destroy the human spirit, one (pre-ground, flavored, instant) cup at a time.")


you must have gotten the same ridiculous demands this weekend as our district. i think it, in itself, explains exactly the way corporate feels about their green apron pawns.
we have to sell $125 in via per day, without promoting it. you know damn well they want their numbers boosted, and there's only one way to do it:

Major Step #1:
create an outrageous goal with consequences if its not met.

Major Step #2:
Create a Loophole that makes it look like a store met their goal, and make sure they understand how to do it.

Major Step #3:
Cover your own ass by telling your little peon stores that they will be fired if caught using said loophole.

Major Catch #22 Step #4
Remind your stores that they will receive an action if they don't meet their goal.

Major Step #5
sit in your pretty office and watch all the little ants panic while your big fatty bonus rolls in.

So Over It

Just have to chime in as a frequent poster/creeper here...after 5 and half years I submitted my resignation. I was an SM in the Mid-Atlantic Region. I have spoken with several "higher-ups" about what has been going on at the store level in the Mid-Atlantic region, and I truly believe that they can't deny that things need to change. I just won't be around when they (hopefully) do. It's a shame that SBUX went about this "Transformation" in the absolute WRONG way possible. Who's to blame? Probably Cliff Burrows, but ultimately, Howard Schultz is still at the helm. And to think he's going to be releasing a book about how we came back...sheesh. I always said he must be the most out of touch leader at any major corporation and I guess he proved it.

It's almost as if they're going to need to start over. Will they choose to continue down the path they've been forging (leaving a trail of body bags in their wake) or will they do something drastic (like fire the leadership team and start over)? It's a "choose your own adventure" and I for one am happy I'll get to watch it from the outside.

Sorry Starbucks- look me up if you ever again become the company I joined in 2004.


This is an issue down here in SoCal as well. One of the best SMs I've worked with resigned after nearly six months of duel managing her home store and two other stores, while training a new RMT. Ironic since just a year ago, stores were overstaffed to the point that getting enough hours to qualify for benefits was a bit of a stretch.

Sad Former Barista

After reading all these posts I have come to the conclusion that the Starbucks I joined a few years ago is no longer the same I grew to love. I was asked to leave right before everything got unbearable and I am glad to say that I wouldn't change anything about that. I would once again choose to leave over having to work under the conditions I've seen in many of the Southern California area stores. I am a very frequent Starbucks customer still after leaving Starbucks and I must say that what I see in stores makes me really sad to say that Starbucks has died. Yes, Starbucks is dead, not the company, but the Starbucks of the past where going to Starbucks was an experience and the quality was top notch. Now, I know many partners will be quick to disagree, and all I can say to you is that I am very happy that your store is being ran the way it should, I'm very pleased that your working conditions are what they should be and that your upper management is treating you the way you should be treated as a person. I recently visited my home store and my manager who moved up from barista looked quite tired and very unusually silent. Now, I know her and she has always been a girl with so much life in her and she takes care of her store as she would her family. Well, let's just say that every time I ask her how things are going she just stays quiet and then keeps saying everything is 'wonderful and perfect' when I know she is flat out lying to me. Of course, I let it go and resist the urge to let her know that the store me and her opened back in 2005 is NOT the same store full of happy and warm partners that it used to be. Hopefully she feels much better soon because I saw her quite down and stressed when I paid a visit to her store. Well, as always, stores are getting dirtier and newer partners keep getting hired that when asked about coffee they say "Uhh, I don't know, I don't drink coffee because it's nasty." Yes, I've gotten similar responses to this and every single time I find it silly that I still keep wondering why Starbucks hires just anyone. What happened to the way Starbucks interviewed it's new hires? Once again, that's also out of the window. I suppose I should keep hoping that Starbucks gets better but to be honest I'm getting quite tired of doing so, but I guess I'll keep hoping for a comeback. Starbucks, please come back and delight the millions who still love you before you keep loosing those very same customers that made you the successful company that you became.


I work at a store in the DC region - and yes my store is in serious trouble. My DM moved my manager to another store, and brought in an outside hire - who is quite frankly an utter disaster of an individual.
In fact, we still don't have schedules posted for next week and the week is practically over (happens just about every week). And sadly that's just the tip of the iceberg. I happen to know that he's been sleeping in the store, and that the safe has been coming up short nowadays as well.
Even my customers have called the DM to complain about him...repeatedly. Of course, L.G (my DM) seems to care less. That or he's unwilling to fix the problem that he created, or simply too incompetent to do so.
Several partners called the relations hotline and were blown off by the people there.
That said - I also know that every barista who works at my store is looking for a new job. Some of them have been with the company for almost a decade.
God's....what a waste.


