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June 22, 2010


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Roger Waters

This is why Starbucks employees are getting shafted... We need new leadership.

me, myself and I

I don't think any one person "needs" or even really earns so much money with their work. But we have to stay fair. Those stocks were awarded at a much lower price. And some people here on this board even predicted the stock will turn into a penny stock.
If he would be a real man he would take a reasonable amount and donate the rest. But this would be true to all of those way overpaid CEOs out there.

is it so hard to be civil


Jim Romenesko

i have to say: when I go into a dirty, understaffed Starbucks with baristas too harried to give "legendary service," I always think -- this is how Howard Schultz is making his millions, by f--ing up the company.


"...i have to say: when I go into a dirty, understaffed Starbucks with baristas too harried to give "legendary service," I always think -- this is how Howard Schultz is making his millions, by f--ing up the company..."



Howard is making money off of stock options, not a salary. There's a big difference. If the stock price plummets, so does his income. No sbux partner is getting shafted because Howard is making money off of the growing stock price.

Jim Romenesko

Well, quit_whining, let's speak the truth here:

Howard Schultz makes money by making cuts and, thus, pleasing Wall Street and boosting the stock price.


On a related note my girlfriend's Store Manager is now being forced to cut labor time for counting tips and thus forcing her partners to use Coin Star machines... which is a 10% cut to the partners' earned tips. But at least Uncle Howie is doing ok.


I've never worked at a store that gives labor time for counting tips. If you don't want to use coinstar, that has nothing to do with the manager. He or she can't make them do that.

SoCal Sbuxer

It's a free country, eh? Howards makes what he makes, deal with it. Making hard cuts to business is usually the right thing, and it shows by the increased store earnings vs. last year. Yes everyone is working harder but frankly, over the 9 years I've been with the company at store level, I've felt we've gotten too complacent and comfortable. Too easygoing. Too much waste. We opened too many stores too fast to be financially feasible and we cut a BUNCH to make up for that mistake. It sucks yes, but in the long run it's healthier to have a leaner company.

In nine years it's always been 2 hours non-coverage to count tips at each of the 7 stores and three districts in three states I've worked in. Never heard of stores NOT getting time to count em. And as Waltie said, it's not the store manager MAKING them count them, it's the partners choice. If you can't be bothered to spend some of your time to save .10 cents on every dollar then you should re-think the value of money vs. time invested. I'd never throw away that kind of money.

A Non eMoose

MournBux, your GF might wanna check with the DM on that. IIRC it is not even allowed to take the tips out of the store before they're counted/distributed, even though many partners take em to coin machines willingly to make it more convenient. I definitely don't think the manager can force partners to take them out. Not only is that a 10% cut of tips, it's also a major safety threat to have partners carting around a crapload of coins in public.

A Non eMoose

Oh I misread that, I thought the manager was literally forcing them to take tips to Coinstar. Well your GF should also be aware that some banks have free-of-charge coin machines.

east coast mgr

no way in heck i am giving anyone 2 hours !! for tips every week, when i only get 8 hours a week for non-c.
My team counts (weighs) the change every night, takes 10 min or so, and dumps it into a till and takes out the same amount in bills. and no this doesn't result in extra overages/shortages in the tills as I check for that.
This will result in almost only bills in the tip drops, so on Monday it takes them a half hour, which is all they get.
Besides to my knowledge, you can NOT take tips out of the store, safety and security issue! walking around with a ton of change that is not store money is risky. Deposit money to the bank is insured, as are you if you are dropping it of as a required part of your job. Tip money, with no oversight as to what happens outside the store is not insured.

works really well for my district

Coffee Soldier

Bank of America and TD Bank both have change machines free for account holders. We alternate partners with accounts at those banks to do our tips and they go to one of those banks which luckily we can see frokm out parking lot and tips take about 30 min each Monday.

(former) FLA SM

"No sbux partner is getting shafted because Howard is making money off of the growing stock price."

