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June 10, 2010


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That's an insanely long time it seems.


Welp, there goes the store morale....


I dont think the promo goes that long..its usually like 2 weeks or something.


It's 100% true. I told melody but she never told anyone. That was last week! Also sidamo is out and lamu is in.


This is on the portal and in the promo book for all partners to see. And, it's fine. It's always a big hit and customers love it. If that brings morale down at your store, well... that's too bad.


@Oot I believe its Limu, not lamu. I've purchased coffee from the twitter user @BaristaOnDutY who pan roasted Ethiopian Limu. Its was very enjoyable from what I remember. Cannot wait to try Starbucks roasted Limu! I miss Sidamo.
Anyone surprised by how busy it is this summer? Last summer seemed SO SLOW, probably because the economy and all. Its still pretty busy! Woohoo!

Good Bye

The combination of ultra busy increased traffic coupled with limited labor hours added to the new Frap format combined with Symphony problems along with delayed IMS rollout AND three months of treat receipts is enough to send many of my most seasoned baristas packing. They have had enough... and so have I.


Totally fine with it if we didn't have to change the damned register tape for no reason.


we've never really minded the treat recipts. will suck tho to be held back with some of the new processes but.. what can ya do. TRs bring in a fair bit of sales for us.


Good Bye...

Be happy IMS has been delayed. It's a complete disaster and needs a lot of refining. It has made everything more complicated.


Where on the promo book/portal is this? I check the portal somewhat often and I never seem to catch all the stuff starbucks gossip people post! It's all very informative though.

Treat receipt is okay. Brings in the customers which is good. I just hate switching out that tape! hahahahha


I second the IMS comment. Whatever you do, don't complain about it to your DM/RD though because you'll just get told it's your fault for not implementing it correctly. Using technology for technology's sake is killing us. Take the time and implement systems properly instead of rushing it to the stores. IMS comes close to being just as bad as MyLearning.


I don't mind the Treat Receipt. Summertime is a slower period for us so I welcome a bounce back coupon to get a customer in twice a day. Plus, it's so long to create a purchasing habit in our customers so once it's over they're still going to want their afternoon treat for full price starting off FY11 with a kick!

Coffee Soldier

I love the treat recipe and yes we will be changing the register tape it will be blue this year. You can find all the info on the portal under documents then under promotional materials under summer phase 2 it's been up for almost a week now. It is definatley a catchy promotion. Customers had already been asking about it. Like an above poster said it forms habits so they continue to come back in FY11 in the afternoon for that 2nd pick me up or treat or addiction (whatever you'd like to call it!)


Has anyone else experienced this problem? I went into a local Starbucks and the barista rang up my sale and ran my card. He forgot my shortbread cookies, so he "cancelled" my first transaction and ran my card again. I received only one receipt. The system charged my bank for the first and the second swipe. My beverage and cookies ended up costing me $10.00! Now, I have to figure out how to get a credit for the original purchase. I don't have a reciept for it. I will probably just let it go, but it sure isn't right! I wonder if this has happened to other customers?


justanotherpartner: call your bank and corporate. It's happened to me once and I didn't need corporate to fix it (but it always helps to call), my bank did.

livin' la VIA loca

Hey can anyone using the new Symphony system answer:

Does the register automatically recognize & discount for some of these promos or does the partner still have to hand enter all codes?

For instance, during the recent Frap Happy Hour did it auto deduct 50% when one was ordered or did you still manually key the discount?

I'm just wondering...it is such a time waster (and heaven forbid your register parnter forgets/is frazzled/slow or just human!) to punch in for these promos. All these promos are fine- just wish our registers were "smart" enough to assist with speed of service.

Maybe give register partner a button to "not apply" discount and otherwise assume all customers ordering a cold drink after 2p brought in a treat receipt & get the discount. Of course Sbux would risk losing $ that way...but more than just saying yes to customers who "forgot" their ticket?


The treat receipt will be until October 4th or somewhere around that date. Last year it was extended until October as well.

@justanotherpartner - if the barista hit "cancel" while the card was still processing, the amount of the first transaction will just be a temporarily hold that will credit back within a few days. If the barista ran the transaction through all the way and didn't have a shift supervisor void the receipt, then you will have to call 1-800-23-LATTE and your bank as well.


Not going to last that long? Think again!! My store manager told me that the treat receipt will be going through August or September.

Grrrreat...I can't wait. Can't be any worse than frappy happy hour!


@livin' la VIA loca We baristas have to punch in a discount code for every drink ordered. It's annoying. I totally agree. People get so mad when we forget, like we're trying to cheat the customers. We're (at my store anyway) always trying to help the customers out! We even point out when people order two drinks that they should use their free drink for the more expensive one when they don't think about that.

davidek mahavishnu

The baristas in my area are almost always very helpful.


Not much chatter this weekend: There are a few things to talk about here and there. Store design team is still kicking ass. There's a gorgeous new store in Toronto that I heard about through @Sbuckspassion on twitter, and it looks amazing. My most recent blog is about a Starbucks in a hospital, which should have a store design to fit its special setting.

There is coffee to talk about: Doesn't Gazebo Blend come back early July (I'm not actually positive about that?)

And of course really the big thing is Iced Via - I would assume that most stores have it in by now. MyStarbucksIdea.com sent out less than 100 boxes of it to their most regular commenters there. I actually do like Iced Via, just think it will sell better in the sunbelt states.

Just throwing out conversation ideas!


I tried the Iced Via, and I think it is disgusting. Absolutely horrid. And take notice that the primary ingredient is sugar.