@ex sbux manager - "Bottom line is this, once starbucks became about the numbers, it lost any sense of "loyalty" and "people work for people" mentality."

I 100% agree with you. I don't think anyone has ever hit the nail on the head as you have. I remember 4 years ago or so when we launched "Maple Macchiatos." There wasn't a specific amount that had to be sold each day, we were just told to sample to the customers and suggestively sell it and be excited about it and that this would make the sale for us. Could you imagine nowadays, a new product being launched WITHOUT a target or goal to meet? (And to those of you who will say BUT IT'S A BUSINESS YOU HAVE TO MAKE SALES - we did make the sales before but someone in Starbucks management came along and said "What if we give them a (ridiculous) goal and then when they don't meet the goal we give them an even bigger goal next time?")

Things have changed, and even the Partner View Survey and Howard's "motivational" video at the end of it isn't enough to bring back what we liked about Starbucks that made us want to work here.

The only reason I continue to go to work everyday is to get a paycheck and also for the partners at my store. NOT for Starbucks, NOT for the customers, NOT to be legendary, NOT to make the world better "one cup, one person at a time." Starbucks wants us to only be about the numbers so I feel like that's what I've been forced to do as well - is it payday yet???


There is a lot of misinformation in these comments.

The Mid-Atlantic as whole (which includes NY state, NJ, Philly, MD, DE, and Wash) is actually having great results, with some of the leading numbers in the country in terms of sales vs. last year, targets, customer satisfaction, turnover, etc. There are some managers who are doing GREAT things, which is why this program is being started.

The outlier of the Mid-Atlantic is D.C., where there is a large number of stores where partners are suffering with bad managers. Like dcstateofmind said, the partners are having to deal with managers who are just not cutting it, and it's not fair. That's why some of the strongest managers are coming down to help get these stores staffed, create strong schedules that best fits the partner and customer needs, and set these stores on the right path before returning to their own stores. The idea is that if the rest of the Mid-Atlantic is having such good results, let's try to help out the area that isn't. The partners in D.C. shouldn't have to work in such conditions, and the paying customers deserve better service.

Eoj Nanillah


Not sure where you are located however, DC is not the only area in the Mid-Atlantic that is sinking...look at Philly, New York (state and city), New Jersey, most of Virginia and MD; the list goes on. The Starbucks model is not working in any of these areas. The fact that 'numbers' are up over LY means only that LY was a disaster. The current trend of being 'up' will last only until you start comping over this year. Aside from the 'numbers' coming out of the division or SSC (all of which are spun) Starbucks has pulled almost all the levers possible to remain profitable and satisfy Wall St.
The last point is that if you really listen to all of the posts on this site, you must acknowledge that the 'Starbucks' mystic and culture is DEAD.

short drip

Dear Starbucksgossip administrator-
Where is the "report" about the staffing crisis? I know there is one but where is the "report" you speak of in the headline?

Pink the Shift

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Having been a Sbux store manager for 6 years in both DC and the mid-west, I could not agree more with the statements in this thread!

The impossible goals, the denial of reality of what is actually going on in the stores, the insane QASA bullshit, the whole VIA fiasco, and the intense focus on sales rather than people(both customers and partners), simply killed the Siren...in fact, she was slaughtered.

When, as a SM, you catch more flack for having a dustpan that doesn't look brand new than for not having legendary customer service...you put more emphasis on the OCD QASA rules! Since we no longer have appropriate staffing levels, the partners you do have MUST be focused on cleaning and QASA...customers come last on the list, every single time.

I, too, used to bleed green. All the love I had for SBUX was sucked out of me by all of the things other posters have written about.

When I left, I felt like I'd finally broken up with spouse that used to beat me, leaving me feeling like I deserved the abuse because I just wasn't good enough, or smart enough to figure it all out. Now, with a little distance and perspective, I know it wasn't my fault, at all...Starbucks should be ashamed, not me!

So Over It

@Chris- I couldn't agree more!

@BeingHonest- There is no doubt the results (numbers) look good. Of course we're comping- the economy is improving! And as a company we're making a boat load since we've cut labor so much.

But you're numbers don't tell you everything (except the numbers you didn't mention in your post- Turnover/SM Stability)! Typical. It is said that even the devil can quote from the bible.

Howard had said that there is "no line item in a P&L for PEOPLE." I don't know where he disappeared too- but I hope for your sake that he comes back.