Technically, that's true. No Starbucks employee (they are hardly "partners") is getting shafted BECAUSE Howard is making money off the growing stock price. It's not a cause-and-effect thing.
However, a huge number of current and former employees are/have been shafted because of THE WAY Howard has grown the stock price. He closed stores (putting "partners" out of work) and has drastically cut labor (to the detriment of customer service and the well-being of the employees) in order to grow the stock price. Hardly the way a "servant leader" would treat his fellow "partners." If all the employees were truly partners, then they should all share in the money Howard is making (as partners.) After all, that money was made at the expense of the employees in the stores and former employees in the unemployment lines.
The only thing Howard did was tell everyone else to do more work for less money, while he flies around on brand new corporate jets. (Do they still have all three of them?)
Howard certainly has every right to do business that way, and obviously it works. BUT, don't call the employees "partners" and don't try to promote a bunch of bogus values while doing it.


East coast mgr its also against policy to exchange tips in the register. Read your cash log. My partners would lose their jobs for that one.

just say no

@(former) Fla SM,
You are not refering to yourself right when you say partners were shafted. You could have stayed but you took your severance package. That is not the same as being fired of course.
Please STFU.

Worried for Melody

OMG.... Melody... Are you OK? I can't believe they just said that to you. Are you alright dear?

Cafe Nervosa

East coast mgr- So tips don't get dropped all day?


@SoCal Sbuxer, It really annoys me when people like you get on this site and attempt to make excuses for corporate overlords who could care less about your success as an employee. Why would you stand up for bad policies that affect you negatively when you are last in a hierarchy that is about 5 levels deep. I guess you can keep standing up for them while they destroy a former brand and turn their workers into Frappacinno drones.


"I have to say: when I go into a dirty, understaffed Starbucks with baristas too harried to give "legendary service," I always think -- this is how Howard Schultz is making his millions, by f--ing up the company."
Thanks for seeing the truth at the store level and getting the word out.
I notice that the Re:Commitment to the employee experience is going nowhere fast, I can't wait to see if Starbucks even makes the top 100 companies to work for on the Forbe's list.
Howard, I guess I'm supposed to say thank you for my $.26 raise after 3 years of watching you make millions, BTW how's that private jet working for you?
If the economy does a double dip(which it seems to be heading that way) what more can the company cut from the workers? If you see a store with only one employee working, then we have the answer.

east coast mgr

@ Dottie, i know right, thats what I thought as well ... this actually came from our DM, go figure. But we tried it and ended up working really well. As for the losing job part, not sure if you will/can lose your job just for changing out money in the tips ... but who knows.

@ Cafe Nervosa ... well that happens occasionally (used that as an example) ... usually we drop them 2-3 times per day, I even encourage that as an almost empty tip jar will 'lure' much more tips then an overflowing one will. And high(er) tips will keep your team happy(ier)

me, myself and I

Why is someone attacking Melody in this threat? She didn't even say anything here. If you have to be rude, please go to ihatestarbucks.com, they will appreciate your style. Thank you.


I was wondering if any former or current sm's could help me with a question about my bonus. If I work for starbucks the entire duration of the quarter, but then quit after the quarter ends but before we receive bonus payouts on our check, will i still get my bonus? or do i actually have to stay until they do the bonus payout? thanks in advance for the help!

east coast mgr

as for that actual topic in this thread :)

agree to some of the peeps above, its not his 'fault' the stock price went up. Not sure if he should have been granted that many of them to begin with in the current climate.
But he sure has all appearance working against him, everyone gets a minimal/no raise and he gets yet MORE money!! gotta love uncle Howie for that.

@ bux, you SHOULD get the bonus to my knowledge, contact you former DM or PCC in Seattle, they'll know


I didn't get mine.

Tired of This

If you leave before your bonus pays out they will not pay it to you. My advice is to wait the six weeks and then leave.


