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May 12, 2010


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Way to go Starbucks. This seems like a well thought out idea. This continues to find new ways to make profits, without hurting the Starbucks brand. The general public does not realize that we own Seattles Best and they don't need to, let them get their coffee from a vending machine and let Starbucks take the profits. This in turn allows Starbucks to focus it roots on whole bean, quality espresso beverages, and customer connection, just like the olden days (but with breakfast sandwiches). This is almost too remarkably well thought out for something coming from corporate, what's the catch?


There is a SBC vending machine at an Albertson's in Bellevue - but it's not new, it has been there for a couple years at least. Here is a picture of it, definitely a lot nicer looking than the machines you see in factories or airports:


I have never used it, I grocery shop in the late afternoon which is not my ideal latte time and I hardly need coffee to get through it. But I would definitely like to see this in my building at work though.

Starbucks Fan

There is also a machine at the Albertsons in Clearview, WA. Makes a pretty good mocha at a very good price. Must say though I am not a fan of the new logo, looks very generic and like a store brand logo. Very disappointed in Starbucks for this new logo.


The technology is definitly there--the vending machine espresso I had while in Rome was far above most "indie" crapshoot shops i've been to.


Should be a nice change on the ferry

Melissa Allison

Here's a blog post I did last year on the Bellevue company that makes Seattle's Best Coffee vending machines: http://bit.ly/aH5fvQ

Herman M.

A number of years ago when I visited the technical parts department on Harbor Island, there was a machine that could easily have been the prototype for this sitting in the kitchen area. You pressed the button corresponding to the drink you wanted, it ground the coffee, essentially created a "pod", then proceeded to make the coffee beverage you selected.

It was actually quite nice to get a fresh cup of coffee from a vending machine. And tasty. I'd frequent them if I saw them.

livin' la VIA loca

Vending machine coffee?? Who needs vending machine coffee?? You've got VIA!!!


I'm not really a fan of the new logo, but agree it's a great business direction for SBC.

@livin' la VIA loca - ha ha! Good one!


unless.. they USE via. hmm. but no, i think this is a good thing. i agree, the tech is there for great vendor coffee.

anyone else have the most ridiculous customers today? another partner referred to them as all being special needs. the dual meaning made me laugh. if you're ever having a bad day just start picturing your customers all lined up wearing blue helmets with chin straps.

also a good laugh, was this:
a regular customer was making small talk later in the evening and mentioned our blue aprons and their 'create your own' logo..

REGULAR CUSTOMER: "so, are alot of people 'making their own' frappuccinos now?"

BARISTA: "nope, we still make it for them." (goes back to cleaning)


i thought i was going to pee myself right there.

Herman M.

That;s funny. Sounds like something I would have said.


Misto, that is great. I'm also a fan of when a customer has their drink started by the bar already, and they say "I had an iced tall latte" and I'm ringing them up and I reply, "Oh really, how was it??"


I wonder what customer service people say/laught about you barista's when you're playing the consumer....

Herman Munster

I think I'm going to go into a restaurant and yell expletives at a perfectly polite person and storm out afterwards. I just wonder what those customers are feeling.

Herman M.

Ah, columbianVIA, I'm not, nor have I ever been, a barista. In fact, I am no longer anything but a stockholder. I just liked the grammatically based sense of humor.


Having worked at Starbucks HQ, I learned that the only way to succeed is the buy into the deluded mentality that working there is above working at any other "corporate" machine. Not buying into this mentality leads to being fired or laid off given that the majority of mid level management are suburban, passive aggressive women that still act like its high school (petty and jealous of the pretty thin girls)


Vending machines and instant coffee....my what a wonderful company. ;-P


A bad cup of SB better than a good cup of mcdonalds, or burger king, or timmy hos...or a lot of places


i couldn't really gather enough from your sentence to follow any complete train of thought..or idea.. but im guessing you don't understand light hearted humor between baristas and regular customers. we like giving each other a hard time, it keeps us on our toes and gives our brains a second to think on something other than work. and, our crazy/goofy moments will give our customers something to chuckle about later.

Crema: I am SOOOO using that!!



you're the one who doesn't understand that not everyone thinks this kind of 'light hearted humor' is laughable. It can come off as insulting. Best to keep your 'humor' out of the ear shot of the customer.

Can you follow that thought.....


you are so right, ColumbianVIA, who has never set foot in my store. how dare i assume that it is OK to joke with my customers that i see at least once per day, and can tell which kid is home from college by which drinks they order. I couldn't possibly have a connection with them.
the only thing insulting in this conversation is your stuffy attitude and the spoodle up your


you'll experience what I mean in the within the next few days, shiftmisto. As for never being in YOUR store, how could you possibly know?


shift misto is killing me over here.


uhh CoVIA.. did you just get all sylvia browne on me? "you'll experience what i mean in the next few days"..?
is that after i have "tough decisions early in the week, but rekindle a friendship on friday?" oh no, you forgot to list this weeks lucky frappuccino number - thats the best part!!!

careful SPORK, columbianVIA will take you seriously and call the police. sarcasm is not exactly his winning trait.


you're easy, mistoshift.

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