Doppio Con Karma

Is it just me or does the iced via taste....synthetic, like it's made with artificial sweetner (which I don't recall there being)


In that picture of the treat receipt, it shows partner number 1450583...I wonder if that partner is still with the company!?

me, myself and I

You can find out by trying to get his/her partner markout. If you get it marked out, the partner is still active (and out of this weeks mark out thanks to Jim posting his/her number). ;-)


What does Mr T, Oj Simpson, Susan Boyle, and Starbucks All have in common? Yes I am being serious.


Barista G

The only thing I'm going to dislike about the treat reciepts is all the cars who always get three seperate orders and going to add in one more step when you're keying in discounts.


Hey I served O.J. on a number of occasions, he's pretty down to earth (if you can say that) he tipped well and always gave recognition to his favorite partners, usually Baristas... What ever the case may be he's still a customer and a loyal Starbucks fan, see you when you get out, if you get out!


Since a bunch employees get there info here first, I just found out today that there is a "new" marking for an Iced coffee with milk, that makes three changes in three years for a drink that has only changed the default milk once. It's no longer ICM or when I started ICCL but now is BCM. had to ask the SM what the heck it was because it was the 1st I had seen it marked on a cup. Wonder why there is no consistency thru out the country from store to store, perfect example. It depends on what month you did your barista training. ha ha ha
Treat receipt is back, ok sure. way better than the "Kmart blue light special" for happy hour that just brought in some of the strangest customers that I have never seen before and probably will not see again. Afternoons are busy with two people because that's all we ever have so I guess when the line is to the door from 2pm on, then they will just have to wait because that's the way it is. As I always answer anyone's comment of "Why aren't there more people working because it seems really busy?" I simply say, not my idea. mwah ha ha ha ha


You can find out by trying to get his/her partner markout. If you get it marked out, the partner is still active (and out of this weeks mark out thanks to Jim posting his/her number). ;-)

Posted by: me, myself and I



@StarbucksReview Bahaha! The article mentions a "Park Place coffee"! LOL! Parks Place, Pike's Peak, Pike's Place. OMG! Why is it so hard for some people to call it Pike Place Roast? lol

me, myself and I

@PaPi™, you could, but you won't. Try it out. You'll always find a nice barista who rings you up with no green card. Even if you have one, half the cards you can't read the number on anyways. Just don't try it at your own store or even till...

And just to be clear, I am NOT doing this, I just know how it can be done.

Coffee Soldier

what does the BCM starnd for?

I do IC and write the type on milk in the milk box or write room in cutom box.


BCM=Brewed Coffee with Milk
BC=Brewed Coffee


Why are they changing that again. It makes me a litte peeved. Iced coffee with milk used to be Iced Coffee con leche.

So we have had: ICCL, ICM, and now BCM.

I think that BCM is the most logical, since BC is technically the marking for hot coffee. But couldn't they have though of that years ago?


If you read those stupid cards they send the stores on how to make the the drinks its BC so thats standard...whatever is done store to store depending on how cool the SM and crew are is another issue...store to store markings vary so much.


So my store manager said brewing on "cadence" causes waste. Therefore we should brew only as needed. So therefore I will brew a full batch and continue to serve that until that is out.

Bill Elsenrath

This must be a neighborhood blog and you all know each other. Ran across this site while surfing. When this happens I put a plug in with my coffee site and then add it to my favorites to see if the post actually gets posted.

If you are looking for a home business check out my coffee website by clicking on my name.

Bill Elsenrath
Gretna, Louisiana


Reading all your responses just makes me sad. I have been trying so hard become a partner, have had applications into 10 different buxs for over 6 months without a single call. I'm well accomplished in the art world and want to walk away from it all to pursue my real passion in life, the Starbucks branding. I hope you guys realize that even when things suck at work you have a job that is hard to get, awesome to have, and should be thankful for it everyday you get to go to work. If you are in southern ohio and would like to quit though, you are welcome to do so, I'll be more then happy to take your spot :D
I joke


Christopher, Do your application on line but bring a copy to the stores. Personally give it to the store manager. Make sure you do not have any piercings or tats showing. Smile and be gracious. Good Luck.


@PaPi™ and because of the differences from store to store for policy/marking/ringing/calling and half of the rest of the training that is all done in a week now for new employeess is why the company has HALF of the issues it does. Everyone just seems to do what ever they want and screw S.O.P.(standard operating procedure) from SM on down the line to baristas. That's why you have people going into a store ordering a birthday cake latte or key lime frappuccino,(which I made and tasted. Doesn't taste ANYTHING like a key lime!) saying "well MY Starbucks does this or that for me all the time." JUST YES , that's all. :^)

Roger Waters


When is the BCM coming out?

me, myself and I

BSR, it's funny you said that. At my store two of the shifts suddenly started to go back to 1 hour hold times. They pretend it is accidentally, but it happens every single time they set the timer after some time around 4p. It almost seems like it is an unwritten rule that is not allowed to be one. It drives me nuts. I don't want to keep checking on my shifts, it's not part of my barista job description.


So dump the coffee yourself and reset the timer.


Looks like I will miss out on the Treat Receipt as Starbucks has seen fit to close its only store in the largest city in NJ. Just 2 blocks from the Prudential Center, and they couldn't find a way to keep the store going?!?!

I love Starbucks products (mostly), but somebody in corporate really has their head up their... frother.


You know what I noticed, on the registers, there's a button for Decaf Iced Coffee. What does that have to do with anything? We don't have Decaf Iced Coffee, besides a Decaf Iced Americano. Big difference.

Mrs. Tillinghamshackles

It's currently being tested.

Roger Waters

Where is the decaf ice coffee being tested at?

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