The corporate slobs at the top keep getting richer while the baristas get poorer...Howard only cares about keeping the stockholders happy. Sbux wants its partners to be available up to something like 80 hours a week with a low pay and ever-declining benefits. This is not going to attract great employees anymore. Sbux used to great for working moms, kids in college or grad school, not so much anymore...


The way I see it:

America's current ways of doing business, Starbucks included, will ultimately fail on a large and devastating scale. They're not being fair, and they aren't being 100% honest, so karma (or whatever you believe in) will come back and bite them in the ass.


@bux: no, you do not get a bonus unless you are still employed

short drip

Anyone who thinks Howard makes too much money or that CEO type pay should be capped should pack up and move to France, Sweden or Denmark or the scads of other semi-socialized countries in Europe. There, mediocrity is awarded just equally as the hard-working, smarter folks.

Taxes are about 40-50% of your pay and re-distributed equally amongst all people. How lovely.
Safe travels!

Roger Waters

I've gotta admit... I'm a little bit confused. If Howard is making that much money, surely he can raise our wages a bit and expand our benefits.


@short drip

So you'd like me to move to one of the countries that has a higher ranking in health care (France #1 vs. US #37, from WHO, 2000), education (Sweden, 10.8% vs. US 16.2% of 15 year olds falling below international benchmarks, from UNICEF, 2002) and livability (Denmark #10 vs. US #23 United Nations 2006 Human Development Indicators (HDI) data and the 2005 Environmental Sustainability Index (ESI))?

Sounds like such a chore, but I just might suck it up and take you up on your offer.

A company that touts a mission statement which includes treating its employees with "dignity and respect" (or however it's phrased these days) has no business helping its CEO rake in hundreds of times more money per annum than even its lowest-waged employees.

Not that I believe the company puts any credence in that statement anymore, but it is amusing to throw upper management's own words into its face.


No you will not get your bonus. According to the bonus guidelines it is up to your RVP to give it to you. Since you quit, I'm sure the RVP will say no you could try to fight it but the guidelines are written so ambiguously that anyone can interpret them however it suits them

coach sale

The time you spend at the office may be the most stressful part of your day, but it doesn't have to be. You have a greater ability to shape your office environment than you may realize.

James Connolly

At risk of repeating myself, join the union if you want to actually do something about this travesty and not just hope that Howard will decide all of a sudden to not loot the value we create every day we work.


Jake SM

Jim Romenesko you suck donkey nuts.......

Colin Q.

Howard is such a "g." Without him, none of u fools have jobs, and none of u have security and benefits. He brought us back, he is the man! Stop hating idiots...
It's absolutely sickening, it really is.
Ugh, it's just never, ever, ever enough is it?! Bunch of bitches...


Colin Q. GOD? You think Howard's a GOD? Brought the company back from it's own PISS POOR business model you mean. Since Howard's return the company has dropped from #3 of the Forbes top 100 companies in 2007, to the current #93 this year, so I don't think the employees all lied to must him look bad. Just because your situation is not like others in the nation doesn't mean that they are just a "bunch of bitchs" Keep sucking the Kool aid while your under Howard's desk until they decide to close your store as well because you failed your QASA due to one loose bean under your machine.

Shift Supervisor

Whether it is from Stock or a paycheck Howard is still making the bucks and we are still the grunts that get sh&%ed on and pay the price. We are the ones that have to bust our butts have to hear the customers complaining about drinks and service and anything else they feel the need to vent about. And to top it off if they feel something needs to change we are the ones they just transfer out or fire. The company has NOT gone back to the partner.....sorry employees.....they are getting farther and farther away from us all. Just because someone doesn't like their schedule an employee is told by the DM that maybe they need to reconsider their position? What kind of motivation and helping of employees is that. If as a lead we told our employees that we would be written up in a heartbeat. So where is the loyalty to those who made the company what it was?