Judging by your corporate speak- I'm assuming you are an RDO or DM. If RDO I think I know who.

Don't ever forget about the people on the front lines who implement your crazy tactics.


To..so over it...i know who it is too...what a joke...numbers over people..wait till they read my book
"How Starbucks Took My Life" death of a Store Manager...and I am serious

So Over It

Victor- was thinking of doing similar...we should join forces....could release the same day as HS's!

ex sbux manager

to "just being honest"....you're absolutely right..."numbers" are looking good....how are these numbers being hit? If you for a minute think that store managers aren't cheating or at the very least manipulating CV scores you've got to be so far up your ego to see that. how about VIA? I love how many stores are either "via for the trooping" or "free coffee with a purchase of via"ing. If you don't believe me I will personally go to the several stores that I know and call the regional director to notify of their actions. (it's great that I'm not with the company anymore) Actually I just got off the phone with a former barista who tells me that they are giving out free pastries to customer's who get a customer voice receipt. So "to be honest"...be ready for your own words...I will challenge all customers to call all the regional directors of that starbucks to notify any "fishy" business going on...funny story...Jim McDermott had a tour in this one region....during the visit he got LOST and accidentally went to a store that wasn't on the planned route....let's just say the store was an absolute mess (however they had the second highest customer voice score in the Mary..oops this region...) Funny how a peer manager got a call from her district manager to go to that store (on her own time) to clean the store up THAT NIGHT. This is just the few of many memories I had as a manager at Starbucks...who wants more?! lol

ex sbux manager

Actually, if any employee or ex employee wants to make a real difference...they should contact the media...Hey, if Howard is so willing to brag about the results to the media, I think it's important that the media be able to see how these numbers are being "reached." How fitting would it be to meet a newspaper writer at a local starbucks which is giving away free items for a purchase of Via or a customer voice receipt...I'd love to hear what starbucks and all the upper executives would say about that :)

Fear of retaliation

Maybe we should take this "GOSPEL" of truth to HOWARD!!! If my manager reads this site everyday surely HOWARD has someone doing it for him!! I commented last week and it was all over my store the next day!!! Whispering and slandering... just like this site was the UNION!! Great place to get a point across---thank you! DEAR MANAGER...DO NOT hurt your most PRECIOUS posessions for THEY are your BARISTAS ...the ANGELS who connect with our customers each and everyday and take the money, that buys the drinks, which make the numbers, that win the stores some money....where does that money go?...OOPS ....you waited too long to use it ...BUT the manager got a bonus and BOUGHT a new toy ...[he knows what I am talking about} !! PLEASE DEAR MANAGER.... DO NOT retaliate...do not threaten...do not bully...do not abuse...do not pay for time never worked...do not force them...do not work them and not pay them ...do not yell ...do not cuss...do not poke... do not kick... do not shake those fat little fingers at them...do not give preferential treatment...do not coerce...do not lie to the RM about something stupid solely for your advancement...do not use your shifts to carry out your dirty work..what if they had to take a lie detector... do not always TAKE credit and GIVE the blame...do not overlook for some but NOT for ALL...do not lie to your DM's...do not talk ugly about your fellow managers and expect your team not to follow...do not gossip and expect your team NOT to follow!! Remember YOU are their LEADER their TEACHER...Do not disrespect your BARISTAS as they will disrespect the customer when trying to RECOVER... do not EVER EVER let the CUSTOMER see you do any of these things to your BARISTAS.. as they have lots of money and know lots of people... our customers DO NOT like to see thier ANGELS berated, emotionally scarred and burned...remember they come back for THAT connection with your ANGEL... do not lie ...ALWAYS ALWAYS...EMULATE to your BARISTAS what you expect of them each day through your actions and words and they will EMULATE this to others including the customers ..... and the long term health and success of OUR store {not YOURS ] is practically garuanteed....please HOWARD get control of middle managment before the tyrannical behavior of some makes the 3RD place a disfunctional place and nobody comes anymore....The book " the starbucks experience" tells it HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! I believed in you Howard Schultz ....HELP US....I"ve stuck it out with you NOW SIR IT IS YOUR TIME TO PLEASE COME AND HELP SAVE OUR COMPANY.....Come on down and see whats really GOING ON!!! To all of you that are reading THANK YOU....I feel so good just being able to finally say all that!! DOES THE RIGHT THING EVER HAPPEN WITHEN MANAGMENT AT SBUX....i would love to hear some positive outcomes and positive advice...


baroosta, as long as I have been a manager with starbucks, we have had goals, I remember specifically we DID have Maple Macchiato goals. Every drink launch has goals. How your DM or RDO decided to focus/drive them may have varied.