Colin Q.

usorthem3 -- u r a fool! "g" refers to gangster, have u ever been had a conversation outside of whatever little bubble u live in? he has done wondrous things bringing us back, and in many ways, now that u brought it up, yes, he is a GOD! u r just a jealous fool. considering the insane amnts of praise he gets throughout the business world, ill just leave it at that, and let ur pathetic self sit back in ur basement locked into ur comp screen and keep drinking that haterade. i dont even work for sbux, so there u go, completely unbiased partisan, just love this company and everything it stands for. as for u "shift supervisor," if u r so unhappy, then go get another job...! oh yeah, i forgot, u can't. c, this is what makes me so angry about u people on this listserv... u bitch and bitch and bitch, yet in this economy, to have a stable job with benefits for one of the most respected brands in the world, its not enough. shut the "f" up for once, u ungrateful fools.


Colin - relax. This baord is so that employees (or former ones) or anyone for that matter can vent their frustrations. I grew up in the ghetto - west side of Chicago, and I didn't assume you automatically meant "ganster" either. So what if he didn't know ghetto speak? You clearly stated in your comment "He brought us back, he is the man!" What do you mean by "us"? You went out of your way to say you're not an employee, so clearly you're one of Howie's bitches.

Colin Q

Haaaaaaaaa, yeah, Howard and I are great friends, for sure, u really got me pegged there. Go back to the ghetto where u belong. Ur title says it all - VIA = Fail, ur not any different than all the other haters out here, just killing an idea before it even gets a chance. You are a laughable commodity.


Colin Q I will agree he is a ganster. I would like your explanation of why the company dropped from the employees view according to Forbes over the last three years if this is such "respected" company? Because you don't work for this company and are uninformed that stores are still being closed and people (by no fault of their own) are losing their jobs? Stable? Right.
Go suck on your VIA packet and keep telling yourself that your special because you drink SBUX.

Colin Q

usorthem -- just keep on bitching and complaining and blaming the world for ur problems. everybody has downsized, everybody has taken hits... sbux is not closing stores anymore, i am not sure where you get ur "facts" bro


Well said Colin, well said. So many people out there without the slightest of clues of what's really going on. This is the worst economy since the depression, yet people wonder why companies HAVE TO CUT BACK. It's not the CEOs fault; if you don't make the necessary changes, you are finished. Give Schultz credit for coming back and stepping up in a big, big way. He turned this company back around and has the respect of the world for it. The stock is back, the quality is there, the brand is back. Everything is on the up, and yet these no-life douchebags come on in here, acting all tough behind their computer screens talking all sorts of crap. It's sickening yes, but even more so, it's just plain sad.


@Colin Q & @milesman123 Just can't handle the truth huh? Typical denial syndrome.



Just found out that when my store closes - I will not be transferred to another store. With 11 years committed to the company, I was told that I "didn't have my heart in the job" with less than 2 weeks to go. I truly don't work for the same company I used to. That's how we "Treat partners with respect and dignity".

Posted by: NorCal *former shift* | July 13, 2010 at 08:04 AM

Not so much....

Nice. I'm going to lose my house because I got hurt at work and Starbucks is too f*d up to pay me disability and rehab...but Howard Schultz can buy a small island with his stock options. I think this is a stellar example of 'respect and dignity', don't you?

Side note: @MournBux ~ When I was the tip person, I went to a bank with a coin machine....It was free because I had an account there.


@Colin FYI which means "For Your Information" just to be clear, If this is such a respectable company to work for with the best benefits around, then explain why, since Jan 2007 until present, the company wide turnover has been 26,000 employees? With the rate of 116,000 remaining on payroll after all the store closings and lay-offs, that equals a rate of over 20+% of the staff that have left. I've worked food service for 30yrs and many recessions but have never known a company's overall rate to be this high. I do however wonder if since you stated so strongly that you DID NOT work for the company, I must assume that you are either a customer that doesn't know what is going on behind the GREEN, or you are a SSC mole that is trolling sites to see what people are saying about the company to use against them in termination proceedings.

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