Every year we have goals for holiday trio. When I first numbers started with starbucks we were launching Frappuccino Juice Blends, and I specifically remember having to call our in to our DM every night.

This goal orientation is NOT new.


@ex sbux manager - if this is the same store where the CURRENT manager is currently being sued for sexual harassment by a former employee, then I know the one your talking about. It's in the same district as my store, and again the DM just keeps letting him screw up with zero accountability for it.

In fact, one of the clean-up crew that went into that store cut themselves there and got a staph infection from it. How disgusting is that?

And yes, I happen to know that they pad their customer voice numbers as well as their VIA sales...as I'm sure that many stores are forced to do to break even.


@Chris - You said:

"...When, as a SM, you catch more flack for having a dustpan that doesn't look brand new than for not having legendary customer service...you put more emphasis on the OCD QASA rules! Since we no longer have appropriate staffing levels, the partners you do have MUST be focused on cleaning and QASA...customers come last on the list, every single time..."

And I couldn't agree with you more.

Star Shocked

Lets talk about Texas...Wonder what those stores are doin to keep their numbers and scores so high?


I've been with sbux for two years now and the differnce is huge from when I started. Everyone comes to work unhappy now. I work in the mid-atlantic region and it's a disgrace. My sister was an SM for a little over two years. Our DM is terrible, but then again, she does what she does because of her boss. And now, I just recently learned, that my SM who I love and who is an amazing boss just quit. Everything about this company has gone down the tubes. VIA was pushed way too hard on this company and quite frankly, it is not that good of a product. My SM shouldn't have to come into work and worry about whether or not he is going to be fired. There is no appreciation for the work that we do in these stores. Our DM has never worked behind the counter dealing with the things we deal with, but they think they know how to run these stores? It's insane. I'm really sad to see my SM go. He is amazing. But at the same time, good for him. I wish I could afford to leave this company and I will be able to soon. This company needs to bring A LOT of changes to the table if they expect to keep this company going. Because right now, I hate coming to work. I don't even know what my schedule is going to be like because we no longer have a manager and they don't know what their going to do with my store. It's a mess and someone needs to start cleaning it up.


@shift misto

That is hilarious!!! Major steps. Too funny. I wish you were wrong but you hit it on the head.

ex sbux manager

So with all that has been said with the staffing crisis in DC, I just wanted to voice this word. In the past Ive bled green so much that I would post on this site that if people were so unhappy then they should just shut up and go find another job. Well, of course when I became very unhappy with the job, I immediately went to go look elsewhere....everybody just remember, if you're at Starbucks and you're unhappy, you have every right to go and put your resume out. Simply put, managers wouldn't really know if they'd be getting fired (with all the man-power planning that goes behind their back) so there is no reason why managers (or other employees) can't apply to other jobs and see waht their options out there while they're still working. Take my word...THERE ARE OPPORTUNITIES OUT THERE. Don't EVER think that Starbucks is the only job that you could ever get, because the reality is that other much better jobs are hiring. As long as you think that Starbucks is the only job out there, then you will be taken advantage of even more, and you will live a very miserrable career. I ran a store for 3 months while job searching and going to interviews. So I encourage all the disgrunted starbucks partners...go see whats out there...go apply for other jobs...I applied for a bunch of places, and I was able to be picky with what I wanted. I also could compare and contrast different work, to see whether or not it'd be a better work situation (I actually turned down some options from other places)Funny thing was about a month after I started my new job, I was actually approachd by Apple...who WOULDNT want to work for them...so with that being said, don't be afraid of "going behind" the companys back...for just remember...if they were to fire you...you would not know until that actual day. Or they'd put you on an action plan, write you up, and in essence you're on the track to being fired :)


This is one of the best threads ever...i got rewarded by twice being "promoted" then pulled back i have socks older than my new boss it is so eveidentally clear the direction we are going...My book will come out and it will be the voice of truth behind the "real" transformation and I tell you its not pretty...the sad truth is it wont make a bit of difference for a SM to kick themselves sideways and then be told...sorry if you dont meet your via no raise in October....lets remember last year when 95% SM's recieved a 1% raise...how long can they use"You should be glad to have a job" i am unplugged and so much for this being the "year of the partner" the year is 3 months from being over...when when when


Christinschu - well then I'm sorry for you...were you pressured to ring in a maple macchiato instead of something else to artificially inflate your scores?


no, but I am also not pressured to do so for VIA or Frappuccinos. SOooo.....

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